Chapter 1.

"Interested in rugby?"

"You should play shogi!"

"If you're Japanese you should join the baseball club!" Came the collective shout from upper classmen as new faces walked passed them.

"Mendokusai… There are too many people." A figured muttered to themselves as they fought their way through the overcrowded court yard of Seirin kōkō. It was the first day of the new school year and as such, the incoming first years had swamped the court yard, desperately trying to find their club of choice. Apart from the throng of elbowing students, it was a nice summer's day: a light breeze blew Sakura petals around a lone teen with white hair.

Tired grey eyes made their way from one booth to the other, lingering no more than a fraction of a second on each sign. With one distinct club as Takemura Yuu's only ambition, everything else was merely an obstacle. An exasperated sigh was heard by the surrounding students as the impossibly white haired student closed her eyes and slouched her shoulders before pulling on the ends of her hair and emitting a screeching yell.

"Wah! It's useless! I'll suffer in this infernal hell for the rest of my high school career." Dropping to the ground suddenly, Yuu tucked herself into the feeble positon, waves of despair readily flowing from her. The dark aura she was emitting had effectively gained the attention of all of the surrounding students; some moving out of the way and others staring in mild curiosity.

Yuu mumbled incoherent phrases as she rocked back and forth, obviously so caught up in her own turmoil that she didn't even notice the growing crowd of worried students much less the other students quickly fled from the depressed atmosphere as if it were a curse. That is until a brave hand found its way onto the poor souls shoulder.

"Ano… Are you alright?" A clear and steady voice interrupted Yuu's meltdown.

Grey eyes rocketed from underneath the protection of her arms to be met with a pair of brown ones. Further investigation revealed that they belonged to a female student who seemed to be in her second year, or at least according to her uniform. She had a slight build with her dark hair piled on top of her head in a neat bun. Her uniform was immaculate and her black outside shoes were even polished.

"Senpai" Yuu sniffed, "it's awful. " The back of her sleeve was used to wipe the tears from her face, much to the disgust of the second year student.

"What is, uh…" She trailed off, obviously waiting on the mysterious teen to introduce them self.

"You can call me Yuu…" The still crying student replied in a mournful voice, focusing her eyes once again on the older student.

"Yuu-kun. My name is Yorikata Hana, the second year class President. If you tell me what is wrong, I am certain I will be able to help you." The assertion in her voice really did come from someone who was used to being in charge, thought Yuu, or perhaps someone who was too eager.

The fact that she had mistaken Yuu as a male student was completely ignored. Yuu herself did not care and had no intention of enlightening this Yoritata-senpai. She seemed like the type that would demand Yuu to straighten out whatever clerical mishap had caused the teen to receive a boys uniform. Not to mention the cost for Yuu to have the uniform she was wearing dry-cleaned and then exchanged for the girls uniform. It was all too much trouble and certainly not worth it.

"Mah, senpai! I can't find the right club booth I'm looking for. I've been looking for ages and I've lost hope on ever finding the precious target. I'm doomed to waste my entire high school career as a clubless loser. I should just die!" The 'boy' once again broke out into uncontrollable tears.

"Have you searched the entire yard, Yuu-kun? Seirin has a large court yard but the booths have been planned out strategically to allow easy access to all of the clubs. They are organized in a simple formation so as you walk through the gates and towards the school you will pass every club booth." Yorikata- senpai explained, suddenly straightening her posture and holding up a knowing finger.

"Huh? How was I to know this?" She questioned, tears halting.

"It's common sense."

"Not really" she argued, turning her face away from her senpai. The crowd around the two students had slowly dispersed, no longer intrigued by the younger student's antics, leaving the Senpai and kohai to their rather odd first meeting.

"Of course it is. It's also noted on the map of the court yard that is posted before the gates. Did you not read it before you entered?" Yorikata-senpai continued, oblivious to Yuu's disinterest in be scolded for being… idiotic.

"Like anybody reads that!" Yuu wailed, jumping from her crouched position and into Yorikata- senpai's face, Yuu was noticeably taller and had to bend down just to look her senpai in the face.

"Uh, that's beside the point… I guess" Yorikata let out shakily, surprised by the younger teens sudden movement and close proximity. Up close she could vaguely make out just how attractive her kohai was. Pale skin was unaffected by any blemishes, his gentle face was framed by locks of pure white hair with strands that just barely brushed his shoulders. And she could not forget about his unusual grey eyes that, now that she got a better look, were lined with long lashes. "Anyway, how far have you searched?" She quickly shot out, trying to hide her embarrassment for such a long pause and for openly checking out the new student.

"Huh? This is as far as I've gotten."

Brown eyes narrowed at the white haired Yuu-kun before they traveled to the visage of the gates, just behind the boy.

"You mean to tell me" she breathed out, "that you only walked a few yards past the gates before you gave up?" She was practically seething at this point.

A head of white hair turned and looked at the gates, seemingly sizing up the distance between the two before they once again gazed into brown eyes. "It would seem so." Was her simple reply.

Tearing bits of her hair out of her immaculate bun, the older student kept her frustration to herself as much as possible, not that Yuu seemed to be picking up on any of her obvious hints anyway. "Ne, Yuu-kun… What club were you looking for anyway?"

"Didn't I tell you?" 'He' asked, tilting his head to the side as his grey eyes clouded in confusion.

"N-no." She blushed, her frustration easily forgotten by the suddenly cute action.

Yuu gave her a doubtful looking before continuing on anyway, "The basketball club of course!"

"Basketball?... That's not a very popular sport, not to mention our school is newly built and doesn't have a notable coach…" She trailed off, taken aback by the teens choice in athletics, having already guessed that he would have been looking for the baseball club or in his case the drama club. "It's there" she pointed to a booth that clearly said 'American Football", "just behind the American Football club."

Pale eyes swept from her finger and to the appointed booth before landing on a small sign behind the bulging members of the football club, that did, in fact, say "Basketball club."

"Arigato, Hana-chan!" A genuine smile etched its way across Yuu's face and before Hana could react, a hand was on top of her head, patting softly. "Please remember what I say in the beginning though, senpai. I hate repeating myself." He threw out as his hand retracted from her stunned figure and into his pockets before he made his way towards the basketball booth in a lackadaisical manner.

"Huh…?" She stuttered, her face quickly turning red. "You never mentioned what club you were looking for!Baka! And it's Yorikata- senpai!"

Her only response was a casual wave sent in her direction.



The first half of the day had gone by at a snail's pace, only causing excitement and agitation to grow in Takemura Yuu, a spell for chaos really. After sitting through the morning's commencement assembly, the student known as Takemura Yuu had earned quite the reputation for 'himself'.

Not even five minutes into the headmasters welcome speech had the white hair student pulling out a portable game system, quickly consuming her attention and cutting off the world around her. All would have been fine, had Takemura Yuu not have been the exuberant person that she was.

"…being that we are a newer school, I expect all of you to hold yourselves at the highest standard to bring prosperity to Seirin-"

"Wahh! How is that fair!? I pressed the button before he attacked!" The headmaster of Seirin kōkō was suddenly interrupted. The whole school had gone silent and turned to look towards the group of first years where a certain white haired student sat completely unaware of his current predicament.

Halfway across the room a familiar second year student whispered under her breath, "Aho ka."



Sitting near the back of homeroom 2, Yuu had lounged in at her desk, game system no longer in her possession as it had been confiscated by the headmaster himself.

"Mendoksai." She sighed, blowing stray pieces of white hair out of her eyes. She had been one of the first students in her homeroom, followed only by a gaggle of loud girls who had taken a liking to Yuu's bad boy attitude. They were the only others in the class room, their noise was promptly becoming a nuisance to Yuu.

The click-clack of shoes hitting the wood floor caught the attention of the white haired student. Dragging her eyes from the window towards the desk in front of her, she noted that it was now occupied by a large red-haired student.

He was tall. Much taller than any other student she had seen around the school. Hell, he was even taller than the teachers. Even as he was sitting down, Yuu couldn't see past him very well. Broad shoulders were also the cause of her visual impairment. With that kind of structure the boy was obviously into some kind of sport, Yuu chose to reject her curiosity and settled for just staring at his hair. Was he some kind of Yankee? With hair like that he had to be.

A disappointed grumble was uttered from the group of girls who had sat themselves a few desks away from Yuu. Being that they had watched her every move since she entered the class room, they were upset to find that the gigantic student in front of the newly crowned 'freshmen heartthrob' was blocking their view of said heartthrob. Shrugging off the negative vibes that were directed towards the red-haired teen, grey eyes returned to the window.

Other students were quickly filling the classroom and it was clear that actual classes were getting ready to start. Bored eyes were starting to droop boredom when a vibrating pocket effectively brought back their usual spark. Fishing out the small device, long fingers hurriedly flipped the device open.

-Yuu-chan! Please skip practice today, I already know you signed up for the boys team.-

"Tch, he always finds out…" Yuu uttered under her breath, fingers flying across the keypad.

-I've been looking to playing basketball for the past few weeks! Why should I skip, Ki-chan? And who are you to encourage such bad behaviors?-

The white-haired teen stared at the cell phone, not bothering to notice that the homeroom teacher had entered and was starting introductions. The response she was waiting for was much more important to her. It was odd that Ki-chan would ask her to stay away from the sport he knew she loved. That fact alone made her suspicious of his true intentions.

-Have I ever steered you wrong? Please follow my simple request.-

Nodding to the truth of the text, Yuu resigned and grudgingly accepted that she wouldn't be playing basketball today. She would argue all she wanted with Ki-chan, but they both knew she would never go against him.

-Have it your way. I'll just walk out into oncoming traffic after school-

Milliseconds after pressing the send button the desk that Yuu was using was kicked. Grey eyes snapped to her left, in an action quicker than the blue eyed recipient was expecting. Yuu watched as the boy before her flinched minutely before maintaining a passive face.

"Please introduce yourself to the class" was all the strange blue haired boy had supplied.

Yuu's attention turned from the boy towards the front of the class where the teacher was looking at her expectantly, as was the rest of the class.

The scratch of chair legs against the floor was heard before Yu glanced at the teacher in a manner that clearly stated that it was too much work, "Takemura Yuu. Please take care of me." There was a small bow before Yuu slumped back into her desk, fingers instantly flipping open the abandoned phone.

-Have fun, Yuu-chan!-

Damn him and his chipper mood.

"Excuse me."

The same polite voice was heard again. Turning her head, Yuu was met again with the blue-haired teen.

Had he always been sitting there? The voice and eyes were familiar though…

"…rude to have your cell phone out during class." He explained.

Taking in the unusual presence of the boy, Yuu found him more trouble than he was worth. The dead eyes he wore were no fun if he did not show any emotion.

"Mendoksai…" was uttered before she stashed her phone back into her pocket and returning her gaze to the window. Her mood now sour as her excitement had been squashed by both Ki-chan and her classmate.



The next day after classes had ended, the basketball team found themselves in the gym. Having just warmed up the first years gathered around each other as they caught their breath.

"A mini game?"

"Huh? We have to face our senpai's already. Seriously, we're gonna die!"

The group of five rookie basketball players conversed about themselves after Aida-senpai had explained to them that there would be a mock game; kohai vs senpai.

"There's nothing to be afraid of" the red haired giant stated. Sticking his nose up even higher as he continued, "It's always better to have stronger-"

The sound of the gym doors slamming interrupted the boy and caught everyone's attention. The culprit stood in front of the doors and waved towards the basketball players as if it was a natural occurrence.

"Found you~!" they sang as they walked forward, allowing the rest of the team to get a better look at the new comer. White hair hung loosely around a delicate face and stone colored eyes locked onto each member, hastily sizing up their abilities. She had a general idea of who was who and what their abilities were. But, that was from the year before and she could only hope with an eager spirit that their basketball abilities had increased.

"Ano… who are you?" Aida Riko was the first to speak up, coming to stand directly in front of the teen as they finally reached the court. He stood a few centimeters taller than the coach and gazed into her brown orbs, managing to pull a small blush from the older girl.

"It's you!"

All bodies turned to look at the source of the rude interruption, coming to land on the biggest member.

Clearly confused, the grey eyed student pointed a long finger towards her own chest, in silent question.

Of course she had recognized who he was. Kagami Taiga. The boy who sat in front of her in home room.

"Yes! You're the one who interrupted the welcoming speech yesterday!" Kagami Taiga supplied quickly and adding his own finger to point at the 'boys' chest.

"Huh? So I was. And, you are?" Yuu asked, in a tone that clearly did not care for any answer that Kagami would come up with.

"Tch, trying to act cool? My name is Kagami Tai-"

"Anyway, that doesn't matter." Kagami was cut off again as Yuu turned her attention back to Aida. "I've come to play for the basketball team." She finished, sending a smile towards the coach.

"O-Oi! You can't just ignore me like that!" Kagami yelled in protest as he tried to come closer to the Yuu, only to be held back by his fellow first years.

He was ignored by both Aida and Yuu. Said coach scanned through her papers on her ever so special clip board.

"I don't remember see you at practice yesterday…" She trailed off, flipping through more papers, as if she missed something. But she knew this Yuu wasn't at practice the other day, she would have remembered him. 'Really, with a face like that how could I forget…" She trailed off, a light dusting of pink quickly followed on her cheeks.

"Aida-senpai." Yuu said, grabbing her chin and forcing her to look him in the eyes. "You are not mistaken. I was unable to attend yesterday. To make up for my rudeness I have arrived early to todays practice."

Riko Aida was completely still, unable to tear her gaze away from the storm colored eyes. Gasping for air, she was unable to say anything as all of her words died in her throat, not that she didn't try to form these words.

"Ahem… You're not early, you're late by almost a whole hour…" A boy with glasses cut in, obviously uneasy with the look his coach was sharing with the odd student that had interrupted their basketball practice.

Yuu registered what the four eyes had said and let go Aida, turning to face the basketball captain with a blank face.

"Is that so?" She deadpanned.

'He's got to be kidding…" Hyuuga complained silently.

"Well, not that it matters much. I am here now." Yuu continued, rolling her shoulders in small circles, excited to finally be playing basketball. After all, she missed out on her chance yesterday.

"Still, who are you?" Aida-senpai had recovered enough at this point to get straight to the fact of the matter. Nobody knew who this stranger was.

"My apologies. My name is Takemura Yuu. Let's play basketball together!" Yuu finished in a bright smile, two of her fingers formed a peace sign and her head tilted to the side as her eyes slid closed.

"Well," Aida started, thoughtfully as she gazed at the boy. He was a normal height for basketball and from the anatomy that wasn't covered in black shorts and a simple purple shirt, she could see that his muscle mass was slightly above normal: especially his calves. "I don't see how it could hurt to have another member. But just because we are small does not mean that you will automatically make the team!" She threw the threat in for appearances. She couldn't afford to turn away any potential member.

"I get it, I get." Yuu waved off, continuing to stretch her legs, completely ignoring the rest of the basketball team and their astonished looks.

"It's settled then! Second years vs first years! At my whistle show me what you got!" Coach encouraged as everyone took their places on the court. Kagami taking the center position as he was easily the tallest of the first years.

"I don't like you, Takemura. So don't get in my way." Kagami threw over his shoulder as he flexed his legs, readying himself for the jump off.

"Hai, hai" was all anyone heard before the whistle blew and Kagami and Mitobe fought to claim the ball.

Kagami was the first one to the ball, easily knocking it over to one of the other first year players. First year number 7 then passed the ball back to Kagami who slammed the ball through the hoop with much more force than necessary.

"Hmm, I suppose you are better than I gave you credit for, Aho-chan." Yuu patted on Kagami's back as they made their way to the other side of the court. The rest of the team was still too impressed with Kagami's dunk to start moving as the second years took possession of the ball.

"Tch, I still have yet to see any skill from you. And don't call me aho-chan! Baka!" He spat.

"Mah, someone has a nasty temper" Yuu jested, her eyes zeroing in on the ball that Izuki-senpai was dribbling down the court. "Demo, please return to the other side of the court, aho-chan."


Before Kagami, or anyone else for that matter, could comprehend what she had meant, Yuu was suddenly in front of Izuki. Throwing the older teen a smile, Yuu quickly jabbed a slender hand out and knocked the ball away from the dark haired boys grasp. Realizing too late that he no longer had possession of the ball, Izuki spun around to see Yuu catching up to the wayward ball and taking it under control. The second year's defense was utterly unprepared as Yuu appeared out of nowhere and performed a simple layup.

Aida and the second years stared at the white haired male in shock. He was fast. Even from the shadows a pair of blue eyes widened the smallest of fractions in shock.

"Eh? Aho-chan, where were you? I wanted to do an alley-op." Yuu complained as she bounced the ball back to Izuki, who caught the ball simply out of habit, barely able to register what had just happened.

"Well, not like I expected much from you." She continued as she came to stand in front of the baffled giant. "Please listen to me next time, I hate to repeat myself." A cold, strict gaze was sent towards Kagami. The strict tone of voice seemed oddly misplaced on Yuu as the teen had always seemed to speak in a carefree sense.

"H-hai." Kagami stuttered out, still as confused as the rest of the basketball court.

Off on the sidelines, Aida Riko nearly dropped her clip board in shock. 'He's fast. Much faster than any high school that I've ever seen… But that's not what troubles me.' She though silently as she watched the mysterious boy continually pick on Kagami. 'What troubles me is…'

"I didn't see the ball at all." She whispered.



"Man, seriously. Those three first years are unbelievable." Hyuuga laughed as he wiped the sweat from his face.

"Ah, especially when they start working together." Izuki added.

"Mah, to think they beat their senpai's." Koganei supplied wearily. Mitobe nodded in agreement.

"Those three…" Riko started as stared at the door the first years had disappeared through. "Might actually take us to the Winter Cup this year, even against the Kiseki no Sedai."

"Don't take us second years so easily, coach. We too will reclaim our place at the Winter Cup." Hyuuga argued. "We've made progress of our own as well."

"I'm not underestimating you at all, Junpei. But those three are monsters. Especially Kagami and Yuu." Aida added gently.

"I think the real monsters are Kuroko and Yuu." Izuki threw out. "I don't like marking either one of them."

"Huh?" Koganei was clueless, why their strong point guard would say that Kuroko was more of a threat than Kagami.

"I feel uneasy when I mark those two." The eagle eyed player explained. "When I mark Kuroko, I lose sight of him easily." He stared at Aida, "you've explained to me that this is his 'misdirection.'"

The rest of the second years could easily identify with what the point guard was saying.

"However." Starting again, he stared at the wood floor in thought. "When I mark Yuu-kun all I see is him. I hardly notice anything else around me. I don't even notice when he passes the ball. It's unsettling to go from seeing the whole court to only seeing one player." Izuki explained, still trying to figure out how it was possible that his eyes had failed him.

"Now that you mention it, I never saw Yuu pass the ball or shoot it. But I know he had to have done both." Hyuuga put in, confusion now evident in his eyes as well.

"It's as I had thought." Riko piped up after a long pause. Five sets of eyes urged her to explain. "From the sidelines view, after Yuu had stolen the ball from you Izuki-kun, the only player I could see was Yuu. No matter how hard I tried to avert my eyes they would never leave him." She paused. "It's as you said, I was so caught up in the way he was moving that I never noticed when he gave up the ball."

"So what does that mean?" Koganei was the only player brave enough to ask.

"It means" Riko stared at the second years with intensity, "If Kuroko's ability is to draw attention from his self and towards the ball, then Yuu is the opposite." She suddenly started smirking. "Yuu's ability is to draw attention towards his self and away from the ball. That's how he's able to hold the ball for so long and still pass without anyone knowing.."

"Then that means…!" Izuki finally caught up to Riko's train of thought.

She nodded to Izuki. "That's right! If we can get those two to work together with Kagami, we can pass the ball to him without the other team ever knowing what hit them!" She finished in a delighted squeal. "We will obliterate all of the teams this year at Inter High and the Winter Cup!"



Authors note!- Well Kuroko no basuke has been my obsession for the past few months and I finally got off my ass and started a story with it. Not that I should, considering all the other stories I need to finish. I also feel like my writing ability has dropped from where it used to be since I haven't really been taking it seriously. So that's a big reason why I haven't been updating much, I just don't like what ive been writing.

Well I wanted you guys to get the general idea of Yuu's basketball abilities without giving it all away. Plently more explaining to do on that front. Also want to reiterate that Yuu is a GIRL. She's just too lazy to correct anyone and doesn't mind being considered a guy. If anything its easier for her to be a boy.

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