Jayden's vision was graying out at the edges as Wren took a knee next to him and steadied him. Two deputies were examining the logger, Jayden had no doubt the man was dead. He leaned forward, the ARI glasses falling to the ground, and vomited.

"Just keep breathing Jayden, you're safe, it's over -"

"I think I have a concussion." He rasped wiping at his mouth with his left hand.

"Got a call out for Doc Nelson."

"His wrist is broken." Wren said and glanced up at the logger's corpse. The man was huge, easily over six foot and built like a beer keg.

"...worse…" Jayden slurred.

"Hey stay awake okay? Call me names if you have to but don't pass out, the local sawbone is on the way. Come on Norman." She growled.

He shook his head and tried to stand up.

"Help me." She snapped at the nearest deputy. Together they got Norman to sit on the curb of the sidewalk.

"Who the hell was that guy?" Wren asked the deputy. It was the same man that had helped Jayden with the archives.

"I've never seen him before." The deputy said and began examining Jayden's wrist.

"You have medical training?"

"I was a part time EMT in my last job." He said and released Jayden's already swelling hand to examine his pupil reaction.

Wren looked up at the sound of squealing tires. An old sedan, all slab sides and huge flat plains of steel had stopped suddenly in the parking lot. As she watched a wiry old man with sharp eyes got out and hurried over with an honest to god black leather doctor's bag. As the man knelt, he introduced himself.

"Doctor Nelson, pleased to meet you, Wayne how's he doing?"

"Pupils are good, definitely a broken wrist, possibly some breaks in the hand as well. I suspect early signs of shock."

"Symptoms?" Nelson asked and used his stethoscope to listen to Jayden's pulse.

"Nausea, trembling, weakness -"

"Right, young man, I'm not entirely happy with your heartbeat, I need you to calm down, take a few deep breaths okay? Now I'm gonna give you some aspirin, it won't do much right now for your pain, but it'll help avoid clots from those breaks."

He handed Jayden two pills which he dry swallowed and Deputy Wayne and Wren got Jayden to his feet and inside. Breaker retrieved Jayden's ARI glasses and directed her people to cordon off the scene and take photos of everything.

She returned to the break room. Nelson had sat Jayden on a couch and was continuing his exam.

"Well, he'll live but he's been worked over pretty hard. Cracked ribs, sheer miracle they aren't broken. Probable bruised lungs, your stamina is going to take a hit son, mild concussion, broken wrist and bruised hand but all in all you're very lucky. That big bastard could have killed you."

"Yeah...that's me...lucky…" Jayden said faintly.

"Agent Wren, could this have recorded the attack?" Breaker asked.

"It's capable of it but I don't know -"

"Let me check." Jayden said and reached for it.

Nelson clicked his tongue at the movement as he was trying to tape Jayden's ribs. Jayden ignored the physician and accepted the glasses from Breaker.

He put them on and reached for his coat to retrieve the interface gloves. ARI 3.0 was almost entirely functional without them, but the gloves allowed him to interact with and sample the environment. He didn't trust the ocular interface at the moment, at least not his part. As ARI came to life, he gestured to turn off the ocular interface and rely strictly on the manual.

"Okay bear with me I'm going to look like a lunatic for a while." He said softly and winced as Nelson tied off the bandage around Jayden's torso.

"This is going to hurt like hell Agent. I understand you're pressed for time, but I have to tell you, again, that if I set your wrist without X-rays there could be permanent side effects."

"Just get me back on my feet doc." Jayden panted as he tried to draw a full breath with his ribs taped.

Nelson sighed and returned to his work as Jayden used gestures to access and scroll through ARI's video record. Generally, ARI only recorded when directed to do so, in some cases as a safety it would auto-record. Jayden tried to remember what would trigger a recording but couldn't find the information through the fog of the concussion. He gave up and focused on what he was doing.


"What?" He asked irritated.

"How many fingers am I holding up?" Nelson asked. Jayden sighed and pulled off the ARI glasses.

"Two." He said shortly and put the glasses back on. Nelson glanced at Wren; he was holding up one finger.

"Norman -"

"Just let me find - There." He said. For whatever reason ARI had started recording as the logger was knocking Jayden to the ground.

"Sheriff, our techs can provide a complete copy -" he broke off, pulled the glasses off and rushed to a trashcan. He vomited again though there was nothing to throw up anymore, dry heaving he tried to catch his breath.

"You need a hospital son; this is more than a concussion -"

"I'll be fine for half an hour just...let me get this to Sheriff Breaker." He gasped as his stomach rebelled again.

"Jayden, I can contact the techs in Seattle to pull the footage from the cloud, listen to the doctor."

He waved her away and gestured for the glasses. She sighed and handed them over. He put them on and resumed where he had left off, though he remained crouched over the trashcan.

"Okay Wren it's in your inbox." He sighed and took the glasses off.

"Good, you, hospital, now." She growled. Wayne and Nelson accompanied him in a cruiser with lights and sirens flashing.

Once Jayden was on his way Breaker and Wren reviewed the footage of the fight. Most of it was nonsensical and useless but it was clear that Jayden had been jumped, it had also recorded Jayden retrieving his weapon and ordering the attacker to stand down only for the man to charge.

"Well, I think it's safe to say he acted in self-defense."

"Why the hell was he attacked in the first place?"

Breaker looked troubled but didn't reply.

"Sheriff, level with me, what the hell is going on here? I've seen the sat images of the damage to your town, unless a team of angry tornadoes attacked the damage wasn't caused by a normal storm."

"You're here to find Wake, worry about that." Breaker sighed.

"Sheriff, my partner was nearly killed, I need to know why."

"You're loyal to him?"

"Yes." She lied. It wasn't Jayden she was loyal to it was the Bureau and her duty to him as her partner, it was her duty to him as a fellow human being.

"Come on, you should see something."