"Maybe it's our Loyalists coming back for us." Rickard Gavan said before glancing towards Ganondorf. "Well, not your loyalists...if it is them I may see fit to have you executed."

"You live in such ridiculous fantasies." Ganondorf said as he leaned against the bars.

"My house is far too powerful to just let me rot in the dungeons! I'll get out and the first thing I'll do is make sure you die for getting us into this situation!" Rickard growled.

Ganondorf grit his teeth, ready rip his former General in half telekinetically when Ghirahim suddenly looked up.

"Someone's coming." the Sword Spirit said as he got to his feet.

"So it can still speak." Rickard said.

Ghirahim glared at the Noble before morphing into his Sword form and flying point first at his throat, Rickard falling onto his back with a startled yelp. "I grow tired of hearing you speak." Ghirahim said as he resumed his humanoid form.

Ganondorf's mouth grew into a thin smile as Link and Zelda entered the room. "Hm, you two are the last guests I expected, no Shiekah guardians or Sages to care for you?"

"I've proven many times I don't need any help when dealing with you." Link retorted.

"You mean aside from her." Ganondorf replied, nodding in Zelda's direction.

"We don't have time for games." Zelda hissed. "How is Majora free?"

"You're the ones who sealed him, so I thought you would know." the Gerudo man answered.

"What? Majora's on the loose?!" Rickard shouted, the room's other occupants giving him a brief glare before turning back to each other.

"I take it you won't be any help, then." Link answered.

"Don't think that just because I am your enemy I'll stand idly by and watch while an ancient Druthilidi Lord rips our world apart...you forget...I want this land too." Ganondorf said with a grin. "I know the sealing spells and rituals required to put Majora away somewhere permanently."

"Then you won't be opposed to coming with us." Zelda said, outstretching her right arm, a pair of black cuffs materializing above her palm.

"You don't seriously expect me to wear those." Ganondorf responded.

"We have no reason to trust you." Link replied.

"You seem to forgot I am the one who designed those...or have you forgotten?" the Gerudo man asked.

Link bowed his head, a slightly frustrated expression taking hold of his face, eight lifetimes ago Ganondorf had used magic inhibiting cuffs on him as he was captured mere days before their final battle...he had forgotten he gave the Hyrulean Sorcerer's Guild the idea.

"No shame in that slipping your mind, it might have had something to do with me impaling you on a tusk." Ganondorf said with a grin.

With a shout, Link drew the Master Sword and charged forward, holding the point to the Thief King's throat. Ghirahim leapt to his feet, standing still as Ganondorf stayed in place, not having moved a centimeter.

"Link, no." the Princess said quietly.

"Link, yes." Rickard Gavan said, nodding in Ganondorf's direction.

"What are you so angry about, boy?" Ganondorf asked nonchalantly. "Yes I killed you...but I've only done so once."

"You fall in our confrontations because you fight for the wrong side." Link growled in return.

"In this life you would be correct...in others...well, that's debatable." the Thief King said, glancing at the wall, envisioning his people thriving in the grassy plains of Hyrule, away from the burning sun and dried out sands of the desert. "I strayed from my true goals in this life and it's not the first time...let me out and you will have my aid."

Link and Zelda exchanged perplexed glances, Ganondorf's suddenly somber tone taking them by surprise.

"Alright, but don't make use regret this." Link said as he unlocked the cell, the warding spells breaking as he opened the door.

"You would have done well to hear what I had to say before putting me down here." Ganondorf replied as he exited the cell, Ghirahim following close behind.

Zelda eyed Ghirahim wearily, she could barely stand the sight of him ever since the days of Skyloft with the corrupted Sword Spirit feeling much the same way.

"What about me?!" Rickard called as the group reached the door.

"We thought you'd enjoy the peace and quiet." Link said before ushering the others through the door and shutting it behind him.


Hera watched as Persephone stirred, Hyrule's only Great Fairy restored at long last. "Easy, Sister, you do not want to stress yourself.

"I...I'm intact." she said, looking down at her body as her five Terminian Sisters gathered around her.

"You need to rest and regain your power." the blonde Great Fairy, Leto, said as she placed a hand on Persephone's shoulder.

"I sense something...something terrible." Persephone said, slowly lifting her upper body into a sitting position.

The Great Fairies of Termina exchanged worried glances before they turned back to their Sister. "Majora has returned to Hyrule and this time he's at full strength." the blue haired Great Fairy, Maia answered.

"Din allowed this?" Persephone asked.

"Din is nearly powerless at the moment...this is our fight to lead." the orange haired Great Fairy, Rhea, answered.

Persephone got to her feet, taking a deep breath in. "I won't allow myself to be defeated by another Druthilidi...what has happened to Ganondorf?"

The pink haired Great Fairy, Artemis, was the next to speak. "He's imprisoned in the room below us, we were to be his Guards."

"You may have noticed you don't sense the same power he once had, even the essence of Demise has split from him, he's no longer the 'Demon King'." Hera explained.

"So he still lives." Persephone said, thinking back to when he, while still united with the three Demon Lords, blew down the doors to her fountain and forcibly summoned her before shattering her essence.

"The Hero asks that you understand that he was driven to do many of the things he's done by Demise, Majora and Mahlik." Artemis said.

Persephone hardened her expression as she swept her eyes over her Sisters. "Why would the Hero request such a thing?"

"He's freed Ganondorf to aid in the battle against Majora." Hera answered.

"At least it's only Ganondorf." Rhea began. "Demise and Mahlik are gone for good, their essences destroyed by the Hero and the Princess." Rhea added.

"But he's still Ganondorf!" Persephone said as she shot to her feet, a shockwave emanating from her causing the walls to shake.

"We don't like it either." Rhea replied.

"But desperate times call for desperate measures...or so they say." Hera said, glancing out the window.


"Scouts have reported and army of Demons marching on Castle Town...I actually, foolishly, thought we were in the clear." Impa growled as she walked along Castle Town's outer walls.

Castion is recalling his men and King Ikana's generals are rallying his forces for another battle." Elgon said as he looked out over the field.

Oren leapt up onto the wall, glancing up at the moon. "I heard the stories but I never thought they were true. Just the thought that something could be so strong as to pull the moon down to us was unthinkable."

"I just can't wait for Majora to show himself...I'll see that he pays for what he's done to Abin, even if I die in the process." the Light Sage said.

"What about your powers as Sages?" Oren asked.

"We don't know if that will work on Majora, he's the strongest of the three Demon Lords and the only one of us that's actually fought him is Link." Impa said as she leaned against the wall. "Zelda battled him as Hylia but she can't remember much of anything during that time."

"Encouraging." King Daltus said as he joined them, Trystane, Aquos, Vashara and Thrakon close behind them.

"My King, I didn't know you'd be joining us." Impa replied.

"I joined the last battle, it would be poor form of me not to join this one too. Who knows, maybe the sight of their King back from the dead will strengthen morale." Daltus said with a grin.

"Are you sure that's wise?" Trystane asked.

"Many people caught sight of me during the last battle, word's already gotten out that I'm back, I embrace it." Daltus said with a laugh.

The group turned as heavy footsteps sounded from the stairs behind them, the source being King Igos du Ikana and his bodyguards. "Tonight is a good night to die." the King said, extending his hand and savoring the feeling of the breeze against it.

"I'm sorry that you have to get mixed up in this again, you're people only just received another chance at life, a chance that so many have lost already." Impa said.

"I opened the door into this world for Majora, it's only fitting that I see to it that he's dealt with." the King answered.

"Let's hope it's that easy." Impa said as she looked out over the field, Soldier's setting up rows of crosses and spikes to impede the invading army while cannons, ballistas and catapults were loaded upon the wall.


Saria watched the Kokiri as they huddled against the walls, blankets drawn tightly over them, the small beings had been brave during the battle of Kokiri Forest, but that was when the Great Deku Tree was still here...when they were still fighting humans. The Kokiri girl sighed, her people were constantly scared, the threats they faced never letting up, she had thought that the Age of the Hero of Time would be her greatest trial...she wasn't even close.

"What should we do?" a Kokiri boy named Makar called over to her.

"Pray to the Great Deku Tree and the other Forest Deities, they will protect us." Saria answered.

A quiet murmur started among the group as they followed her directions, Saria closing her eyes when the door opened behind her.

"They're asking the Sages to join the battle, even Kyra is present." Naora said as she entered.

"I need to be with my people." Saria answered.

"I know the feeling." Naora responded.

"There's no need to be worried, everything will be fine as long as we have Link and Zelda." Saria answered as she approached Naora, speaking in hushed tone.

"I pray you're right." Noara said as she headed away from the room, Saria bowing her head as she closed the door behind her.


Link and Zelda emerged onto the battlefield, the Soldiers around them giving the two nervous glances as Ganondorf followed close behind, wielding Ghirahim in his blade form.

Zelda turned for a moment, locking eyes with Impa, the Sheikah woman looking at her concernedly before resuming her patrol of the wall.

"You're nervous." Ganondorf said.

"And you aren't?" Link asked, looking up at the moon.

"I've seen it before. Remember the first time Majora tried to pull the moon from the sky? You were the Fierce Deity then." Ganondorf began. "You gave away that power too early."

"I wouldn't have had to do so if you hadn't summoned Semira into our world." Link countered.

"My intent was not to-" Ganondorf began, the man going silent as a light arrow shot past him.

"At the moment it matters not, what matters now is stopping Majora." Zelda said as she lowered her arms. "Troop morale is very low, everything should be over and yet here we are, fighting another battle."

"It may help to see us leading the charge." Link replied, glancing at Ganondorf. "All three of us."

"You think your forces will benefit from having the 'Fearsome Demon King" on your side?" Ganondorf asked sarcastically.

"Actually, yes." Zelda answered. "It may help for them to see that the most history's penultimate villain fights for us, now."

"I fight for myself." Ganondorf growled.

"That's not what it looks like to me." Zelda said, Link smirking as Ganondorf was momentarily rendered silent.

"Come, we must rally the troops." Link said as he started towards the gate.

Zelda stood back for a moment before following when Ganondorf suddenly gripped her shoulder lightly. "Unhand me or lose the hand." Zelda threatened.

"You haven't told him have you?" Ganondorf asked quietly.

"Told him what?" Zelda asked, knowing the answer all too well.

"That part of Semira's power lives on inside of you...even without Demise I can sense it, the darkness that grows within you." Ganondorf responded.

Zelda made to make another fierce reply only to suppress her anger, locking eyes with Ganondorf. "Do you know how to rid myself of it?"

"It may fade with time, but I ask you, why does this power upset you so much? Is darkness not your own brother's element?" the Gerudo man asked.

Zelda scowled and released a sigh before heading off towards a concerned Link, the Hero meeting her half way. "What did he say to you?"

"Nothing." Zelda answered.

"You wouldn't be this way over nothing." Link replied.

"Fine, you want to know?" Zelda asked as the two stopped. "Ever since Semira was exorcised from my body some part of her has remained...it's tainted my powers and I...I." she said, trailing off.

"You mean part of her consciousness lives on within your mind?" Link asked.

"No...it's just her powers." the Princess answered.

"I've tried telling her commanding both light and darkness isn't a bad thing, but I realize listening to me may be the last thing you two want to do." Ganondorf said.

"I know you're worried...but, as much as I loathe to admit it, he's right." Link began. "You have power over both sides now."

"It was how you destroyed Mahlik with such ease." Ganondorf added.

"You don't think her mind will persist within me?" Zelda asked.

"She may be a Goddess, but being run through with both legendary blades is rather...unsurvivable." Ganondorf replied.

"Even for her." Link said as he leaned forward.

"You always know how to ease my worries." Zelda said, leaning in and locking her lips with those of Link.

"You two do realize I am still here, right?" Ganondorf asked, turning to the side, closing his eyes and placing a palm on his forehead.

Link made to reply when a bolt of lightning struck the ground in front of them, none other than Hyrule's Great Fairy appearing.

"You!" she roared as she fired a bolt of energy at Ganondorf, the Gerudo man deflecting it with the Elder Blade before teleporting behind her.

"We're on the same side now." he said through gritted teeth as he tried to lock a telekinetic grip onto her, the Fairy easily breaking free and shooting a bright blue bolt of electricity at Ganondorf, the Thief King crossing his arms and blocking it with a shield of energy as he tried to dig his heels into the dirt.

"He tells the truth, he has joined us!" Link called.

"I know you want your vengeance, Persephone, I do." Zelda began. "But he isn't the same man as the one that pulled you from your fountain, he wants to help us!" Zelda called out.

Ganon leapt to the side, the Great Fairy's attack flying by him as he hit the ground rolling. "I'm here to help you!" Ganondorf shouted as he stood up.

"You don't deserve our forgiveness." Persephone seethed.

"Maybe not, but at least allow me to atone for the sin of bringing Majora back to this realm." Ganondorf said.

"You've earned yourself a stay of execution by my hand...for now." Persephone said as she suddenly stopped, locking eyes with Ganondorf before turning towards Link and Zelda. "Watch him closely." Persephone said before she teleported away.

"I don't think think your words were the only reason for her departure." Zelda said the rumble of thunder greeted them

The trio left exited the gate, the bulk of their forces having already arrived on the field. Dark red clouds began to overtake the sky, crimson flashes of lightning going off as the sound of hundreds of footfalls echoed from the woods.

"Ready!" Impa called from atop the wall.

Zelda placed her palms together before throwing her arms wide, her dress disappearing, armor of the Royal Family taking it's place. "Let's find Majora and end this quickly." she said as she summoned her rapier into her hand.

"Hopefully it will be that easy." Link answered.

Ganondorf stayed silent behind them, sensing Ghirahim's anxiousness, even in his blade form.

"What are those?" Link breathed as Majora's forces came over the hill.

"Human's corrupted by his influence." Ganondorf answered as he looked upon the creatures, having red skin, yellow and blue bulging veins, white eyes with sparse hair falling from their heads and sharp teeth lining their mouths.

"Loose!" Impa shouted.

The boom of cannons filled the air as they, the ballistas and catapults launched their payloads, crashing into the invading forces.

"I have an idea." Trystane said as he looked out over the field.

"Something tells me I won't like it." Thrakon answered.

"Probably not." the Knight replied as he extended his arm, creating a bridge of ice that extended down into Majora's horde.

"Looks like I don't have a choice now." Thrakon said as he followed Trystane.

From the east the bellow of a horn resounded, the Zora forces, being lead by Mikau and Mazu, charged forward while to the west Captain Shekilah and Chief Aveil brought their forces into battle.

"Let's not be late." Impa said as she drew her sword, Oren following suit as Lemuria, Aren, Ara and Trokon joined them.

"Attack!" Captain Keeta called, the Ikanian forces rushing forward with a renewed vigor.

"Charge!" Zelda shouted, the Knights and Soldiers around her rushing forward with a collective battle cry. The Princess drew both arms back, a torrent of light energy surging from her right hand while dark energy flowed from her left, burning away part of the front line of forces.

Link charged in, ducking underneath a whip protruding from one beast's arm before leaping to his feet and driving his sword through the nearest of Majora's abominations before taking a step back and performing a spin attack.

Ganondorf levitated into the air before dropping into the middle of Majora's forces, unleashing a massive wave of energy as he dug his blade into the ground, the earth shattering beneath him as the resulting blast scattered all of Majora's nearby creatures.

Trystane froze a group of monsters before shattering them with a strike from his blade, the Knight being able to hear Thrakon battering his way through his forces behind him. The Knight ducked under a whip only for another creature to send him sprawling with a kick, Trystane rolled out from under another creatures foot, pointing a hand up as they gathered around him, easily freezing them all on the spot. "Got you." Trystane said as he found his target, to his astonishment, Kanthos was controlling the army, his skin now the same shade of crimson, his eyes a bright yellow with black pupils while a third eye had grown in the center of his forehead, two horns on it's side. The Knight raced forward, raising walls of ice on both sides to keep Majora's creatures away.

"What is this, now?" Majora said, a smile forming to reveal his dagger like teeth.

"I've come for you!" Trystane shouted, raising his blade and thinking back to the night Cia brought him back from the dead.

Majora raised an arm, shooting a tendril straight through Trystane's chest before pulling the Knight closer. "The souls of foolish mortals make for good meals."

"If only I were mortal." Trystane said, driving his sword towards Majora's third eye only for the Demon to catch his wrist mid-swing.

"The gateway between this world and the next has been opened within you...if I hadn't found such a strong and willing host I'd be tempted to take you with how easy you've made it." Majora said as Trystane struggled against him. "However, I am satisfied with my host...so you will not be needed!" Majora said as he tossed Trystane away.

The Knight staggered to his feet, looking down at his chest as his wound healed. "I rather like that arrangement." the Knight said as he thrust his arms forward, a jet of frost shooting at Majora. "Freeze" Trystane growled.

Suddenly a blast of red flame overtook Trystane's attack, burning away his ice. The Knight fell backwards as it all gathered into one giant red sphere of flame in front of him, two glowing red eyes within it. "I can't have an immortal remaining a thorn in my side during my purge of this world...fortunately, your condition is easily reversed."

Trystane jumped to his feet, turning to escape as red tendrils of energy shot into his body, the Knight letting out a cry of pain as bright white light began to shine from his chest, the crimson tendrils wrapping around it, the light fading away until no trace of it remained. Trystane dropped to his hands and knees as Majora withdrew the tendrils. The Knight glanced at his hands, finding the scrapes he sustained after stopping his fall weren't healing. "You...you took it away." Trystane said, failing to rise to his feet, Majora's assault draining his energy.

"I merely closed a door that shouldn't have been open in the first place." Majora said as he resumed his physical form.

Trystane's eyes went wide as Majora's third eye opened wide, shooting a beam of energy in his direction. The Knight braced for it only feel a rush of wind. "Cia!" Trystane exclaimed.

The Sorceress held back Majora's beam before deflecting it completely and launching a torrent of light energy, Majora recoiling and retreating behind his nearby forces. "We need to go, now!" Cia said as she grabbed Trystane's hand, teleporting the two away.

"Stay here." Cia said as she and Trystane materialized on one of the lookout towers along Castle Town's walls.

"Stay here? Are you joking?" the Knight asked.

"You're mortal now." Cia replied.

"I always was up until recently and I've managed to survive." Trystane retorted.

"I just need you to stay here." the Sorceress said.

Trystane made to reply as Cia teleported away before making his way over to the edge of the tower and looking down. "Oh, come on." he sighed.


Lana threw a bolt of lightning through an approaching creature before turning and blowing a few more away with a telekinetic wave.

Cia materialized above her, shooting a volley of red energy bolts at the creatures around them.

"How'd he take it?" Lana asked.

"Even as weak as he was he wanted to keep on fighting." Cia said before deflecting an attack from a creature.

"Typical warrior type." Lana said with a grin.

"Shall we?" Cia asked.

"It would make this easier." Lana answered, the twin Sisters clasping hands and merging into one.

"I'd run if I were you!" the fusion called out as she rose into the air, Majora's monsters scattering as she summoned a massive tornado of fire, sweeping it across the battlefield.


King Daltus jutted a hand forward, a tree root snapping from the ground and grabbing a creature by the neck before pulling it face-first into the dirt.

Aquos sped around behind him, using his daggers to take out as many creatures as possible.

"You need to be more thorough." Vashara said as she stabbed a creature through the head.

"What do you mean?" Aquos asked, turning to find some of the creatures he had struck getting back to their feet. "I see the problem."

"Oh do you, now?" Vashara asked.

"One must destroy the head in order to defeat them permanently!" Daltus called as he summoned forth a massive oak tree, pushing his hands forward and sending it toppling onto quite a few creatures.

"These things won't stop coming, I didn't think there were this many." Vashara said as she cleaved another creature's head in two.

Suddenly a crimson haired figure tackled one of Majora's abominations to the ground, slicing it's head apart with two identical blades.

"Din?" Daltus asked.

"Don't look so surprised." the Goddess responded.

"We just heard you weren't feeling too well." Aquos replied.

"My body's fine, my powers just need to recover." Din said through bared teeth as she delivered a kick to a monster's midsection before severing it's head. "The reason there seems to be more is because Majora is creating them as we speak!"

"What can we do about that?" Vashara asked.

"Clear a path for Link, Zelda...and Ganondorf."

"Never thought I'd hear that villain mentioned in such a way." King Daltus said.

"How do you propose we find them?" Vashara asked.

"I've already found them, I'm just waiting for help to arrive." Din said.


Volga dove, raining down fire in his dragon form, the creatures below running in all directions as they burnt away. Shilara, riding atop him, leapt off, raining down a barrage of energy bolts upon Majora's forces before lunging forward and impaling one on her arm, burning it away as she destroyed the one behind it with a bolt of lightning.

Volga resumed his human form and stabbed a creature through the forehead with his lance before ripping it free and turning it upon a group behind him. "That was a one time thing." Volga growled.

"What? You think I was eager to do that again? You need to learn to fly smoother." Shilara snapped.

Marin crashed down next to them, crushing a few creatures in her Helmaroc Queen form, leaning forward and grasping a few more in her beak and tossing them off into the distance. "Get along, you two." she said with a grin.

Suddenly the three were nearly blown off their feet as a large explosion almost struck them, flames rising high into the air and sending dozens of Majora's forces flying. The trio readied themselves when none other than Erris and Wizzro made their way out of the smoke.

"Good to see you all again...even you." the Prince said, gesturing towards Shilara.

"Show off." Shilara accused.

"Volga, my loyal bodyguard, it's been too long." Erris said, striding forward and locking hands with Volga.

"As the Sage of Fire I'd say you don't need me anymore." the Dragon Knight said with a grin.

"You two are getting a bit too sentimental for me." Shilara said, heading off towards the nearest contingent of enemy soldiers.

"The three of us fighting together again, it will be just like old times." Wizzro added.

"Care to make it four?" Marin asked.

"Sure, I could use some more company." Erris responded in an uncharacteristically cheerful tone.

"Ready?" Volga asked.

"Always." Wizzro answered as the four charged forward.


Link deflected a ball of flame before charging forward and cutting the creature down the middle. "These things are evolving."

"They're just learning to use abilities they already had." Ganondorf replied as one opened it's mouth unnaturally wide and shot a stream of green flame at him, the the Gerudo Sorcerer catching it telekinetically and forming it into a ball before hurling it back at the creature.

"Why have we yet to see Majora? I doubt he hides from us." Zelda replied as she sliced a creature in half with her rapier before leaping back and loosing a wave of light energy onto a group of creatures near her.

Link performed a helm splitter on a monster before dodging a strike from another, lunging upward and driving the Master Sword through it's head. "He was pretty evasive during my time in Termina."

Ganondorf cleaved a group of creatures in half with the Elder Blade before turning sharply and elbowing another in the face, cutting it down the center while it's staggered backwards. "He's using the creatures against us instead of attacking personally."

"Just like in Termina." Link said with a shrug, performing a spin attack.

"I suppose that's why they seem to be focusing on us." Zelda added.

"I have an idea." Link said.

"What would that be?" Ganondorf asked.

"The three of us have never fought side-by-side before so I didn't think of it, but now would be the perfect time to try it." the Hero replied,

"I know what you speak of, it would be effective." Zelda answered.

"Ganondorf-" Link began, the Thief King interrupting him.

"You needn't explain it to me, you two used a version of it against me once." Ganondorf growled.

"Fine then, let's do it." Link side.

The three met back to back, holding out their arms before bending them at the elbow and lifting their fists into the air. As the creatures converged on them their parts of the Triforce began to glow until they built into a blinding golden light, Link, Zelda and Ganondorf cried out as they thrust their fists forward, a wave of golden light sweeping across the battlefield and vaporizing a great number of Majora's forces.

Across the battlefield all eyes turned to them, even the creatures were momentarily distracted.

"So that's what they're capable of together." Cia/Lana said.

"Was that...?" Daltus began.

"Link, Zelda and Ganondorf." Impa replied.


Majora's eyes burned red with rage, he had never thought of any of the others as threats, instead diverting the majority of his forces towards Link, Zelda and Ganondorf, but with this newfound power it may not be enough.

"All of you." Majora hissed, each and every creature pausing as he spoke. "Ignore the others, kill the three."


Link, Zelda and Ganondorf stepped away from each other, their victory short-lived as every creature in the field paused, their eyes slowly turning towards them.

"That's not good." Link remarked.

"You don't say." Ganondorf growled.

In a second all of Majora's forces raced towards the Hero, the Princess and the former Demon King, the forces of the Hyrule, Gamelon, Labrynna and Termina doing their best to slow them down to no avail.

Link and Ganondorf readied themselves, glancing back at Zelda as she took a step back.

"They're here." the Princess said.

"What do you mean? Who is here?" Ganondorf asked.

As if on queue, the Great Fairies of Termina and Hyrule appeared overhead, raining down bolts of energy onto the enemy forces while the Four Giants appeared at the edges of battlefield, quickly storming in and crushing Majora's forces underfoot. The allied forces retreated as the creatures attempted to avoid destruction when suddenly plant life burst from the ground, vines and roots tearing the creatures apart as Deku, Macku and Baga emerged from the earth.

"Look!" Link called out.

Majora rose into the air in the distance before shooting up into the moon.

"Is he running away?" Zelda asked.

"No, he's just activating his ultimate weapon." Link answered.

"Then let's go put an end to this." the Princess answered, a remaining group of creatures heading the group off as they started forward.

"We don't have time for this." Ganondorf growled as a red aura rose around him.

Suddenly a group of Gerudo warriors dashed in, making short work of the creatures before them, their leader turning to face them.

"Naora." Ganondorf said.

"I've been looking for you." the Gerudo woman answered.

"There's much I want to say..." Ganondorf said, trailing off.

"You do know we're still here, right?" Link asked with a smirk, Zelda and Naora shooting him a glare.

"Things can't go back to how they were...not soon anyway." Naora began, the Gerudo women behind her eyeing Ganondorf wearily. "But I am willing to hear you out."

"Naora, I-" Ganondorf began.

"Let's save it for after this." the Gerudo woman replied.

"I second that notion." Zelda responded, looking up at the moon as it's eyes began to glow.

"Destroy...destroy everything." Majora said, his voice resounding through the moon and echoing across Hyrule.

Ganondorf gave Naora one last look, his former betrothed nodding at him as he met with Zelda and Link, the three placing their hands together before closing their eyes, their bodies being surrounded by golden light before they shot upwards, into the moon.


"Are you sure this is the best course of action?" Edward asked as he led Audrik down a steep flight of stairs.

"Trust me, I'd love to be outside partaking in another battle, but we'll need this." the Prince answered.

"I thought you had quite an aversion to it due to...earlier circumstances." the engineer replied.

"Safe to say I'm past that." the Prince answered as the two rounded a corner, an enormous room lying ahead of them, it's occupant nearly taking up the entire space.

"The Golem should be completely repaired." Edward said.

Audrik nodded as he stepped forward and snapped his fingers, long troughs along the walls springing alight with flame, the orange glow that was cast over the room revealing the enormous stone figure, made to look like an imposing Knight and infused with magic to animate it. "Hard to believe Link took this thing down on his own." Audrik said.

"Yes, well, before his betrayal, Minister Tonbridge reactivated some of the spells but not all." Edward explained.

"Which ones did he miss?" the Prince asked.

"It can't generate bombs anymore and it no longer has autonomous functionality." Edward responded.

"I'm fine as long as it has the warding placed on it to make sure it doesn't fall apart from it's own weight." Audrik answered.

"You'll need this!" Edward called as the Prince started forward.

Audrik whirled around to find the engineer holding a familiar artifact. "Is that the Scepter of Gamelon? I've been wondering where it went."

"Well, after learning it was used to...put an end to one of the Hero's friends quite savagely...Princess Kayala didn't want it." Edward began. "So I took possession of it, to study it and learn it's secrets. Turns out it was easily able to kill somewhat powerful Demons due the fact it taps directly into the natural field of magical energy that surrounds and passes through everything, the Golem works the same way. I was able to connect the two, so you can control the Golem simply by holding the Scepter and thinking of what you want it to do."

"So you're telling me I could make it dance a merry jig if I so desired?" Audrik asked.

"Well, yes, but I highly doubt that's the correct course of action right now.

"Oh calm down. Edward, I was just asking..say...how'd you come to know so much about magic anyhow?" Audrik asked.

"I know I am in the Crown's employ as an engineer, but first and foremost I am a scholar, I've researched magic thoroughly even though I myself am not capable of it. Aside from that, most technology these days utilizes magic, so I had to learn about it to some degree." Edward answered.

"Edward, remind me to promote you when this is all over." the Prince said.

"But I've already gone as high as an engineer can go." Edward responded, a slightly confused tone to his voice.

"Then remind me to make a new higher position just for you...but for now, you need to run." Audrik said.

"Yes, right away." Edward said as he saw the Golem's hand twitch, his curiosity about this new position being overridden by self-preservation as he sprinted up the stairs.


"They just went up into the moon." Thrakon said, a hint of disbelief in his voice despite having just seen it.

"This is the endgame." Elgon replied.

Suddenly the moon lurched forward, beginning a slow descent towards them. A panic broke out on the battlefield, everyone running for their lives.

"The moon falls! We have lost!" King Igos du Ikana called out.

"No." Cia/Lana replied as she separated back into Lana and Cia.

"It's just the beginning." Cia added.

Din looked up, Farore and Nayru flashing through her mind, the Goddess growing enraged with her lack of power. She could stop this, she could stop Majora, but she'd foolishly pushed her mortal body to it's limits. "Best of luck, little Sister." she whispered.

The Four Giants rushed forward, once again using their immense power to hold back the moon, the Great Fairies and the Forest Deities lending their aid. The moon pushed back, all thirteen of the entities struggling against it.

"We need another set of hands." one of the Giants called out.

On queue, the Golem burst from the ground, tearing it's way through the earth over the room it formerly occupied.

"Is that?" Oren began, focusing on the Golem's shoulder.

Impa took a step forward and squinted, seeing Audrik standing atop the shoulder of the stone giant, holding onto the Scepter of Gamelon. "It's the Prince."

"I let Lermuria talk me into being Audrik's bodyguard and she let's him do this." Oren replied.

Audrik swung the Scepter Forward, the Golem breaking into a sprint, the Prince barely keeping himself magically fastened to the Giant's shoulder. As soon as he passed by the giants he raised the Golem's arms, placing it's hands against the moon and jabbing the Scepter upwards, the Golem putting all of it's strength to use.


"Best of luck, little Sister." Din's voice echoed in Zelda's mind, the Princess closing her eyes and bowing her head.

Link watched as the moon's gaping maw drew near, expecting to find himself in the sunlit, grassy and peaceful meadow like before. As the three arrived inside the moon he was overcome by shock, the grass was dead and grey, the skies overcast with black thundering clouds and the one tree positioned in the center of this strange scene was in flames.

"Link...I thought you said this place was peaceful." Zelda asked.

"It was supposed to be." Link answered as he stepped forward.

Ganondorf knelt down, picking up a pile of ash from the ground. "Whatever this was, he's corrupted it completely." the Thief King said.

The trio exchanged glances before starting forward, making a few paces when a loud crack of thunder stopped them in their steps, casting a red flash over the ruined meadow as Majora stepped out from behind the tree, now completely transformed.

"Kanthos gives you his regards." Majora growled.

"So that's who let you out, I knew he was fool." Ganondorf replied.

"You should have stayed in the mask." Link remarked.

Majora looked over the three of them, his eyes landing on Zelda. "I was always so disappointed that it was Demise that killed the great Hylia the Gold...I suppose killing 'Princess Zelda' will be my consolation."

All three leapt to the side as Majora shoved him arms forward, two long whips shooting out. Ganondorf shot a bolt of crimson lightning at the Demon, Majora batting it away before leaping upward and raising a whip, Zelda shielding herself just in time. Link dashed forward, performing a spin attack, Majora dodging it before charging back in and delivering a kick to the Hero's chest that sent him sprawling.

"Careful, boy." Ganondorf said as he caught Link telekinetically. Before Link could respond, Ganondorf shot at Majora, the Gerudo man slashing madly at him, the Demon avoiding every strike before extending his arms and catching Ganondorf's hands.

"You will pay for all the time I spent imprisoned within your mind." Majora said, his third eye glowing yellow before a beam of energy shot from it, striking Ganondorf in the midsection and driving him into the ground.

Majora began to laugh when suddenly a burning pain shot through his body, the Demon whirled around to find Zelda, light bow drawn.

"I don't think we've officially met." the Princess said, firing a series of light arrows in rapid succession, pelting Majora as the Demon fell to one knee. "I am Princess Zelda of House Hyrule, not Hylia, you will know this before I kill you." she growled before extending one hand, a wave of light energy smashing into Majora and sending the Demon flying backwards.

Link took advantage of this, his Triforce of Courage shining brilliantly as he slashed the Master Sword through the air, a beam of golden energy hitting Majora dead center and holding him there while an energy construct of the Triforce built around him. "Haven't used this one in a while." Link said before shooting forward, Majora screeching as Link's Triforce empowered slashes tore across his body before the final one sent him flying across the meadow.

With a roar Majora came flying back, his wounds healing only to be knocked from the air by flying kick from Ganondorf, the Thief King taking a step back with a grin on his face.

"You think you've won." Majora called out as Link, Zelda and Ganondorf gathered around him. "But this is not over." Majora said, calling on his Anteforce of Madness.

Link watched as more creatures seemingly appeared, quickly converging on him. Zelda began making her way over to Link when suddenly a voice called her.

"You didn't think I was really gone, did you?" Semira mocked.

"What? You can't be here." Zelda said as she brought a hand up, firing a bolt of light energy that passed straight through the dark Goddess.

"I'm above that, now." Semira said as she leapt onto Zelda.

"Damn...it isn't real, you fools!" Ganondorf shouted as he watched Zelda fall to the ground and Link slash madly at thin air, Ganon's own Anteforce shielding him from the effects of Majora's.

Ganondorf turned towards Majora just as the Demon Lord shot a whip at him, the weapon binding his arms to his sides and channeling a powerful electric shock through his body. Majora gripped Zelda with another whip while producing yet another from his chest, catching Link.

"The army, the attack, it was only for the three of you." Majora growled as he increased the severity of the shock, Link, Zelda and Ganondorf clenching their teeth in pain. "I didn't care about the others, I just needed all of you out of the way and once you are I will crush the Giants, the Fairies and any other Deity you cling to along with all those you hold dear and I will laugh as your world is reduced to dust."

Zelda heard Majora's words, distantly at first, but she clung on to them, focusing and as she heard them more clearly she overcame Majora's power, the vision of Semira fading away. "No." she growled, tendrils of darkness sprouting from her back and forcing the whip to loosen. "You." she continued as she freed herself. "WON'T!" she roared, a golden aura roaring to life around her right side, a black and purple aura coming over her left as her right eye glowed gold, the left turning black, two wings extending out from her back, one red and the other gold.

"What is this?" Majora snarled.

Zelda levitated into the air and lifted her hand, a blade of light forming around it. With lightning quick speed she used it to sever the whips the held Link and Ganondorf, Majora making a quick yelp of pain before retracting them.

Link fell to the ground, fighting against Majora's Anteforce of Madness, the beasts that assaulted him fading in and out.

Ganondorf watched as Zelda threw alternating bolts of light and dark energy at Majora, the Demon Lord raising a barrier of energy to shield itself. "I'll make sure you can't use this ever again." the Thief King said as he lifted his palm, the Anteforce of Rage exiting his body, Ganondorf hesitated for a second before crushing the crimson triangle in his palm.

Link opened his eyes wide as his hallucinations faded, looking up to see Ganondorf dropping a collection of dark red shards onto the ground. "You destroyed it." Link said.

"The Anteforce of Fear was destroyed with Mahlik, so now that my part is gone, the last can no longer survive." Ganondorf said.

Nearby Zelda rained down blades of light and darkness upon Majora, the Demon teleporting above her and pounding her back to the ground with both fists, the Princess landing with a thud. Zelda got up quickly and launched another volley of light arrows as Link and Ganondorf ran past her, the two performing simultaneous spin attacks, breaking Majora's shield and sending him stumbling back before Ganondorf rushed at him, planting a dark energy empowered punch in the Demon's stomach, sending him skidding back on his heels while Link followed up with a helm splitter, cleaving Majora straight down the center, Zelda finishing up with a combined blast of dark and light energy.

The three Triforce holders backed off, watching as Majora fell to his hands and knees, shaking. "You can't win, I won't let you!" Majora screamed as he he stood, red smoke pouring from him as waves of crimson fire shot across the field, setting everything alight, the three using their Triforce Pieces to raise a shield, blocking the waves of Demonic fire when the ground beneath their feet shuddered.

"He's exerting more force on the moon." Ganondorf said through bared teeth.

"He's using all of his energy, we can't get close to him." Zelda replied.

"We have one thing we can still try." Link answered.

"If we do this it might kill us as we are the sources of the Triforce's power now." Ganonorf answered.

"That's a risk I'm willing to take." Link replied.

"Going back to the Sacred Realm wouldn't be too bad." Zelda said, Audrik, Daltus, Impa and Lemuria flashing through her mind, her only family and closest friends in this life.

Ganondorf growled before shrugging. "if we do die just promise you'll get me out of the Dark World."

"What about the shield?" Link asked.

Ganondorf tossed his sword into the air, the blade transforming into Ghirahim. "You know what I need." Ganondorf said.

"I can't do it alone." Ghirahim replied.

"Here." Link said, outstretching the Master Sword, Fi emerging from it.

The two sword Spirits stood shoulder to shoulder, taking over maintaining the shield.

"This doesn't mean we're friends." Ghirahim growled.

"Judging by your demeanor, I do not think I'd wish to be friends with you." Fi replied.

Ghirahim gave his fellow Sword Spirit an agitated glance before turning back towards the shield.

"Ready?" Zelda asked.

Link and Ganondorf nodded as they held out their hands, their pieces of the Triforce leaving them and joining with Zelda's in midair.

"We have to be concise." Zelda began. "We have to have one wish, we can't add anything on."

"I understand." Link said.

"I finally get to use this and it's not to take Hyrule for myself...some other time then." Ganondorf said, the other two glaring at him. "I jest." the Thief King said half-heartedly.

Zelda, Link and Ganondorf placed their hands on the Triforce as Ghirahim and Fi struggled to hold the shield, red cinders falling around them as Majora's cry of rage echoed.

"We wish for Majora's complete and permanent destruction." the trio said together, raising their arms to shield themselves as the Triforce gave off a massive pulse of golden energy, tearing through the meadow, extinguishing the flames and striking Majora, the Trifroce's energy surrounding him, golden flames erupting out of his mouth and eyes, the Demon Lord letting out one last bellow as he exploded in a flash of golden energy, the entire meadow beginning to dissolve away.

Link fell to his knees, Zelda moving to catch him before falling too, only Ganondorf remaining on his feet, albeit barely.

"The moon hasn't stopped." he breathed.

"Majora made sure it would finish the job, with or without him." Link answered.

Zelda tried to call forth more power, managing to draw on some of her energy, her aura fading as quick as it came. "I...I can't do it, I'm sorry." Zelda said.

The three exchanged glances as the moon stayed it's course.


Audrik took to channeling his own power into the Golem, it's stone arms starting to crack under the pressure.

"We can't hold it much longer." one of the giants called.

"Majora's been destroyed...I felt it." Cia said as she watched the Deities along with Audrik try to repel the moon. "So why hasn't it stopped?"

"Is there anything we can do? Maybe we can lend our energy to them." King Daltus suggested.

"No." Din said as she stepped forward. "I'm not watching anymore, this is my world and I'm going to protect it."

"I thought you were drained." Lana replied.

"I have a way to put the moon back where it's supposed to be, but someone has to be there get Link, Zelda...and Ganondorf out." Din answered.

"Just checking, must we really save him?" Daltus asked.

"He's done a decent job beginning to redeem himself...he was my choice after all." Din said before turning and walking towards the battlefield. Everyone watched as she weaved her way around the feet of the Giants and past the Fairies, the Goddess focusing her thoughts on Farore and Nayru, closing her eyes as she pulled the energy they left behind into herself, the natural magic that existed in Hyrule combining with it as it flowed into her, Din taking a deep breath as she was revitalized. She thought for a moment of trying to use all of this power to restore things to the way they were before, to remain, to become a new religious leader for Hyrule, to restore their faith in her. She smiled, it wasn't that simple, everyone had a time and this was her's, she only wished she could stay and say goodbye to Zelda, to Link and to tell Ganondorf she was proud of the way he changed and to keep on bettering himself, but there was no such thing as a perfect ending, saving her people was good enough. Din roared as she brought forth all of the energy she collected, her human body collapsing into dust as she took on her true form, her ethereal golden form growing taller and taller until she dwarfed the Great Fairies, the giants even, Din took hold of the moon between her hands and flew upward, burning through the atmosphere, the energies her body was composed of began to destabilize as she penetrated the stratosphere and with one last thrust returned the moon to it's place. "Goodbye, little Sister." she breathed as she fell backward, her body collapsing into thousands of golden particles, each drifting off into space, giving birth to many new stars.


"Did you feel that?" Link asked, barely able to stay conscious.

"Din..she sacrificed herself to save everyone." Zelda said as a tear trailed down her cheek.

"Times like now, I wish I could have lead my life in a more noble fashion." Ganondorf began. "I never thought it would end like this...I thought you two might be near me when I died...but not in this way." he said between breaths.

The three lost consciousness has the last of the air left them, the meadow Majora had constructed long since having disintegrated, leaving Link, Zelda and Majora in a dark cavern deep below the moon's surface.

Suddenly a bright flash lit the cave, Cia materializing, a forcefield containing air around her. She quickly levitated Link, Zelda and Ganondorf into the bubble before turning to find both the Master Sword and Elder Blade lying on the ground, Fi and Ghirahim inert within. "Time to go." Cia said as she grabbed the blades telekinetically before teleporting away with the three.


Link nodded, looking up at the ship as the last of the Kokiri boarded, not as frightened of the outside world as they once were.

"So you're sure you have to do this?" Link asked.

"It's the only way, we keep on getting swept up into conflicts that my people honestly aren't prepared for." Saria said, glancing back.

"So, where are you all going?" the Hero inquired.

"There's a small island out in the Great Sea located quite far away from most other land masses and even further away from populated ones...it wasn't much but Deku, Maku and Baga are integrating themselves into it to make it a suitable home for us." Saria answered.

Link gave a half smile, after the battle Captain Castion offered a ship to Kokiri, the Lokomo soldiers having lost too many to crew it properly. "And you're sure you have to go?"

"My people aren't warriors, they aren't suited for it, you know that." Saria began. "They need a safe haven where the Forest Deities can together watch over them as intended...and they need me as their leader."

"Will I ever see you again?" Link asked.

"You'll live many lives and in our new home, I will live on...I'm sure we will meet again." the Kokiri girl said with a small smile.

"You know...it's funny." Link began.

"What might that be?" Saria asked.

"Scholars who've researched the Era of the Hero of Time, they assumed ours was a romantic relationship." Link laughed.

"How misguided, I hope you set them straight." Saria said with a laugh.

Link knelt down so he was eye to eye with Saria, the two embracing as the ship prepared to set out behind them.

"Goodbye, little mother." Link said.

"I'll see you again, I promise." Saria said as the two parted. "Before I go I have to give you this." Saria started.

"You should keep it, it belongs to you." Link answered.

"It needs to be here, in Hyrule." Saria answered, outstretching her arm, a glowing orb of green energy levitated just above her palm. "See to it that it finds a worthy host...a worthy successor for me."

"There's no one out there who can be as great a Sage as you were...but I'll do my best." Link answered.

Saria nodded with a smile, a tear streaming down her cheek as the ball of energy crystallized into a transparent green gemstone, a faint glow within it.

"So this is it." Link said.

"It is." Saria responded.

"I'll see you soon." Link replied.

"And I'll hold you to that." Saria said as she turned, walking towards the ship.


"I can't thank you enough." Zelda said.

"It's the least we can do." Captain Castion replied.

Zelda cast here eyes over to Link and Saria, she thought of joining them, but it was best it was just the two of them as they said their goodbyes. "I'm sorry about your men, you've already lost so much."

"So that thing General Impa was talking about..." Castion began.

"The Triforce?" Zelda asked.

"Can you really use it to bring back all of those that were lost?" the Captain continued.

Zelda cast her eyes downward, turning her hand over, the gray outline of the Triforce still appearing on the back of it. "Maybe, someday..." Zelda answered. Without Din, Farore and Nayru the Triforce's power wasn't what it used to be, Zelda, Link and Ganondorf not having the same divine power that they did, thus they avoided using the Triforce's wish granting power unless they absolutely had to, which they unfortunately did.

"Well...when that someday comes make damn sure you send word ahead...I want to give all those who come back a good welcome." Castion said.

"I will do just that." Zelda said with a smile.

Castion returned the smile, although his sadness was clear. "Well, we best get moving, we're losing daylight."

"Best of luck, Captain, may our paths cross again." Zelda replied.

Captain Castion smiled and gave Zelda a nod before heading back towards his small fleet's flagship.

"Saria!" Zelda called.

"Don't tell you thought I'd forget to say goodbye." the Kokiri girl said as she made her way over to Zelda.

"Of course not...I just wanted to say, if you and the Kokiri ever need anything, anything at all, don't hesitate to send for it." the Princess said.

"Thank you, Zelda, your kindness has humbled me every time we've met." Saria answered.

"I'm sorry to see you leave your powers as a Sage behind, I'll see to it you're remembered as well as I will make sure your role as the Forest Sage is shifted into good hands, just as my Sisters would have done." Zelda responded.

"Thank you, Princess." Saria said with a genuine grin.

"No need to thank me, safe travels to you and your people." Zelda answered, Saria taking a bow before heading for the boat.

"You think they'll be alright?" Link asked.

"They've done just fine on their own for centuries, I would've thought you'd know that much." Zelda replied, placing a hand on Link's shoulder.

"It just makes me a bit uneasy, knowing the Goddesses aren't here to watch over them...I know they have Deku, Macku and Baga...but I'm still not sure." Link replied.

"I hope it eases your worries to know that the Great Fairies have ascended to the Sacred Realm, soon they'll be able to occupy the roles my Sisters did." Zelda said.

"I'm just shocked Baga agreed to join them." Link remarked.

"As am I, it seems to be a trend in this life, individuals who have tried to kill me switching to our side of things." the Princess answered.

Link swept Zelda up in his arms, the two sharing a kiss before Link let her back down, still holding her close. "From now on, I'll make sure no one attempts such a thing again."

"Please, I can handle myself, I've proven that." Zelda said with a laugh.

"That you have." Link said. "That you have."


The land took long to heal, Hyrule Field baring the scars of this era's battles for many years, serving as a reminder of past mistakes. Through tragedy, though, came triumph, even though the losses were great new unions and civilizations were born from them.

Cia and Lana went on to become the High Priestesses of the newly reestablished Ikana helping to lead the Ikanians into the new age with King Igos du Ikana mobilizing his people in revitalizing their home while branching out into new areas.

Erris went on to become King of Labrynna and marry Princess Kayala of Gamelon, uniting the two countries under one banner. For his loyalty, King Erris appointed Volga Chancellor of Holodrum, the Dragon Knight bringing his own brand of authority to politics.

Elgon became the new Minister of Sorcery whilst Edward was made the Minister of Engineering, a new position created by Prince Audrik, Lord Halland was appointed Minister of Education, Doctor Garrickson became Minister of public health, the mantle of Minister of Foreign Affairs was handed down to Aren with Minister Hawkwood resuming his post as Minister of Royal Affairs.

Impa maintained her position as General while Oren became the new Admiral following Ginthorne, Ara and Trokon taking up the task of defending the Royal Family.

Trystane went on to become Captain of the Castle Town Guard, still finding time to see Cia as often as possible, something made easy with her teleportation abilities, even though, once Cia became pregnant with their son, Trystane resigned from his post and became a resident of Ikana, pledging his service to the King.

Thrakon, while at first refusing Knighthood in order to resume his life as a mercenary, found that his time with the Hyrulean army had swayed him and accepted a commission as Captain of the Lanayru Province Guard, before taking up the post of Captain of the Castle Town Guard after his good friend Trystane's departure.

Mikau decided not to go back with his people, instead opting to stay with the Hyrulean River Zora to help them rebuild, later marrying Queen Mazu and becoming a new father figure to Kyra, this union causing the Great Bay Zora of Termina to join with the River Zora to create the Zora Nation, the two races of Zora even smoothing over relations with their cousin race the Zola before extending an invitation to them.

Chief Darbrakus of the Hyrulean Gorons however, was less peace minded, after allying with Darmani of the Terminian Gorons the two created the Magnar Empire in honor of Chief Elder Magnar of the Holodrum Gorons, who themselves were exterminated by the Dinolfos armies. Darbrakus and Darmani have promised to hunt down every last Dinolfos and Lizalfos, tensing relations with the Hylian government.

The Knights of Hytopia were formally disbanded a year after the Battle against Majora, Aquos and Vashara choosing to stay in service of the King as his bodyguards while Marin was allowed to go off on her own, her past deeds forgiven as she finally went home, Din having brought Koholint Island into reality as part of her final act, the former Knight of Hytopia finally reuniting with her family and her people after centuries.

At Zelda and Audrik's insistence, King Daltus retook the throne, becoming the King of Hyrule once more after over a decade of absence, the people being thrilled with his return.

Audrik and Lemuria were wed almost immediately after the war ended, the two bringing their daughter Irene, named after Aren's fallen brother Iren, into the world not long after, the Shiekah clan welcoming her as one of them.

Link extended the invitation to his mother and Sister to come to Castle Town, his mother declining as she didn't want to leave the house Link's father built, Link in turn offered to move the house to Castle Town within the grounds of Hyrule Castle itself, his mother and sister finally accepting, King Daltus meeting his future in laws as they arrived.

Trials later began for those involved with the Dragmire Imperium, Shilara was acquitted after she lead the townspeople in a revolt against the Dragmire forces and returned home with her mother Kali and father Orvik, Rickard Gavan however, was not so lucky, the former Noble being executed for his role in the war.

Ganondorf and Naora were to be tried, but efforts to find them proved futile. Some said they had been sighted in the Gerudo settlement, but Hylian forces failed to find them there, other reports came in saying that they were living among the seafaring Gerudo of Termina, but Captain Shekilah refused to allow anyone other than her fellow Gerudo entry, but it's been said he and Naora made up and now have children of their own, just as strong in magic as their father.

As for Link and Zelda, they continued on their adventures, looking for any remnants from the days of the Dragmire Imperium, their journey taking them from the furthest reaches of Hyrule to the shores of Termina and the borders of Holodrum and Labrynna, old friends and allies helping them along the way. The two finally returned however after Zelda became pregnant, Cia returning to monitor the pregnancy herself along with Doctor Garrickson, the two finding Zelda was pregnant with triplets, something unprecedented in Hylians. Nine months later Zelda and Link welcomed three daughters into the world, their eyes being red, green and blue, the Hero and Princess granting them the only names they had ever had, Din, Nayru and Farore.

The End

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