This is my second Furuba fanfic, please bear with me if something's wrong ^^. Shounen-ai [KyouxYuki]. Set a year after the ending. Based on the anime, I haven't read any of the manga . Enjoy reading, please review!

~ A Line between Hatred and Love ~

by BlackHaru

Please understand me

Which is the real me, I don't know

What are my feelings for you?

Hatred and love,

Two strong feelings

So different, yet so close

Since you entered my life

The world blooms into spring

I never knew how it feels to fall

Until you secretly took my heart away


It's been hard for me to stay up at times like this. I mean. Imagine how you would feel when you are interrupted by Shigure's voice at 4 o'clock in the morning, just when you are falling into a deep peaceful sleep. I hardly ever had any rest for the last… what, 3 months maybe. But, I think it's worth it though. The house is getting busier and busier. Sometimes it makes me feel guilty. They are all busy because of me. Right. Because of me. I know I might be a burden to them recently.

Okay. Let me get it straight. We are all busy preparing and organizing my engagement party. Engagement to Tohru. Anyone disagree? I don't care.

I'm getting engaged next month, just when summer is on its peak. It's not my decision though. Tohru said she likes it to be in warmer months, but I personally don't care when it is going to be. As long as she is happy.

I don't really want to explain how we got this far. First, it's embarrassing. Second, it's too long for me to babble out the whole story. It's funny actually. I've been recognizing this feeling since the early stages when she moved to my house. Probably because I'm not used to see a girl's smile everyday. Her presence is enough to bring the whole house into a spring atmosphere. She seemed to be my wife since then. Well, actually everyone's wife. She wakes up the earliest, prepares breakfast, washes clothes, makes dinner, you name it. And I am the husband who always walks with her doing some shopping.

So, much to everyone's surprise, Tohru and I finally had the courage to ask for Akito's permission that day. I was scared. Not scared of him, but scared that he might attack Tohru at any time. Just like he did when Tohru asked to let her stay in Shigure's house after the 'Kyou incident'.

To be honest, Akito's evil doings hasn't shown up greatly since then. I must say part of it is because of Tohru. But, I still hate him for what he did to Hatori and Kana, to Kyou, to Tohru, and to me.

Right. To myself. Since when did I mention the name Kyou in my head? I wouldn't give a damn to care a thing about Kyou. Nonsense, a stupid cat should just shut up. He doesn't have any role in the story. The pretty thing is that the stray cat moved to the Dojo. Hah, the in-the-mountain one. So, luckily I am not forced to see his annoying face since then.

Back to Akito's business. He stayed silent for a while after I reluctantly murmured the question out of my mouth. I half-expected him to go psycho, but fortunately didn't. I can still see the hesitation and fury in his eyes; somehow he managed to get control over it. Much to my surprise, he only asked whether I'm prepared to take care of a family or not. I supposed he meant whether I am ready to take the responsibilities or not.

Of course I am. I'm not the type of person who would put a life-size burden on my fiancee's shoulder. Got that?

Me being engaged or not wouldn't change my daily life. The same 'ohayou' will always be heard while I creep down to the kitchen everyday. We will still go to buy groceries together. Have a picnic together with the others and go on with the routineness together. The same 'oyasumi' will also follow me as I lay myself onto bed. Except that we will be sharing the bed.

One more thing. I know I must be very extra careful with 'snuggling'. Otherwise I'll end up being a flat-squashed mouse in the morning.

That wouldn't be nice.