Turtle Loops

1.1 Mirage Comic Universe (Turtle Prime)

Leonardo stared down a New York City through his red mask, contemplating what had apparently happened.

He had gone back in time.

There was no other explanation for it. The day before he had been an adult, leading his brothers through their hard, and extremely strange lives. But when he had awoken this morning he was a teenager again.

Unsure about what was happening, he had stayed quiet about it when it became apparent that none of his family was aware of what had happened.

However he could not hold in the tears when Master Splinter greeted them that the morning. When Leonardo had gone to sleep the night before, Master Splinter had been long dead. He'd pulled his sensei into tight a hug, before making a hasty retreat to get his head together.

He could not have made it more clear to his brothers that something was wrong, but had no idea as to what it was. After a tirade of questions and demands for answers, they tried to brush off as a nightmare Leonardo must have had, and figured he would tell them when he was ready.

Master Splinter made no such inquiries, but simply stated that there was something different about Leonardo, and told him he would be willing to listen if the turtle had need of him. Leo was seriously considering taking him up on that offer, if only to try and make sense of things.

Leo was pulled from his thoughts by the sight of moving shadows below him. As he watched, he saw a small patrol of Foot Ninja traverse the rooftops, and then vanish into the night.

That reminded him of another problem. The Shredder was out there again. And this time, he would be ready for him.

1.2 1987 Cartoon Universe

It had been a weird day, even by their standards.

When Michelangelo had asked at dinner when his brothers thought they should head out for their daily saving of April, the other three turtles and his rat sensei had all looked at him like he was crazy.

"Why would we need to save a month?" asked Raphael, his pizza held halfway to his mouth.

"I don't see how that could be possible," said Donatello, placing his own slice of pizza back on his plate as he thought. "Especially since April was months ago."

Michelangelo laughed. "Very funny guys," he said, "Jokes on me. But really, shouldn't it be time for her usual kidnapping by now? We really should get going, dudes."

Leonardo began looking at him with concern. "Are you feeling alright?" he asked the orange wearing turtle. "You're not making any sense, Michelangelo."

That was when Michelangelo realized something might be very wrong. "Wait, dudes, are you telling me you forgot about April?"

"We haven't forgotten that month," said Raphael sarcastically. "Though apparently you've forgotten your brain this morning."

Master Splinter rose from his seat, and placed his hand on Michelangelo's head, and said, "I do not feel a fever, but clearly there is something wrong. You are speaking nonsense Michelangelo."

"No," said Michelangelo, pulling his sensei's hand from his head. "You dudes are the ones not making sense. April O'Neil, our friend, the reporter lady we have to rescue everyday. How could you dudes forget about her? That's like forgetting pizza."

No matter what Michelangelo said, none of them believed him, and all claimed they had never met a woman named April O'Neil. When Michelangelo started throwing out names of friends they had made over the years they still remained clueless. They didn't even remember meeting their interdimensional counterparts, and that was pretty unforgettable.

In the end, all Michelangelo managed to do was convince his family that he'd gone off the deep end. Donatello ran numerous tests on him, but in the end could only prescribe bed rest in hopes that he'd simply snap out of it.

No amount of convincing could get any of his family to consider otherwise, and Michelangelo was left to sulk in his bunk while his brothers left to patrol the sewers, trying to figure out why the world had suddenly decided to turn upside down.

That was until his brothers returned, carrying an unconscious April with them. They then described how they had found her being chased by thugs through the sewers. Just like on the day they had met her for the first time.

But still none of his family seemed to recognize her, and didn't believe him when he told them who she was. Donatello rattled off a science-y speech about how Michelangelo must have added April into his delusion.

When the reporter woke up to see Splinter offering her a cup of tea, she took one look at him and fainted again, only to shriek when Donatello placed his hand on her wrist to coax her awake.

Just like when they had met her for the first time.

Things continued like they had previously, only with Leonardo coming in with the pizza instead of Michelangelo, who was pouting at the fact his family still didn't believe him (and Donatello wouldn't let him out of the lair to get it).

That all changed when April introduced herself.

Then all mutant heads turned to stare at Michelangelo.

"Now do you believe me?" he asked. Turning his attention to April, who was looking at him with no recognition in her face. "Let me guess, those thugs were chasing you because of the story you were pursuing about the ninja robberies, right."

The wide-eyed look on April's face was all Michelangelo needed to see to know he'd hit the nail on the head.

Now everyone was staring at him in shock.

Michelangelo sighed. He wondered if any of the other turtles in the turtle-verse had to put up with this.

1.3 Movie Universe (1990 film to TMNT 2007)

Raphael jerked awake and this allowed the punk he'd been fighting to sucker punch him, causing him to be knocked back onto his shell and drop one of his sai.

That didn't make any sense, since there hadn't even been any punks a second ago.

One second he and his brothers were lounging on a rooftop, playing catch up with Leo now that the Aztec monsters, and Raph's own angst had been put to rest. It had just been the four of them swapping stories about what Leo had missed during his time in South America, and him telling them stories about his adventures abroad.

The next second he was getting hit in the face, and standing up to see a familiar fight going on.

In the dark alleyway his brothers were cheerfully fighting a gang of thugs while April huddled in a corner and tried to peer through the dark and see them.

This was the fight where he'd lost his sai, leading him to seek April out later to get it back, which led to their entire friendship with her.

He wasn't able to contemplate this for long, as a punk he'd been fighting tried to press his advantage while Raph was lost in thought.

The red wearing turtle wasted no time kicking the kid's butt, and helping his brothers tie up the thugs before escaping down the sewers. As they did, the sound of a police siren wailed, signifying the punks soon to be prison time.

In a daze, Raph followed his brothers through the sewers to their home, ignoring their exuberant shouts as they celebrated their victory.

Everything was happening exactly like it had years ago, and Raph seemed to be the only one of them to notice any difference.

In front of him the cheers continued.

"AWESOME!" cheered a far less strict Leo than Raph had seen in recent memory.

"RITIOUS!" shouted Mikey in agreement, slightly less mature than the one who had been sitting next to Raph minutes before.

"BOSSA NOVA!" yelled a much less stressed Donny, causing the other two celebrating turtles pause and look at him in disbelief.

"EXCELLENT!" he quickly amended to their approval, and the three continued on their way.

Raph trailed behind them at a much slower pace, trying to process what had happened. All he could come up with was that he had time traveled again into himself from years ago. And this time it didn't look like there was any magic scepter to take him home.

He clenched his fists, and steadied his resolve. He'd made a lot of mistakes through the years, now was his chance to undo them. He wouldn't push his brothers away this time.

With that in mind he made his way to the entrance to the lair, only to pause at the threshold and look down at his belt.

It was then that he realized that this time he had forgotten both of his sai in the alley with April.

"Damn!" he grumbled. This was off to a great start.

1.4 Next Mutation Universe

Mei Pieh Chi (or Venus to her friends) blinked awake to see her adoptive father, Chung I, sitting before his mirror in front of her.

She immediately recognized where she was. This was the day she had lost the man who had raised her to the dragons.

Before her eyes the glass began glowing green, and Chung I began explaining to her the origin of the mirror and its connection to the dragon's imprisonment.

Then Chung I paled at what he saw in the mirror. "Dragons!" he yelled. "I am Chung I, Master of the Internal Arts! I demand you! Release the ninja master! Respond! I command it!"

Venus watched as the Dragon Lord's face pulled out of the glass and sneered at her father. Knowing what would happen next she started to inch forward in hopes of preventing it.

"Your services are no longer required, magician," said the dragon smugly. "Soon we will use the dreams of man to gain entry into the world of man."

"No!" yelled Chung I.

"Oh yes," said the Dragon Lord, sucking in a deep breath.

Venus launched herself forward and tackled her father out of the way, preventing him from getting hit by the face full of flames that had ended his life the first time she had seen this.

However when she did so her robes caught fire, and she was so busy putting out the flames she could do nothing as the Dragon Lord laughed at her and pulled his head back through the mirror.

Chung I helped her smother the flames, then grasped her hand and began dragging her out of the room.

"There is not much time," he said urgently. "We must go to-"

"New York?" she supplied, causing Chung I to stop and look at her in surprise.

"Y-yes, how did you-?" Chung I started to ask. But he shook his head. "Quickly, my daughter. Pack what you will need. We must go."

"Yes," she said, and ran to follow his orders. She did not know what mysticism had caused her to be brought back in time, but she knew she would not waste the opportunity it presented.

The Dragons wouldn't know what hit them.

1.5 2003 Cartoon Universe

Renet had messed up with the Time Scepter again. That was the only explanation that Donatello could come up with for the situation he had found himself in.

He was sprawled in the corner of his childhood home. The area of the sewers they'd lived in that had been eaten away by mouser robots so long ago.

Master Splinter stood before him holding a lit candle. "Too noisy Donatello," he chastised for the exercise Donnie had just failed.

The next second, Mikey was sent hurdling into him from his own failed attempt, with an angry Raph following soon after.

Just as before, Leo was the only one who managed to complete the exercise, but Don paid little attention to it.

No one else seemed to be reacting to the temporal repeat, so Don could only assume that he was the only one aware of it. Afraid of disrupting the time stream, he kept his revelations to himself as the walls began to shake, signifying the mouser attack that would destroy their old home.

Don let events play out as they had before, the only difference being his vastly improved driving skills when escaping in the Purple Dragons' van.

He would figure things out eventually. Hopefully it would be made clear when he eventually met with Renet and Lord Simultaneous.

Still, the scientist in him couldn't help but ask, 'what if?'

1.6 2012 Cartoon Universe

When Karai awoke to find herself in her old room back in Tokyo with a clear head she'd nearly had a heart attack.

Her first thought was that the Shredder had somehow gotten her a retro-mutagen that worked, and was keeping her prisoner away from her true father's aid while simultaneously trying to weasel his way back into her good graces. Something that had become impossible after her discovery of her true origins, his so callous use of her as bait which caused her own mutation, and then mind controlling her to obey his every whim.

That thought was thrown for a loop when she rushed to the door, and found that it opened easily.

On the other side was not a guard or Tiger Claw, but an elderly cleaning lady, who stared at her in surprise. But instead of shouting an alarm, she only wished Karai a good morning, and continued on her duties.

Using her skills as a ninja, she made her escape. When she made it out of the building with no resistance, she had to stop and wonder what was going on.

Was the Shredder really so confidant that she would not escape Japan that he left no security?

It was then that a car with a speaker on the top drove by, squawking advertisements for some doughnut place. But what caught Karai's attention was when the ad mentioned the day's date in its greeting.

It was the day that Shredder had sent for her to join him in America. Months before her life was turned upside down and sideways.

Karai didn't think even the Shredder would go this out of his way to trick her, so gathering her nerves she went back inside her former home, and locked herself in her room.

A quick check on her laptop confirmed that she was indeed back in time. That left her the question of what she was going to do now?

For a brief moment she entertained the idea of pretending to still be the obedient and oblivious daughter to the Shredder, at least until her 'father' let his guard down and she was able to strike.

But one glance in the mirror convinced her otherwise.

While she was still in her more human form, her eyes were still the snake-like slits that resulted from her mutation. Experimentally she opened her mouth to see her tongue's forked shape and her fangs. It was a miracle the cleaning lady hadn't noticed, but then Karai remembered that old Kaede-san had poor eyesight.

Given her usual choice of dress, the average person would assume she wore contacts and dentures as part of her image, so it was nothing to keep her out of society like the rest of her family. But it would never fool the Shredder, he knew her too well. He would suspect something right away, then it would only be a matter of time till the truth came out.

That left one option. She needed to go to her real father and pray he and the turtles would take her in.

The more she thought about that plan, the more she liked it. She finally had a chance to be with her real family without her past mistakes getting in the way and souring her relationship with them. She could train with her father to regain her honor, fight the Foot and the Kraang with her turtle brothers, and so many more things she had felt she'd missed her chance to do.

She knew her musings were naive and it would not be an easy task to do. But it didn't stop her from starting to hope.

She shook her head, she was getting too far ahead of herself. The first thing she needed to do was get to New York. She would figure out the rest later.

As if on cue, her computer pinged with an email from the Shredder. Opening it, she read his demand that she come to New York and join him on his conquest against Splinter and the turtles. Included in the email was information of the flight he had booked to get her there.

Karai smirked at the message. Well if Shredder was willing to pay for her trip, than who was she to turn him down. It only made her plans easier. Airports were so crowded, it would be only too easy to duck her escort and make her way to the sewers.

She moved to pack her things, as she knew she never wanted to come back here again. A new home was waiting for her.

1.7 Michael Bay Movie Universe

April snapped awake and fell off the exercise trampoline she'd been jumping on for her coffee foam news story.

The instructor she had been interviewing was quick to help her up as she realized exactly where and when she was.

With all the weird and unbelievable things that had happened to her recently, she had never expected time travel to be one of them. If she hadn't dreamed up the entire adventure in the first place, that is.

Was it a dream? Her current job was boring enough that she could possibly have fallen asleep in the middle of it.

Knowing that asking these questions out loud would only make people believe she was crazy faster than they had previously, she brushed off the instructor and Vern's concerned questions, and continued her interview as quickly as possible.

Once she was finally able to clock out of her reporter job (and ignoring Vern's motivational foam speech), she grabbed her bike and took off for the docks. There was only one way she could think of to prove whether or not she had dreamed everything up.

She got her answer a few hours later as she watched from her carefully chosen hiding place, the Foot Ninja began robbing the docks, only for the Turtles to arrive and send them packing as they had before.

Now that she knew what to look for, she was better able to spot the mutant ninjas as they beat the Foot into submission. It wasn't a perfect view, but she would see a green fist collide with a Foot, or the briefest glimpse of a shell as it ducked into the shadows.

She didn't bother with taking out her camera this time. This was one story she didn't want broadcasted, as it would ruin her friends lives.

It wasn't until the Foot were sent running with their tails between their legs, and the turtles were long gone, that April emerged from her hiding spot.

She held it in until she reached her apartment. Then she locked herself in her room and let out a whoop.


Little did April know, that in the next room over her roommate had heard the entire thing and was frantically dialing on her phone.

"Mom," she hissed into the phone, "my roommate's gone crazy!"

1.8 Movie Verse

Raph quietly pushed his bike back into its place next to Mikey's Cowabunga Carl party van.

It had been several loops since his initial wake up call, and he was really starting to get irritated by having to do the same events over and over again.

Sure, he'd managed to stay closer to his brothers, and he'd kept himself from making some of his more disastrous mistakes, but the repetition was grating even with his doing things differently every time. This was not helping his temper in the slightest.

The only upside to doing these repeats again and again was that his skill as a ninja increased every time due to all the practice he got, astounding his family with his seemingly overnight progress. He'd long since given up on telling them the truth about why it happened, and would have to give some excuse. Unfortunately he couldn't just ignore the question, as in the loop that he had done that resulted in Donny asking him if he'd been taking steroids, and it had been really embarrassing to prove him wrong.

Still, by now he'd gotten better at giving those excuses, and he got to have fun messing with Mikey's head by secretly telling him increasingly ridiculous reasons for his increase in skill. The younger turtle always bought it, much to Raph's amusement.

As of now, Leo was once again off on his training trip to South America, and Raph hadn't been able to resist donning his Nightwatcher costume again so he could take out his frustrations on the crime in New York.

His actions were even more terrifying than his previous bouts in the suit, as he could remember where the crimes would strike and would be there waiting. This led to some speculating by reporters that the Nightwatcher had some type of psychic powers, allowing him to predict crime. The scary thing was, they weren't too far off.

Wrapped up in these thoughts, Raph failed to notice the sound of feet shuffling behind him, until a sleepy voice pulled him from his thoughts.

"What are you doing, Raph?"

Raphael jumped and whirled around, dropping his bag containing his Nightwatcher costume as he did so.

Behind him stood a sleepy Michelangelo, who yawned and looked at him curiously.

When his brain caught up with the question he'd been asked, Raph shrugged and tried to brush the it off. "I felt like taking a late night ride. Didn't want to wake anyone," he said, hoping Mikey wouldn't push it.

Too late he noticed that the bag with his costume was unzipped, and his helmet was clearly visible in the dim light of the garage. He dove to close the bag, but Mikey had already seen it.

Mikey was staring at Raph, his jaw dropped. "You're the Nightwatcher?" he asked.

There was no denying it, so Raph sighed and nodded his head.

"THAT IS SO AWESOME!" Mikey cheered.

"Shhhhh!" hissed Raph, clasping his hand over his brother's mouth to keep him from waking the others up.

Mikey said something that was muffled by Raph's hand.

"What?" he whispered, removing his hand from the other turtle's mouth.

"I said, can your bike really turn into a jetpack?" said Mikey, thankfully in a lower voice.

"No," Raph hissed. "I don't even know where that rumor came from."

"Who else knows about this?" asked Mikey, the excitement from the revelation slowly dying.

"Casey, and I think Donny at least suspects it, but he hasn't said anything," said Raph, a little disappointed at being caught. Some ninja he was.

"Aw," said Mikey in disappointment. "You told Casey Jones and not me?"

"Though," he said, pausing to think about it. "Now that I know, it's really not all that surprising. Why didn't we ever consider it was you before?"

Raph shrugged. "Got me. I didn't even tell Casey, he figured it out on his own. According to him, I look like a 'big metal turtle'. I honestly don't know why no one put the pieces together sooner."

"Casey figured it out before me?" Mikey whined. "Aw man, that's even worse than you telling him."

Raph let out an amused chuckle, and collected his bag to hide it before Donny or Splinter got curious about all the noise.

"I'd really appreciate it if you kept this a secret, Mikey," he whispered as they made their way through the lair. "Having Donny suspect, and having him know for sure are two different things, and don't get me started on Splinter. I'd like to keep this between us for now. At least until Leo gets back."

Mikey tapped his chin as he mulled that over. Then he turned to his brother with a devious grin that made Raph nervous.

"Okay," he said softly. "I'll keep it secret on one condition."

"What?" asked Raph with a growing sense of dread.

"I want to be your sidekick," he whispered excitedly.

Raph thought that over. He trusted Mikey to watch his back, and he had just been complaining how boring things had been getting. Having Mikey along could really jazz things up.

"Deal," he whispered, much to Mikey's delight. "But I pick the name."

And so soon the news began reporting of two vigilantes in the city. The Nightwatcher and his new trusty sidekick, Watchlad.

1.9 1987 Verse

"Uh, Michelangelo, what are you doing?" asked Raphael.

The turtle in question had just walked into Picka-Pecka Pizza wearing a turban and robe instead of his usual trench coat and holding a crystal ball.

"I am gazing into the future," said Michelangelo in his best mystic sounding voice.

"Scientifically speaking, that's impossible," said Donatello skeptically.

Michelangelo ignored him. He let out a hum and waved his hand over the crystal ball. "I foresee Raphael winning the best prize of all of us with his pizza."

"Well, we'll see if it's true soon enough," said Leonardo in amusement as their pizzas arrived.

After lamenting how small the pizzas were, the four turtles examined their prize scratch cards. Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Donatello each won another minuscule pizza. Raphael, on the other hand, won an invitation to a costume party on a cruise. With how pathetic the pizzas had been, the turtles had to agree that Raphael won the best prize.

"Lucky guess," said Raphael to Michelangelo when they came to that conclusion.

"On the cruise you will meet a cute lizard girl, and your boat will be attacked by a pirate and his crew of mutant minions," Michelangelo predicted in a dramatic voice.

Raphael rolled his eyes. "Right, like that will happen."

A few hours later Raphael had to eat his words, and Michelangelo spent the rest of the loop having fun playing psychic.

1.10 2012 Verse

Karai stared at Mikey incredulously.

"Ano, do you need some help with that?" she asked the younger ninja.

Mikey's wide grin was all she could see of his face, as the rest of it was covered by a Kraang biting his head, making him look like he was wearing a squishy brain helmet.

"Nah, keeps me warm," he replied cheerfully.

Karai stared at him a minute longer before rolling her eyes and going to find another turtle who would hopefully understand Mikey better than she did.

Sometimes she had to wonder how these turtles were able to defy the Shredder for so long.

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