(A/:N) hi there this is just a little poem that popped into my head as i was watching aces death so please dont judge to hard :) love you all

You loved me when no one else would

You save me when no one else could

I'd layed down my life

For you when i saw fit

Not because you saved me

Not becasue you loved me

But becasue

I love you

You are my little brother

My troublesome



Little brother

I'd rather die than live a thousand years with out you

My adoptive family understood

That you mean more than life ever could

You loved me when no one else would

You saved me when no one else could

So i saved you

I Loved you

Not becausue i could

Not be cause i should

I love you and saved you


Thats just what a good big brother




And always will do

I love you

Little brother

Thank you for loving me

Thank you for saving me

Good bye live life with no regrets

- ace d.

(A/:n) hi again hoped you liked it please review i really would like some feed back thanks night everyone :)