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Background: So this story had been published as a thank you to all my readers when I wrote my first story OTWAB. But a small incident with a hacker made me lose all of my stories. Discouraged, I told me readers (my dear, dear readers), that I utterly refuse to write a single word of this one-shot. Poor things were pretty nice about it but after nearly a year, I finally placed my hands on the keyboard.

So surprise!

This does not have any romance. Kindly respect this viewpoint.

All of my stories are connected. But you do not have to read one to understand the other.\

Enjoy! :)



"Now the customs of the Elves of Eryn Lasgalen were far different than that of their race in any other land. Living in a forest that was shadowed by war and evil, they lived together as united, closely knit kingdom. It is often said that their loyalty in their king, Thranduil son of Oropher, was what saved them in the end. Among the most noteworthy customs were the customs observed by the elite forces, the Warriors and the Rangers, of the Eryn Lasgalen army. These are two in number. The first is the Hunt, a simple game played between the two forces. As mentioned earlier, the two elite forces had something of a playful rivalry and this custom of 'the Hunt' was a competition to see which was best."

-Context taken from "The Elves of An Age Long Past", by Barahir son of Elboron.


Author's Note:


*old readers burst out laughing*

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