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Chapter 1


"I can't do this anymore, Sir," the Irina said adjusting her robe. I could barely hear her over the screaming of my son, Charles.

She'd only been his nanny for three days as he wasn't even a week old. He had colic like no baby I'd ever heard of and he couldn't seem to keep any formula down. He woke every hour screaming with hunger pains, yet when he was fed, it would all just come back up again. I'd tried four types of formula in the past six days. He drank part of the bottle down and fell asleep without any coming back up. Looking at the bottle I saw he'd consumed less than an ounce, but he was asleep. I laid him in his bassinet and hung my head in defeat.

I'd wanted a child so bad, and despite it being an unplanned pregnancy, I was thrilled when I found out I was having a son. Now here I was, watching him waste away before my eyes. The doctor had called it "failure to thrive." He'd weighted barely seven pounds at birth and now he was moving dangerously close to six. The doctor had informed me today that he wanted to see me in a week, if not sooner. He wanted to hospitalize Charles if he fell below five pounds. He'd also suggested that Tanya, his mother consider breast feeding him. I'd approached her with the topic only to have her shoot it down before it was even out of my mouth.

"Are you kidding me?" she laughed. "It took me four days to get that shit to stop leaking from them. No fucking way I'm starting that again. First I let that kid destroy my abs and now you want him to wreck my tits?"

"I bought those tits," I yelled back in anger.

"Oh, I think I've quite paid you back for them. As if carrying that child for nine months wasn't enough, you've gotten plenty of enjoyment from them as well as the other things I let you do to my body."

"Let me? And he's our son."

She just rolled her eyes. "Look. I told you I wasn't mother material. It's so stressful here. I'm going to go on a trip to just relax and recover from birth. There is a spa that will help me get back in shape."

Tanya had always been concerned about her appearance, which was something I'd appreciated when we'd first met. To say that she was beautiful was an understatement. She'd been a swimsuit and lingerie model for years and even pregnant she'd done her fair share, but no matter how amazing everyone said she looked, all she saw through the pregnancy was how distorted her body had become.

I thought she'd become even better looking. When modeling, she'd been underweight, but the baby gave her some curves that made her sexy as hell. I listened to her complain daily, but I took it all, just grateful I'd talked her into carrying the child, saying how good it would be for her career.

It really had boosted her career actually, though I'd been making it up when I'd initially said it. I'd have done anything to save my baby from the fate she had planned. True, had the condom not broken, there would have been no child, but it did break, and I wasn't willing to just throw away that gift.

The world thought we were sweethearts, that she was my soulmate. We were engaged, part of a publicity stunt her publicist had arranged. I'd gone along with it, partially to appease her while she was pregnant, and partially because I hoped it would change her mind about being a wife and mother.

It really didn't seem to matter. She'd given birth, drugged to high heaven, then just when our son needed her the most, she planned to get away. I'd have argued with her to stay, but her being gone for a few days really would make things easier.

Things were anything but easy, but at least I didn't have her to deal with. My sister, Esme, would be here tomorrow and I knew she would help out. She and I were both actors who had done relatively well for ourselves, but she was just as down to earth as I was. Well as down to earth as you could be living in Beverly Hills in a mansion with a plastic wife and nanny who was going to quit in the morning.

I knew I needed to get some rest as Charles would be up in an hour or two. I barely made it to bed before I fell asleep.

"Oh Edward," Esme cooed. "He is adorable. Aren't you Charles? Aren't you?"

It was one of the first times I'd seen him awake and not crying. His blue eyes sparkling as he looked around.

"He's so tiny though," she added. "He's still not eating?"

"No. He can't keep anything down." As if he knew we were talking about food, he turned his head and began to suck on Esme's blouse.

She laughed. "Oh, you're not going to find any milk there. Those dried up years ago."

Esme had two very sweet daughters, Chloe and Faith. They were eight and ten and long done nursing. I went to go prepare his formula. It was the same one I'd used last night, and since he had kept most of it down, I was hopeful that this one was the one.

Esme happily gave him the bottle, which he gulped down, though not even five minutes later it all came back up, and all over Esme.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry," I said, handing her a rag.

She laughed. "It's not the first time that's happened." Then her face got serious as she held my crying son in her arms. "Does this happen every time?"

I nodded looking at his tiny body. "Most of the time. Last night it didn't, and I thought maybe this formula was the one."

"Why doesn't Tanya nurse him?"

I looked at her and didn't even have to answer.

"I wish I could nurse you," she said, bouncing him slightly causing him to calm down. When he'd stopped crying she looked up at me. "You know, you can buy breast milk."

I looked at her in shock. I had no idea that breast milk was for sale.

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