"Rizzoli, take the shot."

Jane frowned at the voice in her ear. It wasn't that simple. She sighed inwardly, though it should have been that simple. She squinted down the scope once again and huffed. "Move." Her order was directed at the honey blonde beauty currently standing between her crosshairs and her target.

"Repeat, take the damned shot Rizzoli!"

"Negative, target is blocked by a civilian." The brunette felt time slipping away from her and her heart began to beat a little harder. It had taken her 9 months to get to where she stood now, in prime position with nothing left standing in her way...well almost nothing.

Her Ma's words echoed in her ears; "9 months Janie! And for what? You could have had a baby in that time and what have you got? Nothing but painful memories and even more painful reminders."

Jane ran the scar on the palm of her hand, not carefully placed on the trigger, down the length of her weapon. It had been a long time coming, but her time was finally here...his time had come. She ground her teeth together and focused down her scope again. Damn that woman was beautiful, even in the middle of some crosshairs she looked flawless. Jane felt a pinch of envy along with another feeling she pushed down inside of her. Not this one Rizzoli, she reprimanded herself, she's nothing but an obstacle. But even as she told herself that she felt the lie burn like indigestion in her chest. 9 months was a long time, her Ma was right, long enough to have a baby, long enough to stake out your greatest enemy and plot his demise...long enough to watch his wife and find yourself falling-


Thankfully the irate voice in her ear stopped her from finishing that treacherous thought. He is just another target, she is just collateral damage. But even as she tried to convince herself she felt her stomach sink and roll over making her nauseous.

"Rizzoli this is an order. Take the shot."

Time slowed down almost to a grinding halt as she sucked in a deep breath and closed her eyes briefly. Target. She had to concentrate on the target and nothing more. Clear your mind. As her eyes flew open they had taken on a coldness, a hardness and she settled her gaze down that scope one final time. She flexed her index finger and curled it once again gently resting it on the trigger that old touch was as familiar as any other to her, this and her Sig had been the closest things to friends she had had in a long time. That thought brought a distant ache to her scars which she briskly shrugged off and focused her gaze.

A slight breeze across the back of the brunette's neck whistled past gently and in that almost still moment it seemed the world was put to rights and she was in her place in it. As she began to squeeze the trigger with a little more pressure the world stopped completely as hazel eyes flicked in her direction and stole her breath away. Frozen by those indescribably beautiful eyes she watched in horror as time quickened and the world span upside down as her chocolate eyes met those others through the crosshairs.

She swallowed thickly and caught her breath before letting it all out in a loud curse. They were gone.

"Rizzoli? Rizzoli?!"

The voice was on repeat as she stared stunned down the scope at the empty crosshairs but all she could hear was her own heartbeat in her ears.

"Rizzoli? Are you there? Come in Rizzoli! What happened?"

The voice drifted back into her ear and she licked her dry mouth in shock, she wished she had an answer to that question but she didn't. She had to fix it, she couldn't lose him, not now. That thought spurred her into action and she burst out of the grotty apartment, flew down the stairs into the road and span 360 degrees to see nothing but startled civilians. She looked down to see her Sig clasped in her grasp and poised in front of her like countless times before without a conscious thought of it.

They were gone.

The thought was too much to bear and she could feel the lump in the throat growing, threatening tears that she held back with gritted teeth.

"Rizzoli? Jane?!"

Her names faded from the present and propelled her backwards through time. A dark haze came down in front of her eyes and clouded her vision. Her view was distorted, almost gritty like she had sand in her eyes and no matter how many times she blinked it couldn't clear the mist.

"Hello Janie."

The once comforting nickname her Ma insisted on using had taunted her through many a teenage year and though she rebelled against it secretly it still made her smile on the inside when her Ma used it, it somehow made her feel safe. This time, however the pet name did everything but, the sinister voice that used it sneered at her with a deadly leering smile that amplified all the pain her body was already screaming from. Her heartbeat grew even stronger and she closed her eyes to his face and tried to calm herself down; with every beat of her heart her hands would pump out more dark thick blood sapping the life from her.

"Look at me Janie."

Always there was a commanding tone to his voice and she knew all too well what happened if you did not comply. She forced open her painful eyes and clenched her jaw in a desperate effort not to show him the emotion she was feeling, she could not let him have that satisfaction but even as she fought against how she felt she struggled to remove the images racing through her head of his previous victims.

He smiled at her and she felt bile rising up the back of her throat before a sound stole both of their attention. She opened her mouth to scream but he was faster and had his hand clamped down over her mouth before she could even draw breath.

"Rizzoli? Jane?"

Her eyes widened in terror as she recognised the voice; Korsak. Her partner had found her, but that thought offered her no comfort as duct tape was fastened over her mouth and her captor vanished into the shadows with a vicious grin.

She shook her head and banished the ghostly memories away and startled as she saw road flying in front of her. She had no recollection of getting into her car, she had no idea where she was headed and worst of all she had no idea where her target had gone.