This is set after Jack, Elizabeth and Will's adventures around the world. Each chapter of this fic will be based on a song from a playlist with the same name on Spotify, feel free to look for it! (I don't know how to post links here, sorry!)

She checked her phone for the tenth time; nothing. Just the time and the old picture of their wedding in the background. Same as before, same as ever. The dinner party was going smoothly, Will had said when they were both at the kitchen fetching drinks for the guests. "Smoothly" wouldn't be the word she'd use. "Depressively", maybe. If she had to listen to one more of those self-righteous people's stories about their trip to India and their last time at the Alps she'd borrow one of their ties and hang herself.

"Is everything ok?" Will asked, holding a glass of champagne.


"Then why are you hiding in here?"

She was in their bedroom, sitting on the bed, facing the yellow-painted wall. "I wasn't feeling so well."

He entered the room and sat beside her. "I know you don't like this, Ms. Turner." She loved it when he called her Ms. Turner. "But you know that-"

"That this dinner party is important for you and your job because your boss loves free food at their employees' houses."

He smiled and kissed her forehead. "Just come when you're better."

She nodded and watched him close the door behind him as he left. Her phone chimed. It was a message from an unknown number.

"Hi love"

No introduction, no name, no nothing.

"Who is this?" She replied.

"Lost my number already?" The stranger replied a few seconds later. She decided to leave it alone, but then the phone buzzed again. "Elizabeth. It's Jack."

Suddenly she felt butterflies in her stomach, as if the air around her had turned colder and the room smaller. Jack. She hadn't thought about him since the last time he'd been in town, two years ago.

"I still have your number." She sent him.

"Clearly you don't."

"There is a contact here whose name is Jack. That is you."

"My number changed."

"How was I supposed to know that?"

"I texted you the new one seven months ago."

"I didn't get it, I'm afraid."

"It's fine luv, you have it now"

"Why are you texting me at this hour?"

"I knew you'd be awake"


"I just did"

He didn't say anything for a couple of minutes that felt like hours, but then her phone chimed again.

"I also wanted to tell you that I'm coming to visit my dad. And you, maybe"

"Yeah, yeah, sure!"

"It's a date then, love"

Jack stopped writing and she did too. Leaving the phone in the room and going back to party seemed like the best call. Will. He was her husband and he needed her by his side. Elizabeth left, checking her phone one last time before actually closing the door.