Chapter 14- Mornië

YT 1478

Elendur stood in the golden glow of Laurelin's light, laughing with the Telerin elves around him as they pulled up Halvon's sails. The blond haired elf had been allowed to name the just completed ship and Elendur christened it after his father's first name, in honor of his Telerin heritage.

"Are you ready to set sail, Elendur?" Arhestion called out to the younger elf, his green eyes twinkling as the wind tugged at his dark hair.

The blond elf nodded, looking over at his parents who had been invited by Arhestion to ride on Halvon's maiden voyage. He saw the look of pride on his mother and his father's faces and he smiled shyly then turned his attention back to the captain as he called out orders, following his instructions as the ship moved out of the harbor, heading for the deeper waters of Alatairë. The wind blew at a steady clip and Elendur took in the sea air, a sense of adventure filling him as he gazed down at the blue water, eyes bright with joy as a pod of dolphins leaped out of the water, clicking out a welcome and a race you! The blond elf laughed and waved down at them as he shouted out, "You're on!"

Olórin smiled at the sight of his son, happy at his joy. His gazed shifted over to his wife, watching as she moved away from him, heading for the port side of the deck. He saw her lean against the railing, a sense of strong longing to travel emanated from her and he knew her mind in that moment. For some time now, the lady's thoughts had turned to Middle Earth, the recent troubles in Tirion had only given fuel to Alatáriel's desire to have a kingdom of her own, far away from Valinor and her cousins, whom she disliked. And while the Maia could not blame her for her feelings, he was still leery of leaving the safety of Valinor. Walking over, he stopped to his wife's right, voice soft as he spoke, "The sea calls to you, Melda Heri. And you wish to answer it, do you not?"

Alatáriel kept her gaze focused out towards the blue water, unable to hide the smile on her face. "You know me well, Feangol," She began, preferring his elvish name to the one given to him by Eru. "I am tired of all the fighting and the tension here in Valinor. I wish to know what it's like to explore new land, to build a kingdom of my own. I want to be free to do as I please and have those of like mind join me."

The Maia listened, his eyes focused on the sea below the fast moving ship as he replied, "I understand your frustration, Alatáriel. I know that you wish to leave this place and your heart will never truly be happy unless Elendur and I join you," He paused, gripping the railing, features more serious. "I told you before of my hesitation to leave the safety of this land. I still must solve the riddle of my growing visions and stop them from occurring. If I neglect my duty to the Two Trees I could not live with myself."

Alatáriel sighed but reached out, resting her hand over his. "I would not ask you to abandon your mission, Feangol. I do not want any harm to befall others here, but I'm afraid for you as well. I know it is selfish of me to even ask if you would come with me. But do you understand the true reason why I wish to leave here?"

Olórin tilted his head. "You have mentioned it already, love. You wish to be free to build your own kingdom."

"That is true, but that is not the only reason why," She replied, fear in her eyes as she looked over at him. "I worry that if you remain here... if we all remain here... I will lose you to the darkness that plagues you."

The Maia studied his Melda Heri with concern. " Alatáriel, you will not lose me to the darkness."

"Can you promise me that, Feangol?" The lady countered. "I've seen your visions, I know what is in your mind. I saw you die. I would be heartbroken at your loss, inconsolable in my grief." She moved closer to him, voice soft, full of love and desperation. "Please do not deny this. You will die if you remain here, you know that don't you?"

Her perception was accurate as usual and the Maia lowered his gaze. "My lady, it is very possible I will die confronting the darkness, but if I run away, the darkness will follow. If I can stop it here and now, then no one else will have to suffer."

Alatáriel saw pain in his features and felt the conflicted emotions and her features softened. Reaching out, she crooked her finger under Feangol's chin, gently urging him to look up at her, caressing his cheek when he met her gaze. "Beautiful Feangol, I know you love me and I know you love our son. You do not want to part from us," She paused, studying his face, finding the strength of his light reflected in his sapphire pools and she leaned forward to rest her forehead against his. "But I know you also feel duty bound to protect this land. Please do not feel I am angry or upset at you. I only wish to keep you safe, my fear at losing you clouds my judgment of things."

Olórin listened, wrapping an arm around her, leaning into her touch. " Alatáriel, I understand your trepidation. I feel the same, my heart longs to do as you wish. I want to go where you want to be... but my mind cannot let go of my duty. I pray that I am wrong. I pray that what I see does not come to pass but I feel that it will and I must be here to prevent it, even at the cost of my life."

Alatáriel leaned into Feangol's embrace, his words hurting her heart though her mind understood his reasoning. "Then I will remain here with you, husband, though I fear things will only become worse the longer we stay in Valinor."

He held her, turning his gaze back to the sea. "I fear you are right, my lady. But we must do our best to keep others, and our son, safe."

Alatáriel looked over at Elendur, smiling a bit at the carefree attitude of her son. His laughter and joy was child like and beautiful and the thought of her son dying in the darkness scared her and she murmured. "You are right, Feangol. We must keep our son safe."

Halvon continued its course, passing the lonely isle, heading towards the open water, turning port side to follow the shoreline of Tol Eressëa, heading back to the harbor, maiden voyage complete and the elves climbed out, heading off to their next tasks, Feangol escorting his lady to Olwë's palace, while Elendur went off with his Telerin friends to practice their swimming, still learning the way of his father's kin. And it would be two more years before the three elves would depart back to Tirion, finding the turmoil just as bitter as when they left, the discontent building for 10 more years, Fëanáro openingly now defying the Valar and speaking ill of the Ainur, influencing many other Noldor who became eager to leave Valinor and create kingdoms of their own, free of the influence of the higher beings. His arrogance and pride was fueled by Melkor who whispered dark words and planted thoughts in the great smith's head but it could not be proven, for Fëanáro's own fire was bright and untamed, his words quick and moving to those of like mind, and the hostility between the great smith and his half brothers houses reached a boiling point in which even Finwë could no longer ignore.

YT 1490

Finwë sent for his lords to hold a council to decide how best to handle the festering hostility and they stood within his great throne room, the dark haired High King listening to the various speakers debate on what should be done to ease the tension when his blue eyes caught sight of Arcáno, dressed in his finest blue garb, anger in his features and voice as he addressed his father,

"My king and my father, can you not restrain the pride of Fëanáro, who speaks as if he were the High King? He has driven a wedge between you and your other two sons who love you no less than he. If you do not do something to temper his tongue, you will lose both me and Finarfin to the arrogance of the Spirit of Fire."

Finwë listened to his son with troubled eyes. That he had always treated his first born with more love and attention than his other children was no secret, for he felt great guilt for his first wife's passing and his remarriage, yet he did love Arcáno and Finarfin and their sister Findis and did not like to see them upset. The High King was about to reply when a loud gasp was heard and Finwë lifted his gaze, eyes widening as the crowd parted, revealing Fëanáro in full armor, a sword strapped to his side.

"What are you doing Fëanáro?" Finwë asked, his question ignored as the great smith spoke, fire in his words and his eyes.

"So my half-brother is before my father, as I have guessed, trying to usurp me," In a sudden movement, Fëanáro drew out his sword, pointing it directly at Arcáno, an open look of disdain and rage upon his face, "Get thee gone and take thy due place!"

Arcáno clenched his jaw but could not contest his elder brother's threat, as he was unarmed and rather than increase the conflict, he bowed before his father and turned, leaving the main chamber. The great smith watched him leave, driven by a sudden darkness that consumed his heart and he chased after his brother, blocking his exit into the Great Square. The younger brother frowned, eyes widening as Fëanáro drew out his sword once more, a glint of malice in his eyes as he lifted the blade, resting the tip against Arcáno's chest.

"See this half-brother?" Fëanáro said. "This point is sharper than your tongue. If you try again to usurp my place and my father's love, I will kill you and rid the the Noldor of your influence!"

Gasps erupted at the threat, the words loud and even the Valar took notice of it but Arcáno gave no answer, walking past his elder brother and out the door, heading for the Eastern Quarter to seek out Finarfin, finding his brother speaking with his grandson in the front courtyard.

Finarfin turned as he spied Arcáno, his smile falling at the anger and fear in his brother's eyes and features and he called out in concern, "Arcáno, what is the matter?"

"Our elder brother is what is the matter..." The dark haired elf growled. "He threatened me with death simply because I was speaking with father. In front of everyone. I couldn't even defend myself or my honor. He's the cause of all this discontent. Him and his stupid pride and arrogance!"

The blond haired elf sighed, reaching out to rest his hand on his brother's shoulder. "Come inside, Arcáno, and we'll talk about this."

The dark haired elf frowned but complied and Finarfin looked over at Elendur, knowing the boy's ability at telepathy and he sent out, I am sorry, Elendur. We will continue our discussion later.

The younger elf gave a slight nod, returning, It is alright, Grandfather, I understand that my great uncle is upset. I will see you tomorrow. Elendur turned and walked across the crystal bridge, heading back to his home, finding his father outside practicing his archery and he approached quietly, not wanting to disturb him.

But Olórin sensed his son's return and he lowered his bow, turning as he asked, "How was your visit with your grandfather, Elendur?"

The blond elf went over to his father, voice soft and his brow furrowed. "It went well but then great uncle Arcáno arrived and was very upset about what great uncle Fëanáro had done."

The Maia shook his head, asking, "What did Fëanáro do this time?"

"He carried a sword in the open and threatened great uncle Arcáno with death if he talked to the High King again. He was upset and said that the threat was so loud everyone could hear it."

The silver haired elf blinked, looking up at the sky, features troubled. If the elves all heard it then that means the Valar heard it as well. "No good will come of this." He murmured, turning to his son who asked,

"So will Finwë do something to great uncle Fëanáro? We are not supposed to threaten others with death, that results in banishment after what happened to you long ago."

The Maia sighed, recalling the events that had grievously wounded him those many years ago. "I'm afraid it is now out of Finwë's hands, Elendur. The Valar have no doubt heard the great smith's threat. He will be called to stand before Mandos to explain his actions. Let us hope that at last the truth of the discord will be understood and Manwë will have no choice but to believe his brother to be the cause of this malady that has infected the hearts of so many Noldor." He explained, frowning as a wind passed through, strong and powerful and in his heart he knew that the time had come for the darkness of Melkor to be exposed for the voice of Eönwë traveled upon the wind, sweeping through all to Tirion, calling forth Fëanáro, Arcáno, Finwë, and all who had witnessed the events that had transpired between the great smith and his younger brother.

They were ordered to head to Valmar and so the Noldor involved went and Fëanáro was made to stand before Mandos, who above all others, pronounced judgments. The great smith could not hold back the truth and it was laid bare and at last the foul deeds of Melkor were dragged to the light and Tulkas left the council of the Valar to seek out the traitorous Ainu whom he distrusted but no trace of Melkor could be found.

The great smith was not held blameless, for he had drawn his sword against his kinsman, "You spoke of being in slavery to the Valar. If slavery it be, you cannot escape it; for Manwë is King of all of Arda, not just Valinor. What you have done is unlawful and you are hereby banished from Tirion for twelve years. Think long and hard about what you've done and who you've become. If, before that time, those you've wronged are willing to release you of your grievous behavior then we will call the matter settled and healing may take place."

Arcáno stepped forward and said with great sincerity, "I will release my brother."

But the great smith said nothing, still too proud and arrogant to admit to his mistake and Fëanáro turned, still filled with hatred as he left Valmar, taking a great host of Noldor with him. Finwë left as well, his love for Fëanáro greater than his love for his other family and of his own place as High King. Those loyal to the great smith traveled north, helping to build a great fortress, naming it Formenos. There they hoarded gems and created a massive armory. The Silmarilli were locked away in a chest of iron. Arcáno became High King of the Noldor in Tirion but a shadow loomed and the light of the Two Trees seemed to dim and Melkor continued to hide from the ever present pursuit by Tulkas.

Two years passed and Melkor made his presence known before the gate of Formenos and the dark Vala sought once more to corrupt the great smith with his words, honey laced with lies as he told of the glory of the Noldor and how he alone could help Fëanáro escape the fate sent down to him by Mandos. But he went too far, claiming, "Here is a strong place and well guarded but do not think the Silmarilli are safe from the Valar in the land of Valinor."

Then the hate overcame the great smith's fear, seeing at last through the veil the Ainu wore, spying the lust for the great jewels that he himself had made and Fëanáro slammed the door in the Vala's face while Finwë sent word to Manwë of Melkor's return and the dark Vala fled, even as Oromë and Tulkas went off after him, heading north but Melkor had vanished as a thundercloud and the light of the Two Trees grew bright once more and peace came over the land. And for a time, all was well, though the Valar remained on high alert for any sign of the dark Vala's return.

YT 1495-Tirion

"Are you going to the feast, father?" Elendur asked as he watched the silver haired elf pack a gray bag with various food and drink.

The Maia looked up at his son, smiling sadly. "No, I'm afraid I will have to miss the harvest festival in Taniquetil, but you are welcome to go. Your mother has said she wishes to join in the festivities so she will be leaving here soon as well."

"But if you're not going to the festival, where will you being going?"

Olórin tied down the bag, heading over to where Haldanar lay, sliding it on the belt of his tunic as he answered, "To the mound of Corollairë to guard the Two Trees."

"But, I thought the other Maia were guarding it," Elendur said, frowning as he watched his father head back towards the bag on the table.

"The Maiar also attend the festival as well and since it was my request to keep the Two Trees safe, it is only fair that I take over their duties for the time of the festival so that they may have a moment's rest."

The blond elf nodded in understanding. "If that is the case, then let me go with you."

The Maia looked over at his son, remembering the words of his wife and their pledge to keep the boy safe and he shook his head. "I will go alone, Elendur. I want you to stay close to your mother in case something happens while I'm gone."

"But father..." Elendur started, surprised when his father interjected.

"I do not want you harmed, Elendur. If this is the time my vision comes to pass, then I will face it alone. I do not want anyone else to suffer what I saw in my dreams," He replied in a stern voice then sighed at the sense of hurt he felt coming from his only child. "It isn't that I would not welcome your company, it is that I cannot risk your life over something I have seen occur. The vision is mine, so too, must the confrontation be. Melkor is out there, biding his time. It would make perfect sense for him to come now, when everyone is distracted. So I have a mission I wish for you to carry out for me when you arrive at Taniquetil."

"What is it you wish me to do, father?"

Olórin grabbed the bag on the table, lifting it up and slinging it over his shoulder as he answered. "Inform Eönwë to keep his eyes posted on Valmar and the Two Trees. If what is true in my vision, Melkor will come to the light first to drown Valinor in darkness so as to do whatever foul deed it is he wishes to commit. Inform him that I will keep the Trees as safe as I can in the guardians absence."

"Is that all, father?" Elendur asked, turning to walk with the older elf as they headed down the staircase where Alatáriel waited.

Olórin's gaze met the saddened ones of his Melda Heri and he murmured. "Yes, that is all, Elendur." The silver haired elf came to stop before his lady, casting a glance at his son who cleared his throat and said,

"I'll.. be outside..."

His parents watched the boy exit the house before Alatáriel cast her gaze back upon her husband. "So you're truly going to do this?" She asked, studying Feangol with worried eyes.

"If I could go with you, I would, but I was the one who asked for guards to watch over the Trees. Arien and Tilion have done that for several years. It is only fair that I take over for them on this occasion so that they may spend some time in the company of the Valar and their own kind."

The Noldor Princess moved closer to her husband, reaching out to take his hands in hers. "My mind understands but my heart does not like this parting," She began, unable to hide the tremor in her voice. "I am afraid for you, Feangol. I'm afraid that what you saw is about to come to pass but I cannot stop it, nor can I aid you in fighting it. I abhor feeling so helpless, it brings back memories of your injury in the waters of Alatairë and your assault by my wicked cousins. It makes me angry and troubled, but I cannot stop you from carrying out your plan."

Olórin listened, feeling his wife's emotions, understanding them as he replied, "You are right in your feelings, Alatáriel. I do not fault you for being afraid for me. I too, am afraid. I do not wish to confront Melkor directly. But if I can stop or at least delay him so that the Valar can capture him, then I will do so, even at the cost of my life."

The lady shook her head. "This feels... I feel... that if you go... I will not see you again... I'm terrified, Feangol... There is a sense that this is our final goodbye... will you not come with me to Taniquetil? Let the Valar deal with the confrontation of their own. What do we have to do with it?"

The Maia smiled sadly, pulling her to him, unwinding his hands from hers to hug her, his voice soft and tender. "I cannot follow you to the halls of my Lord and my Lady. What I want to do and what I must do are two different things. I am duty bound to protect those trees. If something happens to me you must promise to do what you can to keep you and Elendur safe. Stick close to your father, he will know what to do."

Alatáriel clung to him, reluctant to let him go and she lifted her head, studying him with pained eyes as she pressed her lips against his, pouring out her heart as she kissed him long and deep.

The silver haired elf groaned, returning the passionate kiss, body coming alive and he panted as the broke apart, croaking out, "You're making it hard for me to leave you, Alatáriel..."

The lady gave a soft laugh, panting a bit as she shifted, bringing her hands up to gently pull her husband's head down to hers, resting her forehead against his. "I do not want you to leave, Feangol, but I know you must... just promise me you will come back alive and well. I will be lost without your guidance and love."

The Maia smiled, reaching up to trace his thumb across his wife's bottom lip. "I will come back to you, one way or another." He hesitated to pull back but at last untangled himself from her, straightening his frame. Olórin made a slow, graceful motion with his right arm, bringing it forward to his heart than back out. "Melin, Alatáriel. Nemárië, Melda Heri."

The lady did not want to let him go but lowered her arms as he pulled away from her. She studied her husband with loving eyes, even as her heart ached and her mind screamed, Don't go! Alatáriel, repeated the motion, controlling her emotions, not wanting him to see her pain, knowing her beloved's heart was already wounded at the forced parting, "Melin, Feangol. Nemárië, Melda Heru."

Olórin nodded, walking slowly past her and out into the courtyard, coming up to his son as he spoke. "Take care of your mother while I'm gone, Elendur. If something happens to me, you stick close to your grandfather and do as he asks. Do you understand, my son?"

"I do, father." Elendur replied, blinking when his father reached out and hugged him.

"Remember what I've taught you, Elendur. Remember that I love you and that I'm proud of you." Olórin murmured, smiling as he pulled back and gently rested his hand on his son's left shoulder as he passed. "Nemárië, yonya." He said, walking ahead, turning at the bridge, studying his home one last time before he shifted, making his way through the Northern Gate of Tirion, treading the path he took so many times before as he journeyed towards Laurelin and Telperion.

YT 1495- Taniquetil

The halls of Manwë were alive with the sounds of music and singing. All the Vanyar and most of the Noldor had come as requested, along with all the Maiar and most of the Valar. The Teleri alone remained in their home, caring not for seasons, content to remain on the shores of the sea. The Lord of the Valar was visible to all and had called forth Fëanáro in the hopes of heal the evil rift that had divided the Noldor. The great smith had arrived alone, while the rest of the Noldor and Finwë remained in Formenos.

Alatáriel watched as her uncle walked into the great hall, heading for the throne of Manwë, turning her head as Elendur walked away, heading towards one of the great arches that opened into the air, his gaze focused downward where the blending of silver and gold were nearing their peak. She went over to him, voice soft as she spoke, "You are worried about your father?"

"Yes," Elendur replied, voice and features distant. "I do not understand why he chose to do this on his own. Why could he not just come here with us?"

"Your father is a caring person," The lady replied. "He wanted his friends to enjoy the festival and he took their place so that they could be free to do so. He feels... a personal responsibility for the trees. His vision guides his actions. And he will do what he must to prevent the darkness from taking hold."

"But what if he can't stop it? What if the darkness was meant to happen?"

The Noldor princess's features tightened. "If he cannot stop what he believes will happen, then there is some other purpose for his vision, but what that is, I cannot say." She turned her gaze back to the crowd at the sound of her uncle Arcáno's voice,

"As I have said before, I release you and remember no grievance."

She watched as the great smith took his brother's hand remaining silent, letting Arcáno continue,

"Half-brother in blood, full brother in heart. You will lead and I will follow. May no new grief divide us."

"I hear you," Fëanáro replied. "So be it."

Much rejoicing erupted from the crowd and even Alatáriel was surprised. "Did you hear that, Elendur? My uncles have reconciled, quite the surprise."

"What is that?"

She frowned, turning her attention back to her son. "What is what?" She asked, watching as her son lifted his hand and pointed downward towards the lights in the great distance that glowed brightly. "I see nothing."

"There's a darkness in the field. Moving towards the Two Trees," He murmured. "That's not normal."

"Darkness..." Her eyes widened at the realization and she gripped her son's arm. "It's Melkor. He's heading for the Two Trees like your father said he would!"

The blond elf frowned, turning to his mother. "I must tell Eönwë."

"I will go with you." Alatáriel said, turning to follow her son as the pair weaved through the crowd as they searched for the Lord of the Maiar, finding him sipping on a glass of wine and Elendur went up to him first, voice low and insistent.

"Lord Eönwë, I am sorry to bother you, but there is something I think you should see."

The tall blond Maia saw the look of concern in the elf's eyes and the emotion in the she-elf's, knowing these were those precious to Olórin and he set his goblet upon the table and spoke, "Show me." He was led to the arch that faced the valley near Valmar and his far seeing eyes caught movement of a black shadow, though what was within was unseen and his gaze narrowed, watching as the mist continued on a straight path, heading for Laurelin and Telperion. So you were right after all, Olórin. He thought, opening his mind, sending what he saw to Lord Manwë who rose from his throne suddenly, calling out, "Sorontar, to me!" The Valar marched down the hall, now unseen by the elves, Tulkas and Oromë close behind, leaving the hall, heading out upon the mountain top, standing upon the cliff, a great cry traveling upon the wind as a massive eagle flew towards them, landing with measured grace, the creature's voice deep and masculine. "Lord Manwë, I have come as you have called, what is it you desire of me?"

"I wish for you to carry us to Corollairë with all haste and speed."

The eagle bowed his head, turning to allow the Valar to climb upon his back and the great creature took off, soaring high in the sky, rocketing down, heading straight for the glowing light of the Two Trees.

YT 1495- Corollairë

Olórin remained standing between the Two Trees, his eyes and senses ever alert for any sign of danger. The silence was odd, as the streets of Valmar were barren, for none of the Maiar or those of the Vanyar that lived there walked upon its golden paths. He felt in this moment alone and vulnerable but he kept his back straight and his gaze forward. The hum of Haldanar was growing stronger, as if it sensed something the Maia did not and he pushed back his blue cloak, his left hand resting on the scabbard, the fingers of his right twitching, anticipating a threat that his mind had not realized yet. A soft breeze blew by,whispering an approaching darkness from the south and his eyes narrowed at the growing mist of black, his heart falling at the realization that the vision that had plagued him for so long was coming to pass and he positioned himself at the edge of the green mound, the darkness now upon him and he felt a power within him that burst forth in words as he drew out Haldanar, the light blinding and powerful as he shouted out, "Ceniessë macilwa sina mornië rucuva! An mahtan essenen Eruva!" The Maia slashed downward, the mist parting, revealing a towering black armored giant and massive eight legged creature with beady red eyes and a set of fangs for teeth. "Melkor..." Olórin spat, holding Haldanar upright over his head with his right hand, his left hand stretched out, posture defensive as he kept his eyes glued to the dark Vala who laughed.

"Well done, pet of Manwë, you've accomplished what my own kin could not! But your bravery will do you little good against me. You are not even at full strength in that weak elvish body of yours and no matter the power of that blade you hold, I will not be denied my vengeance!"

Melkor shifted the spear in his hand, pointing it outward, making a quick stabbing motion which the Maia deflected, using his speed to outmaneuver the strike. The dark Vala growled and swung around, repeating the motion, the viciousness of the attacks driving Olórin to take a defensive position, the black mist circling around them, but unable to engulf the light within the Maia's blade and he stabbed downward, the weapon sinking into the ground, a wave of holy light bursting around him, obliterating the darkness and he rose in a speed beyond sight, yanking the blade out, metal slicing flesh open as the leaping form of the misshapen creature screeched in pain, it's front leg sheared off and it hobbled and collapsed back, nursing it's wound.

The dark Vala growled in frustration. "Damn your light!" He lashed out with his spear, the Maia parrying each thrust with a swipe of his blade, frowning as the mist swept in once again, blocking his view beyond the glow of the Haldanar and he sensed at the last second the approach of the ugly creature and he whirled around, bringing his blade up as he stumbled back, massive fangs visible as it lunged upon him, squealing in pain as the pure light burned it's dark body and form, forcing it away and he rose from the ground, gasping at the at the sudden screams of Laurelin and Telperion in his head. "No!" Olórin cried, whirling around slashing at the mist in wide arcs, eyes widening at the sight of Melkor piercing the Two Trees.

"Ungoliant! Now it is time to feed!" His dark laughter rang out in the stillness of the air and the Maia rushed forward, anger filling him and he leaped up in an attempt to take off Melkor's head but the Vala anticipated the attack and brought his spear up with his right hand, blocking the downward sweep, lashing out with his left fist, striking the silver haired elf in the chest, the force tearing through his gray tunic, shredding skin and muscle, snapping bone, the shards puncturing his right lung and blood shot out from the Maia's mouth, his cry of pain muffled as he crashed into the ground, fighting for breath, his right hand still gripping Haldanar as his fading sapphire eyes witnessed the death of the Two Trees, the light absorbed by the creature called Ungoliant, the sounds of her feeding sickening in their gluttony and the beast turned around, red eyes manic as it hissed out,

"What shall we do with this little one here?"

The dark Vala said nothing for a few seconds, lifting his gaze southward as he hissed. "Clever little Maia... it seems your sword had delayed us long enough for my brother to notice our presence." He turned to the spider like creature growling. "Do what you will but make it quick, I want to head north for the jewels before the Valar realize what I'm up to." His black cape whirled and the corrupt Ainu disappeared in the mist, leaving Olórin alone with Ungoliant.

"I'm going to drain you dry little elf..." She taunted, limping towards him, fangs dripping with venom as she lunged up, trying to drive her fangs into his chest but the Maia used the last of his energy, bringing the blade up, slicing off both fangs with one strike, the creature's poisonous venom gushing out in all directions, pouring into the elf's open wounds as the beast screamed and scuttled away, following Melkor, the mist fading at the pair fled north, the shadow now gone but darkness remained, Varda's stars visible in the sky as Olórin stared up, unblinking as his body grew still and no sounds were heard.

Another chapter completed. I really suffered through this one as I have been unwell. Next time we will have the aftermath of the attack, the dark oath, and the flight of the Noldor. Onto Notes. Mornië means darkness in Quenya. Mandos is the Valar of judgment and all souls go to his halls. Formenos was a stronghold built by the great smith's people after his exile. It means Northern Fortress in Quenya. Melin is Quenya for I love you. Melda Heru means beloved lord in Quenya. Yonya means my son in Quenya. Sorontar is the king of the great eagles and servant to Manwë. His name means eagle king and is the Quenya version of his more well known name of Thorondor. Ceniessë macilwa sina mornië rucuva! An mahtan essenen Eruva! means at the sight of this sword, darkness will flee! For I fight in the name of Eru! in Quenya.

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