When Baby 5 walked down the isle,
With an exceptionally tall man,
The folk about her wondered,
How this strange business began.

Her captain who held her hand in his,
Had never agreed before.
Every fiancé she had ever made,
Was immediately done for.

And Sai was nothing special,
He stood fidgeting in his new suit,
A red rose in his coat pocket,
Which she had considered quite cute.

A light blush washed over his cheeks,
And back and forth he constantly swayed,
And with her nervous excitement,
Her arms kept changing to blades.

Then when he took her hand in his,
And folded back the veil,
They thought back to their first meeting,
An exceptionally odd tale.

When Baby 5 thought to be useful,
And held her gun to her own head,
Sai, at that time an enemy,
Had forced her to stop instead.

One thing lead to another,
He fought with Lao G,
To take Baby 5 as his wife,
So that her value she might see.

Believing she was of no use,
This woman had lived her life,
Suddenly she was fought over,
And soon to be a wife.

'Convenient' she was called,
She was wanted, they had said,
So with disbelief she clutched her cheeks,
And her whole face went red.

Now she was quite the same,
And Sai was similar as well,
As they gave one another a kiss,
On came the music and bells.

The celebrations were a success,
Almost everyone was invited,
The Strawhats, Donquixote and the Happo Navy,
We're all extremely delighted.

Although the Heart Pirates got into a fight,
It didn't quite spoil the evening,
Even though the Strawhats spent,
The whole time drinking and eating.

The Donquixote were quite a bunch,
And stood out against the crowd,
Dellinger biting and Diamanté fighting,
While Jora was simply proud.

Buffalo took the two,
On a romantic helicopter ride,
But her protective captain,
Had decided to fly alongside.

And when the two had said,
That they never wanted to part,
Law took it quite literally,
And they struggled to break apart.

"Oh, it seems like only yesterday,"
Don Chinjao solemnly cried,
"That I was changing his diaper!"
As he wiped the tear from his eye.

Franky spun around,
And faced the party pooper,
He placed his hands above his head and said,
"This wedding's gotta be SUPER!"

"Maybe after this wedding,"
Fantasised Sanji as he floated about,
"Nami will want to marry me!"
And with a single strike, he was quickly knocked out.

"Hmm... That monkey from the flower country,"
Thought Senior as he drank his milk spoiled,
"At least Baby 5 is happy," he said with a grin,
And some women cried "so hard boiled!"

Then when everyone was tipsy,
And there was vomit on the rug,
Luffy smiled all around,
Then pulled them all into a giant group hug.

Well, there were a few miss-happenings,
Some have no need for words,
But it was all in good spirit,
For these two odd love birds.

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