"Norman, goddamnit of all the days to be late." His supervisory agent growled as Jayden slipped into the bullpen.

"You're lucky I came in at all -"

"I know just...my office now."

Jayden frowned but followed. Sara Robins was the best supervisor he had ever had so he didn't argue or give her his usual helping of shit. When they arrived in her office, he understood her attitude. Samuel Mathews, section head, sat in front of her desk looking impatient.

"Jayden, about time, is this your usual style? Showing up fashionably late?"

"My apologies sir I -"

"Forget it. Robins will fill you in on the details right now all you need to know is you're going to Washington in an hour. You're going to be the profiler on this Alan Wake business."

"Ah yes sir." Jayden said trying not to appear too surprised.

"You have a go bag son?"

"Yes sir."

"Good, then go." Mathews growled and left the office.


"Don't ma'am me asshat. Listen, Mathews hates you. Ever since that shit with the Mars case you've been on his shit list. I guarantee this assignment was not his idea so do not fuck it up. Cover your ass and at least try not to piss off every person you meet, okay?"

"Field work?"

"You'll have local back up."

"Right, I had local backup in Philly too."

"Jayden, what's done is done. You passed your re-qualifications for field work. You can do this. More importantly you'll have ARI 3.0. Find Wake and get back here okay?"

"ARI 3.0? I didn't think it was field ready."

"You'll meet your support agent at the airport, from there you'll go to the Seattle office and get set up with ARI and then head to Bright Falls. By all accounts it's a wide spot in the road, survives largely on tourism, hunting and sport fishing for the most part. This mess started during the height of their tourist season so not only are the townspeople and their town beat to hell by this storm but they're facing economic ruin as well. Tread lightly Norman."