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Chapter 1

Valerie POV

Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom. Amity Park's hero unmasked!

It didn't make sense. It couldn't be true. Danny couldn't have been the ghost that I've been relentlessly battling for months. Phantom ruined my life. But although I heavily despised him, he managed to make some good happen. But that's beyond the point. If Danny was really that ghost that means…I could've accidentally killed him in battle without even knowing it. How did he find out my secret of being a ghost hunter, before I even knew that he was half ghost? How could he not tell me? How could the guy I liked be someone I hated?

I crumbled up the newspaper article and curled up in a ball on my bed. I was silently sobbing because I didn't even know how I should feel. I was pissed off, but at the same time embarrassed, depressed, and frustrated. Maybe I was the one at fault for not listening to his constant pleas that "not all ghosts are bad" or that he isn't the bad guy. But who would listen to the guy who was the reason why their lives went into a sudden downward spiral?

"Valerie, get up and look at the news. You know that boy, uh Dan is it? He's a hero! He's a ghost and human isn't that cool? He and his ghost friends just literally saved the world. Unbelievable!" my dad was is the next room over fan-girling over Danny.

I tried to find some leggings and a sweatshirt to go on an evening jog to clear my mind a bit. This wasn't information for me to just sit on and sulk about, I could do that later.

Before heading out I got a text from Starr from my flip phone.

I know ur confused and frustrated. Come downstairs loser, we're going to the mall :):) (A/N: A badly rephrased Mean Girls reference I'm so sorry)

Starr was the only person besides Danny (and I guess Sam and Tucker) and my dad who knew about me being a ghost hunter. She knew that it wasn't just some silly hobby for me to blast ghosts back to the ghost zone, but something I felt like I need to do. Not only to protect myself but others from being harmed by them. She also was the one who made my identity well known, dubbing me as the Red Huntress. I didn't ask for it because back then after having Danny expose my secret to my dad, I didn't want for my secret profession to get a lot of hype. But I still wanted to kick some ghost ass, but just on the down low.

Thanks I'll be on my way in a bit.

"So then I was like, "You don't need that much red lipstick on; someone may have you confused for the Joker""

This was just what I needed. I was laughing hysterically at Amity Park mall with Starr at our favorite coffee shop. It was a bit crowded tonight, but it was okay considering that she was lifting me up from my bad spirits with a ton of jokes, lattes, and desserts.

Starr stopped talking and quickly glanced over my head and back at me.

"What's the matter? Is Dash here or something?"

She was scrambling for words, "No I, you see—" The squeals of girls confirmed who Starr was preventing me from seeing.




I sighed and refused to turn around to see the "dream team" being fawned over. Starr sensed my change in mood and diverted the conversation to what she really wanted to talk about in a hushed tone.

"Look, just ignore them. I guess this may be a bad time to bring this up, but we both knew it'll come down to it"

"I know…"

"Don't try to blame yourself for this. You didn't even know his identity when you guys battled. He could've told you before, but for some reason on which we don't know why, he never did. Even up to now he never mentioned who he really was to you. So don't be so hung up over this."

"But that's the exact problem I have. I'm just so confused."

"About what?"

"Why he didn't tell me from the start, or any time before? Did he not think I could handle it? Did he not trust me?

"He's an idiot for that Valerie you know that. He—oh great. What do you want Tucker?"

I looked at Tucker leaning up against the wall by Starr attempting to be smooth, "Oh I was just passing by seeing if you wanted a chance to finally say yes to the Tuck"

Starr had a pensive look on her face and closed her eyes as she replied bitterly to him, "There is no way Tucker. There is no chance of us ever happening."

"I'm in the limelight right now and you still don't want me?"

"Just because everyone now knows you exist doesn't mean anything"

"I know you're a little jealous that I'm now one of the "populars""

"You actually think I give a f—"

"Hey, is Tucker being an idiot again?" The voice I dreaded to hear the most, has injected himself in the conversation. Some girls started giggling over how the table he approached was near them and started to take pictures. He was standing behind me, but he didn't have a clear visual on me…yet.

"Oh don't worry Fenton, there's no damsel in distress here. I could handle myself, thank you very much"

I could feel him awkwardly blush at the realization that he was talking to Starr and that she could handle any situation which requires rejecting idiots, including Tucker.

"Well I guess Tucker and I will let you and your friend…"

He went in to glance at me and froze for a bit when he recognized who he was looking at. We both stared at each other while seeing flashes go off in the background from the fangirls. I just knew by looking at him that he remembered that he never told me who he really was and I just had media outlets to get the information I needed to know when he could've told me. Face to face. He was about to say something when his goth girlfriend came over and gave him a peck and slinked her arm around his waist.

"Hey I just got the coffee you wanted and the sugar cookies that Tucker so desperately needed. Oh." She took in the scene around her and the heavy tension in the air.

"Val and I were just about to leave" Starr grabbed her bag and looked at me signaling to get up. I understood and I took one more glance at Danny before proceeding to go.

"Valerie I'm so sorry. I'm such a jerk. I didn't mean for you to find out like that."

I was already heading out the shop while uttering out monotonously without looking at him "Of course you didn't Danny. Of course you didn't"

A month passed by from the whole coffee shop fiasco back in June and I couldn't help but not be constantly paranoid if I'll see him at any corner—and it's happened quite a lot. We have most of our classes together which causes an issue of making awkward eye contact, and since I decided that fighting Phantom wasn't a priority, I decided to fight other ghosts, but we've both ended up bumping into each other when that happens. I let Danny take up the battle with meddling ghosts who still wish to cause chaos, as I didn't feel the need to outshine the hero. It just wasn't worth it. I was still mad at him, and he knows that. Since I didn't want to be around him I just began to recline out of the whole ghost fighting business for a while. Who would want to fight ghosts when they risk bumping into their ex-ghost boyfriend?

But of course Starr being the great friend as she is, has been relentlessly urging me to get back up my feet and back to kicking ghost ass. Around the 3rd month I was The Red Huntress Starr has helped as much as she can after Danny revealed my secret to my dad. She's been covering for me left and right to make sure my dad wouldn't worry about my whereabouts. Also she's been working behind the scenes for me. Yeah, everyone would assume that she wasn't the smart type, but damn is she a big help. Starr is basically a math prodigy. She used her mathematician skills strictly for calculating where to get the best deals when shopping as she didn't want to be known as a nerd. Honestly she's smarter than all the geeks at our school combined, including Tucker. But, she'll kill me if I say that she's a bigger geek than him.

After I got my new suit from that techie ghost, Starr has tried tweaking it a bit to get it to be perfect for whatever situation, but it's still under wraps and may stay that way since I'm not doing any vigilante activity recently. One, because of him and two, because I'm moving. Yeah, my dad got an amazing job offer from NYC to work at Superior Security System on his new security system ideas. Apparently the CEO was so impressed and wanted him so badly that he made sure finances weren't a problem and offered to pay for housing and any other necessities considering he's going to be there for a while. Correction we're going to be there a while. I decided to join him because I just felt like I needed a break from everything. The whole Danny fever at Amity Park is too much and I just need a fresh start. I know for a fact I'll miss Starr a lot. But she understands and we plan to meet whenever possible.

*One new text message*

Hey V. I just wanted to say that although Im still upset over the fact that you're leaving me :((( But I just hope u have a good time at NYC. DON"T FORGET ABOUT ME WHEN YOU"RE THERE. btw sorry for texting u instead of calling or skyping u since I know you're leaving today but the cheer camp I'm at is a bit strict on the whole electronics policy. Im in a bathroom stall right now as we speak bc we're on break and I don't want any of the other girls to bag on me for having a phone out. Oh the horror. I'll try to visit u as soon as i can V. Love ya

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