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Timeframe: A couple of month after Freak Nation. Logan can of course walk (still) and the virus is finally gone. Max and Logan are a couple J .

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Chapter 1: The hormone-loaded-soldier-club

Terminal City Headquarters:

(close to midnight)

"What do you mean. Girls? What girls?" Max asked in confusion.

"Well what do you think Max?" Alec replied with a grin on his face. "We're stuck in this fucking city like prisoners. No, on second thought, prisoners do get a little action now and then. We're guys Max. We need to work off a little tension once in a while." Alec finished looking around at the other guys who stood there nodding. Most of them though kept their eyes on the floor, embarrassed a little to ask Max for such a thing. But after all. She was the unofficial leader of Terminal City. She always knew what to do and with hers and Logans connections she always got things done. But this time she really wasn't sure what to do.

"So you're asking me to ship some hookers through the sewers so you guys can work off some tension?" she asked in disbelief, her voice raised and her head shaking. "How about you work off that tension by helping clean this dump up and make this place bearable to live in?"

"Easy for you to say Max", Alec spat, "You have your loverboy here in Terminal City. Always available – at your service."

Max was abut to reply but was silenced by Jesse – an older X5. "He's right Max. You have Logan around. We don't have anybody. For god's sake Max. If you haven't noticed, most of us are blood relatives and those who aren't are really not the kind of species I'd like to jump at – no offence Mole." He glanced from Max to Mole to make sure He'd stay unharmed in this discussion.

Max took a deep breath and exhaled loudly. She had no idea how to handle this. "Look guys. I have no clue what you want me to say or do. And I don't even pretend to know what and how you feel, but..." she stopped her speech after hearing Alec murmur something and the guys standing next to him agreeing quickly. She took another deep breath and rolled her eyes. "Okay. Let's get one thing straight here. This has nothing to do with me and Logan or the fact that he's staying here. You know we need him around here." At that she heard another round of "right", "Oh, yeah" and "whatever you have to tell yourself" from the guys in front of her.

"Cut that crap. It isn't all abut sex. We're in the middle of a fight here. We're imprisoned in this city. We can't get out. Everyday we have to fear they stop waiting and start attacking. We have a hell of a lot of problems here that need our attention. We're closer to being hunted and slayed down than to ever get outta here alive. This is serious. And you have nothing else in mind than to get laid. This is a war." Max ended her monologue – all out of words. She didn't know what else to say. She just hoped she convinced them.

"This might be a war Max", Jesse interrupted the silence, "but we are not fighting. We are soldiers but all we do is sit around, observe the situation, talk about plans, carrying supplies from on end of Terminal City to the other one or strolling around the sewers. We need some action Max. Now."

"Fine. Do what you need to do. I really don't want to know. I'm sure you can take care of yourself. Ahm, no. I mean. What I meant to say was that I think you can arrange things yourself. Just don't get yourselves in any trouble. And you gonna be in a world of hurt if you get anybody else in this city into trouble. Are we clear?" Max asked defeated. She knew there was nothing she could do or say to change their minds. But she was not going to play the pimp for them either. She turned around and left the room not wanting to hear anymore of male needs or it's being in their nature and they couldn't help it.

After she left the guys gathered some chairs and some beers and sat down to create a plan to get themselves some action.


Max walked along the dark and dirty streets of Terminal City that lead from the Headquarters to the barracks where they all lived. She breathed in the cold and crisp air and enjoyed the silence. This was one of the things she lived for now. A little peace. Some time for herself when she didn't need to make decisions. Some time when she didn't need to function, didn't need to be strong and have the answers for everything. She stood and looked up into the sky. There were no stars, just dark clouds. She closed her eyes for a second and inhaled deeply, trying to get rid of that tension. God, how she just missed her old life.

She would just jump her baby and ride it all night. (AN: we're talking about her motorcycle her.) She opened her eyes again and kept walking towards the barrack to get some rest. She thought about going to her crib and just bunk down and sleep a little. She wasn't sure if she should go to Logan's place. She wasn't sure she could stand to see another one of the male gender tonight, the memories of her little discussion with the hormone-loaded-soldier-club a little while ago still ringing in her ears.

As she reached her door she smiled to herself, shook her head and made her way to Logans place. //I need to convince myself that there are decent guys out there who have other things in their head besides sex. Or at least one decent guy. Mine.// she thought smiling while knocking lightly at Logans door.

"It's open", Logan yelled from the inside. She opened the door and saw him sitting on his makeshift desk working on his laptop. She stepped in, closed the door and locked it behind her. Then she walked over to him and placed a little kiss on his cheek before falling backwards on his bed letting out a sigh of both defeat and relief.

"A hard day at work, hun?" Logan asked shutting down his computer and turning around to look at her. She lay on his bed with closed eyes looking tired and spent.

"You could say that", she answered absentmindedly, still not able to get the sex discussion out of her head. Were they right? Didn't she understand them because she had Logan? True. She and Logan had been quite "busy" since the virus was gone. But if the virus were still there she wouldn't be climbing the walls in need for sex either. Maybe it really is a guy-thing.

Logan watched her, waiting for her to tell him what was on her mind. As she didn't seem to start talking anytime soon he got up from his chair and lay down next to her on the bed. He reached over to her and put his hand on her flat stomach just as she opened her eyes and surprised him by saying: "What is it with you guy and sex anyways?"

Logan pulled his hand back immediately. "Sorry Max. I didn't mean to. I mean this wasn't about sex. Really."

Max looked up at Logan who sat up next to her holding his hands up like in surrender. Seeing the shocked expression on his face made Max laugh. The look of shock on his face turned into irritation which made Max laugh even harder. He was just so cute. Always thinking it's his fault when something is wrong with me. She stopped laughing and reached out and took his hand and put it back on her stomach, gently stroking his hand. Now he looked helpless – completely lost. Max smiled – completely convinced that there are decent guys out there – at least she had one. Realizing that she fell in love with him all over again she tucked on his shirt, wanting him to lay down next to her.

He complied still unsure what was going on. Max rolled to her side and placed her head on his shoulder, swung her arm around his chest and her leg over his right thigh. She gently stroke his chest feeling his arms wrap around her waist. Then she figured she owed him an explanation. "Sorry sweetie. I didn't mean you. It's just that I had a very disturbing discussion with Alec and some other X's and a few nomlies." Max explained watching her own hand move over his muscular chest.

"A discussion about sex?" Logan carefully asked.

"Yeah. Looks like my fellow transgenic brothers are in desperate need of some kind of physical action than just fighting."

"Oh", Logan responded after realizing what she talked about and now understanding her comment from earlier. It really wasn't about him wanting sex from her. It was about her brothers wanted sex.

"Yeah, Oh. One would think a grown up human, well, mostly human being can survive 3 month without getting it on – but oh was I wrong. They honestly wanted me to get them some girls. God, sometimes I just hate that job", Max said kicking off her boots and cuddled even closer while slipping her hand under his shirt to feel his soft and warm skin.

Logan chuckled lightly: "Said she who is currently seducing her boyfriend." That remark earned him a little kick from Max. "Sorry Max. But seriously: what are you going to do about that?"

"Do? What can I do? I'm doing nothing. I told them to handle that themselves. I'm not a pimp." She said getting angry again. Logan kissed the top of her head and gently stroke her back.

"Hey, no problem then. Relax. If you want me to I'll keep an eye on them so they don't fuck this up", he said laughing at his own joke.

"Fuck this up, huh?", Max said smiling. "Let's hope they do so we can go back to normal." She closed her eyes again feeling thoroughly relaxed in his arms. They lay like that for a few minutes – totally content to just be together before they almost simultaneously had to yawn. They reluctantly untangled to rid themselves of their cloth, turn off the light and snuggle under the covers. His mouth found hers in the dark and they kissed gently. Even though her body felt so deliciously inviting pressed naked against his, he decided that being a guy tonight might not be the smartest thing to do. So his kissed her forehead and they said good night.

She felt his increased heartbeat and knew he was holding himself back. She smiled against his chest and cuddled closer. But she was grateful. She was tired and needed some sleep badly. And it was nice to know that they were more than just about sex. Way more. Max thought while drifting off in a peaceful sleep where everything was better and she and Logan could live a normal life in this broken and fucked up world.

End of Chapter 1

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