Growling, I made my way through the forest in our territory. Duck through this brush here, swing over this branch there. Resting on a log and raising my head, I tilted it back and to the side, allowing for my audio horns to pick up any vibrations around me, whilst breathing in a deep vent, taking in any scents in the air. Small life forms scurrying around, and the scent of dew being fried by the sunlight. No unwanted pests. Good – just the way I like it, I thought, smirking. My visor dimming, I crept further past the edge of Decepticon territory, scouting ahead for anything valuable to our oh so grand cause. Now, there was no definite borders along the territories, just common sense, where patrols dug a path along the edges, and rough markers and lines on maps.

After a while of sneaking around in the shadows of the fauna, I hit a field with nothing interesting save the bright sunlight, glimmering down warmly. Throwing caution out the proverbial window, I grinned, relaxing and spinning out into the light. I raised my arms above me, stretching. The Decepticon base was dark and dreary – sunlight was always welcome in my opinion. Sighing, I scanned the area, taking in the details of the ring of trees, grass, and scattered rocks. Hmmm, interesting. Where there's rock, there's either cliffs, or caves. Lowering myself, I walked forward more silently, observing the grassy hill just across the clearing.

Just as I reached the foot of it, however, an unfamiliar scent hit my olfactory sensors, shooting warning throughout my body, and before I knew it I was stalking forward, close to the ground. My claws shot out, and I unconsciously bared my fangs just as I reached the top. Glancing around rewarded me with the image of a slight grassy ledge, before dropping down into a small ravine. The other side was maybe two meters away – enough to tumble down, hard to jump, easy to scale. Hugging the ground, I raised my face to take in that scent again – fresh, odd and yet… welcoming. Shaking my head to rid the thought, I followed the direction of where the scent was strongest to my right.

It seems to be coming out of the line of trees. Growling, I stalked forward a meter away from the cleft, into the forest. I barely made it through, before the scent was stronger and I picked up the sound of someone approaching – fast. I dropped down low, and soon enough I saw a stranger rush into my line of sight, ducking in between a tree and a bush. Terrible hiding spot, I thought, irritated, as I ran my optics down the strangers body, taking in details. He was not much taller than me, white and black, with big… were those wings behind him..? His optics were ice blue, darting around while intaking heavily, fans whirring. The sound of those engines for some unknown reason made mine purr softly. Annoyed with myself, I looked for a symbol on either his chest or shoulders. My search was interrupted as I heard another thing coming – larger, and grunting. The smell of organic hit me, just as I saw a large, brown bear lumbering into the sparser area of trees, resting a foot away from the Unknown Bot's location.

Frozen, he listened with surprising calm as the bear, panting, and grunting, raised its head and sniffed. Cringing, I immediately knew this 'bot was toast, once it caught on to his scent. He didn't appear anywhere near equipped for battle, yet alone strong enough to take on a mighty beast. He seemed to register that too, as for when the bear strode behind his hiding place sniffing, he burst out of his hiding place. He ran right past me, the oblivious fool, as the bear roared and followed pursuit. It was only when it was near me when it hit me – the bot was running in the direction of the ravine. Cursing, I made up my mind and drew out my dagger, shooting it out and slicing the tendons in the bear's front paw as it tumbled past. Roaring in pain, it limped around just to face said dagger flying through the air, before hitting its mark deep into the bear's eye socket. It didn't even have time to react, and its heavy body thumped down on the ground.

Sighing in agitation, I stalked by it, taking a second to retrieve my dagger out of its cooling corpse before stowing it into a subspace. Just then I heard a shout, and I shot forward to see the winged mech twist around in an attempt to reach solid ground. Without thinking, I leapt forward, reaching out and clasping the idiot's servo. His swinging body hit the side of the rock face, and he intaked sharply before looking up to see what had saved him. My vents stuttered, as I took in the sight before me. He had a handsome face up close, and his cold, calculating optics were side in surprise, as his wings – soft, gorgeous wings – fluttered a little in his distress. Catching my breath, so to speak, I snapped out of it, and pulled him up and over the edge. Panting softly, he stood up as I did, dusting dirt off his arms. My gaze was locked onto that of his face, cast downward as he avoided eye contact. After stalling for a few klicks, he glanced up at me. He seemed to be taking in my appearance, and before either of us could say anything, my sharp hearing picked up a few people stomping through the undergrowth, barely meters from our position.

Reacting to instinct, I immediately fled to the safety of the fauna, slipping into shadow. I climbed a tree, just as I heard the mechs – three of them, to be exact – slow down nearby. They stopped once they spotted the beautiful mech, and obviously seemed to know him, as their postures drooped in relief. He flicked his wings into a rigid 'V', and nodded at them, calmly. "Ironhide, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker," he greeted. The golden one hissed softly, as the big black one spoke up. "Prowl, are you nuts!?" The beautiful mech – Prowl, it seemed – dipped his head slightly to the left, as if curious. The red one, identical to the gold one – twins, I thought – threw his hands up in frustration. "You had us worried, Prowl! One moment we were on patrol, and the next there was a roar and you were gone, running. We thought a 'Con grabbed you!" Prowl frowned.

"I seemed to have annoyed a bear-" at this, the others tensed more. "-but I believe to have lost it," he finished, ever calm, voice ever soft, and lulling… I shook my head to get that thought out of my head, missing what the black one said. Damn Jazz, what's with ya today? I scolded myself, growling imperceptibly. "…You know your fath- err, Prime's not gonna be happy about this, right?" stressed the black one. That had my attention snapping to what he'd just said. Obviously a slip, I analyzed. Fath-? As in, father? And Prime… oohhhh. My optics snapping wide in realization under my blood red visor, I realized just who it was I'd just saved. My breath caught as Prowl made a comment about how he would talk to him, as the others were herding him away from the cleft. Damn, why does this beauty have to be an Autobot, I growled. And the son of the accursed Prime, too.

Sighing, I noticed Prowl glance towards the bear's corpse, and stiffened slightly at the sight. The carried on as if nothing had happened, however the others all seemed to be set on lecturing him. Well, most, as the golden one simply complained about the new scratches on his paint. Shaking my head, I picked up a transmission. Waiting a few seconds before the others were out of earshot – my earshot – I answered.

"Jazz 'ere."

"Jazz: Return to base. Megatron: orders your return," came the immediate response. I smiled slightly, only for it to falter at the name of our Lord. Soundwave was the only mech that I could call a friend – well, as much as one could whilst being a 'Con. Sighing, I answered him.

"'Course. Ah'll be back in about 15."

"Noted," was the only response I got as he ended the conversation. Glancing one last time wistfully in the direction of the beautiful Autobot, I turned to head back to base.