The next day Robin had just re-entered the cabin with more firewood for the fireplace not that it was truly needed because with Regina by his side in bed there was no heat needed. He cleaned up and turned and looked at Regina. She had just finished preparing them some lunch and brought the plates over to the table and was about to sit down in a chair. Robin made his way over but instead of sitting down in his chair he walked behind Regina's chair and kissed her lips quickly before pulling her chair out for her. He let his hands caress her shoulders before he made his way over to his chair as well.

"This looks delicious," Robin said as he started to eat his food. Regina watched him for a few seconds and started to eat some of her food as well.

"Thanks, so I thought of another game for us. That is if you are up for it," Regina said as she popped one grape into her mouth and let it roll around in her mouth. Very mindful of what she was doing to Robin.

"Oh is that so, well if you were to walk over here I would prove to you how up for it I am," Robin said as he continued to eat.

"Well its called 2 truths and 1 lie. You have to tell 2 truths about whatever you like and then 1 lie and the other person gets to figure out which is which," Regina said.

"Well i'm not one who is in for lying but for you milady I will do my best. But what is the reward for the winner?" Robin asked.

"I'm thinking about a nice massage for the winner," Regina said.

"I like the way you think milady. And how is the winner decided?" Robin asked.

"How about we decide who has the better ones at the end?" Regina said.

"Ok so who goes first?" Robin asked.

"Ok I'll start. I have a love of cats. I know how to use a bow and arrow quite well. And I once rode my horse naked through the forest," Regina said as the last sentence caused him to choke on his food.

"Well that certainly was very intriguing. And I'm disappointed that I was not in the woods during this infamous ride," Robin said, guessing that was her lie. Regina only smiled at him and hummed a bit.

"My turn then, let's see I'm good with all types of weapons. I'm very fond of a certain woman. And I love to bathe in the nude in the river," Robin said.

"Well we both know how much you like the water and I have a great hunch you are fond of someone. And as far as weapons go the bow is definitely your best weapon. One that I am extremely thankful that you took up," Regina said.

"And why is that?" Robin asked with a curious look to his face.

"Nimble fingers," Regina said as she ran her foot up his leg to rest in his lap where it started to move around him.

"I haven't heard you complaining any," Robin said as he tried to gather words but with her foot playing with a certain part of his anatomy it was very distracting.

"Nor will you. Now let's see, I love having my nipples sucked on. I love being on my knees while making love. And I do enjoy a good spanking every now and then," Regina said as her foot kept rubbing against his cock inside of his pants.

"I am making it my mission to find out about all those three," Robin said, his cock growing harder and harder.

"Why don't you start now?" Regina asked almost daring him to make a move.

"One thing about me milady you need to know about me, never challenge me," Robin said as he stood up quickly and walked over to her and grabbed her hands and pulled her up and bent down and picked her up over his shoulder and as he was walking to the bed he smacked her butt smartly to warm it up for what was to come. He lowered her to the floor and sat down and pulled her down over his lap.

"Do you know why you're getting a spanking milady?" Robin asked as he rubbed his hand on her butt.

"Because I'm a bad girl." Regina said as she smiled over her shoulder up at him.

"Yes you have been a very bad girl, you have teased me and now you are going to get exactly what you deserve," Robin said as he lowered his hand down to give her the first smack on her. It didn't hurt much it just stung and another smack fell and another. Regina was secretly enjoying this because it was such a turn on for her. She loved being able to make love with Robin but she also had the other side of her that loved this.

"Have you had enough? Or do you need some more?" Robin asked.

"More, I always want more from you," Regina said as once again Robin spanked her. This time the spanks came down harder and more frequently and she knew her butt would have imprints of his hands on her cheeks. He spanked her a few more times until her eyes were just slightly misty from her butt being stung.

"Now lets find out about another one of your statements," Robin said as he let her stand up from his lap and he quickly removed her dress and let it pool at her feet. He let his eyes roam over her body, admiring the view very much.

"Straddle me," Robin demanded. Regina was liking how he was taking control of the situation so much so that she could feel herself getting turned on between her thighs. An ache had started and she wanted him to extinguish it but she looked forward to what he had in store for her next. She placed one leg over his thigh and the other one over his other one while then he put his arm around the small of her back bringing her groin smack up against his and she started to rub up against the bulge she felt there. She smiled lightly knowing she was the cause of it.

"Do you want me milady?" Robin asked as he was so very turned on at the moment. He wanted nothing more than to take her right now at this moment but he was going to make her wait for awhile before doing so.

"Yes, yes always," Regina moaned out as she continued to grind up against him. The ache was growing even more and she wanted, no she demanded release.

"Give me your breast," Robin said as Regina moved her right breast right to his lips where he could do what he wanted to with it. She looked at his face at the lust in his eyes she saw and waited for him to suck on her. She jumped slightly when all of a sudden he latched on and sucked, hard as if trying to milk her breast. Her hands were in his head as he continued to suck and he let his teeth graze her hardened nipple. She was riding him through his pants as his cock was literally between the folds of her center and was trying to push through his pants.

He moved his mouth to the other one and did the same treatment to it, sucking hard on the nipple. Pulling it with his teeth and biting on it, she moaned louder as he did so and let out a yelp as he smacked her cheek where he had spanked her earlier.

"Are you ready for the last of your statements now milady?" Robin asked as he himself could not take the wait anymore. He had to be inside her now. She just nodded her head and he stood and kept her glued to him and placed her on the bed.

"Get on you knees," Robin said as he never in his life had gotten his clothes off so quickly. Regina was on her hands and knees on the bed waiting for him. She felt the bed dip as he kneeled behind her and pulled her legs farther apart to give him better access to her.

Robin moved one hand between her legs to her center and felt of her. He smiled when he felt how wet and ready she was for him, though looking at his hard cock it was difficult to determine who was more turned on at the moment. He moved closer to her and settled himself between her legs and grabbed her hips and let his cock move up and down her slick folds getting his cock moist from her wet juices.

"Do you want me inside you now?" Robin asked as he barely pushed the tip of his cock inside her before bringing it back out.

"Yes, oh god please take me now," Regina said as the ache between her thighs was almost unbearable now. She needed this immediately.

"Then have me you shall," Robin said as he grabbed her hips hard and slammed home, his hands held her still as he pounded into her. He was rewarded with her loud moan and he saw how her head was thrown back and he could tell she was enjoying this. He let go of one of her hips and with his hand he grabbed her hair in one hand and pulled it back hard as he continued to ride her from behind. He leaned down and she turned her head and he kissed her lips hard before moving back.

Regina was so enjoying the pleasure he was giving to her and she knew he was the love she had always needed in her life. Not just because of this but because of how much she knew he loved her and she him. She could hear his grunts and groans as he fucked her from behind and she was enjoying that she was the one who was giving him pleasure as he was her. The only sounds were of their groans and moans and the wet sounds as their bodies were fused and pleasuring each others.

"Are you going to come for me milady?" Robin asked as he let go of her hair and moved both his hands to her breasts and cupped them as he leaned over and whispered in her ear. She was the one who was holding them both up in this position now.

"Yes, yes I want to come now," Regina said as she knew she was only seconds from her orgasm.

"Come on my cock now and scream my name as you do," Robin said as he leaned back up and grabbed her hips and pounded hard in her. He also didn't know how much longer he could last inside of her. He moved one hand to her clit and rubbed it knowing it would please her.

"Robbbbbbbinnnnn!" Regina screamed out her orgasm as her muscles contracted and she went over the edge.

"Do you want me to come inside of you?" Robin asked as his orgasm was about to start.

"Yes, come inside me. Fill me up," Regina said as he started to grunt louder as his hips contracted and he pushed deeper inside of her.

"Gods Regina!" Robin yelled out as he emptied himself inside of her tight walls. Letting every drop of his seed fill her up. He leaned down and kissed the back of her neck as they were both exhausted and Robin moved to the side and pulled her back up against him.

"I love you," Regina said her words barely a whisper as she was totally spent.

"I love you with all my heart Regina," Robin said. "But now which of those three were a lie?"

"You'll never know," Regina said as they both laughed softly before both drifted off to sleep.