Summary of this story:

First 10 chapters: Happy, happy, humor, humor ~

Next 10 chapters: WTF are you doing to Sakura, Obito?!

Next 10 chapters: Oooooooooooo...

Next 10 chapters: ...shit.

Actual Story Chapter 1:

Sakura walked through a normal street of Konoha and entered a normal ninja shop. She was looking to restock her red dresses but a pair of square-shaped red glasses from the shelves caught her eyes.

"Well...My vision is perfect," She tried to convince herself, "And I don't think Sasuke-kun would approve."

She turned to leave, outfit forgotten, but was stopped by the store owner. "Sakura-san,"

"Eep! How do you k-"

"Glasses..With the technology to enlarge distant figures or even small text...And maybe see chakra...Record"

"I'll take it!" Sakura stammered before she could stop herself.

That night, for once in her fangirl life, nerdiness defeated vanity and Sakura went home wearing a pair of new, cool glasses!

And she absolutely loved them, and the next day when she approached Sasuke again to be given a moment's glance before the daily cold shoulder, Sakura was at first depressed, before realizing nothing's really changed! Heck, maybe it was progress! Sasuke-kun did look at her for five seconds longer than he did on average. And the bonus was: The glasses made her see better!

And having relented into personal desires once, she'd do it again, and again, and again.

This one, incredibly simple, forgettable encounter, was the first step Sakura took towards losing her talent in abstinence. Over time, she would no longer resist the urge to pull pranks, resist the urge to cut classes, resist the urge to sleep in class, resist the urge to focus on more-fun things that didn't revolve around her goal of true love.

She would give into her personal desires again, which would make dieting for her near impossible (if she saw yummy ice cream, she would eat it, even though she knew she could get fat and turn off Sasuke; then again, she did the same thing with the glasses and that made no difference in Sasuke's treatment towards her, so she might as well enjoy that ice cream!)

Inadvertently, this...was the start of a Sakura with the willpower rivaling Naruto's and the ambition rivaling Sasuke's.

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