My Mistake-Kurei & Koganei

My Mistake-Kurei & Koganei

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I shouldn't have lied,

I shouldn't have denied,

I shouldn't have let you go.

But will one mistake change my life?

I've seen myself in you,

An orphan in need of care.

A boy in need of love,

Just liked me.

So I took you in,

Seen you as a little brother.

But the past memories keep coming back,

They keep haunting me.

They mock me for trying to open up my heart,

They reminded me of the pain I'd felt.

They reminded me of who I had become,

And that there was no turning back.

My only hope,

Was that you might be able to see through my mask,

And see the real me.

Was that you will not judge me for who I am,

And that you might be able to forgive.

But hopes are hopes,

They never guaranty success.

They are only hopes.

Just a glimmer of light,

That might fade away any day.

A candle in the dark,

That extinguishes every time the wind blows.

You came to say your goodbye,

You came to break my heart.

You came to be the glimmer of light that fades away,

You came to be my mistake.

I had to let you go,

There's no way I could have make you stayed.

Because you never saw beneath the mask,

You have judged me for who I am.

I had to restrain myself,

From crying out your name,

From holding you back,

From letting you go.

I can't let you know,

How much I needed you.

But because I belonged to the memories,

I belonged to the past,

I had to let you go.

You'd be happier there,

You'd be safer there,

Cause they will be the faith that you had lost,

The faith that you lost in me.

They'll try their best to make you happy,

They'll try their best to keep you safe.

They'll be the family you never had,

The family you should have had.

But will you remember me when you found your happiness?

Will you remember me as the masked man,

Or will knowing me be your mistake?

Cause I'll remember you as my mistake.

It was my mistake,

For breaking my promises,

For being unable to protect you,

Like I should.

For letting you misjudge me,

For letting you go.

People make mistake,

That proves that I'm human too.

Maybe one day you will realize,

That letting you go was the best for me to do.

For your sake and mine.

You deserve to be happy,

I deserve to fall into my mistake,

Of letting you go.

Will one mistake change my life?

Maybe it will.

Your smile may be my key to humanity,

Your charm may be my key to release,

Your love may be the key to my heart,

But there's no way I could know,

There's no need for me to know.

What is done is done,

I can't undo the done,

I can't erase my mistake.

But to let you go Koganei,

Was my mistake.



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