Chapter 1

A young green eyed boy look himself over in the mirror. He was eleven years old today, and in a few long weeks he would be joining the 97' class of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Despite his father's best efforts he had grown up a responsible young man, that took his life and role very seriously. You see in July 1980 a women named Sybil Trelawney made a prophesy about a young man that would be born as the seventh month dies to people who have three times defied a dark lord. This young man would be destined to either rise or fall at the hands of the Dark Lord Voldemort. When the Potter's found out about this prophesy they placed a fidelius charm on the property, and attempted to evade a blood thirsty Dark Lord. On Halloween of 1981, however the game changed. Peter Pettigrew, a long time family friend to both of Harry's parents betrayed them, and led the Dark Lord straight to the little Harry in hope of sparing his own life. There was only a small problem with this plan however.

Lily Evans was widely considered one of the greatest charm prodigies to ever walk into the Wizarding World, and she had placed wards on the fidelius charm to inform her of when the secret was told, and when Pettigrew told someone without their permission, the Potter's prepared for an offensive. An elaborate scheme was setup, with several illegal blood rituals performed, that would protect Harry from the killing curse. It took tireless amounts of work from the scared mother, but when the time came her plan had succeeded.

On Halloween night the Dark Lord strolled into Godrics Hallow, intent on finishing off the chosen one of the prophesy, only to have the curse rebounded by Lily Potter's magic. The public was never given this knowledge and they proclaimed Harry as "The Boy Who Lived."

Lily and James Potter both allowed these rumors to fluctuate, but never gave a definite account of what had actually happened. When Harry had turned ten years old the parents however had sat him down and explained the lengths they took to keep their son safe. At that point Harry had two different mind sets. On one hand he was not this boy who lived rubbish, however he was the chosen one of a horrible prophesy, that could one day lead to his death. However he wasn't without training. Even at ten years old the young man had a thirst for knowledge that could never be satisfied. He grew up with the best of the best teaching him different basic subjects. They had all known the prophesy, and no one wanted Harry to lose this prophesied death match. James Potter even told Harry in times of fear that he would never have to face the Dark Lord alone, that no matter what happened his mom and dad would always be beside him in the fight. This would give Harry the necessary strength to do one last repetition, or one last push for to get a spell correct over the years.

The young man looked himself up and down again, observing his shirtless body. For an eleven year old he was very defined. The semblance of a six pack was clearly starting to form, and he was by no means a scrawny James Potter. He looked like a fair mix of his two parents, but he had seen pictures of his grandfather Charlus, and he looks almost like an exact replica. Both were tall, and Charlus was very muscular in his youth, which Harry seemed to adopt. His jaw bone was rather small, while his cheek bones were sharp, his most notable feature would always be the scar on his forehead that gave the world a constant reminder of just what he had gone through. His green eyes of course were as radiant as his mothers' but he incorrectly believed that someone would recognize his scar before his eyes.

He strolled down the halls of Potter manor trying to make his way to the grounds where he would start his day with a run, however he was immediately intercepted by a tall man with a large white beard, Harry easily recognized the man and gave a large smile, "Good morning Headmaster. Care to join me for a morning run?"

The grandfather like man chuckled at his pupil for a few moments, "No my boy, I dare say that with my old age I would not make it to the fence line before I had some type of heart attack. I was merely here to wish you a happy birthday, and tell you that your day off should start now. Training can resume tomorrow my boy, today you must celebrate with your friends and family. Go back to you room and sleep in. Today is your day Mr. Potter."

Harry looked suspiciously at the old man, "What brings you here this early headmaster? I know mum and dad aren't awake yet, and I don't believe you came here to tell me to lie in. What is really going on?"

The headmaster just merely had a twinkle in his eye, "I take it you don't want to lie in then?"

The young man who was always respectful to his mentor groaned, "Headmaster your avoiding my question! Is everything okay? Did something happened to Moony or Padfoot?"

Dumbledore sighed as he stared at the young man in the eyes with an attempt to breach is occulmency shields, however Harry was having none of it as he brought his barriers straight up to block out the old man, "Very good Harry. Very good. You detected me, and blocked me out in record time. Now as to why I am here, I was just visiting my brother Aberforth down the street, and knew you would be awake at this early hour, so I thought I would be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday, and maybe even deliver this parcel to you."

The young man seemed to stare at the letter that was being held out to him in shock, "Is that what I think it is?"

Dumbledore merely laughed heartily, "I guess you won't know until you take it my boy!"

Reaching out quickly the green eyed boy took the letter with the Hogwarts insignia on it, and tore it open rapidly, reading the Hogwarts acceptance letter. Harry at this point was doing his best from letting out a cheer, but couldn't help himself. Being a considerate person the headmaster had already casted a privacy charm so that way they would not wake up the whole house, "So I guess this makes it official then doesn't it professor. I will be a Hogwarts student in just over a month?"

"Was there ever any doubts Mr. Potter?"

Harry laughed, "Only every other day headmaster. It is simply wonderful to read the letter and make it official."

The aged headmaster patted the young man on the shoulder, "I see some exciting times ahead of you Mr. Potter. Now I may not be up for a run, but perhaps we can engage in another familiar activity?"

Harry brightened up, "How about a duel instead? You are already here headmaster, and I could really use some practice. We can go down to the training grounds and just practice lightly. Please?"

Dumbledore chuckled at how the young man was able to grasp the point of conversation so easily, "I don't suppose I could just convince you to go back and get some more sleep?"

Immediately shaking his head no, the headmaster smiled at the eager young man, "I suppose we could do a small time duel. I would like to see how your chain spells are coming. After all someone has to keep this old wizard in some type of shape. Shall I meet you down there in five? I would like to get some pumpkin juice before we begin."

Harry exclaimed and darted off towards the training grounds, AKA the quittditch pitch. As Harry approached the quittditch pitch he felt something was a little off in the air. Taking note of this infraction he pulled out his wand, which was a gift he had received from the headmaster at age seven. It was basic, eleven inches, Oak, and a hippogriff heartstring. This wand wasn't set to his specific skills, but he was going to get a new wand today, that would be crafted to his liking. The Hippogriff heartstring actually belonged to a hippogriff Harry had met when he was a baby, and died when he was six. The wand was effective, but he one day hoped for one that would be specially fit to his magical core.

The green eyed boy raised his wand with precision as he listened as closely as he could. Then in a tight circle he waved his wand, "Homenum Revalio."

One of Harry's teachers, Mad-Eye Moody, had taught Harry the revealing spell recently, and at first he thought it hadn't worked, but suddenly his wand turned a faint blue, and Harry spun around as he felt a magical presence enter the air, "Expelliarmus!"

The headmaster was then there in all his glory, with no wand in his hand yet, and dodged the curse Harry had thrown. The young man growled, "Perificus Totalus! Stupefy! Immobilize!"

Dumbledore easily weaved through the set of chain curses as he complimented, "Very good Harry, but you are going to have to be much faster than that."

Suddenly Dumbledore started flicking his wand without saying the incantation, however as each spell came towards Harry he darted in between them, only raising a shield when he felt too many coming in to dodge efficiently, "Protego!:

At the desperate cry of Harry's voice a solid blue shield popped up in front of Harry covering him from head to toe. This was enough to surprise the headmaster, so much so that he almost got hit by the young man's curses, "Diffindo! Expulso! Reducto!"

Harry didn't power the spells very much, but he did send them with speed that very few could match. It was told to him that his speed and precision would always be his greatest weapon in a duel. Dumbledore had to beat away the first curse with a wandless type of magic, then apparated out of the way only to appear behind Harry throwing a powerful stunner, which was supposed to end the fight. However the now eleven year old boy was full of surprises as he flung his wand in a short pattern causing the over powered stupefy to stop in its track. Dumbledore who had never seen this type of spell smiled at his pupil, "Well done Harry. Was that the anti-jinx curse your mother was working on?"

The green eyed boy who was taught to never be distracted in a duel merely nodded as he began running towards the headmaster, flinging curses, at a high speed. Now the old headmaster was being forced to block with shields, as the curse number rose and rose, but before Harry could get into a point range blast radius, Dumbledore flicked his wand up, taking the oldest Potter scion straight to the ground hard, and disarming him for good measure.

Dumbledore began clapping slowly, "Your training is progressing very beautifully Mr. Potter. I fear you will be standing up to fourth and fifth years with that speed of a lion you have. Gryffindor will have a very promising young student come September first."

Harry stood up groaning, but still bowed to the headmaster as his opponent had bested him, "Thank you headmaster. My chain work still comes in threes, though I am still working on the five chain with Uncle Remus."

The headmasters eyes were twinkling madly as he put a hand on the young man's shoulders, "I dare say your family will be awaking, and our duel was most refreshing. To see the young take such interest in their studies makes my old heart grow fond of the many great memories. I hope that when you make it to Hogwarts you will continue this training and studies. I believe your parents made it to where you would be most knowledgeable in all your subjects, and remember these last words of wisdom with that thought in mind. A friend in need can sometimes be the best there will be."

The words at the time seemed to go over the young man's head, but in the future, those words would bring great impact to the boys life. As the two walked towards the porch of Potter Manor, which was honestly a modest three story home, that was a stereo typical white picket fence home, with a large patio, and a huge land that was surrounded by wards, they discussed Hogwarts. Dumbledore and Harry had big plans to unite the houses of Hogwarts and change the way people thought. Harry saw Dumbledore as an idealist, however in truth the man was a realist, Harry just didn't realize how far his actions would go as the boy who lived.

When they arrived in through the Kitchen a familiar site and smell came to his senses. There his mom was in her red apron cooking a small breakfast of eggs and bacon, while his dad sat groggily at the table reading the morning addition of the Daily Prophet. The other two additions to the table were his two siblings. The oldest Jack Charlus Potter, and the youngest Rosalie Petunia Potter. Jack was an exact replica of their father James, who was a little skinnier, and had the glasses, while Rosalie looked kind of like his mum and Sirius. Harry always found this odd, but both have sworn up and down that the girl must just have pulled it from her Black roots on James side of the family. Rosalie had the dark red hair, and little freckles on her cheeks, while her body was very skinny and almost frail. Jack was 9, and Rosalie was 8, and this would be the first time in living memory that Harry would be away from his siblings this coming September.

Harry had grown very protective over his two siblings, and even though Jack wanted to train with Harry, he was barely allowed to do that. This left the two to bond over quittditch, and it really had brought the two closer together. Rosalie and Harry had always had the better relationship though. Harry always enjoyed playing the over protective big brother, and Jack didn't like that, while Rosalie found it very amusing. For an eight year old, Rosalie had some very sharp wit that her oldest brother just could never get enough of, they bonded through the little stuff that a lot of people often overlooked, but the family all in all was very close.

The headmaster stood just outside the kitchen with a deep smile on his face, "Ah I smell your mothers cooking Mr. Potter, I regret catching breakfast with the elves, but here is where I will leave you. Go join your family, and enjoy your day. I will be back by tonight with the rest of the party to celebrate your eleventh birthday. Good day Mr. Potter, and remember the heart is always warmest around family."

With those words and a soft pop the headmaster was gone. Harry then strolled through the backdoor leading him straight into the kitchen to be greeted with a warming hug from his mum and a kiss on the cheek, "Morning Harry. Happy birthday. Did you have a nice morning?"

Harry nodded as his dad stood up with a smile bringing him in for a hug as well, "Happy Birthday Harry."

Harry responded, "Yes the headmaster and I were dueling on quittditch pitch. It was nice, and unexpected gift from Professor Dumbledore. My chain spells need work still, and my aggressive strategy. Mum your anti-jinx spell worked perfectly, I almost managed to hit the headmaster with his surprise. I was close twice actually, I brought up the shield Sirius and I have been working on, and I almost hit him there too. Not by skill mind you, but if I ever manage to hit the old man it will have to be by surprise."

James laughed as he fist bumped his son, and Jack gave a tight smile, clearly jealous that his brother was able to practice such advanced magic. Jack and Rosalie both got practice wands at age seven, so sometimes the brothers would trade spells for fun. Of course that was without their parents knowing, as the wards kept the trace off the property. Harry had already taught his brother to cast a weak shield and even a few trick like spells, but he had yet to get off a proper stunner, or blasting curse. Rosalie like their mum was actually rather good at the basic charms. She was able to unlock doors, and even cast a basic levitation charm, which at eight years old is rather impressive. Jack spoke quietly to his brother, "You think we can convince everyone to a pick up game of quittditch after we get your wand? I think everyone will be here around three!"

Harry and Jack instantly started talking about putting together a full quittditch game once everyone had come over, and around that time two men came storming into the room with fireworks erupting around the room, both were yelling, "Happy Birthday Prongslet!"

Harry groaned as Sirius and Remus came into the kitchen. The mayhem didn't last long, as the Potter Matriarch had pulled her wand out so fast striking down all the prank magic, leaving Sirius and Remus looking a little downtrodden. Lily Potter however smirked, "For twenty years I have had to deal with you three idiots casting prank magic, I would think you'll have invented something original that would not be so easily taken down by little ole me."

Harry and Jack greeted the down trodden marauders, "Morning Moony, morning Padfoot."

Harry embraced his godfather and honorary uncle cheerfully, and they took their designated seats at the table, while breakfast was being served by the mother of the house. Rosalie spoke to Sirius excitedly, "Where is Aunty Emma Siri?"

Sirius barely looked up as he began devouring his meal, "She went into work this morning for a little bit, she promised to be in later, but duty calls kiddo."

Emmeline Black nee Vance, was obviously Sirius' wife. Sirius' very pregnant wife, whom was a research unspeakable for the Department of Mysteries. She was also Rosalie's godmother, whom she was very close with. Harry turned to Remus, "Are you two going to Diagon Ally with us?"

Remus smiled at his nephew, "Of course cub. Getting your official wand is big right of passage in our world. We wouldn't miss it for anything."

Grinning, Harry responded, "Speaking of rights of passage in our world, look what the headmaster dropped off to me this morning!"

With a flick of his hand a letter flew to his hand from his coat pocket, producing his Hogwarts letter. This caused the adults at the table to cheer, and even the siblings were super excited for there older brother. Lily who was reading the letter nearing tears smiled at her son, "Looks like Diagon Alley will be a hot spot for us over the next few weeks."

The adults around the table conversed easily, while Jack and Harry spoke of the coming year, "You know your going to write to me all the time right? Its not fair that you and Neville get to go off without me!"

Neville Longbottom was Harry's best friend in the world. The two had been inseparable ever since they were small children, and had trained a lot together growing up. Alice Longbottom, who was Harry's godmother, brought Neville around a lot to give him a more family environment. The family home of Longbottom was rather tarnished after the death of Frank and his mum whom were killed by Bellatrix and the Lestrange brothers. Thankfully Neville had been out of the country with his mother, while Frank had to work back at home. The two Longbottoms didn't go quietly though. The were attacked by a half dozen death eaters and only Bellatrix and Rodolphus walked away from it. Neville was quite proud to be that son, and Harry was proud to have Neville as a friend.

The two friends often talked about what life will be like in Gryffindor, but it honestly never felt real until today. Harry knew that Neville had gotten his letter yesterday from Professor Mccgonagal, and he was so excited he accidentally caused his bedroom curtains to be set on fire.

Responding to his brother he laughed, "Just a year and you will be joining us Jack."

Lily who responded sympathetically winked, "It might be sooner than you think!"

The siblings all stopped and stared at their mother, but she refused to meet any of their eyes, and they dismissed it as there mother being cryptic.

After breakfast was done and the table was cleared, the family was gathering up around the floo preparing to head off to Diagon Ally. It didn't take long to get there through magical transportation, and in order to avoid a media siting they instantly set out for Ollivanders. As the group of seven entered the building Moony stood by the door in order to make sure no members of the media spotted the boy who lived and tried to chase him down for an interview or some other rubbish like that. When Harry made his over to the counter he spotted an old man with the widest eyes he had ever seen. Garrick Ollivander had always reminded Harry of a mad scientist he used to watch in a muggle movie called 'Back to the Future', which amused and creeped Harry out all the time.

Mr. Ollivander took a big smell as if he could smell the magic in the room, "Ah Mr. Potter I was wondering when you would be coming to buy a wand from me. Let me see what I can do for you. Ah Mr. Potter Sr. eleven inches Mahagony, Unicorn hair, I trust that it has served you well? Mrs. Potter, Willow wand, with a Thestral hair?"

Both adults nodded in amazement while Ollivander turned to Sirius and Remus, "Ah Mr. Black, you were using the Oak, with a dragon heartstring. Mr. Lupin, ah yes the Cypress, and Unicorn Hair, very good combination, one of my finer crafts. Now for Mr. Harry Potter, I do believe I have just the wand for you."

After a few minutes of searching around Ollivander brought back seven boxes, as he claimed they were a magical number, and had him try variations of what his family had used in the past, with nothing, but destructive results. After those failures, Ollivander decided that the wand completely and undoubtedly chooses the wizard, and that he was foolish to think one with such potential would just follow in line with his family. James Potter came over and squeezed a stressed Harry's shoulder at one point telling him, "It took Ollivander almost an hour to pair me with my wand, he gave me a combination of every Potter since Gryffindor himself I think. Finally he decided that I was to temporal for the wands he was trying and the very next one worked for me. Just be patient, your wand is like a life long partner, its very important, you understand?"

Harry merely smiled and nodded at his dad while Ollivander stopped and stared, "You have a wand already? Interesting, may I?"

Harry drew the wand speaking carefully, "A gift from Headmaster Dumbledore. He thought it necessary that I begin magical training as early as possible. We never decided if the wand was a good match, but it was a full powered wand. I was also rather attached to Hippogriff that the core comes from, and I have never felt dissatisfaction with the wand."

Ollivander looked it over smiling, "Very interesting. The wand has a master, and I believe that to be you Mr. Potter, however I wonder why it does not work to its optimum ability in your hand, with this being the case...perhaps..."

Before Ollivander could finish that thought he stormed towards the back, while Sirius whistled, "That dude is bat sh-"

Lily cut him off, "PADFOOT!"

Sirius looked guiltily at the ground, "Sorry Lils."

When Ollivander came back he was looking pale as he handed Harry the box. Harry instantly felt something stir inside of him as he opened the box revealing a slim looking wand. When he grabbed it, a powerful surge went through the room blowing out the windows and creating a small little storm of bright red power. James and Lily were both blown back at the force of the blow and Ollivander stared with a tear in his eye, "Forgive me Mr. Potter, it seems I have made a grave error. The wand has connected with you, I wish it could be different, but, The wand chooses the wizard. That much has always been clear to those of us who have studied wand lore. These connections are complex. An initial attraction, and then a mutual quest for experience, the wand learning from the wizard, the wizard from the wand. For better or for worse the wand is now yours. I dare not try to give you another, while that wand remains intact."

Harry asked quietly as his parents and siblings stared at him in awe and worry, "What is so special about this wand Mr. Ollivander?"

Putting a hand on the boys shoulder he spoke gently, "Eleven inches, phoenix feather, Holly wood. It is certainly an unusual combination, but it is powerful, for the only one who wielded it did great things, terrible, but great. The phoenix whose feather created that wand, gave another feather, just one other feather. The one who wields the other wand, gave you that scar."

The room seemed to drop several degree at that, while Lily Potter immediately intervened, "Surely there is another wand that he can try? This is a dangerous connection for my son to have with the Dark Lord."

Ollivander sighed, "We should not fear the dead Mrs. Potter, only respect them, and the things they accomplished. The Dark Lord did great feats of magic with the brother of this wand. I expect great things from Mr. Potter as long as he wields that wand. I fear if he were to try a different one, it would come at a great cost to his magic."

James Potter asked, "What kind of cost?"

"Nothing to severe be assured, but I fear he would never accomplish his optimum potential without this wand at his side." Ollivander spoke cryptically.

Sirius was at Harry's side in an instant, "I support this Harry. Mr. Ollivander is right, and we forge our own paths. This could be a sign, and not necessarily a bad one. Please Mr. Ollivander we will take this one."

The head of the Black family gently patted his Godson on the shoulder as James paid the seven galleons for the wand. As they left Ollivander called out one last time, "Treat your wand well Mr. Potter, is it a partner for life, and it will bring you great power."

With that the family all whisked away out of the ally. No one wanted to be scene just at the moment as the entire group had turned several shades paler. Even as young as Rosalie and Jack were, they understood an omen when one happened right before there very eyes. The question of the matter now was, could Harry carve a different path of redemption from the brother of the wand that killed so many.

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