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It was a normal day on the sunny

"luffy come her now" yelled nami

"what is all the noise" complained zoro

"theres a ship headed this way" nami replied as she pointed at said ship

"hey guys whats up" said lufffy

"a ship luffy" pointed zoro

luffy froze he knew that ship how could he not " let them on when they get closer" luffy order nami

"o-okay" replied nami a little confused

luffy walked away towards the kitchen

"what was that about" commented nami

"is that a ship" asked robin

"yes though im not sure whos" relied nami

(time skip 30 mins)

"hello anyone here id like to ask to get on" called a voice

"yes who are you" asked franky

"my name is marco id like permission to board and speak with your captain" replied marco

"oh your finally her our captain said to let you on LUFFY COME HERE" screamed nami

there were running foot steps then a out of breath luffy appeared

"i thought it would be you or scissor guy" replied luffy

"hi kid mind if we talk i need to give you somthing it will only take a minute" asked marco

"sure this way" said luffy as he led them to the crows nest

the crew had never seen luffy so subdued or knew who that was.

"who is he" asked ussop

"i dont know" replied nami

"whitebeard" whispered robin

"what" everyone asked

"hes part of whitebeards crew the one luffys brother ace was on" robin replied sadly


(back to luffy and marco)

"hey kid i just need to give you something here" says marco handing luffy a piece of paper

" it was um from ace i need to head back im sorry bye" stuttered marco as he fled

'from ace, ace wrote a letter' thought luffy as he opened it and read

Dear Luffy haha that sounds kinda stupid huh

Anyways ,hey i know this is weird getting a letter from me (though i doubt you will ever have to read this in the near future)

If you are reading this I'm probably gone i wrote this awhile ago from when you read this at least i assume

I gave Marco this letter just incase i ...

Anyways onto the real reason I'm writing

Thank you Luffy ,for everything you are my stupid idiotic annoying crazy

but precious little brother and i couldn't ask for more

Sabo would be proud ,I AM proud

I don't know how i will die

or even if you will ever read this but if you do

I want you to know i love you kid

I'm thankful you never gave up trying to be my friend

Whitebeard and everyone have become my adoptive family but you and Sabo

and everyone will always be my first family

I honestly don't know what else to write except if i die

or when i die

Dont ever forget

I love you

Sabo loves you

so many people love you

and you have an amazing crew who will follow and support you

so never give up

never ever think you are alone

i love you little brother

see you next time

please live life with no regrets

- Ace D. Portagus

luffy was crying by the end of the letter 'ace' he thought

"ace...Ace...ACE" he wailed while clutching the letter like a life line

'ace i promise i will live for tommrow and with no regret good bye big brother' thought luffy as he wiped his eyes and stared out toward the see with a new determined look.

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