Ok, I was in a H/Hr mood, so there you go. Usually it's R/Hr but I don't feel like writing that today. *takes one look at
R/Hr mob and runs away*

Disclaimer: Not mine. Wish it were.


Best friends.

It's tricky. You toe the line every day, starting rumours and then snuffing them out.

Nobody cared in first or second year, or even third year. But fourth year rolls around, complete with Yule Ball, and suddenly
having a female best friend was kind of a pain in the neck. It didn't even occur to either Ron or me that we could go with
Hermione to the ball, and look where we ended up for it.

Ron doesn't care, he's perfectly happy fighting with her. Their banter is constant background noise, and it's a symbol of
how much they like each other as friends. But me, I hardly ever argue with 'Mione.

She was the only one who stuck with me during fourth year, when everyone was convinced I'd given the Goblet the slip and put
my name in for the Triwizard Tournament. Everybody saw us walking around the lake or in the library and assumed we were

It's complicated.

Why can't she date Ron or something? Why can't she have other girl friends? No, that's not fair. I just need something to
take my mind off the fact that we're hardly ever apart, and yet I have to go looking for girls.

Being Harry Potter helps a bit. Ron used to joke that even the Slytherin girls would probably be throwing themselves at my
feet, if it weren't for Snape and Malfoy's dad. (Ew - that thing has parents. It's scary to imagine.) Besides, Malfoy has
plenty of admirers, God only knows why, so imagine what it's like for me.

Hermione's pretty much the only girl that I can talk to without all that tension. (Parvati still won't speak to me, so she
doesn't count.) But I wonder if she's covering something up. I'm fifteen years old, for God's sake. She's fifteen. Sooner or
later you get tension whether you like it or not.

I wish we weren't friends. It'd be a lot simpler. I could just ask her out and be done with it. "Hello, Hermione, you look
nice tonight, want to go up to the Astronomy Tower and do some stargazing?" But no, with us it's "Hello, Hermione, you look
tired, have you been in the library all this time? I need some help with my Potions homework, what do you add to a Confusing
Concotion to get it to thicken?"

For now, that's all there is for us.

We're just best friends.