It had been another busy day on Gilligan's Island. Gilligan and Skipper had just finished their rounds of checking in on everyone and scouting the island fro wild life or savages. After Skipper gave the "all clear" signal, Gilligan headed straight toward the hut and grabbed his favorite comic book. Skipper soon followed. He tossed his hat on his hammock and sat down at the desk to get caught up on his Captain's Log.

"Hey Skipper, did you know that in one week it will be Valentine's Day?" Gilligan asked, setting aside his comic book.

"That's nice, Gilligan," the Skipper said, not even looking up from what he was doing.

"If we were back home, what would you be doing that night?" He inquired.

The Skipper turned around to answer his Little Buddy's question, "Probably what I always do. I go to the Pub with some of the guys at the Marina, have a little dinner, look for some gal to buy a couple of drinks for, and ask her to dance. Oh Gilligan! You know all that. I've invited you to come along before and you always decline. So... the question is what would YOU be doing?"

"Oh, I'd be cuddled on the couch with Fifi, eating popcorn and watching Westerns all evening," Gilligan explained.

"Oh Fifi," Skipper said, raising an eyebrow. "Wait a minute. What kind of woman likes Westerns?"

"Oh, Fifi's not a woman, Skipper. She's a cat." Gilligan said

"A cat!" Skipper exclaimed.

"Yeah, my neighbors would go out dancing on Valentine's Day. Fifi is a little spoiled and pampered, so they would pay me twenty dollars to cat sit all night," Gilligan said with a smile. Skipper rolled his eyes at his explanation.

"Do you know what I want to did this Valentine's Day?" Gilligan asked.

"No, what?" Skipper replied.

"I want to spend it with Mary Ann," Gilligan said, as he stared at the ceiling, looking a little bit starry eyed.

"Well," the Skipper said, whose mood had perked up again, " that is certainly a lot better than spending it with a cat.
Suddenly, Skipper remembered one little detail that could throw a wrench in Gilligan's plans.

"I wonder, should I tell him? How will he take it?" The Skipper thought.

"Um, Gilligan," the Skipper began, " you may want to hurry up and ask Mary Ann out. I don't know how to tell you, but the last few days she's been spending an awful lot of time with the Professor."

"Oh no," Gilligan cried, "I'm sunk. I'll never have a chance now. What do I have that he doesn't?

"Now Gilligan, don't sell yourself short. We don't even know why she meeting him. I could be blowing things out of proportion," Skipper said, trying to convince his friend.

"Yeah sure," Gilligan said, rolling over in his hammock, sticking the blanket over his head.