Magic and Monsters

Chapter 18: Thoughts under snow

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Important authors note at the end...yeah its not gonna be the best news

XChapter StartX

The following morning after sending Cerea's mother off home Harry had gathered everyone in the dining room, MON included given how Harry insisted on letting them see. He explained that they would get a display in the area Kii frequented in the now fixed portal gate.

So after transfiguring some benches and laying out the picnic baskets Harry was going through some simple stretches. Of course many of the watchers were distracted that Harry was only in a pair of stretchy shorts highlighting his toned legs and calves but also the tight vest top showing his modest abs.

"You know you'd expect the full six pack but I don't think it would suit out Harry?" Sumisu wondered while drinking some cold brew coffee for a change. There were a few nods, except for Manako who was refraining from staring too much and hiding her eye.

"Yeah, I mean it would be awesome seeing him have that kinda body but don't want to change it as it is now. Not sure if I'm feeling hungry for one reason or another right now." Zombina watched Harry bend over to touch his toes.

"I'm curious if he knows just how much he's teasing everyone doing this?" Doppel said just lazing in her seat; resting her head on Manako's lap since it gave her the best view of her cute embarrassed face.

"Sweety, wouldn't do that, right Polt?" Tio asked her furry friend but found her with her tongue out panting with stars in her eyes as she observed Harry. "Um Polt...?" She petted her head making her turn to mush for a moment.

Tio's hidden skill when it came to head pats.

"Huh? Did something happen?" She looked a little confused before her nose twitched and she went back to watching the show on display.

"Nope now are you going to explain what the heck is going to happen Harry?" Sumisu asked, shamelessly looking on herself with her sunglasses conveniently forgotten.

"Well seeing as how Springfield sent me a note on how they are pushing forward with changes to the exchange program. Apparently they are letting up on... let's say relations between human and monster including marriage." Harry leaned so he could start stretching his legs out. He did not notice some of the girls blushing a bit hearing his news and them turning to Sumisu for confirmation of this fact.

She nodded.

"Seeing this I think it was time for you to learn more about me more specifically what I've alluded to a couple times, my magic animal form...or as we call it the animagus form." Harry went over to touch his toes before facing all the girls.

"Animorph?" Doppel said smirking, and Harry flipped the doppelganger the bird, though surprised she knew about that book series.

"No, but to explain further back when I was younger I ended up getting some funky stuff in my blood and it changed how my animal form looked. It's strange but it's a secret I haven't shown to many, probably just Master since she got me drunk once and gave me an explanation." Harry shook his hands now warmed up and ready to go. "So is everyone ready to see?"

There were several nodding heads as Harry got on his hands and knees. He closed his eyes for a moment, his skin becoming scaly and shifting, his hands growing claws and turning almost pitch black but with a green glow ever so noticeable. A tail sprouted from his back extending out with what looked like a sharp tip the scales looking smooth as it shimmered in the light.

For his face Harry's mouth it extended out as a muzzle his teeth becoming full fangs in his mouth before covered by his mouth. His eyes seem to develop an odd pattern around them. Meanwhile his back sprouted a pair of wings with prehensile claws not unlike Papi's wing talon.

When he was finished changing Harry was maybe the size of a bus, just not quite as long though, looking down at all of the girls, although his eyes couldn't been seen as his scales seemed to hide them. Everyone could tell he could see them easily as he tails waved back n forth slowly behind him, crossing his arms while he kept his wings folded against his back, the prehensile claws resting on his shoulders.

The first to react was Tio who rushed forward and hugged his left arm "CUUUUUUUTE!"

'Slap' Tio's co-workers reacted to the oni's action in unison.

Harry looked down to Tio who was looking up at him with sparkling eyes that he revealed to still shine green as he pulled the scales back, letting out a rumbling purr. His master had explained that he was some sort of dragon but nothing she had even seen before. Zero loved how cool he looked and how sharp and deadly his tail was in this form.

Letting the image of the panting doll get blocked once more by his mind, Harry leaned down and nuzzled his scaly head against Tio. Feeling his gentle movements Tio let go so she could pet Harry's head, and a little scratching under his chin.

"Wow, think this is the first time Tio is petting something bigger than her." Zombina said as everyone saw that is was safe to get closer and pet Harry as well.

"Can you still speak like this Harry?" Sumisu asked looking up at Harry's majestic form. She watched him shake his head in the negative. "Shame, can you breath fire then?" Once more she got a negative reply. "That kinda lame...what sorta dragon even are you then?"

Using his wing talons to carefully remove Tio, which was difficult due to the cute little whine she let out Harry moved a few meters away ad dug into the ground with his claws making a small hole. Leaning his maw over the mini pit he opened his mouth and from it a black substance leaked out and immediately started to sizzle as soon as it made contact with the ground.

"That is a powerful poison." Kii muttered, shivering as the nearby flora seemed to be in distress at whatever Harry produced.

"Just a drop could kill anyone...that's cool." Zombina couldn't help but imagine what would happen if Harry became an evil dragon in a horror movie.

Maybe a little above B grade.

"My lord's poison is the black death that shall claim the souls of the wicked." Lala muttered while Harry sucked the poison back up, trying to push the dirt back like he was trying to straighten a carpet and having about as much success as you'd imagine.

"Wonder if riding on him to work would be quicker than the car?" Sumisu wondered before thinking how it would probably be horrible on her back. She did approach Harry along with the others while he was still trying to smooth out the ground he'd dug up.

Of course Suu and Papi decided to ignore social norms and climbed on Harry's back, joined by Tio and Polt. Meanwhile Miia and others with non humanistic legs pouted and being unable to climb up, though Rachnera would say she doesn't pout. Lala was too busy scribbling in her note book; well her body was as her head was currently being held by Papi.

Raising a claw Harry in his draconic form casted a spell that Sumisu presumed would hide his presence given how she felt like she should turn away from him. Harry's wings spread out and started flapping, lifting him off the ground.

"Yeah Master is carrying Papi and everyone!" the harpy cried out raising her wings and Lala's head by extension.

"Desist in holding my head like so... I don't like heights." Papi ignored the dullahans request as made her look as the ground got further away and Harry started gliding through the air, above the trees so there wouldn't be much evidence of what was going on.

Back below Miia cross her arms, still pouting. "It's not fair..."

"Why, because you couldn't wrap your tail around Harry in his big D form?" Rachnera said idly performing cat's cradle in her hands.

"No...I didn't bring a coat I would have been too cold, why didn't you go if you could just attach yourself with webs?" Miia shot back, she'd worn a bit of a skimpy top as she was expecting a picnic really so thought she could entice Harry.

"I dont want my silk clothes ruined." Rachnera said though if this was true it was hard to say. She felt her leg being touched, turning to see Lala's body holding up a question on the notepad.

'Scared of heights too?'

"No/Never!" Both Miia and Rachnera said rather quickly making Doppel off to the side giggle with Zombina.

The zombie had been vetoed from getting on as no one wanted to go body part hunting again if any stitches came loose. Sumisu was curious if the woman was undoing them on purpose sometimes for some reason.

Eventually Harry dropped back down with those who had ridden on him have their hair looking freshly tumble dried.

"Let's go again!" Polt shouted out, tail wagging rapidly and her tongue sticking out her mouth.

"No head can't take it...blehh." Lala dry heaved as her eyes swirled, the girls choosing to slid down Harry's tail. Lala's body came over to collect her head but it kept it at arm's length for some reason.

Harry let out a rumble from his throat which presumably was a laugh. Slowly shifting back to his regular human shape, Harry stood in front of everyone, sweating a little bit.

"Need something to wipe you down Harry?" Rachnera pounced at chance, moving so fast Sumisu was reminded of a bad time she was going for a shower while running late for a performance review, only to find there was a spider in the tub already scurrying about.

"Seems like you have that sor-Not there." Harry grabbed Rachnera's wrists as she tried going into the unmentionables territory.

"I have to clean everywhere though." Rachnera did her best to look innocent in her statement. Of course this fooled no one but the truly innocent Tio, thus everyone came over to stop any more sinful behaviour.

Harry managed to get dressed as everyone got sat down for the picnic. "So do your hands become the wings or the front legs?" Doppel decided to ask as she snacked on sandwiches.

"Despite the oddness its actually the wings, so I grow extra legs. You wouldn't not believe how clumsy I could get, when I first tried out the form, that and the bad breath from the poison." Harry let out a burp and he had to vanish before it corrupted his meal.

"What can that stuff do? Does it cause the creeping madness to spread in men?" Doppel asked while Zombina looked on in hope.

"Uhhhh...kinda, that and corrosion on an instant level." While the creepy girls looked on in mild excitement, the other girls look horrified. "And thats just the basic poison sac, there's another that's worse."

"So you're a poison black dragon?" Miia asked thinking of some of her uncles that had ancient deadly poison in them. "But why cant you talk in your dragon form?"

"My tongue is too big, I cant even use my snake language with it." This got eveyone's attention, some looking to Miia for clarification.

"Darling can speak snake, his accent is really cute. Mom said there's a few every couple centuries." Miia giggled to herself, flicking her tongue out and Harry doing the same.

"How longs the tongue?" Sumisu decided to ask out of curiosity and Harry responded by letting his tongue out, that kept going so it became clear that Harry was truly blessed. "Damn."

"You could taste so many ice creams with a tongue that long master." Papi said with Kii and Suu nodding in agreement.

"Probably taste succulent meats im hungry." Zombina muttered as her rabid stomach growled.

As some can imagine, some of the other girls had more interesting ideas of how Harry could use his tongue and his hands...maybe other stuff too.

Such filthy minds.

"So did you get yourself registered for your instant flying license?" Sumisu asked after wiping away her drool.

"Yeah, got registered thanks to my master, after she'd spent two weeks helping me fly properly...while making me wear a saddle. I just wish she didn't bring the crop." Harry said shuddering at those two weeks of pain.

How could such a tiny riding crop give him pain through his hard dragon scales he didn't want to think about.

"So what are we going to do after food?" Rachnera said subtly stealing some of the takoyaki from Miia's plate when she wasn't looking.

"Well the only thing I have to do today now is to meet with the room planner for this mystery next home stay guest. Why what did you have in mind?" Harry said with s shrug, blocking Sumisu's attempts to steal his food.

"Can we swing by shopping district again, I need a few more material for Tops new outfits?" Rachnera said while Tio looked on from behind her giving her best puppy dog eyes.

"I dont see why not, might as well get tonight's evening meal shopping done too, I was thinking of doing some pizza for a change and I need extra tomatoes among other things." Harry said causing Rachnera to raise a hand so Tio could give her a high five.

"Sweet but I think I'll need your help since I asked Mrs Ito to hold onto a couple designs I needed dyed for Tio, I need your opinion on if they look good." Rachnera added on, resulting in Harry giving her a suspicious look. "It's just some casual wears, honest."

"Do you mind me instead of one of your co workers Tio?" Harry asked and his green eyes met her, the oni just nodded but with a minor bit of blush in her cheeks.

"Do any of you girls want to join in or just head home to relax?" a few of the girls raised their hands to join but others like Sumisu obviously wanted to just lay down and na-I mean do some paperwork.

Whether she finished her work was another question but she was awake when the room planner came round not soon after Harry had returned with bags, while the spider was giggling to herself, Tio now dressed in a pretty cute pair of shorts and top...very tight pair.

Harry for some reason said he had walked into a pole by accident when doppel asked what the deal was with the tissues in his nose.

By night time everyone got settled in for sleep except for Harry who was reading in bed waiting as Miia slid herself inside his room again. Crawling into his bed wearing modest sleep wear.

"Darling... are you sure this is ok? It feels a bit unfair to the others." Miia said inwardly kicking herself for not taking charge given her current situation. A situation her mother would chastise her for not wrapping herself around Harry and doing the dance of mating serpents.

Harry moved himself so he was cuddling Miia from behind, both hands resting upon her belly not straying any higher or lower. "Yes, while currently the law would prevent me from doing any more, sharing a bed with a marriage candidate I think is fine." Harry said, moving one hand to slowly run his hand through Miia's red locks making her shiver at his delicate digits. "But it won't just be you getting this chance, I do want to be fair to the others just as you do."

The night Miia's mother Alice had tried to sneak in Harry had carried Miia inside and just shared his bed with her to reassure her that he did care. But Harry's was hardly blind to the number of women living in the house that actively sought his affection.

It was going to take some time to create a proper system so no one felt left out but it was something Harry felt he had to do for himself and the others. Call it the greed of his dragon side but he didn't want to let go of any of the girls he honestly enjoyed having in his life.

If they chose to be with him he was going to be there for them in return 100 percent. Be it Miia's possessive side, Papi's eternal innocence, Cereas shy side, Suu's adorable yet mature antics, Rachnera's seductions, Sumisu;s lazy yet lovable habits, Polt's puppy quirks, Lala's loyal yet chunni hi-jinks, Zombina's apt for popping her stitches and Tio's super huggy modes.

He wasn't sure if Mero truly felt anything for him, the same for Manako and Doppel. Plus there was the new girl whoever they should be, but in the meantime it was the correct moment to start planning to take everyone on their own special days in the next few months.

Not to mention that each of the girls got used to working in the regular world so others of their species could be proven to do the same. It was a lot to consider but Harry could hardly concentrate as in his train of thought carrying him along Miia had decided she wanted some kisses.

He wasn't sure if it was his draconic side of just his subconscious acting up but both had their long tongues out mingling with each other's tastes. Miia tasted of sweet honey and eggs but not in punch your face kind of way, just the subtle taste you could recognize.

Harry moved his no longer idle hands to her upper back and the back of Miia's head as they continued to kiss. Miia let out little squeaks now and again as Harry's tongue was stronger so was able to massage hers more and reach deeper in her mouth, teasing her gum lines with little tickles.

Obviously Miia forgot the breath in her joy of kissing Harry so would need to be resuscitated after a lack of proper breathing for a few minutes. She did end up sleeping with quite a big grin on her face as they snuggled.

Of course that smile became much more nervous in the morning when they were sat round the table ready to announce the change. "So you're telling me that you contacted HQ about this and they gave you the okay?" Sumisu said surprised as she ate her morning fish.

"Yeah, considering the support for extra species relations you see online, Springfield agreed to the change. It helps placate people curious if extra species can help smooth the reintroduction of magic users in the open." Harry explained refilling Tio's rice bowl.

"Well at least you got the go the way we need to leave this house the weekend..." Sumisu uttered rather fast, while most of the others at the table were now idly thinking of getting in bed with Harry.

"Wait, what?" Harry stared at the woman ho decided not to meet his eyes.

"The crew are coming over tomorrow and well the planners had a few more upgrades to do considering the height of extra species girls that live here but its we can be around for a couple days." Sumisu felt Harry's glare on her.

"I do think we need more warning than one day Sumisu." Harry said but then spotted the dark haired woman smirking. "Ok...what did you do?"

One skip and quick packing into the cars later after breakfast Harry found himself in the car with Sumisu and some of the girls. The others had gone ahead in trucks since Sumisu's care could only fit so many.

"Isn't it lucky that there just so happened to be a mixed onsen resort opening up that wants to cater to extra species and they need some feedback. Yo can see my line of logic cant you?" Sumisu said while Harry gave her a look while he was sat in the passenger seat while Papi, Suu in miniform, Mero and Polt sat in the back.

"You just want to relax instead of work don't you?" The metaphorical arrow of truth stabbed Sumisu who did her best to not flinch. "You silence is very reassuring." Harry said after a few moment before letting the woman continue driving. "Still I am curious to how the onsen resort has adapted for extra species."

"Aparently the place got refurbished to specifically cater for extra species guests but they need fresh people to try it out, like when you guys came to my gym. The notes you gave me really helped me improve it and membership is on the rise." Polt said leaning over and casually nuzzling against Harry's face, especially when he reached up to pet her ears.

"Hey watch the tail Polt, you'll get Suu all over us." Miia cried out holding out her arms.

"Ah sorry."

"At least it should be easy to do the work quick in between relaxing." Harry watched as snow was falling outside as they drove, which seemed to grow heavier as the resort came into view.

"I'll park up and join you in a bit." Sumisu said as she went off leaving Harry with the other girls, all of whom forgot to ask for heating charms as everyone bar Polt was shivering from the extreme change in temperature.

Well that and Papi who was too bird brained to notice the cold as she set about making a snowman.

"Huh, must be her first time seeing this much snow if she's this excited." Harry pushed Mero along thru the snow, a frozen slime in her lap.

"Harry...please get us inside, I can feel my tail scales freezing along with the rest of my skin." Mero asked shivering, really wishing they was a nice gothic Lolita coat she could have gotten before.

"Dar-ling.../Hon-ey..." twin moans from previously built snowmen in the area echoed in the winds and Polt came over to check them out, rubbing some snow away to reveal Miia and Rachnera shivering worse than Mero.

"What the..? Why are you two out in the cold, Mero help me get them inside." Harry was a bit alarmed by the pair's stupidity.

"Sure thing."

"Sir Harry, you arrived I was looking for aid from inside the residence when these two insisted on staying outside." Cerea said coming over to help carry Rachnera. "The owner is waiting for us." Cerea then let out a tiny sneeze as the chill in the air seemed to get colder.

"The Owner?" Harry then heard the sound of ice cracking n freezing, nearly triggering fight of flight from his Evangeline training days.

Looking over he found a blue skinned extra species woman wearing a pale blue kimono that had snowflake patterns, pulled down over the shoulders a little to expose some creamy cleavage while her long white hair was styled in a high ponytail and hairpins in the shape of an ice flake. "Welcome." The woman greeted with a traditional bow. "Thank you for choosing to stay at out resort, the arctic inn. My name is Yukio and I am a yukionna."

Harry ticked off another spot for pun name bingo in his head as Yukio introduced herself.

"Please bring those patron inside via the iced causeway I've created. Its the only help I can offer until you are inside." Yukio said with a cold (haha) expression as she walked back inside the resort.

Once Polt and Cerea had deposited their respective loads the girls relaxed and let the warm air heat up their skin. Lala along with the members of MON were also there waiting, Tio coming over to give some of them hot chocolates, except for Polt for obvious reasons.

"Ahh the warm is so cosey and warm... is it heated?" Miia asked in bliss, wishing her room had this, though her devil side reminded her that it would lead to less cuddles and kisses from Harry if she did that. So the devil popped that idea balloon with her pitchfork.

"Indeed, it was installed so that any cold blooded patrons would be more comfortable." Yukio responded before rounding everyone up to properly start the tour.

"Wow, we aren't even that far north and there is this much snow." Miia muttered to hserself while snuggling up to Harry.

"The snowfall during this time of year is apparently new, in fact it seems that the weather changes came about after I moved into the town." Everyone wisely decided not to bring up the obvious accusation. Yukio opened the door for everyone and they got a glimpse of the huge room and had seating areas that allowed them to look outside.

Everyone quickly spread themselves on the floor to their leisure, including Tio, Miia, Suu and Rachnera...and Sumisu who was already asleep. "We haven't even been here five minutes and she was already in the room."

"Lets ditch her and check out the hot springs in that case." Zombina suggested and Harry couldn't help but agree.

"This is the room we prepared for larger extraspecies guests its waterproof, handicapped friendly and even has a small cypress wood bath for water based species." Yukio explained as Doppel took the chance to scribble on Sumisu's face.

Following the snow woman again she lead them to a large open area with multiple baths of steaming hot spring water. Of course the moment of spectacle was interrupted by Yukio explaining the different baths wearing a huge divers suit that kept the kimono over the top.

Explaining it was due to her nature of a Yukionna that made her take such a precaution. She went on to show the baths that might suit different species such as Mist sauna room, shallow waterfalls for girls like Suu and a huge wooden bath for any large species, of which Tio was only happy to try out with her co-workers.

By which I meant that she dragged them all in.

Lastly however Yukio led them to an outside hot spring where everyone could see the snow falling in the distance. "Wow this is quite a bath for the girls, Miss Yukio where might be the men's outside bath be?" Harry asked as they had some time before dinner.

"I'm afraid out resort is a mixed bathing, it was done so that there would be room for all species." All the girls turned to Harry who felt a bit sheepish now. As you can imagine since this was for a business Harry decided to be pragmatic about this and stripped off with the other girls and slipped inside.

"You know I can see the appeal these sorts of places hold now that I've given one a try properly." Harry said leaning against the side of the spring, doing his best to ignore the hungry looks his exposed chest was getting.

"Indeed, it's rather nice it is deep enough that I can submerge myself properly in the bath." Cerea said off to the side, holding her bosom.

"Miss Centorea why are you holding your chest, the water is plenty opaque." Mero asked from the side pool that was a little cooler, apparently it felt too much like she was cooking in the main pool.

"...hey float..." Cerea mumbled, trying to sink lower into the water.

"Its nice Miss Sumisu got us this trip but It's strange that Yukio said there aren't many people coming to the resort." Miia said resting her head on Harry's shoulder, tail wrapping around one leg.

"Well they might not have the budget to advertise too much at the moment which is making it harder. Plus I wouldn't be surprised if any extra species girls are too shy to try out this in case they think it won't be fitting for them. Sorta like when I was shopping with Tio and some shops didn't list her sizes." Harry nodded and the girls hummed in agreement as tey had similar feelings, especially when at Polt's Gym.

"Then should we come up with an idea to help promote the resort?" Polt questioned as she casually doggy paddled around the spring.

"There is some merit in that idea as long as its within the budget of the resorts current allowances." Suu said in her adult form and somehow gained extra insight from the natural salt water mineral bath. Also for some reason shed made a pair of secretary glasses in her form and it was a good look but not as good as her natural sweet look.

Least Harry thought so.

"That is right, any of you have ideas?" Harry asked and received ideas such as onsen egg event (Miia) big long river pool (Papi) and a totally original stage performance that would see Disney lawyers standing to attention (Mero and by proxy frozen).

"Huh everyone's in here, dont you all look cosy." Sumisu said getting everyone's attention as she and her team walked in and joined them, except for Zombina who was getting re-stitched by Rachnera. "What are you talking about?"

"We are coming up with ideas to promote the revenue." Harry said as he saw Cerea looking a little shy.

"Well um... what about a dating bathing event." "Cerea said and all the girls hummed in thought. "Well lately I hear that many onsen host dating events. Perhaps this would be a good place for that for extra species girls."

"Hmm not a bad idea, hearing how some of your tribes court men I imagine extra species girls might be up for it." Harry tried not to stiffen as top snuggles on the wide next to him.

"Yeah but how would an event like that even go? Why don't you give of an example of how you'd run the event?" Miia said wanting to see Cerea get frazzled. Something that came easily as the centaur robotically tried to do an event greeting.

"Ok time to stop teasing Cerea, Miia." Harry said patting her on the head.

"Fine." Miia mumbled before putting on a coy smile turning to Harry so her chest rubbed against his.

"Dont even think about it, otherwise you and getting no eggs for dinner." Harry said knowing that smile.

"Grrrr thats not fair."

"Life's not fair."

"Yeah dont hog all the eye candy we have on this trip Miia. Especially since he'd currently all raw and no covering." Sumisu said from the side holding a spare towel in her hand... Harry's towel. It took him a second to look down as his exposed genitals before covering himself from predatory gazes.

"Give that back Sumisu."

"Can't do that, unless you wanna step over here and get it." Sumisu knew that Harry would have to step up and walk around the long way as the spring got deeper in the short way, it was the reason Tio could be fully submerged while sat next to him.

"Also Polt...Fetch!" Sumisu being now truly diabolical played upon the Kobolds natural instincts and the woman jumped up and nabbed the towel with her teeth before landing in the spring right over where Mero was.

"I hate you." Harry mumbled sat in his current predicament.

"No you don't." Sumisu said while drinking some sake she had brought with her just in case. "Hmmm wonder how long before dinner now."

"Thirty minutes." Suu said still in secretary form, sat upon a rock right next to the spring, staring intently at her master while somehow scribbling something on her slime pad.

Harry tried to maintain some dignity but given his situation, just gave in and called Sumisu's bluff and open his legs and full relaxed. Thankfully it wasn't a full moon so no chance of anything too rampant. He did however summon Sumisu's sake bottle right from her hand.

"Hey that's mine." She whined like a child having their toy taken away.

"Mine now, if I'm being uncomfortable I may as well be buzzed." Harry said taking a big swig, doing his best to not listen to the girls mutter to themselves as they gazed as his dragon spear. The name of which came from Luna as a joke as she had seen his animagus form once and it sorta stuck as a name.

Eventually they had to get out and have dinner and enjoy some of the resorts dishes such as tempura, oden, ankake yudofu and sashimi. All of which had the girls feeling warm and relaxed now in their evening gowns, though Miia and Papi were just happy with onsen eggs and onsen buns.

"Haaaa, this isn't a bad place, just wish we didn't have to work and write the reviews." Rachnera said before spotting Harry's food display. "Where's Honey?"

Harry had in fact sneaked off to one of the indoor springs to relax on his own... well that was the plan but Polt had sniff him out and had used her secret technique on him. Why did her puppy dog eyes have to be so cute he had wondered as he idly petted her head as she rested against him. "You know I almost felt a bit bad leaving everyone else to soak by myself."

"Sorry." Polt said in a half mumble while truly in bliss of heat and head pats.

"Its fine, least its not too crazy with just one of you. Still it best we check out a few of the baths so we can be thorough with our reviews and suggestions." Harry said before turning away as he heard someone sliding into the water. "Is that you Sumisu?"

"Im afraid not Mr Harry, but I thank you for your consideration to your task." Yukio said resting on one side of the spring.

"Oh Yukio I thought you'd be with the others still." Harry said a bit surprised and now fully focusing on Polt.

"I intended to take a bath after the meals were finished though I do apologise for not checking ahead." Harry waved her off as well he was used to some unexpected occurrences, case and point being the puppy in the pool sat next to him who was idly rubbing his chest with her paw hands.

"Its fine, I take it you are trying to build resistance to the heat?" Harry asked having done something similar with some training that he was forced into. He'd curse her name if he was sure she wasn't listening in some way. "By the way what made you want to work at an onsen, given your nature I imagine its not something well suited to your species?"

"Well I did my own home stay early on into the project here at the resort." Yukio recalled getting her first kimono fitting by the elderly owner. "I was touched by the kindness of my host family and the young master was very kind to me as well." The memory of the younger man showing her the new cold bath for her to soak in made her feel uncharacteristically warm.

"It was him that came up with the idea of special baths to draw in other patrons and to make a resort with extra species in mind." Harry nodded as Polt fluttered her eyes open.

"It must be nice being married to him since you get to work together." Polt said and Yukio shook her head.

"We are not married...but...I wouldn't mind..." Yukio clasped her cheeks as her thoughts wandered to the young master's sweet face. "He's a wonderful young man, so kind and devoted and he has just such a warm smile. I do so wish I could smile like he does, since I am to greet the patrons I feel as though I have failed him."

Both Harry and Polt chuckled at this. "What is it?" Yukio asked.

"Sorry but saying that you can't smile with your current expression is just a bit funny." Polt said referring to the gentle smile Yukio had started wearing once she started talking about the young master.

"What...? I was smiling...but I could never do it when I practised." Yukio's tone became frustrated and the water around her started to freeze.

"Hey wait Yukio, the water is freezing!" Harry said standing up with Polt in his arms, some of her fur have ice on it already.

"Oh god it's like getting into the coldest part of the pool times a thousand." Polt said as she shivered and clung to Harry more as he leaped away.

Or at least he tried to as his feet were frozen and his hands were only holding Polt's booty, also frozen and her legs wrapped around his waist, once again Frozen.

Worse than doc brown ever got.

"Harry...i think we are stuck." Polt said between shivering and shaking teeth.

"Yes...I am aware." Harry said feeling the extreme cold air and knowing full well that his towel was nowhere on his person.

Cut to an hour later where some of the girls were still chipping away at the iceberg covering Harry's legs halfway up to his knees. Yukio bowing in apology and Sumisu stuck with the job of hiding Harry's manhood.

"Polt are you sure you can't pull yourself off darling?" Miia asked fuming a little she couldn't cuddle up or rather pull off Polt, since Harry was too cold to touch. Cerea was using her sword while Tio used an actual ice pick to help with the excavation.

"Very sure, my fur is still thawing and I can't even wag my tail." Polt said right next to Harry's ear by her wet fur.

"Please don't wag, your furry is connected down there and we don't need anyone roughing up the suspect." Doppel joked, while playing solitaire with Rachnera, Manako and Lala.

"Crude but true, please just be patient while you thaw out. Any reason your not using any special skills though?" Sumisu queried to Harry as magic seemed like an easy fix right now.

"...Where are my hands right now Sumisu?" Harry asked deadpanned.

"On Polts but-oohhhhh, yeah makes sense." Any heat would likely over heat/burn Polt so it was a non option.

"I'm dreadfully sorry Mr Harry...maybe I shouldn't attend guests after all." Yukio said bowing, her anxiety making spikes of ice all around her.

"Yukio...despite my current predicament I think you'll make a fine host at the resort. But if you want to make it up to me... I may have a few ideas to discuss once I'm free." Harry said before spotting Sumisu lifting the towel. "Stop flashing everyone... its not fair to do so right now."


A few drinks later only a few of the girls were still awake, they oddly had plenty ice for drinks as Harry hashed out a potential deal, the young master speaking to him on the phone to arrange a proper meeting.

Still the boring talks had girls like Papi and Suu and even Mii falling asleep while Rachnera seemed to be a good fit for a potential personal assistant for business. Harry thought he'd have to properly hire her to compensate her.

In the end it was Polt, Sumisu, and Lala still just watching the snow fall, the gentle motion of each snowflake had Harry in an oddly melancholic state. "Yen for your thoughts Harry?" Sumisu asked as she topped up his sake cup while stealing Lala's as her body tried to sneak some.

"Just thinking of Yukio if im honest and her relationship with the young man I spoke to." Harry was again petting Polts head, but in addition he was petting Tio's head who had used his weakness of pure cuteness to get some head pats too. Of course it turned out Tio was a sleepy drinker. Did lead to a minor case of dead leg but he wasn't complaining.

"Anything in particular, My Lord?" Lala asked looking over, her feet sitting in the snow as they had the window open.

"Just how special these last few months have been for all of us I guess. When I left Britain to go travelling I was fully expecting to never settle down. You wont believe how much a friend of mine called Luna had to convince me." Harry chuckled at how stubborn the girl managed to be given her at times fae styled attitude.

"Gotta say I expected something similar with my time with this job." Sumisu said taking a sip from her cup. "MON was just a job with a great time but you made it way more fun and like a family. You though Harry... you made it much more, plus your pretty cute and make some amazing coffee."

Rolling his eyes for a moment in jest Harry looked back out into the night sky, the cool air brushing against his face, Tio shifting in the blanket he'd transfigured for her. "What would you say if I wanted to ask you and the others to stick around for a lot longer, maybe make it a permanent home."

"Oh my... are you proposing something sinful?" Sumisu said, pulling at her kimono to expose some delicious looking cleavage.

"Wouldn't call it sinful if I truly care for all of you, bar a few that I think want to find someone they can keep to themselves." Harry said looking at Sumisu in the eyes, and a quick look at the good since she was showing off.

"A loss for them I guess but for us a blessing for when we have to write up a chart. I want another proper date though like the one we had when this troublemaker was stalking you." Sumisu said poking Lala in the head.

"Well if I'm going to do that, at least tell me your name." Harry said and Sumisu smirked as she covered Lala's ears.

"Its Kusari."

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