Ash was sitting down on the top of the building and he is crying for the death of Genesect. "Aww. Don't feel bad, Ash. Genesect risked his life to save us." Said May. "May is right, Ash. It's all over now, Team Magma and Team Aqua had started out fresh." Commented Courtney in a hot soothing tone. She walks with Ash to the Team Magma helicopter, including Brock, May, Max, Tabitha, Maxie, Shelly, Matt, Archie, and a group of Team Magma grunts and Team Aqua grunts were boarded on the helicopter too. And the helicopter lifts off of the building and flies to leave Mossdeep City in ruins.

In the storage room of the Team Magma helicopter. Ash, Brock, May, Max and Courtney were in the room and Courtney is comforting Ash on the mattress. He is crying about Genesect's death while Courtney is patting him on the shoulder. She dries his tears off of his face. "Take some deep breaths and let it go because we are all safe and sound. I just want you to be happy. How about some soothing lounge music?" Requested Courtney. Ash is smiling and he is all better and relaxed. She gets the radio and turns on some dirty and soothing lounge music and Courtney unhoods herself showing her purple hair. She puts on her red lipstick once more and smooches, and then she brushes her hair. Afterwards, she remains unhooded.

"Things are getting quite sticky today, don't you agree May?" Shuddered Max. "I agree, this is getting strange." Agreed May. Courtney strokes Ash and he is finally satisfied. "I love you, Courtney." Said Ash while he is hugging Courtney. "I love you too, Ash Ketchum." Replied Courtney in a soothing voice. Both of them ironically kissed each other while Ash is blushing and sheds a bit of a teardrop. "I know I am just a kid." Noticed Ash. But he does not mind.

Max is grossed out while May faints onto the floor. "Ugh gross!" Disgusted Max. "I feel like I am going to be sick." Reacted Brock. He almost vomited because he saw Courtney kissing Ash. "I knew it, Ash is in love." Groaned May, as she got up from the floor after fainting. "I'll join Team Magma someday." Admitted Ash. "Then you might wear this, the Team Magma grunt uniform." Requested Courtney in a dirty and soothing voice. Ash tries on the suit on and he hugs himself that he likes it while he giggles a little bit. Then he takes it off and then Ash and Courtney lies on the mattress and puts on the blanket and a pillow while hugging each other. He took some deep breaths and he felt all better for sure and they both rested on the mattress while the music is on.

The Team Magma helicopter flies above the sea reflecting the majestic sunset on their way home from harm.

The End.