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-Hanji's POV-

Levi seemed to have fallen asleep pretty quickly now, he didn't even seem to feel my fingers pressed against his cheek. I was sure he had to have had a fever or something, because what he'd said about wanting to not hurt me and wanting to be gentle with me was so freakin sweet that I was sure he had to be sick or something, the Levi I knew never really talked about things like that, we weren't in the kind of relationship where he had to! Who was this impostor!?

"Hmm no fever." I pulled my hand away and watched him. His face was stern even in his sleep, he usually looked at least a little more relaxed when he fell asleep, but that might have just been because any other time we shared a bed, we'd blown off some steam first. I tilted my head still watching him, the bags under his eyes really were deep, he must have lost a lot of sleep over this mission and him asking about my family was even more alarming.

"He must really think he's gonna die on this mission..."

I sighed and brushed my hair back with my hand, looking out of he window.

I tried to imagine what it would be like to never see Levi again… What it would be like if he really didn't return and this spot next to me that he was keeping warm, was empty. I couldn't actually picture it, he was the kind of person that a titan could pop in it's mouth and it would probably spit him back out.

"Maybe because he's kinda bitter…" I chuckled to myself, trying to ease my nerves. I may not have thought that he would die, but him doubting himself, that definitely made me a bit nervous.

"Ahh, he's just worrying too much, he'll be fine." I assured myself sinking down into the thin sheets. I didn't move too close to Levi since I didn't want to wake him up, he looked exhausted and I was pretty sure he'd be pissed if all my moving around woke him up… I'd learned that a long time ago. I could still feel the warmth of his body against my back from across the small distance between us and it warded off the cold that had settled in the room since a few weeks ago. I'd been pretty tired since I'd announced to the others that I was pregnant, a week or two ago so that people would stop asking why I wasn't at training, but since then, the others seemed to be hovering around me so much that even in my free time it was hard to rest. I felt a little more at ease with Levi around though, I had to admit, maybe that was the effect of having a close friend around. I smirked to myself as I felt sleep washing over me.

The next morning

Even in my sleep my mind was busy, I dreamed of experiments I should run next usually, but tonight I seemed to be thinking a lot about ways I could help Levi out on this mission he was so worried about, even though I couldn't go. Maybe there was something in the lab I could give him that wold help? At least some of that new ointment I was working on that helped keep out germs should help him a bit… Or maybe I could send Moblit with him! That wasn't a bad idea, Moblit knew enough of my research to be helpful, but Moblit wasn't strong at combat… as long as he was able to stay out of the front lines, he should be okay though… I was sure, Levi would have his back even if he didn't particularly like him.

Knock knock knock!

"What the heck is that sound?" I wondered to myself, still half asleep, starting to turn in the bed, but I couldn't move, I felt a weight over my body… Against my tired eyes wishes, I opened my eyes halfway and realized that at some point through the night, Levi must have wrapped his arms around me, I didn't blame him, my room was freezing as usual, I briefly wondered how the heck I managed to fall asleep when we didn't share a room.

Knock knock knock!

My blood ran cold as I realized the knocking wasn't just a part of my dream, but a real knock at my door! I couldn't be sure who was knocking at my door, since I announced my pregnancy not too long ago, a lot of people had been stopping by frequently, but Erwin still didn't want anyone to know that Levi was the father of the kid just yet. If someone saw this scene right now, there was bound to be a misunderstanding… Well actually it wouldn't be a misunderstanding, but we'd be in trouble!

"Hanji, the doctor Erwin wanted you to see has arrived." It was Mike's voice.

"Levi! Levi wake up!" I whispered in an urgent tone, but he didn't move at all, he was deep asleep. I poked him hard in the chest, "Leviiiii! Wake up, someone's at the door!"

"Mmrrg." Levi grumbled catching my hand in his while he went on sleeping.

"Hanji? Erwin said you have to come now. You awake?" Mike called again.

"Levi!" I hissed trying to get my hand back.

"How can someone have so much grip strength in their sleep?!"

"I guess I should wake her up…" I heard Mike mumble outside of the door and in a panic I did the only thing I could think that would get Levi to wake up at this point: I stuck my finger up his nose.

Two red eyes shot open with a promise of death in them, I could see him opening his mouth to yell, but I quickly withdrew my finger and whispered, "Mike's at the door! He's about to come in!" Even in his groggy state, Levi was sitting up in moments and looking around for a place to hide.

The doorknob jiggled and we both looked at each other in a panic, "Get under the bed!" I whispered hurriedly pointing under my bed.

"Who the hell know's what's under there?!" He whispered back angrily. He had a point, I had a habit of throwing failed experiments under there. The door knob started to turn and in a panic, I threw the covers over Levi's head and leaned on him as casually as possible hoping Mike would mistake him as a pillow.

"What the actual fuck are you doing Hanji?" Levi grumbled, but I dug my elbow in his side as Mike opened the door and he got quiet.

"Hi Mike!" I answered cheerfully, hoping it came out naturally, it was hard to tell if Mike was buying it… it was always hard to read Mike because of his bangs. I could feel Levi squirming a bit under the covers, but I held him down firmly.

There was a brief awkward silence before Mike answered, "Hi…" he stared at me a moment, "Erwin said the doctor he'd requested to take a look at your health is here from the city. The doctor might not have too much time so you should get dressed and hurry over." Mike informed me. I looked down at my clothes now, I was only in a tank top and my underwear, no wonder Mike was looking at me funny! I watched as Mike scratched his nose before turning to leave the room.

"Hah! And here I was worried that Mike was looking at me funny because he'd figured out that Levi was he-"

"Oh." Mike stopped walking and turned back around, "Levi, Erwin wanted to speak with you too, said he wanted to start todays meetings a bit earlier, you should probably head over too."

I let out a sigh, of course Mike knew he was here… I moved my weight off of Levi and he threw the cover's off of his head, giving me a dirty look before turning to Mike.

"Got it, I'll be over." Levi replied cooly.

"Hmm." Mike nodded and turned to leave again… He didn't even seem the slightest bit shocked that Levi was there and Levi didn't seem too concerned either!

"Mike!" I called out scrambling to get to my feet, "You knew? You won't tell anyone about… You know?" I jerked my thumb back at Levi. Mike stared at me a minute like he wasn't sure what my concern was.

"Hmm? I've known for years about you two. You guys always smell like each other, I can't even tell which one of you it is if you enter a room. Why would I say anything now?" He sniffed the air totally expressionless.

"Years you knew?" I stammered.

'Wow and here I thought we were being good at sneaking around…'

"I figured you knew." Levi spoke up, "Erwin just doesn't want anyone to know that Hanji's kid is mine, something about not giving the new recruits ideas." Levi sighed trying to straighten out his bed head. There were little lines in his face from the imprint of the pillow, his eyes still looked heavy and red, his voice was cool, but his face didn't match it for once.

"Really? I thought it was obvious. You guys only really talk with one another in your free time." Mike replied flatly before scratching his beard, "I won't say anything, though."

"Good." I sighed resting my hand on my chest.

"You should hurry. With this mission tomorrow, Erwin's on edge, don't know how patient he's going to be." Mike turned and left.

"Right." I nodded, watching Mike go. I heard Levi yawn behind me and I heard the bed creak, I turned around to see him get to his feet.

"Better get ready." Levi sighed walking towards the door, he stretched as he walked, I watched the way his back muscles rippled as he moved. It crossed my mind that we probably had enough time for a quickie, but I shook the most likely hormone induced thought from my head pretty quickly. Mike just said he'd known about us for years, and it didn't seem like it was his nose that strictly lead him to the conclusion about us, it seemed like it was his eyes too.

"I might be busy for the rest of the day, but if you have a chance, come by my room tonight, I have something I have to give you." Levi called over his shoulder, "And wash your damn hands! You shoved your dirty finger up my nose and it smells like titan ass, what the hell?" He grumbled before slipping out of the door, not even waiting for my answer about his first statement. He knew I'd go, which was probably part of why according to Mike, we were too obvious.

I sighed Levi was kind of my best friend, so of course I liked hanging out with him when I wasn't busy, but if hanging out a lot was going to cause people to get suspicious of just how friendly our relationship was then I was going to have to take drastic measures…. I was going to have to expand my social circle!

-A handful of hours later-

I'd finished my check up and was told I was doing fine and now I was in my lab with Moblit, the doctor named Bruce that Erwin had asked to come see me, and Armin who I'd found in the hallway and dragged here. I was going over some of the latest findings in my research with them. The doctor Erwin called here, as it turned out, had always wished to be a scientist in order to research the titans, but in the end wasn't able to join the Survey Corps because of his poor health, so with Erwin's permission, I'd invited him to see some of my research and share theories. I watched eagerly at his reactions as he gawked at the many drawings and charts that decorated the room. I usually didn't trust strangers in my lab, but something about his busted up glasses, disheveled light brown ponytailed hair and wrinkled and stained clothing struck me as familiar and trustworthy, so I let him in the lab, and I was not regretting it at all.

"This is incredible!" Bruce was yelling, his hands were pressed on either side of his head, his eyes were bugging out behind his glasses, "The mass of the titans?" he spun around from some of my notes and looked at me in open disbelief, "I never even thought about the mass of the titans bodies! You're a genius Hanji!" He smiled a huge smile before turning back to the notes.

"Finally! Someone who understands the lure of good research, maybe this expanding my social circle thing wouldn't be too hard!"

"You should see the stuff on their pain thresholds, it was a difficult experiment, but it certainly paid off." I nodded enthusiastically, pointing out a page, and Bruce's eyes went immediately to where I pointed soaking in the information. From behind me, I could here Armin shifting around as he walked over, peeking shyly over. I concentrated very hard on not making any sudden movements, since this was the first moment my future unknowing successor was acting like a successor on his own and I didn't want to scare him off now, I couldn't afford to get overexcited and have that little blonde coconut roll away in this moment.

"I never knew how intense your research was, Sqaud leader." Armin mumbled as he skimmed over the notes as well, "And… dangerous." he gulped as he seems to notice Moblit's notes that were scribbled on the side of the page, it was basically a count of how many times I'd nearly died that day of the experiment, Armin's eyes went wide as he saw the grand total of 48 for the day and he backed away from the page. I turned and scowled at Moblit who flashed me an awkward smile and waved.

"How many times did I have to tell Moblit not to use his notes to whine to me about my 'well being' and focus on the darn experiments? Now Armin's reading these notes with that terrified expression of his…"

"Well, of course, but I'm sure being on the field is just as dangerous right? If not more so! At least in a controlled environment like an experiment, titans can't jump around or get behind you right? It's straightforward" Bruce pointed out, turning to Armin with a smile, "I'm sure Squad leader Hanji knew what she was doing." he pat my shoulder absentmindedly and I watched Armin's face relax.

"Hah, yeah I suppose you're right." he turned back to the notes and I looked over to the doctor in awe.

'Wow, is that how people would respond to my work if I could manage to keep calm? Maybe I should take a page from this guy's book? Ahh, who am I kidding, I can't keep calm and talk about titans… My head would explode.'

"So you plan to work your whole pregnancy?" Bruce asked peeking up from my notes.

"Well, yeah, I plan to work as long as I can, I still have to take care of the rest of my team." I nodded flipping through some of the pages of my own notes. It wasn't like I didn't know all of this stuff by heart, but I was watching Armin from the side of my eye and figured if I kept flipping the pages he'd see how much interesting stuff really was in my books. It seemed to be working because his eyes wouldn't tear away from the pages and I felt my heart swell with pride in my future apprentice. I heard the door open and shut behind me, but I hadn't bothered turning around to see who it was, if they weren't here to talk about science, who had time for them in this golden moment anyway?

"Ahh, I see, you have such great loyalty to your team." The doctor smiled kindly at me, "It's a good thing too, your child will be very lucky to have a parent like you, someone so attentive. It will be hard for you to do it all alone though won't it?" The doctor frowned deeply and Moblit nearly tripped over himself as he ran to stand between the doctor and myself.

"Oh yes! The team around here wants to help her out, but you know there's only so much we can do for her, and only up to a point." Moblit flashed an exaggerated frown at the doctor, "You know, I'm sure she'd have a much easier time if there was someone to help her more domestically someone tall, friendly and good with children who doesn't have a potty mouth or talk about poop!" Moblit said it pointedly and I kind of picked up that he might have been talking about Levi.

"Pfft." The doctor laughed, "I don't think someone like that is easy to find anyway." he snorted tipping his head back.

"Oh no, no, no!" Moblit waved his hands, flashing a look over his shoulder for a moment, "You see my commander here has a way of finding all sorts of people." he grumbled before turning back to the doctor and patting a hand on his shoulder, "It's really a miracle that she met someone as tall and into science as you!" Moblit added, and the doctor and I both stared at him in confusion.

"Why is that?" I asked blankly.

"Does she need help carrying science supplies? Is that why you're saying this? I don't mind dropping by and helping her every now and then if that's the case." The doctor offered with a shrug. Moblit gave the both of us an exasperated look before a voice behind us cut in.

"Tch, stop trying to hand off your job to others Moblit, you can carry her shit for her just like you've been doing." I spun on my heel and saw Levi leaning against the wall near the door with Eren standing awkwardly next to him.

"Ahh! Levi, I thought you had a meeting, what are you doing here?" I asked going over to him immediately, I could hear Moblit scoff behind me for some reason.

"Eren had some 'issues' with his… talent." Levi suspiciously eyed the doctor behind me, clearly not sure if he could trust Bruce with information about Eren, "Problem didn't last too long, but Erwin thought it would be a good idea if I brought him to see you."

Eren looked over at me with a pitiful, ashamed looking face, "I don't really know why it happened, but luckily we were outside…"

"Ahh, sounds like my cue to leave." I heard Bruce speaking behind me and I spun to face him now, "Seems like it's time for Hanji to do her work, and I have some evening appointments," he smiled warmly as he gathered his things, "I didn't think I'd get so caught up in your lab, I'll be glad to stop by if you need help carrying anything, but in the meantime, I'll take my leave." Bruce winked, his hand resting on the small of my back for a brief moment as he passed me to go through the door and I smiled back with a wave as I watched him go with Mobit escorting him, before turning back to Eren.

"Was anyone hurt?" I asked and Eren shook his head still looking down, "Well then, wouldn't you say that's a good thing? Nothing was destroyed, no one was hurt and you're here now. We'll take care of it, it's probably just a little cut or something." I assured him, absently patting his head before looking around the lab for some of the spare bandages I kept around.

I figured he most likely had a small cut or something and a minor bit of determination on his part triggered the transformation, but I couldn't be sure, but first thing first was to make sure that it really as just a cut. Eren didn't strike me as the kind of person who had it in him to turn against humanity, so believing that it was an accident wasn't too hard, and I could tell by the laid back way Levi was treating Eren that we were pretty much on the same page about that. Even if our higher ups were still worried about Eren's stability, I wasn't too worried about him actually trying to hurt us.

"Oi, stop hanging your head kid, you didn't do it on purpose. Do you really plan to pull a face every time you mess up?" Levi grumbled behind me, slapping his hand down on Eren's shoulder, Eren jumped a bit as he turned to look at Levi.

"No, Sir!" Eren's eyes went wide and he shook his head, "I just want to do whatever it takes to help out and get rid of the titans, no matter what, but I keep messing up." He frowned, clearly upset about it all.

"Tch! If that's what you plan to do, then stop whining and do it, you think getting upset about messing up every time is going to help you get any further? It's not. Even if everyone around you stops believing in you it doesn't mean that you should give up on yourself." Levi frowned, "Now let me see your damn hand, I noticed it earlier, the cut on your finger, looked like a paper cut, must've been what triggered the change."

"Ahh, is that it? Let me see." I picked up Eren's hand and located the cut before sticking on a bandage. I frowned, thinking of the way people not only reacted to the Scouting Legion in general, but how they responded to Eren even though he was doing his best to help humanity. He was just a kid, like a lot of the kids here, he didn't have a family to depend on anymore, and being treated like a freak by society must not have helped the situation too much either, especially not for someone as empathetic as Eren was.

"Be more careful about these things, with Erwin starting to trust you more, he might try and put you in more public situations to make people trust you more. If you transform in public, myself and the rest of us might not be able to calm the people in town and it could get bad, especially if you lose control. I don't actually want to be the one to take you down if something like that happens." I nodded as Levi spoke, it seemed like he felt the same way I felt about this situation with Eren. He wasn't a bad kid, just a bit unfortunate with his luck.

"Thanks, Dad." Eren muttered to himself, looking more relaxed for a fraction of a second before his eyes went wide as what he said sunk in. I looked over to Levi who looked a bit surprised himself, "I said sir! Thanks Sir!" Eren blurted, jumping into a salute.

"At ease." I laughed staring at Levi's deeply scowling face, knowing very well that the reason he hadn't said anything yet was because he was way more shocked than he looked. Armin came over to seemingly intervene for his friend.

"I-it sounded like he said 'sir' to me too!" Armin stepped between Levi and Eren protectively, with a desperate look on his face as Levi went on staring at Eren. Even though Eren looked like he was about to lay a brown egg in his pants, he still managed to flash Armin a grateful look. With my favorite little titan boy and my future apprentice lives on the line, I figured I would have to step in now, Levi'd been quiet too long and I could tell it was scaring them.

"Ne, Levi, it sounded he said, 'Sir' to me too, so since he's feeling better now and since Armin is already here, I think it's fine to just let them go now. They're going on tomorrow's mission with you too right? They need to get some rest, so we should send them off to their room now." I smiled walking to stand next to Levi and lean on his shoulder. He seemed to snap out of his little daze.

"Ah, yeah, you're right, you two should go rest. I won't go this easy on you if you mess up tomorrow though." Levi scowled and Eren and Armin both turned to look at me with a smile.

"Thank you squad leader! Lance Corporal!" Armin bowed to each of us respectively and Eren did the same.

"Yes thank you, I'll be sure to rest just like you said Mom!… I mean squad leader!" I could see Eren's face go as green as his eyes as he realized his second slip up of the day. This time even Armin looked a little annoyed as he scowled at Eren.

"We'll be going then!" Armin blurted, grabbing Eren's arm before Levi or I could say anything. We watched as Armin dragged Eren out of the lab, but we could still hear them on the other side of the door as Armin questioned Eren.

"Eren! Why did you call them that?" Armin was asking sounding genuinely concerned.

"I-I don't know, I guess I was just thinking about my mom and dad a lot lately and they were being nice to me and I guess I just got confused… They… just kind of give off a parental feeling to me lately I guess, they've been helping me from the start, and they don't treat me weird like most of the others… I guess it's stupid." I could hear Eren mumbling, the sound of his voice getting lighter as he and Armin walked out of hearing range. I was pretty sure Levi heard what Eren had just said just as well as I had, since we both stood there in silence a long moment after Armin and Eren could no longer be heard.

"Damn brat, how can he just call people his parents…?" Levi mumbled next to me staring hard at the door.

"Hmm, well I guess it's natural, maybe the kids around here feel that way, maybe they can pick up that we're having a kid!" I clapped my hands together at the idea, to wasn't too far fetched, "Ahh…" I settled down staring at the door that Eren and Armin had walked out of along with Levi now, "I would hate for our kid to end up in that situation." I sighed leaning back against my lab desk.

"Might happen though." Levi muttered folding his arms across his chest, "That's why I came here. I told you I had something I wanted to give you earlier. You have time to come get it now?" he asked flatly. I looked around my lab, there wasn't much I could do without any new titans around, Moblit wasn't here right now since he'd gone to see the doctor out, so.

"Yes, I have a bit of time."

Fifteen minutes later

"Ne Levi, if you wanted to sleep with me, you could have just said so." I smirked kicking my feet off he side of his bed.

Levi rolled his eyes as he went on riffling through his dresser, "You need a hobby."

"Well I already have a few, there's you and I also collect titan hai-"

"Don't even tell me about that nasty ass hobby." He growled before shutting his dresser and turning back to me and grabbing my hand, "Here." he slapped a cold piece of metal into my hand and I looked down at it.

"What's this?" I asked looking down into my palm. It was a small silver key.

"In my closet, there's a box. If I don't come back from tomorrow's mission, take this key and open that box, you can keep whatever's in there." He spoke calmly, "There's some money, that should help with the kid for a bit. There's some tea too, it's expensive shit, so you better not waste it." he scowled with a waring tone.

"Ugh, Levi, I think we both know you're not going to die tomorrow." I rolled my eyes tossing my head back in frustration.

"Armin and Eren are on my team tomorrow, they're the most experienced members I can take with me tomorrow since Erwin has Mikasa helping him with some other mission that Mike's going on tomorrow." Levi scoffed, "Eren can't even seem to remember who his parents are and I'm supposed to trust him with my life? I'll make sure the others get back fine, but it might cost my life."

I frowned as I looked at him. Eren and Armin were slightly above average soldiers, Armin was better mentally than physically though, so he'd be good at planning, but if they really were the strongest and most experienced members Levi was bringing, then I could see why he was so worried he might not come back alive. I took a good look at his face, he looked like he was better rested than the night before, but he still looked tense… Hmm, fine, well if he wasn't going to be confident that he would make it back alive, I'd have to give him a reason to come back.

"Levi." I sighed, wrapping my leg around his. He quirked a brow at me, but he didn't move away as I pulled him closer by the legs.

"What, Four Eyes?" he questioned, standing right at the edge of the bed in front of me now.

"You're talking so much about if you die tomorrow, I mean I know there's a chance it could happen as well as you do, but stressing over it isn't going to help any right? If you go out there too ridged, that's not good either." I slipped my glasses off and placed them on his bedside table and he seemed to catch onto my drift. He leaned down and placed a hand on either side of me on the bed.

"Now?" He asked quirking a brow.

"Ahh! Yes, I didn't even have to persuade him!"

"Right now." I smirked grabbing him by the shoulders and pulling him down on the bed next to me. He didn't even bother acting like he didn't want to, one of the things I liked about him, he was always straightforward, even if he messed up in his delivery.

We'd pretty much become experts at taking each others 3DM gear off, I could do it in my sleep at this point, so it didn't take too long before those were scattered on the floor, and then came the real fun part. Levi's hand teased at my skin while he worked off the buttons of my shirt, his free hand worked the button of my pants, his fingers cleverly brushing over what ever bare skin they could find while he did so. I always tried to be half as smooth as he was, but my hands were never as agile as his were and I usually ended up getting overexcited and yanking his buttons undone too impatient to wait, today was really no different, that was until the clothes came off. Usually we were like an explosion, we went fast and hard and collapsed next to each other after a few rounds, but today was a little different.

Levi was moving slower, he pinned me down to the bed straddling me, his lips buried themselves in the side of my neck, the warmth of his breath in contrast to the cold of the room made my brain turn to putty. His lips moved lower and lower, scraping over the skin of my chest and I felt my breath catch as my hands worked their way up and down his back. His hand rested on the small of my back, while I moved a hand run down his front side. He sucked at my collarbone and I let out a yip out of sheer shock.

"Oh geez, he's never like this! What's up with hi-"

I felt him slip in and my thoughts slipped clean out of my mind. He moved slow, at first, driving me crazy as I waited for him to set a pace. It didn't take him long to do so, I tried to keep it down since I couldn't remember if we'd locked the door or not, but a moan still escaped me and the sound filled the room, but I didn't care right now. This pace might not have been the fast hard pace I was used to, but this angle he'd managed to get himself in was driving me nuts, my jaw fell slack and I couldn't even think straight enough to ask him to go faster.

"Hn.. Faster, right…?" he mumbled into my skin after a while as if he could read my mind, the pace got faster, his voice vibrating against my skin sent a shiver up my spine. Without thinking, I grabbed his shoulders and flipped him over so that I was on top, his hands settled on my hips and my eyes squeezed shut, sure I was about to lose it. I heard myself mumbling his name as I ground down into him.

"Hanji," he grunted, gripping my hips tighter. My eyes flashed open a moment and met his, there was a gentle, but very intense look on his face. I'd never seen him look at me like that before, I don't know what it was about that look but it drove me over the edge.

"Ffff!" I hissed some words incoherently as he bucked up I couldn't even remember what the words were, I could have said anything in that moment, but I was so caught up I couldn't even remember. He hissed out a breath of his own through clenched teeth as he rolled his hips again and it sent us both over the edge. I rolled off to the side and laid on my back taking a moment to catch my breath.

"Whoa…" I panted, "That was different." I smirked looking over at him. I liked it, he was staring up at the ceiling with a little smirk on his face too.

"Mission to make Levi relaxed; Accomplished!" I mentally pat myself on the back before I started to slip on my clothes and get ready for dinner before Erwin came looking for us and found us tangled up like this… We'd had a few close calls with being caught before, specifically that one time in the library… Oh wait no, the time in the supply closet was a closer call… Wait no! It was that time in the meeting room! Ah, either way, we'd almost been caught plenty times, actually getting caught now would be an amateur move on our part.

"I'm gonna go shower and get ready for dinner." I hummed prancing off to the bathroom, feeling a lot more relaxed already.

"I'll join you." His arm slipped over my waist as he led me to the bathroom, his fingers landed lightly on the bump in my stomach and I smiled a bit, glad that he wasn't avoiding the kid so much.

"Hmm? What's up with this little shorty? Why is he being so touchy? I mean it's not bad actually… It's kind of nice, though,I won't question it."

"That guy from before. With the ponytail, he's your doctor right? He's helping with the kid?" Levi asked lightly and I stared at him in confusion.

"Bruce? Yeah, he's helping. Nice guy, likes titans, way nicer than that first doctor we went to." I chuckled, looking over at Levi expecting him to agree with me, but he kept staring straight ahead as we walked for the bathroom.

"He's interested in you." Levi said flatly. I stopped walking and looked over at him totally confused.


"He works with kids a lot right? He'd probably be a better person to help you with the kid than me, so if I don't come back-" Levi started, his grey eyes finally landing on me and I scoffed… Was he telling me to date the doctor? Why should I do that?! Levi and I weren't even dating, but even if Levi died, I didn't want to do that!

"Hey, am I so useless that I need someone to help me raise our kid if you're gone!?" I demanded, slapping his hand off of me. He rubbed his forehead looking distressed, but I was too pissed for it to fully register.

"You're not, but… It would be hard on you, you shouldn't have to raise the kid alone." He sighed, closing his eyes for a moment.

"So what?! I have the rest of the team to help me out and anything else I could do alone!" I huffed staring down at him.

"Hanji, I can't promise you that I'll make it back to help you raise this kid and the kid should have a real family right? You think having a bunch of Survey Corp members is good when we're constantly biting the dust out there? That Brick or Bryce, whatever the hell his name was, he likes the same shit you do, he has a stable job and a stable life. I might not know a lot of shit, but I know when a man is interested in a woman at least, and that doctor likes you!" Levi boomed suddenly, "He's a better damn match for you than me! Most likely a better person too! If you depend on someone like that, you'll be fine!" He yelled looking like he really needed to get this point across. The lightheaded bliss I'd felt with him moments ago was gone, and I was too angry to even look at him now. I really thought the other day I'd gotten through to him about the kid, but it felt like this was just him backing out to me right now.

"Levi, forget it…" I hissed coldly under my breath, "If you don't want to be around for this kid so badly that you're already pushing me off to this doctor when you're not even sure that you're going to die, than just forget it…" my hands balled into fists, "Forget me, forget the kid, I told you several times I was prepared to do this alone, and now, I think I will." I snapped coldly before turning and heading back to the door. I could shower in my room, I didn't need his room, I didn't need him either especially if he was going to act like this. I could hear Levi calling me as I stormed out of the room, but I ignored it as I slammed the door behind me.

It should't have mattered to me so much if Levi thought I should date someone else… I knew that, in the back of my mind I was telling myself that Levi was just trying to be a good friend and match me up with someone who was similar to me, but it pissed me off so much I couldn't even think straight and I didn't even know why it made me so mad.

"Shit!" I cursed slamming my hand into the wall next to me. My hand stung and it the pain brought me back to reality… "I need to go eat something." I grumbled. I didn't have an appetite, I didn't want to eat anything, but for the sake of our… no my kid I would. I didn't need Levi, or the doctor, or anyone else for that matter. I could do this on my own… Right?

Oh no… Levihan argument, sorry the chapter is so long :o