Ash and his friends were doing a tug of war against Team Rocket for Pikachu in a fishing net. "Pikachu, don't use thunderbolt. It will cause us to be blown out of the boat!" Exclaimed Brock. Pikachu unfortunately used thunderbolt to break free out of the net. Ash and his friends being blasted off while Team Rocket blasted off on the other side. Although, they were stranded to the middle of the empty ocean.

"We're lost! How are we going to Mossdeep City for that gym badge?!" Cried Ash. "We're marooned, no way out." Complained May. Max pointed out that there is a submarine on the horizon. "We're saved!" Cheered Max. "Oh, relax. It's only a submarine; but where does it belong to?" Replied May. They all swim to the ocean and landed on the red submarine. "Wait a second, that submarine must've belong to that damn Team Magma." Growled Ash. Abruptly, a morale of Team Magma grunts have captured Ash, Brock, May, Max, and Pikachu.

A Team Magma submarine is headed straight to the Team Magma base on the ocean; also known as the Team Magma HQ.