The sun was about to set. The people of Ninjago city were heading back to their homes from late shifts at work, or starting them. A certain ship had stood within the center of Ninjago city were a great battle of good and evil had taken place, with good conquering the evil of the Overlord. Peace was restored to all of Ninjago, and our heroes had reunited with their families. However, they felt it necessary to stay together until the repairs upon the empty lot that was once the Overlord's tower, now a pile of rubble, was cleared out.

After working through the day, though not as hard since it was Saturday, our heroes decided to take an early break to watch the sunset together. Considering that they were in Ninjago city and it would be hard to actually watch the sunset, our heroes still enjoyed each others' company. However, this time of relaxation and togetherness would soon come to an end, as night falls upon Ninjago, and a new darkness rises from the depths...

"Hey Jay, pass the popcorn," Kai said to the Blue ninja.

"Yeah sure, here ya go," Jay replied to the red ninja as he extended his arm out to his friend, giving him the bowl of salty awesomeness.

"Thanks man," Kai said, as he took the bowl gratefully.

"Hey, let me get some of that," Cole said, and Kai asked,

"Alright, hey didn't you already have some?"

"Well, yeah, but Lloyd's dragon decided to take the rest of it," Cole responded, as he turned to the four headed super dragon standing near the ship.

The dragon looked at Cole and decided it was best to take to the skies for a while.

"Ha. Well, here take the rest. I think I'll be alright for now," Kai said, as he handed Cole the leftover popcorn.

"Neat," Cole said, as he took the bowl and began eating the popcorn at a pretty rapid pace.

"Well Cole, I'm surprised. I thought you preferred eating cake above all else," Zane said, as he watched Cole consumed the remaining popcorn in a few moments.

"Whoa Whoa Whoa Zane, hold on. Nothing can be more fulfilling than eating a piece of cake, not even popcorn as good as this," Cole replied, holding up the empty bowl.

"Well, I see you are the last one to finish your plate Cole. Fitting, since it is your turn to wash the dishes," Sensei Wu said, as he emerged from within the Destiny's Bounty on deck.

Along with Sensei Wu followed Lloyd, Garmadon, and Misako.

"Aw man. Alright, I'll clean them after the sun sets," Cole said.

"That's fine," Sensei Wu replied.

"Man this is great! Having the Bounty back in shape is awesome," Jay said, as he leaned back on the railing.

"Yeah, it was nice of Zane's dad to fix the Bounty and bring it back from the Dark islands," Kai said.

"Speaking of which, where is your dad Zane?" Cole asked the ice ninja.

"Well, my father went to study the constellations somewhere outside Ninjago city. He said he would return by tomorrow evening," Zane replied, while Nya emerged from within the Bounty and said,

"Well, everything checks out. We finally finished clearing out the rubble from the streets of Ninjago city, and the Bounty is all ready for tomorrow."

"Sweet! We finally finished," Jay said.

"Also, Dareth decided to throw a party, in celebration of our triumph over the Overlord," Nya said.

"You mean how 'Dareth helped to save Ninjago using the Stone army and the Helmet of Darkness' party?" Kai said, a little sarcasm in his voice.

"Hehe, yeah that makes more sense," Lloyd responded.

Everyone started to laugh thinking about how Dareth would brag about how he helped fight the Overlord, and how the Overlord trembled with fear at his awesome might... and the Green ninja helped of course.

The sun had set upon their laughter, and then, as the laughing died down, the alarm went off on the Bounty.

"Huh? The alarm," Jay said.

"That's strange, what could it be?" Misako asked.

"Well whatever it is, we're gonna find out. Come on guys," Kai said as he entered the Bounty, followed by everyone else on the vessel.

As everyone entered the main computer room, Nya went straight to work on the computer to find what caused the alarm to sound.

"What could be going on at this time?" Cole asked.

"Probably just another petty criminal trying to make a quick buck," Kai suggested.

"Or maybe criminals," Jay added.

"There is a small possibility that the alarm would sound for just any criminal activity unless the alarm has a flaw," Zane responded.

"Yeah, that makes sense too," Cole said, as he crossed his arms.

"What if it's the Serpentine? We haven't seen them in a while," Garmadon proposed.

"That's right. We haven't encountered any Serpentine since the Stone army first invaded Ninjago city. They could have been planning something this whole time," Lloyd suggested.

Then Nya cut in, "Got it! I was able to scan the ground level of all of Ninjago city for any suspicious or serpentine activity. It should come up in"

With that, the computer screen began pulsing a signal throughout the map of Ninjago city. After that was done, the computer registered the scan and showed a single red dot.

"That red dot shows the number of Serpentine in Ninjago city," Nya explained, and then Jay said,

"Well there's only one Serpentine in all of Ninjago. That will be a piece of cake."

Then, the computer screen showed a second dot, a few feet from the first. Then another dot a few feet from the second, and so on until there were five dots in five separate locations, and Jay commented,

"Oh, well, that's not that bad, right?"

Then even more red dots appeared surrounding each of the first five red dots.

"You were saying Jay?" Cole asked.

"Okay okay! So there's way more than we thought, but we fought snakes before. It shouldn't be too difficult," Jay said, trying to be more confident, especially in front of Nya.

"Yeah, and with our new weapons, there's no way the Serpentine will stand a chance against us," Kai said, as he pulled out his fire elemental sword.

"Then it's settled. Everyone, let's split up. Jay and Zane will head North, Kai and Cole will head East, Lloyd will take the South, and Nya, you take the West. Misako, brother, we will take the group nearby," Sensei Wu said.

"Your sure you guys can handle the Serpentine alone?" Lloyd asked his uncle.

"Don't worry about us Lloyd, we've been around this long," Garmadon said to Lloyd, as he stepped toward his son and placed his hand on Lloyd's shoulder in reassurance.

Lloyd smiled at his father in understanding and put on his ninja hood.

"Alright everyone, let's move out!" Cole said, and with that, everyone headed out to their destinations, posthaste.

"You think he'll be alright by himself?" Misako asked as she watched her son heading South from on the Bounty's deck.

"Misako, I know Lloyd will be perfectly capable of handling the Serpentine. He's the Spinjitzu Master, and our son after all," Garmadon said, and he placed his arm around Misako to reassure her of their son's capabilities with a smile, which she returned.

Standing near the entrance of the Bounty from the deck, Sensei Wu watched Misako and Garmadon stand together with sadness filling his heart.

The ninja and samurai headed out to confront the Serpentine intruders and prevent them from causing any harm to the civilians of Ninjago city. Kai and Cole were heading East when they heard screams coming from their right.

"Let's go this way," Cole said, and they ran over to where the screams were coming from.

As they turned the corner, Kai and Cole saw civilians running to and fro, and what looked to be a group of Hypnobrai, but since the sun had set and night had fallen upon Ninjago, it was difficult to tell. Apparently, the street lights were damaged pretty badly, as well as around the area where the Serpentine were traveling. Most likely the Serpentine had done it themselves.

"Ugh. The Hypnobrai. These guys are annoying," Cole said, as he waved his sword in anger.

"Don't worry Cole. We've dealt with these guys before, it should be a synch," Kai said.

"-Sigh- Alright then, let's take them out," Cole said, and he ran forward to face the Serpentine.

"Right behind ya man," Kai replied, as he ran forth to join Cole in battle.

"Who are these ninja?" One of the Hypnobrai asked their leader.

"I'm unsure of who they are, but we cannot let anyone interfere. We mussst find her. Take them down," The leader waved their hand at the other Hypnobrai, and they began to run towards the ninja.

"Show me what you got!" Cole said, as the Hypnobrai started moving towards him.

"Let's do this," Kai said, as the clash between Serpentine and ninja began.

Heading towards the West, Nya was fully equipped in her Samurai X suit. As she flew overhead, she spotted a group of Venomari surrounded by broken street lights.

'Hm, why are the Serpentine breaking streetlights? Well, it doesn't matter, they're not suppose to be here anyway. Time to take out the trash,' Nya thought.

As she landed not too far from the Serpentine, there was much puzzlement around the Venomari about who this mechanical beast was. One of the Venomari said,

"Misss, what iss that? What do we do?"



"We do what we have to do. We have a mission to accomplisshh. No interruptionsss! Take it out!" Their leader spoke, and the Venomari began to approach Nya in caution.

'That's strange?' Was all Nya could think of when the Venomari leaped at her suddenly.

Heading South was Lloyd. He was traveling as quick as he could without tiring himself out by the time he reached the Serpentine. '

What are they up to this timeā€¦?' Lloyd thought, and then stopped in his tracks when he saw a familiar tall figure slithering a few yards in front of him.

The only light was the sparks from the broken streetlights, dangling on their last line.

'No, it can't be him. I thought the Great Devourer took care of him... Pythor,' Lloyd thought, as he approached the snake using stealth, and he almost blew his cover when two more snakes had approached the Anacondrai.

Lloyd's eyes widened in shock as he realized what those snakes were.

'How is this possible? Pythor was supposed to be the only Anacondrai left. Then, who are these three?'

Heading North, Jay and Zane had stumbled across a group of Constrictai as they hid in a dark alley, noticing that half of the streetlights were out.

"Why are the lights out?" Jay asked right before a Constrictai had tossed a piece of concrete at a streetlight, rendering it useless.

"Does that answer your question?" Zane whispered, as the Constrictai approached the same alley where Jay and Zane were hiding.

The two ninja stood still and were holding their breaths as the snake slowly approached the dark alley. Then, a shout was heard saying, "Over here! I think I found her!" The snakes turned to the source of the shout, and in a few seconds, the Constrictai had left the street empty. Jay and Zane emerged from the alley in confusion and wonder.

"The Serpentine appear to be looking for someone," Zane said.

"But who-" was all Jay could muster before a dark figure was seen running across the sidewalk, opposite side of Zane and Jay 's location.

"Who the-" Jay was once again cut off by the approaching group of Constrictai not too far away.

"Jay, try to distract the Serpentine. I'll go after the woman and see if she needs help," Zane said, and he sped off after the dark figure.

"Okay, I'll handle this... wait, how did you know it was a woman? Hold up. Zane! Don't leave me alone with them-"

"Going sssomewhere?"

Jay was waving his hands in Zane's direction, but stopped when he heard another voice behind him. When Jay turned around, he let out a small yelp as he came face-to-face with the Constrictai general.

"Hello little boy. You mind ssstepping assside to let me passss, even though it doesssn't matter if you do mind." The Serpentine grinned, showing off it's fangs in the process.

Jay stepped back a little, but then he thought, 'Wait a minute... I'm a ninja! Duh!'

The blue ninja pulled out his sword, which emitted a light bright enough to light the area around the Serpentine and himself. However, Jay realized something about these Serpentine that actually shocked the lightning ninja, as he said,

"Wha, What? How the, who the, what?"

'I hope Jay will forgive me for my insolence, but it was all I could think of at the moment,' Zane thought as he was still running after the mysterious woman, who he saw clearer than Jay since he has night vision, when he noticed her hop up on the roof tops.

She jumped on the wall, wall kicked to a horizontal pole, swing 360 degrees, and flipped up to the roof. Zane proceeded to attempt the same maneuver as easily as the mysterious woman.

Upon reaching the roof top, Zane saw that no one was there, or on the next roof top.

'Strange. I was sure I saw them jump he-'



Zane's thoughts were cut off by a surprise attack from the mysterious person. SHe stroke down from an unknown ledge only to strike the roof top itself. The mysterious woman was confused, and looked up to see Zane in a safe distance holding up his ice sword in a fighting stance.

"Please, I wish to-" The mysterious woman cut off Zane by running at him and swinging what appeared to be a staff in their hands.

Zane was able to dodge, but he didn't attack back because he wanted answers, and this person may have the answers he seeks. So, instead of attacking directly, Zane used his ice power to freeze the roof floor up to the woman's feet, and also froze her feet in place. The woman looked down to her feet, and then looked towards Zane as he said,

"Look! I don't want to fight. Just listen-"

"I'm not allowed to talk to strangers!" She said, with some panic in her voice.

The woman broke through Zane's ice with her staff, and jumped back a few feet from Zane.

'Well, I guess talking will have to wait,' Zane thought and readied his weapon, as the woman ran forth to attack him.

However, suddenly a Constrictai's tail whipped around, and seized the mysterious woman.

"Gotcha, finally! I had to sssneak away from that lightening brat, but it paid off," the Constrictai leader said.

The woman struggled, but to no avail. Zane was able to see where the Constrictai was trying to slither away to.

"Take this!" Zane shot a small ice beam at the Constrictai, which caused them to release it's prisoner.

Then Zane ran, jumped, and flying kicked the Constrictai while doing a back flip from the impact. The Constrictai went flying back and hit the floor, rendering it in a daze. Zane turned to the woman, who was trying to stand up from falling to the ground when the Serpentine had released her.

"Hey, are you- WAIT!" Zane yelled out, as the woman backed away to the edge of the roof, not realizing how close the edge was.

Her back leg then hit onto the roof's knee-high edge, while her arms waved frantically until she fell back over the edge.

Zane ran to grab her, but missed. The woman continued to fall, and Zane jumped down while using his ice sword to quickly form a blanket of snow and ice underneath the woman to break her fall. The woman landed on the ice, and Zane was able to land safely by wall kicking right before he hit the floor. He ran over to the unconscious woman, and, to his disappointment in himself, he noticed that part of the ice didn't reach her left leg.

'I can safely assume that the trajectory of the fall and the impact with the floor will render her leg useless. I got to get her medical attention immediat-' Zane's thoughts were cut short when he noticed the person's head slightly turned to the side.

She wore a mask on her face that had fallen off her head, and revealed a face of a young female. Her hair was straight, black, and a little passed her shoulders, with a face that showed she was about Lloyd's age. Zane stared at the girl for a moment before encasing her leg in an ice cast, which could only be left for fifteen minutes so he had to act fast and bring her to the Bounty. He scooped up the lady in his arms, as the sound of hissing was heard. Zane looked around to see four Constrictai surrounding him.

'Oh no, where's Jay? I shouldn't have left him,' Zane thought.

Then, as if on cue, a bolt of lightning flashed around Zane, and the Constrictai backed away a few feet, startled by the sudden light.

"I don't think so!" Jay appeared from the sky in front of Zane, sword in hand.

The Constrictai looked at Jay, then Zane, and then at the unconscious girl in Zane's arms.

"Hissss, we must get her back, now!" One of the Constrictai said, as they started walking towards the two ninja.

Then, out of nowhere maybe, a fire ball had strike the floor between the two ninja and the Constrictai. The flames stood it's ground, and the Constrictai began to back further away from it. Zane and Jay were surprised for a moment, but then they saw two ninja stand before them and they were relieved to see familiar faces.

"It looked like you guys needed some help," Cole was the first to speak.

"Whew, man. I mean, I could have handled them," Jay said, rubbing the back of his head.

"Sure Jay," Kai said to him, sarcastically.

"Come on guys, let's take these snakes down," Cole said, as Kai's fire wall began to wilt and vanish all together.

The ninja were readying themselves to fight when they saw the Constrictai gathered together in a huddle, whispering. The ninja looked at each other in confusion, and when they turned back, the Constrictai looked at them, and then ran off through the streets. The ninja stood there, baffled, and then Zane cleared his throat and said,

"Well, um, let's get going then."

Kai turned around and said, " Uh... yeah, let's head back to the Bounty."

Kai noticed the lady in Zane's arms.

"Um, Zane, who's that?" Kai asked.

"Oh, um, I don't know who she is, but the Serpentine were trying to capture her. Her leg is most likely broken or fractured. We need to get her to the Bounty, before anymore Serpentine come."

"Why not bring her to a hospital?" Jay asked, and Cole replied,

"Well, if the Serpentine are after her, it's best not to leave her there or they may come for her again."

"Oh yeah, good point."

"Alright, let's bring her to the Bounty. Maybe we can find out why the Serpentine are after her," Kai said, and with that, the Ninja headed out to the Bounty, with the mysterious girl in Zane's arms.

Back on the Bounty, Wu, Garmadon, and Misako were tracking one of the signals of the Serpentine group that was nearby. Misako stood on the Bounty's deck looking overhead, and Garmadon and Sensei Wu walked out to the streets. As they walked forward, the streetlights that were ahead of them were breaking two by two, and then all the streetlights that surrounded the Bounty broke at the same time. Wu, Garmadon, and Misako were alarmed by this, but then readied themselves when they heard hissing in the darkness.

"Cowards! Why do you hide in the shadows?" Garmadon yelled out into the darkness, which made the hissing stop.

The general slithered forward and said, "We prefer to look at it assss/ Usssing the darknessss assss an aide/ You foolsss are/ In the way/ If you would be ssso kind assss to let us sssearch/ Your sshhip/ Then we will be on our way."

These Serpentine were Fangpyres, and the one who spoke had two heads. Garmadon and Wu nodded at each other, and Wu said,

"I'm sorry, but the Bounty is off limits, especially to snakes."

The Fangpyre hissed and was about to attack when a tune had echoed from their staff. The Fangpyre stood back and took what looked to be a walkie-talkie and started talking while their back was turned to Garmadon and Wu, who stared at each other in confusion. Then the Fangpyre turned around and while bowing said,

"Ssso ssssorry to have bothered you/ We have to go now/ Goodbye."

And with that, all the Fangpyres fled. Sensei Wu, Garmadon, and Misako signed, since they wouldn't have to fight, when a flash of light startled them.

"Hey guys, sorry if I'm late. Those Venomari sure know how to fight. I took care of them though." It was Nya.

She had to use her Samurai X suit's lights on the shoulders to see in the darkness without the streetlights. Wu and Garmadon returned to the Bounty, as Nya left her lights on so that the other guys could find their way back to the ship.

A few minutes past, and a lone ninja was walking towards the Bounty. He stepped on deck, and he looked a little worn out from running.

"Lloyd, your back. You look tired." Misako said as she stepped closer to her son, and he said,

"I'm fine mom, I just wanted to come back to make sure you were all okay."

However, Lloyd wasn't only worried about his family and friends. When spying upon the three Anacondrai he was following, Lloyd found out that none of those Anacondrai were Pythor, but the first one he saw was the one calling the shots. Lloyd was going to make his move, when a tune was heard, and the Anacondrai lifted up a walkie-talkie from their staff and spoke to another snake. As Lloyd listened, he heard that the Serpentine were looking for a girl and that the ninja had her in their custody. The Anacondrai took a moment to think before asking the snake on the 'phone' if the ninja were dangerous. The snake on the line said no, that the ninja were protecting her, so the Anacondrai told the snake to fall back, and she called all the other snakes with the 'phone' to do the same thing. Then the three Anacondrai went into an alley, and when Lloyd turned into that alley, the snakes were gone.

Lloyd's thoughts were cut short when the other four ninja arrived.

Jay, Kai, Cole, Zane, and... a girl?! Nya, Misako, Garmadon, and Wu looked at the girl in confusion, while Lloyd slowly recognized her.

"We found this girl trying to escape the Serpentine. They were trying to capture her for some reason," Jay explained, as Zane placed the girl on the floor since he was a bit tired from carrying her, while holding her head above the floor. The light from Nya's Samurai X suit shined to reveal the girl's face clearly. Lloyd's eyes widened, as a memory had reappeared before his eyes, and he said,


Everyone turned to Lloyd's direction.

"You know her Lloyd?" Kai was the first to ask.

Lloyd replied, "Yes. I remember her from when I was young and used to go to my old boarding school. I was alone on the roof the day I met her. She came out of nowhere, and we just started talking. She was so nice to me, and we became friends. It's been so long since then."

"Well we've better get her inside. She looks pretty worn out," Nya said, as Zane picked up Raven and followed Nya into the Bounty.

The others wanted to follow, but Misako stopped them and said, "I agree with Nya. Raven looks very worn. She's going to need rest, even after she wakes up. It's best to leave her alone till she awakens."

The ninja looked at each other and nodded.

"Alright, let's head somewhere safe, just in case those Serpentine decide to come back," Garmadon said.

Then everyone started heading inside the Bounty.

Within the Bounty's infirmary, which is just a spare room they have, Zane had set Raven on the bed and was told to leave the room by Nya. After Zane had gone, Misako entered the room to help Nya with Raven's leg.

"Its a small fracture, her leg should heal in a few weeks though," Nya said, as she finished putting the cast on Raven's leg.

"Good. Let's leave her to rest," Misako said, and then she looked at Raven, and noticed a platinum-colored spear next to her bed.

"What's this?" Misako asked.

"Oh, Zane said that was the weapon she fought him with," Nya said.

Misako examined the glimmering spear. It had a candle-fire shape on each side of the staff. One side had a blue orb in the center, and had a longer candle-fire shape than the other side. It had carvings embedded on the pole part of the staff.

"Interesting. I've never seen a weapon like this. It's beautiful." -Misako

"It is isn't it. I wonder where she found it." -Nya

"We can ask her when she wakes up. Let's go," Misako said, and they exited Raven's room.

As Nya closed the door, Lloyd came by and said, "Is she going to be alright? How's her leg? Does she need anything?"

Misako put her hand on Lloyd's shoulder and said, "It's okay Lloyd. She's fine. Her leg has a small fracture, but it will heal as long as she has plenty of rest, which is what you need right now."

"But-" -Lloyd

"It's okay Lloyd. I'll check up on Raven occasionally, alright?" Nya said, to reassure the Golden/Green Ninja.

"Well, alright then. Night Nya, Night Mother."

"Goodnight son."

"Night Lloyd."

That night, everyone slept soundly, and Nya was able to bring the ship to a safe location outside of Ninjago city on a large rock structure. After Nya checked up on Raven one last time, she went to her room to sleep. Yet, even though everyone was fast asleep, one ninja found it difficult to ease the tension in his mind. After about an hour, the heaviness of sleep on his eyes had finally overcome his worried mind, and Lloyd fell asleep.

A long distance off from Ninjago city, a large group of Serpentine had joined together.

"What are we going to do?!"

"They took her!"

"We need to get her back home!"

"What are we going to tell her father-"


The Serpentine became silent. The Anacondrai leader slithered forth in front of the army of Serpentine on a rock so that the Serpentine can see them.

"It's alright my fellow ssnakesss! Those ninja are not dangerous! I have recently dissscovered that thessse ninja are the sssame ninja who sssaved Ninjago from the Overlord!" -Leader

The other Serpentine were relieved by this.

"My friendsss, for now we will wait and rest. Raven is a ssstrong girl, which addsss on to her stubbornness. But I believe it bessst if she ssstays with the ninja for a while. I feel it will benefit her immensely if she sstays with them. Maybe then, she will come home..." -Leader

The other Serpentine spoke to each other, and then they agreed with their leader.

"If she needs usss, we will be there for her!" -Leader

The Serpentine all shouted "Yeah!"

The Hypnobrai general slithered towards the Anacondrai and asked, "Are you certain they will be able to help her Anaca?"

"I'm mossst certain Serpana, I feel it."

Light had begun to shine on the Serpentine as the sun rose from it's slumber. Each kind of Serpentine had their original colors of their type with pink colors added upon their designs. The human-looking Serpentine had short black and pink hair coming from their 'hats'. The pink on the other serpentine outlined the designs on each of them. Anaca the Anacondrai spoke up,

"Let usss prepare for the day my fellow Viporeons, who knows what it may bring..."

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