DEAR SANTA, LOVE ANYA - Summary: Anya sends Santa her Christmas list. (Season 7) PG13 - Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters mentioned in this story. (Wish I did, but I don't.)

Dear Santa, Love Anya:

All I Want for Christmas

By Teri

December 2002

Dear Santa:

I have been a good girl this year. I made a few mistakes, but I managed to fix the bad ones. This is my favorite holiday, a celebration of capitalism.

There are of course many things I want for Christmas this year. You will find an itemized list indexed by inventory value and resale-ability attached to this note. All items should be brand new, mint condition. Nothing second hand. Make sure to get the brand names.

I have a few additional, special requests that I hope you can help me out with.

I like Spike. Make him stop being crazy. Make him fun again. Still our friend, but fun. He hasn't been that this season.

Dawn needs to stop being a brat. Granted I wish things were easier for her but she has a lot of people who care for her. So help her to see it and . . . stop her from being a brat.

Willow is scary. I miss the old Willow. I wish Willow was Willow-like again. Maybe if Oz came back, she would be Willow again? Bring Oz back to Sunnydale. I miss Tara too. She was nice. Can she come home? The three of them would be cute together, I bet . . . oh, not the right time. See I am learning.

If I am asking for people, can you send Joyce back? I liked Joyce.

Buffy needs a life. She's to 'let's go slay' (or 'I have to kill Anya'). It's not healthy (for either of us). She needs a man. Not Angel. Not Riley. Definitely not Xander! She needs another hero. Is Dick Grayson available?

Giles needs to come home. He can't have the Magic Box, but he can come home. Oh, why you are at it get him a girl. He needs one. Maybe Buffy? I like that idea. He's got the experience; she's got the stamina. It could work.

I want Hallie to know I miss her and I am sorry. I want her to come back too. Can you do that?

What I really want most is for my friends (sounds nice doesn't it? my friends) is for them to be happy. For me, I want a very special gift under my tree; Xander wrapped up in a smile and a big red bow. I still love him, guess I always will.

Thanks your friend,


PS Don't worry I won't tell the slayer you're a demon. . . if I get all my presents.

* * * * *

The PS is my favorite part. Hope someone likes this. Let me know.

Teri ( 12/01/02