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Chapter 1: Pilot

Knock knock knock!

"Mrs. Davis!"

Knock knock knock!

"Guess who?"

"Dr. Cooper." Mrs Davis greeted Sheldon with an unpleasant look on her face.

Knock knock knock!

"That's right, good job. Hello. Uh, you wanted to see me?" asked Sheldon while walking inside the room.

"Yes. Uh, welcome back" said Mrs. Davis as they took seats.

"Thank you. I assume you'd like to reopen our dialogue about the university forcing me to continue with string theory?" Sheldon inquired modestly.

"You mean the dialogue that went, please, no, please, no, please, no."

"That's the one. I believe you went last, so, uh, please?" Mrs. Davis sighed out a little.

"Dr. Cooper, while you were away, we came up with a solution that would allow you to change your field of study."

"Wow. Pouting and running away actually worked. I must say, that may not be a lesson you want to reinforce with me. So, um, what is the solution?" asked Sheldon delightfully.

"Currently, you're being paid under a grant to specifically research string theory. If we promote you to junior professor, you'll be able to choose whatever field of research you'd like."

"But if I'm a professor, then I'll have to teach a class." Said Sheldon already dreading the idea.

"That is correct." Mrs. Davis confirmed this horror.

"So your solution is to promote me and pay me more money so that I can impart my knowledge to the next generation of scientists?" questioned Sheldon.

"Yes." Said Mrs. Davis happily. Sheldon angrily got up and glared at Mrs. Davis.

"You people are sick." And with that Dr. Sheldon Cooper PhD walked out of the office.

That was months ago. Dr. Sheldon Cooper still doesn't have any student….. until I, Arshia Donsai came along. Oblivious to everything that is Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

"Hey Linda, why this class doesn't have any student?" I asked the girl who is here to help me with my first day at CalTech. Since I'm from a foreign country and didn't know how things work around here, the authorities have assigned Linda, apparently a very intelligent and hardworking student, to help me out as long as I don't get used to of everything. Mind you, not everyone gets this kind of facility. But since my Richy rich father made a very generous donation here in this institute, the authorities are more than willing to, lets just say babysit me.

"Let me see." Linda took a peek at the screen I am currently looking at. "Oh you do not want to be in that class."

"Why? What's wrong?" I asked curiously.

"The professor who takes this class is completely insane and very very obnoxious." I looked back at the screen to read the name of the professor.

"Dr. Sheldon Cooper PhD."

"The things he says, its barely understandable and he's so rude, arrogant and mean-"

"I'll take this class." I said at once. At first Linda didn't hear me, and when she did, she didn't believe me and when she believed, she was stunned.


"I want to be in that class." I said as clearly as possible.

"But why? There are other physics classes way better than this one" said Linda not understanding my intention at all.

"Do you really think I came here to pursue a post graduate degree?" Linda gave me a more confused look than before. I realized that I need to explain myself here.

"I came here to annoy the hell out of everyone so that CalTech would kick me out of here and this Dr. Sheldon Cooper seems like a good start."

"I don't understand. Why do you want to get kicked out?" asked Linda with serious curiosity.

"To get back at my father. I had no wish to come here. I have no wish to study science. But he's still making me do it just so that he could brag about my degree to everyone to boost up his already skyrocket ego. There's no way I'm going down easily."

"Wow!" is the only thing Linda could say.

"Yes. Now sign me up in this class and tell me everything you know about Dr. Sheldon Cooper PhD."

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