Chapter One

            Rose hit her alarm. Was this really the first day of her senior year?

            "Rose, get up. You're going to miss the bus," her dad, Perry DeWitt-Bukater, told her.

            "I wouldn't have to miss the bus if my car were fixed," Rose told him.

            "Well, I guess it's time to tell you," her dad told her.

            "What?" Rose asked, worriedly.

            "Your late birthday present is outside," he told her.

            Rose jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. When she got out there, she found a white mustang convertible waiting for her.

            "Dad! Oh, I love it!" she exclaimed and hugged her father.

            "I saw you looking at it when we went to get my car and I thought you might like it," he told her.

            "I'm going to go get dressed," Rose said and ran inside and got dressed.

            When she got upstairs, she got her overalls and pink tank top to put on. She then raced out of the house to her friend Emily's house.

            "Hey, Rose!" Emily exclaimed.

            "Hey, Emily!" Rose said.

            "Nice ride," Emily told her.

            "Thanks. It's a late birthday present," Rose told her.

            "Hey, let's go pick up Shanleigh," Emily said, and Rose took off to their friend Meredith's house.

            "Hey, Rose. Hey, Emily!" Shanleigh said as she came out of the house.

            "Hey, Shanleigh!" Rose and Emily said in unison.

            "Cool car!" Shanleigh exclaimed.

            "Birthday present," Rose said.

            When they finally got to school, Rose, Shanleigh, and Emily walked up the bleachers to wait with their other friends Cole and Ryan.

            "Hey, Rose," Cole said.

            "Hey. What's up, Ryan?" Rose said.

            "Not much. How about you two?" Ryan asked.

            "Nothing at all," Shanleigh said.

            "Rose got a new car," Emily said.

            "What kind?" Cole asked.

            "A white mustang convertible," Rose said.

            "Hey, let's go get our schedules," Ryan said, and the five friends got their schedules.

            "There's only two classes we have together," Shanleigh said.

            "It's okay. We'll rough it somehow," Rose said. She had the rest of the day to find out who was in her other classes.