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The Titans Attack

Peering through the entrance of the door, Setsuna was engulfed with a sudden sense of trepidation. Behind the door, way out beyond the brick walls that the door was attached to, stood a giant.

A really nude giant.

Who was currently chewing on people like they were carrot stick snacks.

'Nope, nope, nope I'm done, I'm out.' She snatched her head back through the entrance from what had to be a hell of some kind because she definitely wasn't risking anything vaguely limb rendering happening to her today.

Maybe tomorrow.

"Tetsu-nii, do you know if really giant nude giants exist in hell or something as some kind of eternal torture?"

An eyebrow was raised. "I think those three milkshakes might have caused you to hallucinate a bit too much?"

"Hey, I'll have you know I've drunk five in one sitting with nothing extraordinary happening-" She clapped her hands over her mouth.

The singular eyebrow managed to be raised even higher.

"Anyway! I know you've drunk even more than me okay!"

They walked off back home, throwing snide remarks at each other.

Tokyo Ghoul

"Urp! What on Earth?!" Setsuna nimbly dodged out of the way of a sharp, pointy red thing...?

It seemed to be a sentient weapon of mass destruction that was currently attached to a... Person? Could that really be a human being?

"What are you doing there? Come on, MOVE!" She got hauled through a door by someone grabbing onto her arm.

"Just what were you thinking, staying out there in such a vulnerable... Eh?"

The girl with short blue hair had completely vanished. The man clenched and released his fist experimentally, still in complete disbelief.

There had definitely been a girl there, right? Something strange was afoot.

Shokugeki No Soma

Trailing along beside her Teiko friends through association, Setsuna was overwhelmed by the smells and crowds converging on different stalls.

Murasaskibara had managed to get invitations to the most prestigious food academy in all of Japan, Tootsuki Academy for the moon banquet festival.

The variety in stalls was truly over the top, and Setsuna could feel her drool building up to obscene amounts.

"Look they even have Chinese food!"

"Hey you got a good eye! Would you like some?"

"Sure! Come on bro, let's try some!" A large bite later saw Setsuna crying tears of happiness.

"This is simply incredible!"

"Haha, it wasn't much!" The chef struck a pose as his other friends continued to serve customers streaming around them.

The day ended with Setsuna feeling like a stuffed pig and falling into a food coma while Tetsuya carried her on his back, still nibbling on a stick of takoyaki.

Body Swap V2.0

"Tetsuya! Tetsuya! Hey, wake up already!" A feminine voice rang through Setsuna's ears.

"Mrrrmgh currently unavailable at the moment, try again later."

"Do you want to be late for basketball practice?! Hurry up!" She felt her body being shoved.

"Alright, alright, I'm up!" Still in a slight daze, she trudged over to the gymnasium, a pink haired companion in tow.

"Where's Tetsu? He's usually here by this time. HEY, TETSU IF YOU'RE HERE STOP DOING THE INVISIBLE THING."

"I caught him slacking off after class!" Momoi exclaimed triumphantly, holding up a limp arm.

"What?! The sky must be falling!" Aomine scoffed as he shot another ball through the hoop.

"Alright everyone, time to start the warm-up jogs! Let's start easy with 10 rounds around the school!" The manager announced to the first string players.

At this Setsu snapped awake. "That's easy?!"

"Come on, why are you acting so surprised?" One basketball practice later had Setsu stumbling to her knees.

Who knew her brother had been living life like this? It was pure agony and suffering. She had so much more respect for him now.

"Do you understand now, Setsuna?" A proud voice sounded from above her as she tried not to throw up in the middle of the court.

"Bleurgh Akashi, you did this?!" She choked bile back down her throat.

"Who's to say? It is quite amusing to see you on your knees like this."

"Change me back!" She stood up on wobbly knees and threw a feeble punch that was easily blocked and she fell back to the floor.

Back in her own room.

"Damn it, Tetsu-nii was right, I do need to cut down on my milkshake intake. Curse your logical older brother self." She eyes the empty drink cartons beside her bed.

Love Live!

The impossible had happened. The funding for Teiko had been cut and the school was going to be shut down after the last intake of students this current year.

Protests were written by several prestgious alumnus but the committee would not hear of it.

"I've got it! If we start a school idol club, we're bound to grab everyone's attention! Leading basketball players take the idol world by storm!" Setsuna motioned to the sign she had doodled in class with a flourish.

"It's okay Setsucchi, Akashicchi's already got this covered!" Kise brandished the signed contract in front of her face, stating the terms and conditions for the school to stay open in exchange for Akashi Corp funding.

"Aw man, I really wanted to cough seeyouguysinfancyidoloutfits cough." Setsuna pouted to the floor, crossing her arms in dismay.

"What was that?"

"Nothing!" She turned to whistle innocently.

Beyond Boundaries

"Oh this cafe is really cool!" A bright voice chirped as the door bell chimed.

Ayaka turned her head to look at an inquisitive young girl with blue hair looking around the place with awe.

"Welcome! Would you like some tea?" 'Must be an ordinary human who managed to slip through the barriers.'

Things had been too quiet ever since Akihito had managed to quell his inner youkai and his female companion had sacrificed herself and disappeared as a result.

A distraction would serve her rather well.

As the girl, who introduced herself as Setsuna, Ayaka could hold back no longer.

"Would you be interested in posing as a model for me? It would be just a quick shoot." She smiled in a placating and benign manner.

"Ooooh, you mean like my friend Kise? Then I would know how he feels like in the eye of a camera! Sure I don't mind!" Setsuna swallowed another mouthful of pipping hot tea carefully.

Ayaka then stood up and gestured for the petite teenager to follow her in past the screen doors to her studio.

"Wow who is this girl? She looks great in glasses!" Akihito forced himself to input some false cheer into his voice.

"Just someone who popped in the other day." Ayaka acknowledged with a knowing smile.

She had been a great sport and worn whatever she had given to her. It was a good thing Ai and her were the same size.

The pictures came out beautifully but it was a shame that the girl, Setsuna, was only stopping by in town briefly and would never see the end results.

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