Fifth Month of 129 A.C. Dragonstone/ Storm's End

Prince Lucerys Velaryon

His mother was still in mourning over the loss of her baby, a girl who would have been Lucerys' sister. He had always wanted a sister, it seemed as though the gods were to rob him of that wish. He supposed Rhaena and Baela could be considered sisters considering how they had all been raised as such, and yet Baela was betrothed to Jace and Rhaena was to be his own wife once this was all said and done. If the war did not consume them all, Lucerys still shook his head in amazement sometimes, what was uncle Aegon thinking claiming the crown? Had grandfather not made it extremely clear throughout their lives that mother was his heir. It must have been that harlot Alicent, she must have put the poison in Aegon's ears. And now Lucerys had been called to a council.

Jace greeted him at the door to their mother's solar and when they entered they found their mother, their stepfather, grandfather and grandmother all already present and seated. They both sat down and then their mother spoke. "Aegon has crowned himself King. Whether he did it willingly or not he has done the deed and now must face the consequences, I shall not allow this to go unquestioned or unpunished."

Their stepfather spoke up in support. "As indeed you must my love. After all, it would be folly to expect them to leave you alone should you ever consider the possibility of bending to Aegon. No doubt Alicent Hightower would send that idiot of a son and his dragon here to burn us all to death in our sleep."

Lucerys tensed at the mention of Aemond and Jace lay a calming hand on his arm. Their mother continued. "It would also appear we have lost our one supporter on the council. Lyman Beesbury has reportedly gone missing from King's Landing, he has not turned up at Beesbury nor has he come here as of late. I do not know where he could have gone."

"I doubt he has defected my love," Prince Daemon said. "He was always one of your strongest advocates, even before you were named heir."

"As was Ser Otto before my father foolishly decided to remarry and have his daughter as queen." Their mother quipped.

"Battles will come soon enough, and we shall need to be ready for them. Aegon and Aemond are green boys eager for glory and for bloodshed. Aemond will head for the Riverlands first, and as that is where most of our allies are, I suggest I go there and win them over and remind them whom it was they swore obedience to." Daemon suggests.

"A good idea my prince, and one that will no doubt infuriate Aemond Targaryen. The boy is nothing more than green despite that dragon he carries." Grandmother says.

"Speaking of dragons, how many do we have?" mother asks.

At this Jace speaks up. "Nine mother, including the wild dragons."

Grandmother speaks then. "Nowhere enough to beat Aegon out in the field then. For out of those nine only five are truly rid able and Syrax shall need to remain with you whilst you "

"So then we shall need to bring our allies into the fold. The Starks and the Baratheons were always firm friends of yours mother, do you think they will come to my aid now?" mother asks.

Grandmother considers this for a moment and then says. "I am sure the Baratheons will come to your cause Your Grace. After all Lord Boremund was always a staunch friend and ally to me, and his son Borros should be no different. But perhaps someone will need to go from our camp to better prepare and cajole him into accepting an alliance. As for the Starks, well they are too far north to be of any use, but should they rouse themselves they could be very invaluable."

Silence for a moment and then mother asks. "The question is who would we said to these places. We cannot spare the ships or the men to take such a long journey and no doubt Aegon will be watching for such land trips."

Jace speaks then. "Then why not send myself and Lucerys." He stops and before mother can protest he says. "Our uncle calls us Strongs, but when the people see us riding our dragons they will have no doubt who and what we are. For only one family has ever ridden dragons. Let us go mother and we will not disappoint you."

Silence for a long moment and then mother sighs and says. "I suppose you are both old enough to go and do these missions. But I first want you to swear on the seven pointed star that you will go as envoys not as knights. I do not want you getting into any unnecessary trouble." Both boys stand up then and taking the copy of the seven pointed star on the table in front of them they both swear to do as their mother has asked. That done their mother then says. "Jacaerys, you are my heir but you are also older and a more experienced dragon rider, you shall fly to the Vale, to the sisters and to Winterfell and get their oaths of fealty and support and then return home. Lucerys you shall go to Storm's End and bring the Baratheons to our side. Princess Rhaenys shall go with you as well Lucerys."

"There is just one more thing that needs to be done Your Grace." Grandfather says. "The Gullet allows for trade to come in and out of the city and the surrounding areas. If we block that off we will begin to starve King's Landing and begin turning the people against the usurper and perhaps force Aegon to do something rash. With your permission I will command my fleet to blockade the gullet." Mother nods her approval. And that deed is done.

Daemon then says. "Well now that, that is all done it is time for you to be crowned my love. The pretender no doubt has been crowned already but Ser Steffon Darklyn was kind enough to bring your father's crown along with him when he fled King's Landing." He pauses for a moment and then pulls out said crown, a simple circlet with rubies in it, and as he put it on mother's head he says. "I do hereby crown you Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen first of her name Queen of the Andals and the First men and the Rhoynar, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms."

They kissed and then mother says. " As my first act as Queen I name you as Lord Protector of the Realm my love and I do hereby name Jacaerys as Prince of Dragonstone and heir to the Iron Throne. Depart for the Riverlands tonight my love and hurry home soon."

The meeting is adjourned after that and Lucerys and Jacaerys walk back to their rooms where they are greeted by Joffrey and the girls. "Well?" Baela asks. "What happened?"

The brothers look at one another and then Jacaerys says. "We shall be leaving at first light tomorrow for the Vale and Storm's End respectively. We are to bring them into the fold and get them to fight for mother in the upcoming war."

"So there will be war then?" Baela asks sounding excited.

"Yes, mother shall not allow the usurper to steal her throne. And he will never bend to her." Jacaerys says.

"Why are you going to Storm's End Luke?" Rhaena asks her voice sounding sweet.

Lucerys worries over what to say and eventually manages to stutter out. "Because it would be the easier job to do. Jace is crown prince and should be the one to bring the more important lords closer to mother."

Baela beams at Jace and the two of them leave to go and discuss whatever it is they discuss. Rhaena and he stand there for a moment in awkward silence before she says. "I wish you well on your travels Luke and I hope you return safely." With that she kisses him on the cheek and leaves, perhaps to go and check on Aegon and Viserys. Lucerys stands there for a long moment his hand on the spot where she kissed him before he shakes his head and decides to go off to bed, he will need to be up early tomorrow.

The next morning finds Lucerys bidding farewell to his brother and then once Jace has gone, he says goodbye to his mother, step father, younger brothers and lastly Rhaena who sees him off with a kiss. Then he and his grandmother are in the air, he on Arrax and she on Meleys the Red Queen. It takes them half the day to reach Storm's End and when they begin their descent they find another dragon already there, the biggest one left Vhagar. "Be calm." His mother says to him as they land. Vhagar puffs out smoke but they pass unharmed. They enter the hall and find Aemond there standing cockily, his hand on his sword. "Lord Borros," Lucerys says. "We have come to get your fealty for my mother. Your rightful Queen."

As Lucerys hands the letter to Borros's maester, Aemond says. "That whore? She is nothing more than a pretender I come from the true king. He at least can offer something for Lord Borros's services."

"And if that is your company, then I feel very sorry for Lord Borros indeed." Lucerys replies.

The maester has finished reading the raven to Lord Borros and then man asks. "So this is what your mother asks, no demands of me. I bend the knee and give her my men, for it is my duty. I get nothing. Will you wed one of my daughters, I have three you know boy."

Lucerys thinks of Rhaena and their kiss that morning and he says. "I cannot my lord. I am already betrothed."

Baratheon snorts then. "Then you are of no use to me. Prince Aemond has said he will wed one of my daughters, if I support him. I am more inclined to do that then support your mother."

"And what of the support your father showed me and mine during ages past Lord Borros? What of your own promise?" grandmother asks. "Does that mean nothing to you?"

Lord Borros says. "I have no reason to uphold something my father did. You are not contesting the throne, so I have no reason to support you or my promise to you. I gain nothing from the Whore on Dragonstone. But Aemond gives me something."

"So you would rather have a one eyed bastard wed to your daughter than have a true queen ruling and aiding you?" Lucerys asks.

"Careful what you say Strong. Your brother is not here to protect you now." Aemond says unsheathing his sword.

When Lucerys goes to do the same Borros Baratheon roars. "Enough. You are both guests in my hall and I shall have no bloodshed here."

Both men sheath their swords and then Lucerys turns and asks. "So you will not support my mother then my lord?"

"I cannot in good conscience do so." Lord Borros replies.

"Very well then." Lucerys says and he walks from the hall his grandmother following him, they are both in the air when they hear a roar echo through the rain and thunder.

"Stay close and follow my lead." His grandmother yells.

A massive form comes hurtling towards them, and as Arrax and Meleys roar back the fighting begins. The dragons' bodies entangle in one another, biting and snapping, clawing at one another. Biting and chewing and roaring away their anger at one another, they all break apart and Lucerys and Arrax following their grandmother's directive speed away back towards Dragonstone. Vhagar roars and chases after them only to be intercepted by Meleys the Red Queen who has slammed into Vhagar.

Lucerys turns round slightly in his saddle and sees the flames and the blood erupting from the dragons fighting, and before he knows what he is doing he is turning round and slamming into Vhagar as well, Arrax beating heavily at the bigger she dragon. Vhagar roars and manages shake Arrax off, sending her and Lucerys spinning towards the water, but they manage to move away from hitting the water at the last minute. It is a good thing as well, for just as they rise to the sky, a loud splash echoes and Lucerys turns to see his grandmother and Meleys flying up to meet them. "Let us move away from here. I do not wish to stay and see if the dragon is dead or not." His grandmother says.

Four days later the bodies of Vhagar and Prince Aemond was up on the shore of Shipbreaker's Bay. The Dance of Dragons has truly begun.