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The day Maya relapsed started off like a pretty normal day. She woke up at the Matthews place, Riley asked her how she felt, they ate breakfast and went to school. She hadn't exactly quit self-harming, but she tried to stay strong for Riley. Riley is the one who held her together this whole time. She tried to be the strong person Riley saw her to be.

Everything she did, she did it for her. How else could she repay her, for basically taking her in and saving her life? Whenever she felt the urge to cut, she would lock herself in the bathroom. She would scratch her arms, really badly. But it was nothing like cutting. Scratches were nothing compared to the real deal. But it was a quick fix. Her dark red, and purple scars were fading. Now the light pink traces were left from the quick fixes. It never got anything accomplished, there was no proof of her self injury. Which is why she liked it, and well, hated it.

She missed the scars, the cuts. She missed how it burned when water touched it. She missed how the bright red contrast with her skin. She misses pressing the blade against her wrist. She missed it all. She kind of hated herself for it. It was a constant battle with herself. Wondering why she missed something that caused her so much pain.

But she stopped, officially. According to Riley, Maya has been clean for one month. Maya couldn't be more confused. Riley couldn't be more proud.

As the normal routine continued, Maya sat at her usual spot in the classroom. It was the day after Career day and Maya felt sick. She was mixed of relief and sadness when her mother didn't show up yesterday. She's barely seen her mother, since she began staying with the Matthews. Sure, they sent the occasional text messages, and she got phone calls. But her mom didn't know of her cutting, and she never would. Her father, she heard had left. She didn't know how to feel.

The class was about to began and someone opened the door.

Maya's eyes went wide, she couldn't believe it.

There she was, Katy Hart, her mother. A day late.

Maya looked between her mother and her best friend. Katy had introduced herself by doing a scene from one of her auditions. That's when the urges to cut came back. When Farkle and Lucas asked about the waitress outfit, the urge became a burning desire, a necessity.

She needed to cut.

She came outside to escape, but found Riley out of the class, talking to her mom. Trying to fix it. Trying to fix things as she does. But Maya hated to say it, but Maya thinks that Riley met her ultimate challenge. An unfix-able best friend.

She assured Riley and her mother she was okay, before escaping to the art room. She knew it would be empty, this was the art teachers break, she grabbed a pair of scissors, and made her way to the bathroom.

She locked herself into the big stall. She remembered the last time she was here, this is where Riley found out. The memories hit hard, it nearly took her breath away.

She widened the scissors, as she prepared to press them against her wrist. This can't be happening.

Her father left. Her mother came, without any warning.

She couldn't be the strong one, not anymore.

She pressed the sharp edge against her wrist, and dragged it across.

She gasped. It felt, strange. She hadn't done in a while.

Once she started, she wondered why she ever stopped.

It was such a stress reliever. It took away the pain she felt.

She cut, all over. Blood poured out. But she didn't care.

All the progress she made was gone. It was over. She is a cutter now. She started again. Instead of dwelling on the fact, she enjoyed the burning sensation.

She couldn't stop. Two cuts became ten, and ten became twenty.

One was for everything that was wrong with her.

Crimson decorated her wrist, her arm. Maya felt a wave of panic. She never cut this much, not this deep.

Her self hatred only grew stronger, she hated her lack of self control. She hated breaking down. She hated herself for breaking the promise she made to Riley. She hated being such a pathetic daughter to her mom.

She dragged it harder, and her breaths became hard. She gasped her air, as she took rapid breaths. She tried to wash her arm in the sink, but she kept on bleeding.

Riley's words rang in her ear You can die doing this.

Maya felt tears coming, and she wanted to scream for someone to help her. She didn't want to die like this. She grabbed her phone out of her pocket, and speed dialed Riley.

"Maya! Where are you? You're mother went back to work, but everyone else is worried about you" Riley asked frantically,her voice distant on the phone.

"Girls bathroom" Maya replied, voice broken.

"I'm coming Maya, hold on" Riley promised.

"No!" Maya screamed, but it was too late. She hung up. Maya needed Riley's voice, telling her everything as going to be okay.

But all she could do now, was sit in the corner, waiting for her. Maya tried everything, wrapping paper towel her arm. But blood seeped through.

She never hoped for anything. In fear she would be disappointed. But she hoped for something today.

She hoped for one thing, for her to be saved.

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