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Okay new story I am trying out. Sorry if Jade or Tori or Trina seem out of character. This story is probably a little over done too but I wanted to try it out. This is the only chapter I have done right now I want to know if everyone thinks I should keep going with it or just scrap it. I apologize in advance I may not have all the medical stuff right I tried to research it. Let me know what you think if it's stupid or if I should continue. RandR.

Jade's POV

Ever since we graduated high school Tori and I have grown closer's as friends. After I got back together with Beck we tried to make it work but I tried to refrain from being my bitchy self with Beck and with Tori. Tori and I started hanging out not just because Beck couldn't hang out but because she turned out to be the best friend I had.

Halfway through our senior year Beck and I decided we just couldn't make it work anymore. It was completely mutual and we stayed friends. We just weren't in love anymore. I thought it would hurt but it really didn't. I still had him as a friend and Tori as a friend. Through the rest of the year and the summer before college I found myself growing closer to Tori and realizing how attractive I found her.

We were both going to the same local college the next year while everyone else was leaving. Beck was heading back up to Canada for college, Cat was going to New York, Andre was as well and Robbie was going to Massachusetts.

A few weeks into summer Tori and I were hanging out at my house since my parents weren't ever home anymore. I decided I was finally going to tell Tori of my feelings that had been building since Beck and I broke up.

"Tori. I need to talk to you about something." I say interrupting whatever she is reading on her phone.

"What?" Tori stops what she is doing to look up at me. She is wearing her glasses, which make her so fucking sexy I just want to kiss her all over. Maybe I can after I finally tell her my feelings.

"I am in love with you." I manage to stutter out. Tori just gets this deer in headlights look. Oh man, I knew she didn't feel this way.

"Wh-what? I don't believe you Jade, how could you trick me like this? I thought we were friends?" Tori have tears form in her eyes.

"Tori I am not lying. Tori I mean it, I love you." I feel my heart clench painfully at the look on Tori's face. She doesn't believe me. It is one of heartbreak and sadness.

"You think just because how I feel about you that you can just mess with me? Who told you? God Jade please just leave me alone I can't take another heart break." Tori says picking up her stuff and storming out of my house. I am too shocked at how that went to follow her out. So she feels the same way but doesn't believe me?

It has been a week since I told Tori about my feelings. I tried calling her and texting her but haven't heard anything from her back I was a little worried when no one else had really talked to her either. I finally got sick of being ignored and went to her house to talk to her.

"I know Tori probably hates me but I am just worried about her." I say as soon as Trina opens the door.

I knew as soon as I saw the tears form in Trina's eyes that something was wrong. I had never in my life seen Trina cry.

"It's all my fault. She is in a coma and it's all my fault." Trina gets out before bursting into tears falling into me. I just wrap my arms around her back in shock.

"Wh-what?" I feel my heart start racing. Oh god my Tori.

"We were in a car accident."

"Oh god." I say as tears start falling from my eyes

"It's all my fault. If she dies it's all my fault." Trina says into my shoulder. I just keep my arms around Trina uncharacteristically.

"Trina finally calms down enough to explain to me what happened. It wasn't Trina's fault. She pulled through a light as it turned green and when she got into the intersection her car was hit, right into Tori. She died on the way to the hospital and twice on the operating table. They didn't think she would make it through the night but they managed to get her brain to stop swelling. The doctors were not sure of any permanent brain damaged the accident may have caused until she wakes up if she does.

I took Trina in my car back up to the hospital to visit Tori. Her parents were there and happy to see me visiting. I immediately teared up at the site of Tori lying in the hospital bed with all the machines hooked up to her.

"Oh god Tori." I said through my tears. Her mom hugged me before she and Mr. Vega left to go get us all some coffee.

"I need you to wake up. I love you Tori I know you didn't believe me but it's true. Even if you don't want to be with me I can live with that. I can't live without you alive though. Call me selfish but please wake up. I can't live without you. " I say as I start crying holding onto her hand.

"I didn't believe when Tori said you told her you loved her. I didn't believe you really meant it but now. Well now I can see it wasn't some trick." I spin around to see Trina in the doorway. I didn't here her enter.

"I, um, I did mean it. I love her." I said tears falling down my face. she makes me a better person." I know I am blushing because of everything Trina heard but I don't care she did.

"I just hope she wakes up." Trina says sadly sitting in the chair next to me.

"Me too, I would gladly take her spot…"

"No!" Trina yells out interrupting me. Trina takes my hand and looks at me. "I wouldn't want you to take her spot. That would hurt Tori just as much as you are hurting right now. " Trina says. I hold my free hand up in surrender nodding. Trina is right.

"I need you alive and here too so we can convince Tori you weren't playing around or tricking her that you truly love her." I smile and nod.

We eventually tell the rest of the gang about Tori's accident. They visit when they can but Trina and I are here every day hoping and praying that Tori will wake up. Trina I found out actually isn't so bad. I am sure it's just because of how worried she is about Tori but I almost like this Trina.

For the next two months I go to visit Tori everyday whenever I can. Trina is usually with me sometimes the gang comes too. Her parents are there when I visit sometimes and other times leave when I get there. I know they want to be there for their daughter but they can't just give up their jobs sadly. I always tell Tori about my day like she is going to wake up and start talking back to me.

When the two-month mark hit the doctors are starting to think Tori isn't going to wake up. Past a month it's very unlikely the patient will ever wake up. They start talking to her parents about taking her off life support.

"I know she is still fighting. She deserves to live. I know Tori is still fighting for you, fighting to come back because Tori is a fighter. She never gave up on me no matter how mean I was to her through high school; she never gives up on anyone.
She deserves to live! She is still fighting to come back to you, to all of us so don't give up on her, fight for her." I say getting through my speech surprised I kept myself together without crying.

"You are right Jade. We can't give up on her." Mrs. Vega says through tears giving me a hug. Tori changed me. I say she made me a better person and she did. All this hugging with her family I used to hate but now I love it.

By the two-month mark the gang had to leave to go off to school. I know they didn't want to leave Tori but they needed to. I started to get ready and started to attend classes. I luckily only have morning classes so in the afternoon I could visit Tori. I continued to talk to her like I always did telling her about school and what it would be like when she started going. Maybe we would even have classes together next semester.

The Monday of the following week after the two-month mark I went in like I normally did Trina was there with me today I said hi to her and walked over giving Tori a kiss on the cheek and a squeeze on the arm. As I was telling her about what was happening in class Tori's machine's started beeping like crazy. I look to Trina alarmed.

"Oh my god what's happening?" I ask in a panic.

"I dot know!" Trina says I can hear the fear in her voice.

Suddenly Tori's eyes open wide and she starts gagging and convulsing on the hospital bed. The doctors rush in as her machines are going crazy. The doctors and nurses rush Trina and I out. As we get to the hall I see the Vega's rush down the hallway towards us. Trina runs up hugging Mr. Vega crying into her chest saying she doesn't know what happened.

It was a long time or at least felt like it before the doctors came out. They went right up to the Vega's explaining something I couldn't hear. As I was sitting waiting I heard Mrs. Vega let out a happy sigh and the doctor smile at her.

"She woke up! She is asleep right now because they had to sedate her but she is out of the coma!" Mrs. Vega says excitedly I can't even help but get up form my chair giving her a hug as Trina hugs her dad. We all have happy tears streaming down our faces.

"Thank you Jade for convincing us not to give up on Tori." Mr. Vega says wiping a tear bringing me into a hug.

"They said it's still unclear of any permanent damage Tori may have but she is at least responsive and her brain activity seems good. We can go back in the room and wait for her to wake up again." Mrs. Vega says leading us into the room. After an hour or two Mr. and Mrs. Vega go down to grab us some coffee. As I was sitting watching some really bad horror film on the tv in Troi's room tori started to wake up. My heart started beating rapidly to actually see her eyes flutter open. There was suddenly a look of panic in her eyes when they opened all the way.

"Wh-wh." Tori slurs out after a few seconds.

"Shhhh it's okay Tori, you are in the hospital. You are okay though just relax." Trina says form next to me rubbing Tori's arm. Tori looks from me to Trina. Still having a slight look of panic in her eyes.

"W-w-wa." Tori tries again grabbing at her throat and pointing to the water on the table next to her bed,

"Small sips okay?" I say holding the cup and straw to Tori's lips. After sipping some Tori has an almost frustrated look on her face.

"Wh-w-wh." Tori slurred out getting frustrated again. She seemed to be having trouble forming words.

"Shhh Tori's it's okay, take it slow." I whisper holding Tori's hand rubbing the back of her hand.

Tori looks at her hand confused and then looks at me more confused.

"Wh-wh." Tori slurs then huffs.

"wh-wh-who?" she managed to get out and my heart plummets into my stomach.

"Wh-wh-who y-y-you?" Tori finally managed still frustrated.

"I'm Jade, a friend and this is Trina your sister? Trina smiled and gave Tori's arm a squeeze. Tori looks at us both sad and shakes her head.

"I d-d-don." Tori huffs frustrated again and furrows her brows. "I d-do-don't. I don't don't, re-re." Tori huffs again.

"You don't remember us." I say sadly. Tori looks up into my eyes and gives a sad shake of her head. "That's okay Tori. You just woke up." I say with a smile and squeezing her hand. Tori gives me a small smile before her eyes start to close again slightly.

"T-t-tir." Tori tries.

"Get some sleep Tori you need it, we will still be here when you wake back up." I say.

Tori nods. "Th-th-thanks." Tori manages before closing her eyes and falling back asleep. As soon as she falls back asleep Trina pulls me into a hug and immediately starts crying as well as me.

Again sorry if Jade is occ or if any of the medical stuff is wrong. Let me know what you think if I should continue or scrap it. Thanks!