My first ever ficlet! I feel proud to have written something short... lol... this is basically a SnowWells version of the scene between Indiana Jones & Marion Ravenwood from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" which I wrote on the spur of the moment... Enjoy! ^_^

Caitlin was leaning against the doorway of the office, watching Harrison who seemed to have a grumpy expression on his face; this was surprising since she had almost never seen him this way, although his current situation was probably what had brought the new mood on - after getting injured by that man in the yellow suit, she had bandaged him up and ordered complete bed rest for the night. Still, seeing him now, Caitlin couldn't help herself when he sat up trying to remove the shirt, groaning in pain and rushed over to help.

"What are you doing?" She asked him, her eyes darting to the well-toned chest and gulped softly hoping he did not notice her ogling.

"I'm in pain Caitlin, I hurt all over and this... this shirt isn't helping at all." Harrison winced as he pulled it off with ease and realized that the soft hands on his back were Caitlin's as she reached back and removed the shirt slowly and carefully, so as to not hurt him anymore.

"Well... tell me, where does it hurt?" Grabbing the first aid kit from nearby, Caitlin started to dress his cuts and bruises again with delicate precision but even so, Harrison still seemed to be in pain.

Without thinking twice and not letting him say anything, she gently pushed him to lie down the bed much to their collective surprise; Caitlin had chosen to be bold and with a playful grin forming on her lips, she straddled his hips and watched as Harrison realized what she was hinting at.

"Here." Pointing to his elbow, he watched as Caitlin leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss at the spot he had indicated to and giggled when he smirked.

"Anywhere else?" Caitlin asked him, unable to stop the butterflies building within her.

"Here." Harrison touched his forehead inncoently.

Closing the distance between them as she came closer, Caitlin rested a hand on his chest and kissed him on the forehead as well.

"And?" She repeated the question again, her heartbeats were getting erratic now and Caitlin knew that he could probably hear it as loud as it was.

"I do seem to have a hurt here, this isn't too bad." By now, Harrison had probably forgotten where exactly he had been hurt but still touched his cheek.

Caitlin bent down and kissed the surprisingly uninjured spot on his right cheek; they'd both long stopped worrying about Harrison's current condition and found themselves caught up in the heat of this moment. As soon as Caitlin pulled away, he caught hold of her wrist and stared intensely into those goregeous brown eyes of hers and knew that she was mesmerized too.

"Here." He tapped his lips in answer to her unspoken question, teasing... no... daring her to help him feel better even now.

A heartbeat passed between then and what happened next as Caitlin said nothing but brushed her lips against his as she kissed him, moaning when she felt his hands entangling in her hair. In a swift motion, Harrison flipped her so that Caitlin was now lying on the bed with he above her, kisses trailing down her neck and soon crying out his name as he made love to her that night.

Thoughts? xD