Author's Note!

I saw this movie in the theaters and thought it was great! Scared me, plus I got to see two cute actors!! Sadly though, my favorite character went, and they didn't even say what happened to him.

I wanted to make a P.O.V. with the character Sam and his last moments before THEY got him and what really happened, as well as some of his past life.

I then downloaded the movie off of KaZaa (:P) and realized that I had a different version of the movie I'd originally seen in theaters. Well, not much difference, because only scanned through a couple parts of the downloaded version and found these and I have yet to see if there's more.

Did I mention spoilers?!

1)It somewhat shows what really happens to Sam. When Julia finds the mark in her head, she goes directly to Sam's apartment and knows something is wrong. But she can't save him because it's too late. He then goes flying through the glass in the elevator and lands onto Julia, who screams! She then sees THEY and screams more, whereas, THEY steals Sam and drags him into the elevator shaft *Cries* And poor Sam/Ethan's face! *Sobs hysterically* He looked dead!!

In my story, I give him a second chance. you'll see, just read.

2)After the subway incident, Julia does end up in a mental institution, but she's been there for seventeen weeks. She's got long hair, and THEY haven't seemed to bug her. But when she talks to the doctors, saying she's fine, she sees THEY in the dark. The doctors do let her go home, but she is paranoid and just like Bobby, has lights everywhere. The movie ends with her looking around with a fully lighted room and the door creaking open.

I didn't like this ending and I liked the one where THEY won! Where THEY caught Julia and ate her.

I just feel bad for Sam! My poor Ethan!!! Waaaa!

3)Julia's name in this movie version is Juliet! Hehe!

Okay okay, on with the story.Enjoy!

"They're after me." "Who?" "THEY." "Why do THEY come for you?" "To eat me." "Does anything keep them away?" "Lights."