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It was the only thing that Sesshoumaru could think of as his silvery hair seemed to stand on end and he unconsciously bristled much like a cat.

His golden eyes narrowed as he lifted his nose high in the air and inhaled deeply, trying to scent out the source of the incredible power he could sense within the atmosphere.

Never before had he sensed intensity in such a way – at least, from what he could tell, it was the opposite of his own energy and that of his parents.

'A holy one.'

Sesshoumaru's lips tightened in disgust and he moved quickly towards the origin, 'I should end it now before it can become a potential threat to the Western Lands.'

Perhaps Mother would finally be proud if he did.

When he came upon it, the young Taiyoukai was rather surprised to see a well in the clearing where he could sense the now receding power was coming from. He approached it carefully, not wanting to end up as another Youkai victim of purification.

The grass underneath his feet sizzled when his claws began to drip acid and he peered over the well's edge. His eyes widened when he spotted the crumpled form of an unconscious human female, though it wasn't her appearance that startled him.

No, what startled him was– 'How is this possible?!' Sesshoumaru frowned deeply and stared down at the well's bottom while he wondered if his nose was actually deceiving him.

It was his scent.

And it was all over her.