AU: This story is an alternate universe and there are more differences than just merely the school.

Left Behind

Prologue: New Game

He hated them. Their attitude. Their actions. That they were all leaving him. That they had made him. That's why Kuroko decided he would leave them. They already won the championship. They've already left him behind, so he would now leave them behind. Maybe they won't care but he can always pretend that his leaving would make an impact.

Their toying with their opponents finally effected his friend. Ogiwara left, never to play the game they love again. Well loved. Ogiwara made his opinions clear when he disappeared. Kuroko himself didn't know what to think of the sport. It gave him everything: friends and happiness; and it took everything: those same friends and happiness.

We don't need you anymore.

He clenched his fists. It wasn't just Aomine. As a team, his shadow couldn't be any larger. As a team, they could use his full potential. However, the Generation of Miracles' strength was so intense that he wasn't even needed. They no longer needed someone to pass to them or to change the flow of the game.


No one could touch them. He had been happy for them once upon a time. But everything changed in their third year. They weren't just better; they were incomparable.

It didn't matter how much he practiced, he was always behind them. So far behind. However, if it weren't for Akashi who encouraged a different playing style, Aomine for his enthusiasm and encouragement, and Murasakibara if only to prove him wrong, then he would have forever been on the third string or perhaps even quit.

Kuroko honestly considered quitting the sport, but he always reminded himself that he's lose if he quit. That hard work could pay off. To quit would be to give into his beliefs. More than that, he'd lose to Murasakibara. They always had been on good terms unless basketball was involved. They'd known each other since third grade. If he gave up he would have lost Ogiwara for nothing. He'd be taunted by his purple hair friend. He would lose to the pressure of his peers and abandon his beliefs. He was trapped. Quitting wasn't a viable option.

He'd need to learn a new style on his own. He didn't need to abandon his old style but he needed more. He needed to be capable of more!


Kuroko avoided his ex-team for the remainder of the year. They wanted to know why he quit. He wasn't going to let them be the cause of ruining his perfect attendance though. He may not have been the best—sports or academics—but he gave it his all nonetheless.

Akashi could probably find him if he wanted to. The fact that he didn't showed how little he care, if he cared at all.

Murasakibara found him once. They spent a brief period of time together. Even their casual relation was tense. Neither spoke of basketball. The shorter one not wanting to bring it up and the taller one because he was losing interest in the sport anyway.

Momoi was the only other one he'd been in contact with and while he wanted to avoid her since she was a remembrance of what once was, he didn't have anything against her. He could tell she was broken from the events too.

"Will we always be together?" she asked.

In all honesty he wished they could be. All of them. Despite his claims, his deepest desire was to be with everyone again. He wanted to lie to reassure the sad girl in front of him. He wanted to lie to reassure himself. But it wouldn't change the truth. No matter the answer, the pink hair girl was smart enough to know the truth.

"Momoi-san, you already know the answer." Silence passed as Kuroko tried to will himself to speak the truth. Tears welled up in Momoi's eyes knowing what the answer would be, even if hoping he somehow had a way to reunite them. "The team…is already apart." Tears fell from her eyes and Kuroko hugged her for comfort. He'd just made a girl cry and the only thing he could do is attempt to comfort her as tears finally spilt from his own eyes.


Passing. Dribbling. Shooting. If he was to become an individual player he would need to at least be able to accomplish those three things. Passing was already covered, but the other two needed a lot of work. There were other dimensions, but screens and defense couldn't really be practiced with only one person.

Every day he practiced on his own on the street court. The same one that was rarely used. The one where he'd first met Ogiwara. He'd keep training. He'd keep playing. He didn't know how he felt about the sport anymore, but one thing was certain. He didn't want to be left behind.

Kuroko panted. After resting, he grabbed his bag and returned home—ignoring his grandmother who said his mother was almost done cooking dinner. He wasn't hungry. He didn't want his parents and grandmother to see his state. They knew something was wrong of course. It's not hard to tell when living under the same roof, but he didn't want that confrontation.

"I'll eat later."

Kuroko went upstairs, into his room, and closed the door behind him. He laid on his bed. Time was passing fast and he'd be graduating soon. He'd already passed his entrance exam. Despite their differences in basketball he was desperate for some familiarity. Therefore in the end…

He looked over to his high school uniform which he'd be wearing soon.

Therefore in the end he'd decided to attend Yōsen with Murasakibara Atsushi. It was a far commute so he had to convince his parents to allow him to live in the dorms situated a few blocks away from the school. It had been originally built for other purposes, but the school bought it to help cut the cost of the foreign students since they school accepted quite a few of them. It wasn't ideal but it would have to do since the school was in Akita. There was no way public transportation would help. The trip was several hours long. The basketball team, from his brief research, would really suit his frie—would suit Murasakibara.