Early in December, a double wedding was held for Ryan and Emily and Cole and Shanleigh. Jack was best man, and Rose was matron of honor. The twins sat in the arms of their grandparents throughout the ceremony, remaining amazingly quiet until the couples finished making their vows and kissed, at which point the infants wailed in harmony.

            The following June, much to everyone's surprise, there was another double wedding. Jack's father, James, married Rose's mother, Ruth, while Rose's father, Perry, married Jack's mother, Nancy. The original couples had never been meant to be together, but through their children they met the ones they were supposed to be with, and found a lifetime of friendship and love.

            In 2003, Jack and Rose had another child, a daughter they named Sarina. She was the youngest of their children, and was doted upon by grandparents, parents, and older siblings alike. Ryan and Emily had two children, Cordelia, born in 2002, and Peter, born in 2004. Cole and Shanleigh also became the parents of twins, identical twin sons, Brian and Mark, born in 2003.

            Jack and Rose continued their careers, eventually becoming international successes. They were able to adapt to the popular tastes of the public while remaining true to their own style, despite the fact that a few fans and critics called them sell-outs for adapting. Years later, the twins, having inherited their parents voices, got together with Brian and Mark to form a band of their own, called, for good reason, Twins.

            Jack and Rose had a long and happy marriage that lasted throughout their lives, defying the odds. Many celebrity marriages split up after a time, but in spite of a few problems over the years, they remained together, their love never ending. Their friends' marriages were also successful, and, no matter what strange directions their lives took them in, the three couples remained friends forever.

The End.