The Realization

I awake. I could see, I could smell, and I could hear ten times better than what any human being possibly could. I was powerful, I was indestructible. Nothing could harm me now. I was a god.

Then it hits me.

'NO!' I yell, as I realize what had just happened to me.

I had been killed, but I was now a part of them. I was a demon just like THEY. I look down at myself. My whole buddy had been changed. No not my body, my soul. THEY had eaten my body, and corrupted my soul. So that was they're plan. I knew everything now. I knew why THEY wanted me.

THEY want a child who has seen death. THEY want someone whose mind had been corrupt. THEY come to you and mark you, so later on THEY could claim you as a part of their collection. A part of the demons. 'That was their plan all along,' I say to myself. It was too late for me now. I was dead and gone, now a part of them.

One of the demons brushes past me. I recognize her in an instant. 'Terry!' I had now found out what happened to her, she was a part of them now too. Only she wasn't herself. She had lost all sense of who she was, and I feared that would happen to me next.

A light shines in the distance and it makes me coil back in pain. Now the light had hurt me. 'Great,' I mutter to myself. Some of the demons slither out into it. It was like a portal to them. They had access to any part of the world, if only it were dark. I can't see out into the real world well, but I see a familiar face. 'Julia!' THEY were ready to take her into their world.

'God Dammit!' I yell and slide my way over to the creatures, but Terry holds me back. 'Terry, listen to me. You're not like them. You're human! We're human. We can stop them. We can stop the demons from collecting their souls.'

But it was no use, terry was no more. Pain shot through my head, and my mind was blurry. I was loosing who I once was now. I was becoming a demon, just like them now. 'NO!' I yell once more, as Terry lets me go. I could cry. I didn't want to become a soulless creature like the others.

I watch in a daze, as THEY grab Julia and throw her into our world. I watch as she freaks, knowing where she has ended up. she bangs on the force field and watches helplessly as her lover and doctor confusingly look around the room. It is hopeless now, my mind tells me. soon Julia would be a part of us now. I shake my head in disbelief, as my mind fades to back.

. . . . . .

I smell her flesh. The sweet aroma of her fear fills the dark, musty air of my home. My first meal of my rebirth. Julia, the human. The girl who tried to help us all but failed. only, she didn't fail. She should have never even tried. What I was now, was something I should have truly been from the start. I always had a thing for this Julia and now was the chance for her to become a part of us.

She is scared. I can taste it and I love the feeling, love the flavor of her. I slowly creep up to her, and then I make my move. I lunge out at her and begin to tear away at her flesh. Soon, she will be a part of us, but first, I must enjoy her soft, tender skin beneath my fangs. Not only was she to be, but she would also now be a part of me.

No one can escape us. Those who have been marked will join us. There is no end. We are all powerful and soon those who are corrupted will all be in our clan. It will never stop. We live forever.

. . . . . .