***scene start Gohan POV***

Standing across the field, a mottled green demon crouched, bringing his hands down to his side in an all too familiar position. The fierce aura around him exploded into a twisting golden field, grinding away at the very ground before Cell's feet. The galling laughter emanating from deep in its chest.

The world crashed in on him. His insides froze and liquified simultaneously, tears brimmed in his eyes. It was all his fault, if he had only finished Cell when he had the chance. Instead Gohan had toyed with him, tortured him. Determined to make Cell feel every ounce of pain he had doled out in his existence.

A chocking call came from behind him, the gruff voice uttering a phrase never heard from Vegeta before "I'm sorry Gohan..."

Time began to slow for the youth, Vegeta knew. He had to know. It was obvious. They were going to die, and there was nothing anyone could do. Gohan grit his teeth and set his eyes back onto the monster. A steely look starting to creep into those turquoise pupils. There was no way. He couldn't just allow this freak to destroy everything he knew.

A short burst eroded the ground around that carapace coated freak again as his aura increased yet again. Its deep and yet smooth voice uttered out yet more taunts "I truly am perfect. I never dreamed I would come this far!"

Gohan went numb and felt his jaw slacken. Cell was saying more but it was mostly tuned out. Gohan's eyes hardened and he lowered his stance for what he knew was coming.

Ripples of dust flowed out from Cell. Ambient static affected everything in sight as that monster gloated he had enough energy to destroy the entire solar system, rather than just the planet. "Resist me Gohan..."

A cold chill swept up his spine. There was no stopping this. But at least there was comfort after. "We both know there isn't anything I can do. Father isn't the only one I let die here. We'll all be together." Gohan closed his eyes as sweat beaded on his temples. Gathering and leaving a streak in front of his ear despite the wind. Gripping his broken shoulder Gohan closed his eyes to wait.

Cell began to charge his attack as he taunted and ridiculed the boy once believed to be a threat to him. A shrill whine of ki being compressed at a high rate. The blinding light building so that even through his eyelids it was visible.

The wind seemed to curve around him, he felt a sense of comfort and peace enter his mind And the voice of his now deceased father bombarded his sense of failure. "Its not like you to give up."

Confusion dominated, Gohan looked to the sky and exclaimed "Father! Where are you?"

"The afterlife. King Kai is helping me talk to you"

His father continued to pep talk him. Reminding him of their training To make him realize his true strength, expressing the belief that he could win.

Gohan looked to the sky and complained. He had only a single arm, and was already at half strength from exhaustion and the hit he took for Prince Vegeta.

"That's alright. You can win. BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN POWER GOHAN!" shouted the deceased hero, exclaiming that Gohan was the most powerful fighter in the universe.

Fire flooded his veins, warmth from his core. "Understood father!" Gohan set his eyes on his target. And shored up his resolve. "I'll do everything I can."

Even still, regrets creeped into his thoughts. But as always Goku banished them with little effort, asking only that his son avenge him. With the last of his doubts washed away, Gohan sensed the power deep in his center. Violently the boy brought it to the fore. The ground at his feet cracked and then exploded as his ascended aura burst into existence, laced with bolts of concentrated power like lighting. Cocking his arm back into a modified version of his fathers signature attack Gohan began the chant ingrained in him. "KA... ME... HAME...!"

The damned bugs eyes widened in surprise. Cell pushed his energy to the limit and launched his own energy wave, throwing both hands forward in the stolen attack position. The world shook, nothing could stand the force as the hard packed desert in its path simply vaporized and the bulb continued unhindered on its path towards a certain glowing half-breed.

Adrenaline pumped, the world slowed. Blinding light shot into existence. But sound, for a moment, ceased. At his center Gohan could feel the the awesome spiritual pressure generated by the mere existence of so much ki in one place at one time.

Gauging its strength meticulously Gohan pumped his own reservoir into his single cupped hand and launched it forward. His arm bulged and strained. A holy cry tore from his lips as he finished the chant. His own attack was nearly blinding him. Time ceased. He felt no resistance yet but could sense the two attacks approached each other.


They collided in what was surely a world shattering force. Sound and time both resumed. The world was blinding light, deafening roars, and two rage filled kiai's.

Backlash tore at Gohan, a burning twinge in his arm. The world threatened to tilt. Refusing to give into shock the child leaned forward slightly and dug feet into the ground, matching the force of Cell's attack ounce for ounce.

Both attacks wavered and pushed. Each giving ground before gaining back what was lost and more. The contest was draining. The world itself ripped and shook. Slowly the energy pushed back, overpowering his own flow.

Shock gave way to depression. Gohan registered the sensation of his knee impacting the ground, heard the sound the ground compacting. Tears flew into the wind. Was this it? Were his only choices destroy the earth himself or let the monster do it?

As the edge of the ever continuing contest sped on it's way towards him he heard the stamp of a foot near him. "Final flash!" The shout rang out and a second stream joined his own. The difference was negligible. He was still losing ground if not quite as fast.

"Gohan! If you're holding back anything, if somewhere deep down you're worried about damaging the planet, don't!" His fathers voice was irritated...

"Father, what good is it if I destroy the planet myself!?" he cried

"Remember Gohan, there isn't any damage you can do here that you can't fix with the dragon balls!"

Gohan's eyes widened. How could he have forgotten something so simple...


Once again the hollow in his stomach lessened. Working his foot back under him, Gohan dropped his shoulder slightly and with a heave and a heart shattering cry he surged back to his feet. The streak no longer from merely his arm, but emitted from every fiber of his being. Gohan sought inside himself and found the barrier holding back his inner strength. He brought it crashing down and his entire body flooded with a furious energy, and all of this he directed into his attack.

Instantly the flow reversed surging in the other direction. Gohan's eyes locked onto Cell through the blinding light of their Kamehameha waves. The mutated being faltered for a moment.

Gohan's heart leapt. A fierce look stamped across his eyes and he took a step forward, then another. Adding the forward momentum to his now assured victory.

Cell's look was disbelief, but it shifted subtly. The monsters eyes tightened, his throat clenched, and an unholy scream erupted from the boys opponent. The tide froze. Both attacks rippling unpredictably. Ripples and shock-waves flowed from the focal point. Not just along the ground but through the air itself. Everything warped and went pear-shaped.

The high nasally voice of King Kai cut through his thoughts filled with disbelief, "That's impossible!"

The sound of a hole being punched through paper reverberated through his body and again all sound ceased. Except this time it wasn't in his mind. Nothing was reaching his ears. He felt a yank on everything. His entire body was pulled forward.

The feeling of a stone in the pit of his stomach. An unknown sorrow hammered at him as he flew through the air, dimly noting his enemy and another body beside him being pulled straight into... nothing.

What was going on! Gohan tried to dig his feet in, but it was as useless as trying to stand on water. The black tear before him opened like a jagged maw.

As he passed through a wave of agony swept over his body. Never ceasing. White light burst from behind his eyes. Clenching his eyes shut Gohan tried to scream. The air was sucked out of his lungs and his throat seemed to collapse, every muscle spasmed and knotted. After a few hellish moments the sweet bliss of darkness enveloped his mind.

***scene change Vegeta POV***

Lying on his back. Filled with shame. The Prince of all Saiyans watched as this CHILD saved his own life. Then turning to face that freak who had dared to presume. Who had dared to kill his only child. This mere boy was their only hope.

Vegeta coughed, pain blossomed in his chest. One eye screwed shut as he suppressed the pain. The prince tried to sit up, but his own muscles failed for just a brief moment.

His mental senses tingled. A peaceful serenity descended around the boy. Barely able to even notice. He felt his rivals influence.

Frustration welled inside him. Growling, Vegeta rolled onto his side and planted a fist onto the packed ground. He pushed back and planted the second hand. Slowly the Prince of all Saiyans brought himself to his feet without assistance. Pride would not allow him otherwise. He turned slowly and watched the interplay between this monstrosity and a mere boy, barely more than a toddler as far as he was concerned.

Something changed. He watched as Gohan's shoulders squared and his arm cocked back. Preparing to meet Cell's own charging attack. Cell launched first, the wave of energy coming at them simply ignoring the existence of anything in its way. A hell-storm descended on them, the atmosphere itself rushing to get out of the way. The entire planet seemed to shake just at the existence of so much Ki.

Fury welled up, and his fists clenched. How was this possible. He was the prince of all Saiyans. The most powerful warrior race in the universe. No one should be able to surpass him more than momentarily, certainly not some science experiment by an inferior race.

Barely a moment had passed before the young warrior in front of him responded in kind. Stopping the wave dead in its tracks. Bits of rock and boulder went flying. The ground heaved and even cliff faces in the distance shattered from the shock wave. That warriors face was filled with determination and even a bit of battle fury.

A swelling of pride caused The Princes chest to puff. This child might be a half breed in truth. But here and now he was a true saiyan warrior. Meeting his enemy blow for blow. Perhaps... their chances weren't so bad after all.

Vegeta watched with the eyes of a sovereign as this young child managed a feat he could not. That small body producing impossible amounts of Ki. Gohan's torso was twisted and straining.

A single tear flew from an eye and the would be savior dropped to a knee, still fighting a force that threatened to overwhelm them all.

What was he doing! Here a boy that should be his subject was on a knee fighting an attack for him, Vegeta the Prince of all Saiyans. As his prince it was Vegeta who should be fighting to save his subjects. It is they who should be in awe of his power. The warrior grit his teeth. It was time to do something now. His pride demanded no less than his full effort and eventual success.

Taking two steps forward Vegeta slammed his feet into the crust and brought his two cupped hands before him. He centered himself and began to draw on every drop of strength left in his body, concentrating it between his palms and manipulating it into a signature attack. This was one he knew could damage the blasted bio-android. He had done it before and he would do it again. Grunting with the effort The Saiyan prince timed his attack with a pulse of the stream emitted by Gohan. He could not fail his only remaining soldier.

"FINAL FLASH!" tore from his lips.

Thrusting both arms forward he poured his very essence into the attack and watched it merge into the battle before him.

The flow was barely affected. The forward momentum of that freaks energy wave slowed only by a miniscule amount. Its waves splashing over their own.

Vegeta's eyes widened. He nearly toppled. "Dammit." he muttered and leaned forward just in an effort to hold himself up. Continuing to push even if it didn't affect the outcome. He would never give up. Never succumb...

Something to his side changed. That child was struggling to his feet again. An ear piercing shriek uttered as Gohan once again thrust his arm forward and the output increased threefold again. Where the hell did this child find such strength! It shouldn't be there. Once again his pride was both wounded and yet swollen again. The boy was a warrior whether he wanted to admit it or not. Vegeta narrowed his concentration upon their mutual flow.

Cell's eyes were filled with disbelief. The monster looked about ready to falter. In an instant Vegeta saw everything shift. This was wrong. The androids body squared and settled into a more secure stance. Both the buckling sensation and unholy cry reached him at the same time. The tide that shaft reversed direction was now halted.

The prince felt as though he was staring at a heat mirage. The world itself warped and twisted. A subdued pop emanated from the battles focal point and sound ceased to be an issue. His own energy was being sucked from his at such a rate that his body was forced to follow.

Fear gripped him. He froze for just a fraction of a second. But that was enough. His feet left the ground and The Prince of all Saiyans watched in horror as the inky blackness of a tear in... nothing, yawned wide to swallow him whole.

Pure agony ripped through his body like a tidal wave. Every muscle clenched and white spots danced before his closed eyes. The sensation was familiar, vacuum. Instinctively Vegeta formed a barrier around himself and brought it in further. Creating the necessary pressure needed to survive. He hadn't been caught unaware by vacuum for years. The first time was during the initial training to learn how to survive outside a ship in low orbit.

He slowly opened his eyes to find himself spinning in the void. A glimpse of the slowly closing tear in one direction. And the expanding energy wave in another. There was only himself, Gohan, and that Freak here. Vegeta closed in on Gohan for some unfathomable reason and enclosed the delicate looking child in his own shield.

Vegeta could feel his shield weakening. It would fail soon. Fatigue edged closer. Without knowing why Vegeta wrapped himself around the bundle and squeezed tight in on himself. Exhaling everything and closing his eyes again. He dropped the shield himself to conserve energy in case of a miracle.

Burning swept over him, not just his skin, but everything. Feeling it within his muscles and bones. It was like nothing ever before.

He squeezed in on himself in reflex, squeezing the boy even more. He wanted to scream but his lungs were already empty. There was nothing to breath here, nothing to see.

Something jerked on every fiber of his being. Not the outward expansion of the incessant vacuum, but a drawing in a direction. The spin slowed and the was a sudden acceleration. The Princes body was suddenly bathed in ice and fire.

Terror and hope at once seeped into his thoughts. Would there be relief or did that Freak survive to assault them again?

Then his world erupted into a cacophony of sound and heat. The roar of an explosion and the rumble of collapse. The feel of weak earth gravity again.

His back slammed into hard ground again. His eyes shot open to light again and he took a great gasping breath. He was flat on his back and that child wasn't in his arms anymore. Smoke and dust filled the air. He barely had the strength to turn his head.

There beside him he saw the bare chested lump nested to him coughing up blood, but breathing nonetheless. An odd sense of relief filled him. Vegeta hadn't expected that. Why was he relived the boy was alive? He was only a half breed... as was his son, supplied his unforgiving mind. At least he was, before that freak had...

Rage burned in his gut. Vegeta rolled his gaze over the blasted landscape about him. Noting twisted steel beams, sheet metal, and burned stone. THERE!

A mottled green and purple form bubbled. The outer carapace partially burnt to ash. The form twisted and shrunk in on itself. A subdued glow ashed most of what was left.

Vegeta narrowed his eyes, ever suspicious. Those colors were easily recognized. So too was the feel of it's weak energy.

A giant bug crawled from the ash. Its mouth hardly discernible, slitted eyes, winglike horns and a scaled tail dragging behind it.

The burn of vengeance spread through him, "Kill... you..." Vegeta gasped as he twisted a shoulder from the ground in an effort to turn over.

The sickening beetle turned its head to regard him with its slitted purple eyes. They narrowed only slightly before it dragged itself off in another direction. Not even having the energy to lift its body fully clear of the ground. The scraping continued for another minute before even the Prince had no choice but to succumb to his injuries.