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Lost in Moria--

What if The Fellowship couldn't find each other again in the dark of Moria? How long could they go on searching? And would it be even possible to draw them together again?

~ Chapter One ~

"It's a four day journey to the other side. Let us hope our presence may go unnoticed, " Gandalf murmured. He raised his staff to illuminate the dark hall stretching before them. The Fellowship advanced cautiously. Frodo felt cold from the water of the lake. He shivered and drew his arms about him, trying to rub warmth back into his body. They proceeded to a large chamber that glittered with silver. Mithril lines snaked up the great walls and their footsteps echoed a hundred times over. Gandalf led them along a narrow pathway around a great void at the centre of the hollowed room until they came to a series of steps. They travelled upwards for what felt like eternity. They walked for hours, following the curving stairways. All that could be heard was their laboured breathing in the gloom. Frodo pulled a cobweb from his face and spat the remains out. He felt as if he were swallowing the darkness that swathed around him. The taste of stone was on his tongue and the stench of blood. He felt a pressure on his shoulder and he jumped.

"Sam!" he hissed. The hobbit looked apologetic and drew back.

"Sorry," Frodo went on, "You startled me. What was it?"

"It's that Gollum, Mister Frodo," Sam answered, "What Gandalf said about him following us, well, I can't get the thought out of my head. It's as if he's always there, right at my shoulder. But, somehow, he never is and yet, I know he's somewhere about. Stalking on us like we were his prey, if you follow me."

"I know, Sam. But it doesn't do to dwell on the thought. We're safe enough with Strider and Gandalf at hand. Don't fret, Sam, he won't come for us." He smiled and Sam tried to smile back but he could feel Gollum's shadow on his back. Frodo turned away and he concentrated from then on with climbing.

At last, the steps ended and The Fellowship came to a junction. Three doorways had been carved into the rock, like black eyes staring out. Gandalf ascended the last step and gazed about in bewilderment.

"I have no memory of this place."

"Then here we shall stop," said Aragorn, setting down the gear, "We can rest for the night before any decisions are made."

Gandalf hesitated but then complied and seated himself upon a rock. The hobbits began unpacking their stuff and heaping it across the floor. Frodo rolled out his blanket and then began rummaging in his pack for some food. All he could find was the stale bread from the Shire. But as it seemed to be the only item, he shared it amongst his companions. As Boromir took his share, he paused, hand outstretched, face frozen.

"Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" asked Aragorn.

He and Legolas joined Boromir where he sat, still unmoving. This time all three of them flinched.

"I heard it," said Legolas, "But what it was, I cannot say. But it was close."

They all paused for a long moment. But no more noises came. At last they returned to their places and began to eat. The meal was in silence. After the rations were finished they settled down and bid each other goodnight. Only Gandalf stayed awake, keeping vigil over the doors.

Frodo awoke to the sound of footsteps. It alarmed him at first but then he realised it was just Legolas taking his watch. He closed his eyes and tried to go back to sleep but he found it impossible. There had been nightmares before. Fire-flecked nightmares that passed in shades of darkness before his eyes. He kept his eyes on the rocky ceiling until he could no longer stand it. He sat up sharply, rubbing at his eyes and shaking the visions from his head.


Legolas was looking at him over his shoulder. "Can you not sleep?"

Frodo shook his head. The elf beckoned to him and the hobbit came and sat beside him. They sat quietly for a while before Frodo plucked up the courage to ask something.

"Legolas, I was wondering.. do you wish to enter Mordor? To come all the way?"

The answer took a long time in coming and when it did, it was said in thoughtful tones.

"I do not wish to enter Mordor. But nor do I wish to be left to watch. I feel, sometimes, that it is better to go to meet the danger than just to view it from a distance. And though I do not wish to go, I will. My destiny is intertwined with your own, little one."

They smiled at each other. Frodo felt encouarged by Legolas' words. They filled him with a hope he did not believe could exist in this desolate place. Like a flame being lit in the darkness.


More to come I promise!