Chapter 2

Samantha Cook(a.k.a Samantha Watts)

I couldn t wait for my husband to get home. I had purchased the brand new game Sword art online knowing that he would be ecstatic. As I sat there waiting there for him I realized that he wouldn t get home in time for the launch of the game. Guess I just have to go ahead and play the game without him and catch him up when he gets home.

Computer I said.

What can I help you with came the reply in the distinct stuttering reply.

Please leave a message telling my husband that I will be busy for the rest of the day I declared

Oh and tell him I have a surprise for him.

I paced the house waiting for the game launch and the the time came I doned the nerve gear and shouted Link Start in anticipation.

A/N: Sorry about the long wait. I have had school to deal with *Sigh*. As you can see this is going to get very interesting.