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Chapter 4

"GET OFF ME!!" I finally managed to push him back till he falls on his back flat on the floor. I'm sure he fell, judged only by the sound in this complete darkness.

"Who are you!?" Much to my annoyance, I really need to have that question answered. But, no reply. Pity me. He continues to attack me, by pushing me up against the wall again. And you know what he did just then? He ripped my shirt off, while continuing to kiss me. I'm starting to need some help here.

Right, Yuki. Bring out some of your nasty moves, will you? Where is your coolness you usually have whenever you fight with that feeble cat?

I'm trying to get him. Okay? So don't disturb me! I'm trying to concentrate but I can't. I kept hitting nothing, and still, now I've been knocking down his shadow, rather than his actual figure.

I hate to admit that I'm starting to get scared (Maybe I was, a little, from the beginning) because I have the feeling that he's not going to stop and will continue to do 'whatever' he wants with me if I don't do something soon. I try to reach my table for a paper cutter that I always have ready on there. Not for killing purpose, but for other work, mind that.

At the second I was about to attack, I heard a sound of car being parked outside. It must be them, which relieves me. But, I have to settle down my business with this so-called-thief. I see no politeness in getting through someone's room without permission and kissing me at the same time. I assume he's a rapist more than a thief.

So, knocking him off is the top priority in my mind now.

Why can't my mouse-senses work since the beginning? It would be easier for me to capture this guy or whatever it is if only I can locate his presence in this darkness. Now that I regain my full senses, I manage to slice him with my paper cutter. I can't see what part of him did I cut though. It's dark, remember.

"Tadaima!" I heard Shigure's voice downstairs, but I'm not in the mood to reply. I'm more concentrated to catch this bandit because I really really feel insulted.

Blame Shigure for distracting me away from this crook with his voice. He jumps out of the window, not giving me any chances to grab him and get my revenge. But, I thought, he can't get that far yet. Not with a rope. This is second floor; he can't be risking his life to jump down without some kind of rope. I turn back to turn the lights on, to get better view of where he is outside.

Bad luck. He's nowhere to be found now.

"Yuki, you sleepin' yet?" Oh. Haru is still here. I hope he's not staying in tonight, someone from the main house HAS to pick him up. No, no. He should stay, anyone should stay, just stay here. Please…

What am I thinking?

What's happening to me?

"Yuki! Are you sleeping yet? I bought something for you!" Footsteps, the soft sound of the floor cracking, someone is coming. Haru's coming, and the others as well. No, don't come here, stay away. I don't want them to see me like this. It's embarrassing me to death. I don't know what to do anymore when tears began coming down my cheek. It's true, I'm crying.

Stay here, anyone, please. Because… because I'm scared.

Haru opens the door and is standing in front of my room, with that dead shock look on his face. Kyou, too, was about to enter his room (which is next to mine) when he saw me in my ever worst condition.

"Yuki! What happened to you?!" Kyou walks in with Haru following him and I don't dare a bit to look at them. "Are you alright?! Yuki, tell me what happened to you?!"

I look up to them, only managing to see his blurry face. I bet my tears make the world looks upside down. "Someone… someone just…" I feel the words are stuck in my throat as if they refuse to get out. I am choking, shaking, crying, I can't breathe, and I don't know what to think.

Kyou fails to calm me down, now Haru begins to talk, as if they're taking turns to try to get a brief explanation of what happened. "Yuki, are you okay? Yuki, look at me! What happened to you! Who did this to you?!"

"Someone… he came… he just…" I still can't the words out of my mouth. Wholly shaking, I point to the window, trying to say that someone came through the window and did all this. Good, Yuki. Tell them what happened, so they can begin a search for this son of a bitch who did this to me.

I can see the way Kyou is coming near to comfort me. God, help me. I don't want him to see me his weak, I don't want to need his comfort, but I do. I need someone's assurance, someone's caring hands that would protect me. My mind is regaining its balance and I manage to speak, though softly, "I don't know who it is, I didn't see him. It… it was dark, he just came in through there. And… and…"

Haru pulls me into a hug, and I bet he understands he terrified I am. "Shh, calm down. You'll be okay." He hold me tightly, smoothing my hair, "I'm here, we're here… it's okay now, Yuki."

Kyou bites his lower lips and has been having a very apologizing look on his face since Haru's holding me, why does he have to feel guilty to me? I don't want him to feel like that for me. Never. Ah, who cares, I bet he doesn't care about what happens to me. Well, it goes both ways, I don't care about him either.

Kyou walks out of my room, and I hear Shigure's voice asking him what happened. I'm tired, I can't hold my eyes open anymore and am already sinking to the ground before I even realize that I had my eyes closed.


I don't know how long I have been sleeping when I hear someone sneezing next to me. I open my eyes; feel so blunt when I see Haru sitting on the floor at the side of my bed. No, he's sleeping, burying his face under the folds of his arm. Why is he here?

I sit up right, starting to flashback all the things that happened to me last night, but I'm not sure whether it was a dream or not.

"Umm… Yuki… you're up finally." I can't hold back a shiver when I suddenly hear someone's voice behind me. Then, I just remembered it's got to be Haru. So, he woke up.

"Better now?" His voice is somehow being dissolved in yawn; I'm even surprised that I can still hear what he's saying.

"Better what?" I asked, innocently.

"Better… better or not? You know, from yesterday and all that." He answered. Also, innocently.

Okay. So that last night thing wasn't a dream. I should've realized from the beginning. And, now I'm blushing. I don't know why but I am. Perhaps I'm too embarrassed to remember it. I walk out of the room; don't even bother to give Haru any reply to his previous question.

Kyou! He almost made me tripped over. "Kyou! What on earth do you think you're doing here?" I kick him on the stomach as he wakes himself to my kick.

"Uhm… Yuki. Ohayou. What are you doing here?" He says, much in a similar way like Haru did. Sleepy tone.

"That's my question, baka-neko. Why the hell are you sleeping in front of my room? What do you think this is? A slum for homeless people?" I can't stand the way he replied to me, pretending to be innocent. I get the feeling that he's up to something no good right now, sleeping in front of my room and all.

"A… ano, gomene. I… nothing." I give him a glare, still demanding a definite and reasonable answer. "Uh, I… I was, I just wanna know how's your condition."

Good. First, Haru. Now, Kyou. "At least I am back to my normal state where I can punch you in the face if you don't get out of my way soon." Now that my temper is up high, I find it hard to resist punching him or so. I know I don't have any reasonable excuse to punch him, but I need to get this embarrassment out of my head somehow.


Morning, afternoon, night. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Wake up, walk around, sleep. That's all we've been doing for the last couple of days. Other than trying to find the half thief-rapist around who sneaked into my room the other night, we also play some simple games sometimes. The purpose is to kill time, that's all.

I'm still not used to play games. I don't usually volunteer to play; they ask me to join instead. I used to find games a bit childish, but she changed my perspective.  Tohru said it is a 'should' for us to give a chance for ourselves to be childish sometimes. And, hey. I find it true. This play times put the stress out of my mind, allowing me to smile freely from the bottom of my heart.

Mostly I play with Haru, cause I don't find any excitement in playing with Kyou. He loses too often, not that I'm showing off. I bet his brain is much much smaller than normal brains. He allows people to just read him like a book, I know what move is he going to have next.

He's so simple, and yet complicated. Too simple, which makes him look complicated.

So, here I am, playing cards with Haru. Oh, did I mention something about Haru moving in for holidays? Right, he's staying here till school starts. Hatori is too busy with his work that he didn't have ANY time to pick him up. Shigure says he's also busy with his overdue work. Maybe that explains why Mit-chan's been chasing him like a goddess of death. With that irritated-look on her face.

As I said before, I spend my free time with Haru more than Kyou. Because Kyou is too blunt and Haru is more tricky, if you want a comparison. It's more stirring to play with Haru than the cat.

Guess what. This is the fourth time that I catch him glaring at us today. Yesterday I caught him six times, and the day before I caught him 5 times. What's with that somehow-jealous look on Kyou's face? Can't he understand that it's annoying if people look at you like that?


"Oi, playin' games all the time is borin', you know." Kyou suddenly mutters.

"Why? Because you lose all the time, eh?" Haru, much in a despising look, replies on my behalf.

"Do somethin' else. Why don't we go out or somethin'."

"Wanna play hot and cold outside? Or hiding? Then you can look for the one's hiding."

"Yeah, I bet you're the one who's gonna be lost. Who knows if you would end up in girls changing room like before."

"You're the one who said the wrong direction to me, brainless cat! Don't put the blame on others, hah!?"

"Huh, there you are going on 'black mood' again? If you wanna get it on, then come on! I'll make sure you shut up."

Okay, there they are. Fighting like a bunch of idiots like usual. I no longer see it as a form of entertainment anymore. It happens too often, and it bores me. I walk up to my room again, giving myself the chance to be alone. So peaceful.


"Yuki! Yuki! A phone call!" Shigure's voice downstairs calling me.

What the hell am I doing. Don't tell me I've fallen asleep just then. I hurry myself downstairs to answer the call, too quickly that I almost tripped.

"Yes? Sohma Yuki-desu." I hope my voice doesn't sound like an alien. I suddenly remember last time when I talked just after I woke up, my voice was suddenly high-pitched while I mumbled.

"Oi, Yuki. Outani-desu. Is Tohru there?" Oh it's the Yankee. Why is she looking for Tohru here? I thought Tohru told her already that she moved to her grandpa's house for a while.

"She's not here. She moved to her grandpa's house. Didn't she tell you?"

"Yes, I know. I called there just then, they said she's out. I thought she might've gone here, you know. Oh, never mind then. Thanks, yo." Line stops dead.

Tohru going out, but her cousin doesn't even know where she's gone? Where is she. I hope she's not going to somewhere weird. Hey, by the way, why is the house so quiet? So, they've stopped fighting eh? "Shigure, where are they?" I ask, as I open the door to his room. I find it funny for me to look for them.

"Them? Ow, you mean Kyou-kun and Haru-kun? They went to Tohru's house and plan to do some shopping afterwards. I think they plan to make dinner here together tonight. Tohru's going to cook of cours— Aa… never mind."

What's with the 'never mind' that he just said. His face suddenly goes gloomy. "What do you mean never mind? Tohru's coming here later?"

Now he sounds guilty. "Uhm… yes, it was supposed to be a surprise for you that they arranged. And now I just blew it up… they're going to kill me~~~!!"

"Huh? Surprise?" Okay, I need to get out of this room and I am soon. I think I'm blushing. But, why? It shouldn't matter anymore since I know the surprise. But, I still can't help blushing.

"Ano… Yuki, where are you going?" Shigure asks me. I want to ignore it, but I bet Shigure would find it impolite if I do.

"Nowhere… why?"

"Can you help me to print this stuff? I need to phone Mit-chan now, otherwise she's kill me tomorrow… Ahaha." Starching his head, trying to look innocent.

Well, that makes me agree to help him. I print out all the overdue pages and stack them together on his desk when Shigure enters the room again. "Finished? Wow, ne… Yuki, why don't you be my assistant? You work pretty fast."

"I'd rather do something else than getting a low-paid salary in becoming your assistant, thanks." I reply. I bet Mit-chan is coming here either tonight or tomorrow if Shigure's phoned her, telling her that she can pick up the papers soon. "Don't talk anymore, just do your work, you're always over the deadline."

"Aw, Yuki… don't be so mean to me. I'm also in charge of the house here, so much work ne~ By the way, you and Kyou should've come to that dinner the other day. The staff of the restaurant set up a firework cause they said it's the restaurant's anniversary."

That day? When? We eat outside a lot lately, there are so many restaurants that we visited. How can he expect me to remember all of them one by one. I don't remember any firework anyway.

"It's so beautiful, ne. Besides… you wouldn't be attacked by that thief that night if you two came with us."

Oh, he reminds me of 'that' incident again. "Now, who is the one who didn't wake me up from my sleep that day- What? What do you mean by 'you two'? The only one who didn't come was me, right?"

"… and Kyou. He said he wasn't hungry so he didn't come. Why?"

"No, no! I was alone at that time. I didn't see Kyou anywhere in the house that night. How could he be home?" I try to rewind my memory of that night. I clearly remember how I went to the kitchen and found a plate of food on the table. I guessed it was Kyou who made it. But, I didn't see him around… he was with Haru and Shigure, right?

"How would I know? He didn't come with us, that's what I know for sure. Maybe you didn't search through his room when you woke up." Shigure said.

He is right. I didn't go to his room. He was probably in there. Hey… then that means…

Wait a minute.


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