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monen- one month

arn- one hour

D'Argo's First Word

"All right, Little D, time for a nap." John said as he set his son in the cot, placing a kiss over his dark hair.

The boy laughed and smacked his lips together comically. John grinned as he moved to collect the child's blanket, not seeing the toy on the floor.

"What the frell?" the human yelled as his face was met with floor. He glared at the item before realising what he'd said and looked over at D'Argo worriedly. Aeryn would kill him if he taught their son to swear. But D'Argo was only 5 monens old, too young to talk...right? Right, yeah, too young, he told himself, only half believing it. Especially since his son was wearing the same look Aeryn always had when she was attempting to learn a new English word.

"Listen, little man," John knelt in front of the cot, looking directly into bright blue eyes with far too much intelligence sitting behind them. "What Daddy just said? That's a no-no. We don't say...what I said. Especially in front of Mommy. Okay?"

"D'Argo gurgled but said nothing and John sighed. Whether it was a sigh of relief or exasperation, he couldn't say.

"All right, bed time, squirt." John set the blanket over his son then settled on the floor to tell the boy a story, hopefully distracting his quick mind. "Once upon a time, there was a man from a planet called Earp..."


Two arns later, Aeryn walked into their quarters to find D'Argo bouncing in his cot and her husband sprawled on the floor, asleep. Rolling her eyes, she smiled and moved around John's stationary body to lift her son.

"I see you tired out Daddy again." She set the boy on her bed and removed his diaper. Before she could grab a new one, though, she felt something hot and wet on her midriff. She had to hold in the expletive wanting to form on her lips when she saw the yellow liquid dripping down her torso and leg.


Aeryn's eyes went quickly to D'Argo, who simply giggled and clapped his hands in glee.

"You might want to put his diaper on before it happens again."

The Sebacean turned slowly toward her husband's voice, a death glare on her face. "Did you teach my son to swear?"

"Uh...sorta," he told her sheepishly, still not getting up from his position on the floor. "In my defence, it was a total accident. And how was I supposed to know he'd pick it up? He's only 5 monens!"

"Which is the normal age for Sebacean children to begin speaking." Aeryn exasperatedly told her husband as she turned back to put D'Argo's diaper on. Once completed, she lifted the boy and returned her glare to his father. "Congratulations, John, your son just said his first word."

"Aw, c'mon, this is not my fault." He returned her glare and stood. "And why is he only my son when he does something wrong?"

Aeryn merely glared harder before turning and exiting the room with their son.

"Damn Sebacean genes." John muttered.

"I heard that!" Aeryn's voice carried back to him and John smacked his forehead in exasperation. Oh boy, he was in trouble.

The End