"Naruto"- Person Talking

'Naruto' - Person thinking

"Naruto"- Demon/Summon Talking

'Naruto' - Demon/Summon thinking

Italic - Letter/ Journal

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Summary: Namikaze's are the cousin's of Uchiha similar to how Uzumaki's are the cousin's of Senju. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, Only child of the Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki among the triplets who is unable to use chakra. Only to be used as a scapegoat to the Kyuubi's attack then married to Fourth Raikage in a political marriage to prevent war from breaking out. Will she be able to unlock her chakra, will she find the love and acceptance that she always wanted...? Sharingan/Wood Style/Rinnegan Naruto. God like Naruto. Alive Minato & Kushina. Neglect Naruto. Fem NarutoXA

Chapter 1: Child of prophecy is born

Elemental Nations... A land which has witnessed many disasters, mighty warriors, great battles, bloody wars and may other things. A land which has witnessed Kaguya Ootsutsuki's rise in power after eating the forbidden fruit of the Shinju, Hagoromo Ootsutsuki and Hamura Ootsutsuki battle with their mother and Juubi, battle between Indra Ootsutsuki and Asura Ootsutsuki, rise of Senju and Uchiha clans, clan wars era, rise of the hidden villages, battle between Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha, Great shinobi world wars and many other things.

This land has also produced many great warriors but some of them stand above everyone else. These warriors who have became the SS rank shinobi since the foundation of the hidden villages. These shinobi, who have became legends are:

Hashirama Senju, The God of Shinobi, founder and First Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He is known for his mastery over Wood Style Jutsu.

Madara Uchiha, clan head of the Uchiha clan, co-founder of the Leaf Village and candidate to the title of the First Hokage as well as great friend and rival of Hashirama Senju. He is known for his mastery of the Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and also considered as bogeyman of the ninja world.

Tobirama Senju, Second Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Brother of Hashirama Senju, known for his mastery over Water Style Jutsu. He's also known for creating various jutsu such as; Shadow Clone Jutsu, Flying Thunder God Jutsu, Bringer-of-Darkness Jutsu, Summoning: Impure World Resurrection and many others.

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the God of Shinobi and the Third Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He is also called the Professor due to his knowledge and wisdom. He is known for his adamantium staff and mastery over various jutsus as well as collaboration jutsus. He is also known for teaching the three Sannin, consisting of: Greatest medic nin, Slug Princess Tsunade Senju; one of the greatest nukenin, snake Sannin Orochimaru; and last but not the least, the self proclaimed super pervert, Toad Sage, Jiraiya.

E, the Third Raikage of the Village Hidden in the Clouds. He is also known as the only person, who has managed to reach a draw with a biju in a fight, without controlling, suppressing or sealing it.

And lastly, Minato Namikaze, The Yellow Flash and the Fourth Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He is known for his seal mastery and his two famous jutsus, Rasengan and Flying Thunder God Jutsu, which earned him his nickname "The Yellow Flash".

Today is October 10th, The day which will leave a lasting impression on not only the Leaf Village, but the whole Elemental Nations. Because, today is the day, when the Child of Prophecy is going to be born. Because, today is the day, when the wife of Minato Namikaze is going to give birth to their children in a secret place, away from the Leaf Village. This woman's name Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, who is also known as the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero. Now many will ask, why she is giving the birth to their children outside of the Leaf Village? The reason is simple. Because, she is also the jinchuuriki of the Nine Tailed Demon Fox.

Inside the cave

Right now Kushina is lying on a table. She has just given birth to three children, one boy and two girls. Minato was trying to reseal the fox while Tsunade was stroking the youngest of the triplets. This child has beautiful red hair like her mother and blue eyes like her father. This child is Mito Uzumaki Namikaze. Jiraiya was making different funny faces to the only boy among the triplets Menma Uzumaki Namikaze. He also has red hair but, unlike his sister's, his eyes were purple like his mother's.

On the other side of the room was a nurse accompanied by Biwako Sarutobi, Wife of the Third Hokage. She was holding the eldest of the triplets, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. She has blond hair and ocean blue eyes like her father. But one thing that all three of the children have in common was three whisker-like birth marks on each of their cheeks.

"Hold it Kushina. We need to reseal the Kyuubi," Minato said. Clearly showing signs that he was trying his best to hold the Kyuubi at bay.

"But the children?" asked Kushina in a tired voice.

"Don't worry Kushina. We have them. You just concentrate on the Kyuubi," said Tsunade.

"Yeah! Don't worry Kushina. We have them safe and protected," said Jiraiya with a grin on his face while still playing with Menma.

Suddenly a voice unknown to all echoed through the room.

"Step away from the jinchuuriki Fourth Hokage," the masked man said as he held Naruto hostage with a kunai at her neck. Biwako and the nurse lay dead on the floor.

"Naruto!" Minato shouted.

'Biwako-sama' thought Minato, Kushina, Tsunade and Jiraiya sadly.

"Ok, just calm down! We can work this out," said Minato frightened. Concern evident in his eyes while all the while having a single thought in mind 'who the hell is he? How the hell has he managed to infiltrate the barrier and what happened to all the ANBU's who were guarding it?'.

"Speak for yourself Fourth. I am perfectly calm. Do you care about your child?" the masked man said.

"I do!" Minato replied.

"Then choose now Fourth Hokage," the masked man said as he threw Naruto in the air preparing to stab with the kunai. Suddenly in a yellow flash, Minato grabbed Naruto as the masked man made his way towards Kushina.

Jiraiya and Tsunade tried to intercept him. Jiraiya by making the Rasengan in his right hand while still holding the Menma in his left. The man walked straight through Jiraiya and his attack.

Tsunade tried to punch him through the wall, but the masked man passed through her as well.

"What?" both Jiraiya and Tsunade shouted in shock. The masked man grabbed Kushina and disappeared, but not before going through a half-tiger hand sign when sizzling was heard straight from Naruto's towel. Minato realizes there were five explosive tags placed in the blanket around Naruto. In a burst of speed Minato removes the blanket and teleports outside the cave. Jiraiya quickly gave Menma to Tsunade and went through hand seals for the summoning jutsu. "Summoning Jutsu: Toad Mouth Bind" shouted Jiraiya and summoned the stomach of the great fire-breathing toad from Mount Myoboku to protect himself, Tsunade and the children.

After the explosion went off, Minato rushed inside the cave only to find Jiraiya cancelling his Jutsu while Tsunade held both Menma and Mito in her arms protectively.

"Are you guys ok?" asked Minato slightly relived that both of his children are fine but internally he was concerned about Kushina.

"We are fine but you need to go and save Kushina," said Jiraiya.

"Ok but we need to inform the Third about what happened here. I will teleport both of you to the Namikaze mansion. Then, Jiraiya-sensei, you will go and inform the Third while Tsunade stays with the children and makes sure that nothing happens to them," said Minato.

"Ok! Let's go," Tsunade replied.

Then Minato teleported both of them to the Namikaze mansion and Jiraiya went to inform the Third Hokage immediately while Minato went to rescue Kushina.

All the children started crying as if sensing the grave situation. Tsunade tried to calm them down while saying "Don't worry! Nothing will happen to your mother. Your father already went to rescue her."

'I hope' she thought afterwards.

Hiruzen Sarutobi was relaxing inside his home in an armchair when suddenly Jiraiya appeared panting.

"Jiraiya! What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with Minato and Kushina?" asked Hiruzen.

"I will explain everything now sensei, but first!" Jiraiya said. He then turned and looked at the ANBU and said, "Place the village on emergency orders. Evacuate the civilians."

"Hai!" the Anbu shouted.

Hiruzen stood and looked at Jiraiya who was looking at him with grim a expression.

"Prepare yourself… the Kyūbi is about to be unsealed if Minato fails."

Meanwhile with the masked man and Kushina after the abduction

Kushina was rooted in place, suspended in mid-air because of the fūinjutsu that is almost completely unsealed now. She was suspended above a lake; the fūinjutsu chained to the surrounding rocks, and in front of her stood the masked man.

"How does it feel Uzumaki Kushina?" he asked mockingly. She was trying her hardest to restrain the Kyūbi, but her hold was close to breaking completely.

"What are you after?" asked sweating Kushina.

"I came to rip the Kyuubi from your stomach and use it to crush the leaf village," replied the masked man.

"What?" Kushina asked disbelieved.

"I see! So the Fourth Hokage has incorporated his Hiraishin seal into the design of your seal. All so he would always be there to protect you. But I already managed to get you away from him and the seal has been greatly weakened from the birth. Do you have any idea how long I have waited for this moment?" asked the masked man.

"Now is the time then," the man said before making a hand sign. He channelled chakra through himself and his Sharingan and looked into Kushina's eyes. By doing that he's managed to make contact with the Kyuubi and put it under his control.

Inside the seal Kyuubi's eyes has changed to replicate the Sharingan and it proceeded to rip the chains that bound it to the floating moon like rock.

Kushina soon covered into the red chakra clock which took the shape of the fox. Soon a tail made of Kyuubi's chakra started to come out from the tail bone. but it didn't stop there as other tails soon started to form around the cloak. Soon all the nine tails has came out from her tail bone.

"Come forth Kyuubi," said the masked man.

Then the Kyuubi came out of seals and roared to the heavens. "GGRRRUUUOOOOOAAAH".

"Let's head for the Leaf Village," said the masked man but stopped when the very tired voice of Kushina, who was lying flat on her stomach over a big rock said "Stop!"

"The Uzumaki clan is really something special. Even wrenching a tailed beast out of your body didn't kill you. It's only fitting for the Kyuubi to kill his formar host." said the masked man.

Then Kyuubi raised its claw to crush the Kushina under it then brought it down for the final blow.


The sound echoed through the entire area. But, there was no redhead beneath Kyuubi's paw.

She was in front of the Kyuubi carried by Minato in bridal style.

"A small flash of hope. But, it's too late because I already have the Kyuubi," said the masked man.

"Minato how are the children? Are they all right?" asked Kushina in a concerned voice.

"Yes! They are fine. I've put them somewhere safe and Tsunade is also guarding them," assured Minato.

"Minato stop him. ... ah ...Stop the Kyuubi... ah... They are headed for the leaf village," said Kushina while panting.

After that Minato flashed away with Kushina from that clearing leaving masked man with Kyuubi.

"Gone again! No matter. On to the Leaf," said masked man and disappeared from the clearing with a swirl that has originated from his right eye.

Minato appeared in the Namikaze mansion with Kushina.

"MINATO! KUSHINA!" shouted Tsunade after seeing them appear into the room.

"Tsunade! Heal her," said Minato while putting Kushina in bed with their children.

"What happened?" asked a worried Tsunade after the seeing the condition of her old student.

"That masked man has managed to extract the Kyuubi from Kushina and is planning on using it to destroy the Leaf Village," said Minato.

"WHAT!?" asked/exclaimed Tsunade in a shocked voice.

"Yes! And I've to go to stop that masked man and save the village," replied Minato.

"Ok, Minato! You go. I'll take care of them. Don't worry. Just concentrate on that masked man and the Kyuubi," said Tsunade.

"Minato! Thank you and good luck," said Kushina while hugging the children who were lying beside her.

Minato clenched his fists so hard that his knuckles were turning white. He glanced at his family.

"I'll be back before you know it," said Minato while picking up his cloak. Then he disappeared from the room in flash.

A few minutes earlier on the streets of Konoha

Kakashi and Gai were walking through the streets. The masked kid with the silver hair and Anbu outfit everyone knew as Kakashi had been assigned with watching Kushina in the shadows for months and this was a well-deserved day off. But not before being disturbed by the disturbing boy with the bowl-cut haircut and the green jumpsuit.

"Kakashi! I insist we have a youthful challenge! Rock-Paper-Scissors, perhaps? No, not youthful enough. PERHAPS A LAP AROUND KONOHA!"

"Gai, doesn't something seem off to you?" Kakashi asked, sensing something awful.

"You are trying to avoid the challenge! I must reclaim my place as top rival!" Gai shouted.

"I'm sorry Gai, did you say something?" Kakashi asked too innocently.

"Ugh! Curse you Kakashi and your cool and hip attitude!" Gai yelled to the sky.

Inside an alley

The masked man appeared in a swirl. Then suddenly he went through hand seals.

"Summining Jutsu!" he yelled while slamming his hand to the ground.

Suddenly in an explosion of smoke, Kyuubi appeared in all its glory and roared. "GGRRRUUUOOOOOAAAH".

Ground ripped apart and shinobi went flying in every direction because of the power that Kyuubi generated through its roar. Kyuubi then started to smash the buildings left and right while creating a great havoc.

"It's the Kyuubi!" somebody shouted from the crowd as Kyuubi has continued the Leaf's destruction.

With Mianto

Minato appeared on top of the Hokage Monument, on his own head to be more precise.

Kyuubi has seen him and charged up his Tailed Beast Ball and launched the attack towards the Hokage Monument only for Minato to raise his Hiraishin Kunai to create a space time barrier. The barrier has absorbed the attack and a massive explosion occurred a few miles outside of the Leaf Village.

All of a sudden the masked man appeared behind Minato, but he (Minato) noticed him and brought his Kunai to kill him. But the attack passed through him. After the attack passed, the masked man caught Minato's hand and tried to absorb him in his pocket dimension. But Minato was quick enough to react on time and flashed away.

"Hmm! Talk about fast. He clearly is fast enough to avoid my attack. Next time I'll wrap him up as soon as I lay my hand on him," said the masked man. Then he too teleported to the Fourth's location.

With Kyuubi

A massive toad appeared in front of the Kyuubi. This toad was Gamaken, one of the three great battle toads. Riding on top of him was Jiraiya along with the Third Hokage and many squads of ANBUs, who were trailing behind them. The Third Hokage was wearing his battle gear along with his summon, Monkey King Enma in his adamantium staff form (A/N: Same as cannon) while Jiraiya was wearing his usual attire and had one small toads sitting on each of his shoulder. These were Shima and Fukasaku, Great Toad Elders of Mount Myoboku.

Jiraiya tried to use his "Sage Art: Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan" but Kyuubi stopped the attack with his tails and repelled it. Gamaken brought his sasumata down to smash it on the Kyuubi's head. But Kyuubi flicked away the attack with its tail.

Kyuubi then attacked Gamaken with his claw, but Gamaken brought his shield up just in time to block the attack. But even then the force of the attack was strong enough to push Gamken back a few meters.

"Damn! He almost got me with that attack. If I was any clumsier then he would have made a hole in my stomach," said Gamaken.

Jiraiya appeared on top of Gamaken and said, "Don't sell yourself too short Gamaken. After all, the Kyuubi is not an ordinary foe. It is the strongest of all the biju."

"He is right Ken. Just focus on pushing Kyuubi out of the village," said Fukasaku.

"Ya Ken! Pa is right. Just focus for now," said Shima.

"Ok. I'll try my best. But forgive me because I'm clumsy," replied Gamaken.

Meanwhile all the shinobi were firing Jutsu after Jutsu on the Kyuubi, But, the biju didn't even appear to be fazed by any of the attacks.

Gamaken leaped towards the Kyuubi and tackled it.

"Enma! Expand!" the voice of Hiruzen echoed throughout the battle field. His adamantium staff has expanded to epic proportions and managed to push back the Kyuubi out of the village.

With Minato

Minato reappeared near the Hokage Monument, not too far from the village. He was a little out of breath from the exertion he put himself through. When he caught his breath, he turned and was about to go to Konoha again when the masked man suddenly appeared before him.

"You won't escape me this time Fourth," said the man.

'My attack slipped right through him. Does he use the space time technique, too? Whatever he did, it must be how he moved so far after taking Kushina. He defeated the ANBU squads handpicked by the Third Hokage and managed to infiltrate the barrier that we have created. On top of that he managed to separate us from Kushina, then took control of the nine tails after releasing it from Kushina and marched straight into the Leaf without so much as pausing to deal with the barrier. There is only one man that I can think of who can do all this,' thought Minato.

"Are you Madara Uchiha?" asked Minato to the masked man.

"Oh! I don't know about that," replied the masked man.

"Why have you attached the Leaf?" asked Minato.

"Konoha's destruction. This could be called an attack on whim, or it was planned. I could say it was for war, or for peace," replied the masked man.

Minato stepped back, clearly shocked. He looked at the man before him who was now shrugging, as if warming up, then saw chains drop from that cloak of his. He looked ready to fight. Minato took a kunai from his pocket and prepared to engage him.

"This ends now!" Minato said before throwing his kunai at the masked man. The man simply gave a 'huff' of air and let the kunai phase through him, but not before seeing Minato charge in front of him with Rasengan in his hand. Minato was sure to land a hit, only for his attack to phase right through him as well.

"Too slow Fourth," the man said before pulled on his chains and whirling around to face him, only to find he had disappeared again. He sighed and turned to face the Hokage still within the clearing. He has the Rasengan still in his right hand and Hiraishin kunai in his left.

Minato charged towards the masked man. In mid way Minato has thrown his kunai. Minato moved as fast as the kunai, staying behind it and planning his attack carefully. The man ran to meet him, and let the kunai phase through him. When it was done, he stretched his hand and said, "I win."

"Hiraishin, Level Two!" Minato shouted and disappeared, appearing behind the man snatching his kunai between his fingers and slamming the Rasengan in his hands into the man.

'Damn it! He flew to the kunai from earlier,' thought the masked man.

Masked man jumped back but Minato appeared in front of him and stabbed him with the kunai he was holding in his left hand and paced his right hand on the man's check while shouting "Contract Seal!"

Masked man jumped back again and said to Minato "You truly deserve the title of the Fourth Hokage. You have managed to not only defeat me but pull the Kyuubi out of my control in one move. But some day it'll be mine again. The fox and this whole world will bow to my will. Many doors are still left open for me." With that said, he wrapped away leaving Minato alone in that clearing.

'Something tells me that he wasn't lying,' thought Minato.

With Kyuubi


The Kyuubi was trapped inside the Swamps of the Underworld, created by Jiraiya and other shinobi were firing explosive notes and various jutsus on it.

Onlookers failed to notice when the Kyuubi's eyes turned back to normal, a red colour with black slits.

Kyuubi then charged his Tailed Beast Ball once again but with a sudden shout of, "Summoning Jutsu: Food Cart Destroyer Technique!" one massive toad appeared on top of the Kyuubi and pinned it down. This toad was none other than Chief Toad Gamabunta. Riding on top of the toad was Minato Namikaze.

"Hold the fox down for a minute Bunta," said Minato.

"Look! I may be big, but I'm not a miracle worker. Make it quick will ya?" said Gamabunta.

"I need enough chakra to take him and that attack out of here," said Minato. Suddenly Jiraiya and Hiruzen appeared beside him.

"We are coming with you Minato," they said at the same time.

"Ok then, grab on to me," said Minato. They grabbed Minato and all three of them disappeared along with Kyuubi and the Tailed Beast Ball.

Minato, once again, appeared in the clearing. Only this time, he had Hiruzen, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kushina and the triplets with him.

"Kushina! Are you okay?" asked Minato.

"Yeah! I'm fine. Sensei healed me and performed a chakra Transfusion," she replied.

"Okay! Then can you put up a barrier?" he asked.

Kushina replied with a nod and used her chakra chains to create a barrier and bind the Kyuubi.

"So what are we going to do with the Kyuubi?" asked Hiruzen.

"I'm going to split the Kyuubi into three parts. Yin, Yang and his body and soul and seal them into Mito, Menma and Naruto respectively," replied Minato.

Silence filled the clearing. Everyone who was present there couldn't believe their ears. Minato was going to create jinchuuriki out of his own flesh and blood. But all of them were too shocked to put up any kind of argument. But Kushina came out of her shocked state soon enough and started to berate Minato for trying to create jinchuuriki out of her children.

After a heated argument Minato was finally able to convince Kushina by saying that their children will be treated as heroes and they will be there to raise them and protect them from all the hate that jinchuuriki usually receive.

Finally with the shout of "Eight Trigrams Sealing Style!" the sealing of the Kyuubi was finally completed.

The Leaf Village gained three new jinchuurikis in Mito, Menma and Naruto, who were holding the Yin, Yang, body and soul of the Kyuubi respectively.

But only the future will tell what will happen to the children. Will they be loved by the village, or hated. What are the different effects this kind of sealing will bring upon them and more importantly, what will happen to THE CHILD OF PROPHECY...?

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