I can't believe I survived initiation. All the initiates and the majority of Dauntless gathered in the Pit to wait and see the final rankings. I'm so nervous. I hope I made it. If not I truly have no idea what I'm going to do.

Max appears and the crowd of Dauntless start to calm down. He gives a speech, but I'm not really able to listen to what he is saying. My heart is pounding in my chest and I swear it tries to jump out. I take deep breaths in an attempt to calm myself, but soon realize that it's futile. Until I see my name on the rankings board telling me I made it into Dauntless nothing could calm me. I close my eyes unable to look at the board anymore. I failed. I surely failed and now I'm Factionless.

I hear cheering and someone hugging me. I open my eyes and find Christina's face just inches away from mine. Her eyes are sparkling and she has the brightest smile plastered on her face I've ever seen.

"We did it" she shouts over the noise the other Dauntless make. She probably means she and Will made it. There's no chance I made it. But then I force myself to look at the board and my mouth falls open when I see my name on top of the list. I can't believe it. I ranked first. Christina congratulates me and then turns to face Will. They kiss, rather sloppily for my taste, and I turn away from them when I feel a light tap on my shoulder. I turn around to look up into Tobias's dark blue eyes and smile.

"Would it give away to much if I would hug you?" he asks smiling down at me.

"You know what?" I ask grabbing his collar "I really don't care" I say before kissing him in front of the whole Dauntless crowd. When we break apart Christina turns me around to face her, shock all over her face.

"What? When? How?" she asks stuttering.

"I'll explain everything later" I assure her. Before she manages to say something Will comes to me and gives me a hug congratulating me and I do the same. One by one both friends and strangers walk up to me and shake my hand or give me a hug telling me that I did a great job.

After what seems like an eternity the crowd calms down and from my peripheral I see Eric glaring at me. I force myself not to look toward him, but end up doing it anyway. Our eyes meet and he suddenly gives me an evil grin. I shudder involuntarily and Tobias hugs me from behind.

"Are you alright?" he ask a little concerned.

"Yeah. I'm fine" I say not taking my eyes of Eric. We still stare at each other and I know that he will do everything he can to make my life miserable.

"I'll put an end to this" I hear Tobias say. As he unwraps his arms from around me I grab his hand before he can walk over to Eric. I'm sure he would punch him, but Eric is one of our leaders and I don't want Tobias to get in any trouble.

"Just ignore him" I say and place my hand on his cheek. He leans in and looks down at me. I smile and he relaxes a little bit. He leans down and kisses me and we get carry away.

Suddenly the Dauntless become quite as Max explains that for security reasons we all need to be injected with tracking devices. It seems odd to do that and think of a way to get out of the Pit, but unfortunately I get pushed forward and momentarily loose Tobias. I look around to see if I can get a glimpse of where he might be when I feel a sudden sting in the left side of my neck. I turn around and see Eric grinning at me.

"Everyone needs to get a tracker even you Stiff" he says glaring at me.

I put my hand to where the needle penetrated my skin and rub the place. Tobias finally appears seemingly out of nowhere and wraps me in his arms.

The next thing I know is I have a terrible headache. Tobias looks at me concerned. I try to dismiss the pain, but it seems that it only increases the more I try to ignore it.

I know the pain though. I had it a few times in the past. And it always means trouble. I close my eyes focusing on the place the headache started. I feel myself drift and I am suddenly enveloped by darkness. I can feel Tobias wrapping his arms around me trying to hold me up, but my body slumps into him motionless. I can't explain it, but while my body stopped moving my mind races faster than ever. My eyes are closed and yet I see better than ever. I feel myself leaving my body and rush through the crowd of Dauntless that started to form a circle around my unconscious form. I see Tobias trying to wake me up, but I don't move. He lifts me up and rushes me to the infirmary. I want to follow but something is holding me back. I turn around and see Max standing now next Eric. They ignore what happened to me and walk away. I follow them.

When we reach a door Max pulls out a key and opens it. It's an office. Maybe Max's. They both enter and I follow them.

"Is everything ready?" Max asks.

"Yes. Everyone has been injected with the serum. As soon as Jeanine arrives we can start the war simulation" Eric explains. War simulations? What on Earth is going on?

I remember this morning Tobias telling me about Erudite bringing into Dauntless computers and serums over the past few weeks. I wonder if those have anything to do with the conversation I'm listening in right now.

I have to find out more. It's been a while since I last did this, but I have to find out what is going on. I approach Eric and touch his hand. He shivers slightly but doesn't say or do anything. After all, what could he do? As far as he knows a cold current of air just hit his hand. I concentrate and search through his memories. It's amazing. I can see him growing up in Erudite, his parents and friends. Jeanine approaching him shortly before his choosing ceremony, telling him about the Divergent and the importance of eliminating them. I see him during his initiation, his fight with Tobias, him becoming a Dauntless leader and plotting to destroy Abnegation. Oh my god, they want to kill all of Abnegation. I have to warn them. But I need proof.

Come on, Eric, show me where I can find all the evidence to prove that you and that bitch Jeanine are plotting to kill innocent people. Eric's mind races to his office and I can see his computer turning on, I see the file with the war plans and everything related to the plot. A list of names of those involved. I need to tell Tobias to make a copy of the files and hand them to the council. But I need to warn Abnegation first. Time is of the essence here.

I let go of Eric's hand and focus on my mother's face. I suddenly find myself in my old house. My parents are sitting on the couch watching a younger version of me and Caleb play on the floor. It must be a dream. My mom's dreaming. I call her and she looks up.

"Mom" I say.

"Beatrice?" she asks incredulous. We have done this before. At first it happened because I couldn't control it, but in time I managed to.

"Mom, I'm here. I'm really here. Listen, I don't have time. Erudite, Jeanine, they are going to kill Abnegation using a serum to force the Dauntless attacking you. Here, touch my hand" I stretch my hand out and she grabs it. At first we could only do this while awake. Now I'm able to share my thoughts with her while in this "in between" state as I call it. My mom gasps and forces herself to wake up. Our connection breaks and I open my eyes.

The bright light in the room forces me to close my eyes again. Where am I?

"Tris?" I hear Tobias whisper my name. "Please, open your eyes" he begs. I force myself to open them and I see his face only inches away from mine. He smiles a forced smile, worry clear on his handsome features.

"Four" I say, not sure if we are alone "I need to talk to you. It's important." I try to get up but he pushes me back down.

"No, you have to rest. You fainted" he explains. He doesn't know that I already know that.

"I need to get up. Please" I insist. He gives up on trying forcing me back down. "I need a favor" I say looking around to see if we are alone. Fortunately, we are. "You need to get to Eric's office and copy a file. It's imperative that you do." He opens his mouth to argue, but there's no time to waste. "Remember what you showed me just this morning?" I ask and he nods in understanding. "Erudite is planning to kill everyone in Abnegation using the serum and a very elaborate war simulation. Don't ask me how I know, just trust me that I do. Please, we need to stop them. Abnegation is warned" he raises his eyebrows indicating that he thinks I've gone nuts. "I promise, I'm telling you the truth. Do you trust me?" I ask, suddenly very aware of the fact that he might not. Or at least not while I sound like a crazy person.

"I do" he answers without hesitation. "Stay here. Don't move" he asks me and I nod in agreement.

I hope he can get the files. I close my eyes and focus on my mom.

"Mom" I say in my head "can you hear me?"

"Yes, Beatrice. I've alerted your father and he alerted the Abnegation and City Council. Everyone in Abnegation is being evacuated as we speak" she tells me. A wave of relief washes over me.

"What did you say when they asked you about why it needs to be done?"

"I told them your father's phone rang. He was asleep so I answered. Someone that I didn't recognized told me that some Erudite planned on attacking Abnegation using drugged Dauntless. Considering that for the past few months Erudite published several articles attacking us it didn't take long for Marcus and the other City councilmen to react." At the mention of Tobias's father I flinch. She doesn't know that behind his perfect Abnegation fa├žade lies a monster that tortured Tobias for years and haunts him even now.

"Please get out of their as soon as possible. I don't know when exactly they plan on attacking. I've send someone to retrieve information that will prove that Erudite, not all of them, planned on doing this."

"That's good. Marcus, your father and a few others went to Candor headquarters to tell them about the attack. I don't know if they will believe them or not but at least they are made aware of the situation. Are you all right?" she asks me, clearly concerned.

"Yes. I just need to rest. I'm waiting for the person who I've send to retrieve the information" I assure my mom.

"I think it would be good if we would have some prove from Erudite. Have you tried contacting your brother?"

"I haven't yet, but I will. Please, be safe mom."

"I will and you keep safe as well. I love you, my brave girl."

I open my eyes and see Tobias entering my room, followed closely by a dark-skinned man.

"Tris, this is Zeke. He's my best friend. He helped me with you know what" he tells me rather quickly.

"We've met" Zeke says. I look closer at him and recognize him.

"Yes, we have. You are Uriah's brother, aren't you?" I ask, pretty sure I'm right.

"Yeah, I am. Good to see you again and congrats on ranking first" he says with a warm smile.

"Tris, you were right" Tobias cuts in a bit abruptly.

"Do you have the proof?" I ask.

"Yes. We need to get out of here." Just as he finishes his sentence we turn to look at Zeke, who changed visibly. His eyes are unfocused and he is unresponsive. Tobias shakes him, but he seems passed out, only he is standing on his own two feet. I realize what's happening and Tobias seems to get the picture as well.

"Come on, we need to get out of here without being seen" he says.

"We need to go to Candor. The City council members are there alerting the other factions of what's going on" I explain.

"How?" he asks.

"I will explain everything later. I promise. But right now we need to get out of here."