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Naruto watched as Sasuke charged a Chidori. But because of the curse mark, the Chidori changed into a black silvery color. Naruto then charged his own Rasengan and because of the Kyuubi's chakra, the ball turned red. Both stared at each other, preparing the attack that would change everything. Suddenly, they both lunged at each other from the sides of the Valley of the End.



When they clashed, their attacks caused a shockwave of power to erupt. Both attacks seemed equal in power, neither overpowering the other. Then suddenly, a void of chakra appeared. Taking this opportunity when he saw Naruto distracted for a second, Sasuke thrusted his attack straight into Naruto's chest, causing Naruto to use his Rasengan to scratch Sasuke's headband. The giant ball of chakra that they were inside expanded more and began to destroy the walls of the Valley. As it began to grow more and more, neither Naruto nor Sasuke noticed something opening from thin air right beneath them, or the person that had arrived to the Valley.

In a great explosion, everything became quiet apart from the raging waterfall. Neither Naruto, Sasuke, nor the person was present, meaning the end of their battle.

(In an Unknown Location)

After a few hours of unconsciousness, Naruto groggily woke up. His blue eyes opened and looked around, but it was as if he wasn't fully awake. The memories of what happened suddenly flashed through his mind, forcing Naruto to widen his eyes and instantly stand up, only to fall to the ground due to his severe injuries and shout out in pain 'Damn' he thought 'My chakra still hasn't recovered enough and the fox hasn't healed me. Looks like I'm going be stuck here for a while' Moving so that he was at least on his knees, he looked around not recognizing where he was. "This isn't the Valley of the End" he muttered "Did I fall down river then?" Looking around some more, something caught his eyes. It was his friend Gaara, who just so happened to be walking towards him "Gaara?"

"Naruto" he replied with a nod and his arms crossed "Are you alright?" he asked, some concern showing in his eyes.

Smirking, he replied, "I've been better. Do you think you could help? The damn fox isn't healing me."

"What happened?" asked Gaara as he set Naruto in a sitting position to see the damage "All I remember was arriving at the Valley, saw a bright flash, and then found myself here with you"

Struggling for a moment to take his jacket and shirt off to help Gaara assess the injuries, Naruto replied "Sasuke, he used that Chidori on me but his Curse Mark was powering it and it over powered my Rasengan" Naruto grunted as Gaara dabbed the wound with disinfectant, which he got with bandages from a sealing scroll, before dressing the wound. "Do you know where we are?"

Shaking his head as he finished tying the bandages, Gaara spoke "No. I looked around but I have never seen anything like this place before" Getting a confused look from the blond, Gaara just said "Let me show you"

Helping Naruto up and putting his arm over his shoulders, Gaara helped Naruto walk for a minute "I still don't understand what you mean when you said you haven't seen anything like this place" Looking away from the red head, Naruto's eyes widen "Oh, that's why" he said and felt as if his jaw managed to drop to the ground. He expected to see an entrance of a forest as one surrounded the Valley. But instead of trees, all Naruto could see was floating rocks above and below him in random places "This can't be possible", he muttered.

Gaara looked to the 'sky' and scrunched his eyes "I cannot tell the time" he said, drawing Naruto's attention "But judging by it's appearance, it must be late so we should get some rest to recover our chakra"

"Good idea" agreed Naruto as he finally noticed that he was still tired from the events that had happened. With Gaara's help they managed to find a spot that was good enough to rest at. Lying down, Naruto watched as Gaara just sat down and kept watch. He wondered why he wasn't trying to sleep, until he remembered that Gaara had severe insomnia. Not bothering to mention it, Naruto just shut his eyes and tried to get some sleep.

In a temple in another world called Azareth a girl, around the age of twelve, was reading an old book. Her name was Raven. As she read, she suddenly sensed something amiss but as she looked about for the problem, nothing seemed wrong. Thinking it was just her imagination, she went back to reading, but the feeling was still there and it distracted her from her book 'Maybe meditating will help.' she thought as she sat cross legged. Taking deep breaths, she began to float as he began to chant "Azarath...Metrion...Zinthos" The next thing that Raven knew, she was now inside her mind. Looking around, she saw the same floating rocks that she has seen for many years, knowing that it was a normal thing in her mind. Not seeing anything wrong, she just walked in a random direction hoping to shake off the strange feeling she still has. As she was walking, she began to think about her life at the temple. She didn't hate it; it's just that she wished she could do something different. She even found an old spell that let people travel dimensions, and she was thinking of using it, but her fear was holding her back. She then stopped when she saw something that shouldn't have been there.


Right at her feet was a small puddle of blood and a trail leading away from it. Widening her eyes, the thought of someone inside her head without her even knowing it, scared her. Following the blood trail, she saw it lead to a secluded spot and quickly hid behind a boulder that just so happened to be near by. Being careful to stay silent and not to be noticed, Raven put up her hood and looked around the boulder, only to see two people that she has never seen before. One was sitting further away from the other and seemed to be deep in thought. Looking at the other, Raven couldn't help but stare a little for reasons unknown to her. Her eyes looked over the blond hair but saw the bloody bandages on his topless chest. Realizing that the boy, who looked the same age as her, was topless, Raven couldn't stop the blush that appeared.

Sensing something wrong, Raven quickly jumped away and saw a sand dome appear where she was standing. Looking at where the sand came from, she saw the same boy that was sitting away, staring at her with no emotion "Who are you and what do you want?" he asked calmly

"I should be asking that" said Raven, making sure to keep an eye on the blond in case he makes a move. But judging by the injury, she would pay more attention to the red head in front of her "Where did you come from?" Gaara didn't so much as move "Answer me" Still nothing. Quickly noticing the sand around her feet, Raven jumped away and encased a few rocks in black energy before firing them at Gaara. The sand moved once more and created a shield that blocked the attack 'How is he controlling the sand?' thought Raven as she dodged the sand and kept throwing rocks 'I don't sense any magic but there is something there'

Unfortunately because she was distracted, she never noticed Naruto sneaking up behind her with kunai at her neck "Please stop" he said with a calm voice that froze Raven "We will answer your questions as long as you answer ours. Alright?" Raven thought for a moment before giving a stiff nod "Good" finished Naruto as he removed the kunai, allowing Raven to move again.

Looking at the blond behind her, who looked like he would drop from exhaustion, she stole a quick glance to where he was suppose to be sleeping. Only to see the same blond sitting in the same spot. Quickly turning her head back to the Naruto in front of her, she saw him smile at her then disappear in a puff of smoke. Thinking and hoping that would be explained, Raven decided to keep quiet about that and walked to where the two were now sitting "You shouldn't have done that" said Gaara to his friend "You would have aggravated your wound"

"Yeah, well, I didn't" said Naruto as he crossed his arms. He looked at Raven and gave her a smile "My name's Naruto Uzumaki and my friend here is Gaara. What's yours?"

'Did he really just introduce himself that easily?' thought Raven in suspicion "My name is...Raven" she finally said after a moment of silence.

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