All in the Seven Kingdoms know the tale of Daemon Blackfyre and the first Blackfyre rebellion and the woe and destruction that would come from that for generations. What most, even those inside of the north have forgotten is the tale of Edric Stark and his children. Edric Stark was the second son of Lord Cregan Stark known as the Old Man of the North and his third and final wife Lynara Stark. To shore up claims of both himself and his older brother Jonnel Cregan wed them to his own granddaughters Serena for Edric and Sansa for Jonnel. And whilst Jonnel and Sansa had no issue, Edric and Serena did, four children by the names of Cregard and Torrhen whom were twins, and daughters Aregelle and Arrana. Now both Edric and Serena coveted the position of Lord and Lady of Winterfell and the powers that would come from it and so when Daemon Blackfyre rebelled, Edric declared for the black dragon and allying with the Boltons, Hornwoods and Karstarks began causing havoc for his brother Jonnel.

The war in the north known was the war of the wolves lasted for nearly a year and ended with Jonnel Stark's victory and Edric being captured and betrayed by Lord Royce Bolton. Torn over what to do with his brother Jonnel decided the safest thing would be to ensure that Edric and his descendants never threatened the peace again and therefore they were exiled to Westeros boarding a ship to Essos with their children and their children's spouses they boarded a ship and never returned. Jonnel died a year later and when their brother Barthogan became Lord of Winterfell and wed Sansa, Edric and Serena both fumed and swore that they would return to claim what they saw as rightfully theirs.

The couple had lost their eldest son Cregard during the rebellion, and so it was Edric and his remaining son Torrhen as well as his goodsons Osric Umber and Robard Cerwyn who set out to find work when they landed in Braavos. They spent some time working for the Sealord of Braavos as part of his guard with Torrhen even serving for a time as the First sword of Braavos. But eventually for one reason or another they were run out of Braavos and ended up travelling through the deserts of Essos for another year before coming to Myr where the Company of the Rose, that sellsword company founded by northmen and women who refused to bend the knee to Aegon the Conqueror were based. It was a Stark who held the position of Lord Commander then, and it was this Stark who welcomed his kin to the fold. Edric was soon serving as Lord Commander of the Rose, and led them in many a great war during his time as captain earning his stripes, fighting in the Disputed Lands and for the Blackfyres. He died in Myr in 220 A.C. from old age, his son Torrhen was named Lord Commander by lot and continued his father's good work.

Torrhen Stark led the company of the rose in five wars in the Disputed lands coming into contact with Aegor Rivers the captain general of the golden company in two of these occasions. It was this last occasion that saw an unbreakable pact signed, the company of the rose would aid the company in putting a Blackfyre on the throne, and in return the members of the Rose and Torrhen and his family would be given Winterfell in return. Alas Torrhen never got to see that agreement put to the test for he died of his wounds from his last war in the disputed lands. His son Cregard took the command and upheld his father's agreement fighting alongside the Peakes in their rebellion, being the one to kill Maekar Targaryen himself, as well as fighting in the fourth Blackfyre rebellion and slaying many notable Westerosi commanders including Artos the Implacable. It would be under Cregard that the position of Lord Commander became hereditary where before it had been chosen by vote, the Company of the Rose had with time become fanatically loyal to Edric Stark and his descendants and all did as they were asked no matter what. It was also under Cregard Stark that the saying 'Our Word Is Our Bond' became the saying of the Company.

After Cregard's death in 250 A.C. fighting for Lord Peake in his uprising against Aegon the Unlikely. His son Torrhen became Lord Commander of the Company of the Rose. Torrhen soon became known as Torrhen the Terror for his habit of leaving any place where the company was fighting a smoking ruin and because of his angry temperament. Torrhen fought in many wars in Essos as Westeros began to know peace though he too lived up the deal his forbearer had struck and fought alongside Maelys the Monstrous at the Stepstones slaying Edwyle Stark before fleeing and retreating. He died the following year in Myr of a pox caught from a male whore. His brother Bennard the Amicable came to the position and saw the company's headquarters turned into a castle and a proper living estate. The rulers of Myr had done them homage since the time of Cregard Stark, but now Lys too paid them a price to aid them in their wars with Tyrosh. Bennard Stark died fighting in Tyrosh in 269 A.C., his son Cregan the Cruel came to the position of Lord Commander that year.

Cregan the Cruel became known for torturing his prisoners and flaying them, no doubt under the influence of one or two of the Bolton members of his company. He chose to ignore the rebellion and instead took the company to fight in a war in the Stepstones where he died a grizzly death, his son Brandon took charge that year. Brandon Stark began consolidating the finances of the company of the Rose and began buying out the magisters of Myr establishing his brother Benjen as the Prince of Myr before his death in 296.

I, his son Cregard Stark born on the fourth day of the fifth Month of the 279th year since the Dragons came took charge following my father's death in that year. It has been a long hard struggle for me and my family and our company, but we will return to Westeros and to Winterfell and claim what is ours. Even now as I write this, war engulfs Westeros and the pretender sitting in my home has died as have his siblings. Soon our chance will come.